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  2. I thought this was gonna be a new rule that all SASS shooters must wear some kind of "western" hat! I'd be for that, except for the ladies.
  3. Never said I found fault with folks who choose to wear labeled clothing or hats; just that I did not care to wear hats in general. The "walking billboard" comment was addressing the original post; given the aura of the game, I would find branded ball caps weirdly out-of-place and time. Oh...and you won't find any Ford or Chevy logos on my vehicles - or any stickers for political candidates, destination resorts, performance products, babies on board, honor roll students, World Peace through Pro-biotics, Mary Kay cosmetics, sports teams, or even religious themes. I prefer to keep my beliefs to myself. One man's pretentiousness is another man's modesty. LL
  4. Barter
  5. I'm with you Buzzard.....
  6. Thanks everyone for their comments. Clay Dot seems to be a little cheaper than Clays as well. ...Too Tall...
  7. Cheyenne, did you take this photo with an iPhone? Many of my photos turn sideways that I have posted that I took with an iPhone. It's pain in the ... but, when this happens I click edit. Delete photo. Go to photo on iPhone. Click edit and turn it sideways and then email it to myself. Save it. And then preposterous it and then save the edited post. That works...most of the time. Hope this helps
  8. The last I heard was it was a suicide bomber and once they go through his pieces they may be able to identify him.
  9. Ye-hah! More folks on the bandwagon! Sexie Sadie bought me my first '51 over 20 years ago, but I didn't start shooting them regular until about 10 years ago. That '51 was pregnant when I got it, now there are 8 colt clones and 2 Remmies. You won't get 15 - 20 second stages anymore, but you will have twice to three times more fun -- and times. Watching the loading table I can reload within 3 - 5 shooter unloads. Undisturbed, 2 - 3 unloaders. After loading I relieve a brass picker or spotter and shoot late in the posse. Smoke and flame are more authentic and keeps the skeeters away. Slix-shot nipples and easy tuning/shooting tips from Larson Pettifogger and Prairie Dawg make them reliable, so kudos to them.
  10. Up again!
  11. Let me guess. A Canadian buddhist?
  12. From what I have observed I don't even know how a 2nd person fits in the front, let alone the driver. Dodge Challenger police car - how cool would that be? Stock photos
  13. Having been a tanker, gunner and commander mainly, on tanks from M48A5 through M1 Abrams, in 2nd ID and 1st Cav, Bradley's and tanks are what I think of first.
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  15. Prayers goin' up for 'ya KK, may you have a complete and speedy recovery.
  16. One of the things I like about CAS is the lack of sponsor names and the like emblazoned on clothing. Having said that, when I am in my normal clothing I have no problem wearing an article of clothing that has a prominent logo on it if it is a brand I use and enjoy. I don't judge people who don't want to be "walking billboards" but do find such statements a little pretentious, and I find humor when I see a Carhartt label, or a Wrangler label on them, or the Ford or Chevy logo on their vehicles. As I type this I am able to look over the top of my monitor at an olive green and off-white hat with "Beretta 1492" written on it. The hat is mottled with stains and beat up. It was a gift from my father-in-law sometime in 2007, and I wore it on every civilian clothes mission I was on during my 2008 deployment. and countless times since. I don't typically wear ball caps, even though I have plenty. When I do reach for one, I reach for it, or perhaps the "Troopers" hat with the crossed sabers of the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry that I bought at last year's Drum Corps International finals. The money went to help the expenses of the corps of the same name. It came "pre-distressed" and fit comfortably the first time I put it on. To each their own.
  17. Wow...I wonder how that got there? Perhaps this is a training aid photo for the military? I looked up USAWTFM. That's a pretty funny acronym.
  18. "Police later confirmed a 23-year-old man had been arrested in Manchester in connection of the attack." I skimmed through about a dozen stories regarding this incident. All of them mention a 23 year old man being arrested. A few mention they think they know who did this. NONE name the names or any other detail. Without getting "political" I will just say I have my suspicions. I will also say that Political Correctness is SOCIETAL CANCER.
  19. Howdy Condition any new barrel, shoot one and clean, repeat about 10 times. Also a good chance to dial in sights. And look at he muzzle for any damage. A smith may be needed to resurface the muzzle. My yellow shot great, I miss it a lot. Best CR
  20. Why do tornadoes always hit mobile home parks? And why do they call a collection of mobile homes in a mini neighborhood a "park"? Why do they call mobile homes, "Mobile Homes"? Most of them are only mobile once.
  21. Thats a GREAT idea, Chili...... if we can get Honda to sponsor our next big Cowboy match and pay all of our entry fees, ammo, etc... ..........Widder
  22. I was thinking the same thing. Was the GF confused because the stage instructions stated to 'reholster' or was moving with the pistol(s) in hand disallowed on this stage? Either way, the GF should have known his/her options when faced with unusual restrictions. ..........Widder
  23. No pay, no play. Keep my cowboy hat. Loophole has it right.
  24. Peanut Butter, Why did you buy Dale Evans shirt?
  25. I think it's cool that when new, freight trains were made to sound like tornado's .... prolly saved the effort of inventin' a new sound too ......
  26. Somehow, I never took to wearing hats, especially ball caps. I have a big noggin, and never found them comfortable. Even in Winter, I was usually uncovered. Then along came my Boss of the Plains. From Fall chills through Winter snows and then Spring rains, that hat is on my head. No thanks; no walking billboards for me. LL
  27. watching it now on Netflix.
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