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  2. I've had better luck here. I'm really trying to scrounge up another XLR to cut up.
  3. Absolutely incredible shooter. He is living proof of how competitive a Gunfighter can be.
  4. I was privileged to posse with him and witness a great comeback.
  5. Congrats to Papa Dave and to you Randy St Eagle as well.
  6. sweetheart
  7. They are worth what you pay. I made a set for a pistol because none of the available sets will work on one set of pistols I own. Cut up a lot of brass sheet figuring out how to get it to bend such that the part facing you is a flat surface the width of the sight with 90 degree bends. Then the search for an adhesive that will hold them on your sight. If you are not up on adhesives for metals you are in for more frustration as the brass you worked so hard getting just right will fall off and vanish in the middle of a match. BTW the adhesive is not inexpensive and the smallest bottle you can buy with last you a million lifetimes. In the end I had a gunsmith replace the front sights with brass stock. You can make your own but the effort you will invest to get a comparable sight is more than what you will pay for the Sure Hit sights.
  8. Follow your dreams. I had had always wanted to fly helicopters. Long story short I discovered in my mid-20's I had an extreme fear of heights. I have no idea what brought that on as I sure didn't have it as a kid. So anyway, my fantasies about flying choppers ended. So I pursued other "ground based" interests. I truly hope you get to fulfill your dream of flying.
  9. I sent you an email
  10. Check out Ed Bruce. MT
  11. Welcome to the Jedi s.Hope it means as much to you as it does to me.
  12. Widder, I believe you have heard this many times - "Your mail box is full".
  13. I talked to Pecos Nick last night and we discussed his idea of a "Knight themed" group with a round table etc. (see his earlier posts) Myself while I think it's a pretty good idea I had something more "old west" in mind. I mean, Knights didn't even have guns!!! I like the Shootist title and I see no need for a governing body like a round table. I would happily take care of getting the lapel pins together and with some help we could write up some simple rules to join the group something like the Gunfighters have. Ex: You must have been a duelist for at least one whole year You must be a SASS Member You must promise to promote the art of one handed shooting Don't shoot another category especially while wearing your "Shootist" pin!! Just some ideas.........I'd like to keep it as simple as possible. The rules for being a Jedi GF are pretty close to what I'd like.... check 'em out! Rye
  14. Congratulations Smokestack ! ! ! Us Instagram followers will be CELEBRATING WITH YOU ! ! !
  15. Congratulations. I told you to do good and you did. Imis
  16. A big CONGRATS to you. Well deserved and a fine young man. Spud is a credit to our sport.
  17. Big +1
  18. Very, very proud of you. Dave
  19. Widder, and Everyone, I got a little carried away with my previous post and edited it. I was trying to be flippant but after seeing Widder's post and rereading mine I felt bad as I did not to insult anyone but I can see where my post might just do that. I left Widder's quote of my post intact as I do not feel it's my place to modify another's post when that person has called me on mine. My apologies. Kindest Regards, Pat Riot.
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  21. I really enjoy Ian Tyson for working cowboy music and Sons of the San Joaquin for traditional Sons of the Pioneer sound. Marty Robbins is the best.
  23. Making a functional sight wrap from cooper sheet from a craft store is relatively easy. The value of the Sure Hit sight is the "adhesive". At least, for stainless steel. I use the Sure Hit sight.
  24. Well done Stan..great shooting !
  25. .... stopped to think ............ ............... and forgot to start up again ?
  26. Thanks guys please keep em coming, checked out some of the websites allready, Fredrick Jackson Turner I didnt know he had cd's out, i believe he used to be on the wire and seem to remember reading his name in the chronickle, dont have access to you tube due to all my internet is thtough my phone with low data plan. thanks, drd
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