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  2. 44 special vs 44 magnum

    Get a cheap loader and dabble or if you don't mind the $$$ get a good loader for life and load your own. Looking at their site my guess is they use the same load in both the 44 spl and mag and since the mag has more case volume it's slower in FPS. 750 v 710. I would go with the cheaper if there is a price difference.
  3. Was it as exciting at your house as it was at mine?

    It was like 70% here, not too impressive. Light got sorta pink and hazy looking kinda like a dust storm. I poked a hole in a paper and projected it on another piece, you could definitely tell the sun looked like a crescent moon, that was about it. One of those things that if you didn't know it was happening it may have gone unnoticed, even though it was perfectly clear. Did keep it a mite cooler for awhile, sure got hot quick after it was over. I had seen a meterologist on TV a week or two before, he was saying that anywhere but the totality area it would not be impressive. Guess he got that one right! JHC
  4. Which glue for wood stock

    It will do that but only for a brief amount of time. My Marlin took a tumble off a convenience cart at a hotel and it snapped the stock in three pieces. I used wooden dowel and Gorilla glue to fix it and it worked great. I clamped the stock so I could get to the cracks and used a wet rage to wipe the excess off for about 20 min (that's going off memory but still it wasn't long) then it stopped weeping. If you walk away and let weep it's a nightmare........done that as well........lol. It does hold well if you don't mind babysitting it for a while. I never used the acraglass it could be better if it's as strong.
  5. Wordy Words 20

  6. Wordy Words 20

  7. 1873 straight vs.pistol stock

    I personally have no experience with 73's, but I have 2 Marlin 1895's in 45/70. 1 of each. I have more "felt" recoil with the straight stock. Not much of a factor with cowboy loads.
  8. Electrical question - curly fluorescents

    Just let the curly things burn out (Hopefully soon). Then replace all of them with LED lamps. You probably won't have to think about them again.
  9. Wordy Words 20

  10. How to liquidate guns from an estate?

    Charlie, Sent you a pm about my experience selling guns after Lazarus passed away. BTW it was a good experience for those who want to know.
  11. Thank you, Major. It IS fun reading British novels. Francis. Wodehouse. Trying to figger just WHAT THE HELL they're talking about. Not the simple, common ones that everyone knows, the hood's the bonnet, the roof's the hood, the windshield is a windscreen, the trunk's the boot, tires is spelled with a Y and it runs on petrol. No, it's the "Huh?" ones. The British don't brush their teeth. They clean their teeth, or occasionally wash them. They don't use a washcloth. They use a flannel. They don't have a toilet kit, or a shaving kit. They have a sponge bag. I know about the loo, but in the one I was reading last night, a guy went to the karzy. We all know (or should) that in England a fag is a cigarette. In Public Schools (which is what they call private schools) upperclassmen have lowerclassmen to keep their rooms clean, and run errands, and just generally "do" for them. These lowerclassmen are also known as a fags. Speaking of it in later years, it appears that both "I was Tony's fag" and "I fagged for Tony" are both correct usage.
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  13. The chandelier on my ceiling fan has a 3-click switch. First click, a single light in the center comes on. Second click, it goes out and the four arms come on. Third click, the arms stay on and the first light comes back. I normally just have the first click. Sixty watt incandescent. Gives me enough light to see what I'm doing. Then when it's time for bed, I click through to off. That means the curly fluorescents are turned on and then immediately turned off. Does this shorten their life? Does this burn more electricity? Do they burn so little electricity that I would be saving money by clicking past the 60 watt incandescent and burning the four curly fluorescents instead?
  14. Colt Peacemaker .22 mag pistol

    Any interest in trades? Moose
  15. DIY leather lever wrap.

    I have used this guys method on all my lever rifles since I started several years ago, and they have always stayed on fine, never came off, work great and super cheap... BD
  16. Looking for a Colt smith

    Goatneck may also only work on single actions, & 1911s, ....but worth a PM to ask him. bb
  17. And make Bob the guest of honor. Stand in the door thread. He posted a pic of his "this man jumps out of airplanes" certificate. Graduation date was Friday, October 13, 1967. That makes it ANOTHER Friday the 13 for a 50th Anniversary. Seems like that needs a major celebration.
  18. Which glue for wood stock

    What Red Cent said!!!! that goes for Stoeger stocks too! big time
  19. Colt Peacemaker .22 mag pistol

  20. Mail box monster

    It could be the RUSSIANS! { They're into everything these days! } Or perhaps leaf beetles, they absolutely love to chew on paper
  21. Wordy Words 20

  22. 44 special vs 44 magnum

    I have been shooting 44 Mag and 44 Specials for my whole life. 44 Special is Cheaper to load . The case is smaller so it it less Position and Temperature Sensitive. The trick to running 44 specials reliably in a 44 mag rifle . Is to crimp at the first lube groove . This will make the round 1/8 longer and feed better in the rifle. And it will still fit in the 44 Special pistols. The 44 mag is used for everything else . Just sayin Rooster
  23. Do the Brits call catsup "tomato sauce"?

    Yes Tomato Sauce to Brits and Aussies is what you call Catsup/Katchup?
  24. SASS car enthusiasts - show your toy

    Beautiful, love old American muscle cars. Just so much character about them much like old Aussie muscle cars
  25. Do the Brits call catsup "tomato sauce"?

    I understand their term for toothpaste is "Dental Creme." Then there's a car's bonnet, the boot, they call the back yard a garden ... Badger Mountain Charlie's quote is most correct!
  26. Was it as exciting at your house as it was at mine?

    Working relief shifts. Just finished a week of midnights. My wife called fifteen minutes before 7 o'clock punch-out, her Jeep battery is shot, it'll barely run a turn signal and won't come near rolling the engine. Scamper home, I jump out of my Jeep and she jumps in and heads to work. I charge her battery for one hour, get it to the dealership, they switch out the battery, reset everything (all that theft protection stuff kills the appliances if the battery is disconnected) and they change oil while it's there. Charging system is OK. They wash the car and I head home, my back side is dragging, I've been up more than four and twenty hours at that point. The dogs won't let me sleep. I cut a quarter size hole in a round cardboard frozen pizza backer and hold it out, cast a shadow on the deck, pinhole camera principle: 80% coverage means I can't see a thing. I went back to bed.
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