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    Was at the Indiana Black Powder Guild Annual match this last weekend. On Sunday JC Wade came and found me at my cabin and very privately handed me a pair of batwing chaps. He said that he had outgrown them and wanted to pass them on to my son Speed Stevens. JC is a veteran on the range at only the age of 13 and shoots with his Dad Sinola Kid and Grandpa Three Deuces Mckee. You won't find a more humble yet outgoing 13 year old on the range. Great shooter, posse worker and just a good all around cowboy. It was really heart warming and I know Dad and Grandpa were proud. The chaps fit great and Speed was really excited to get them. Thank you JC! So happy to have young men like you on the range.
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    What you've stumbled upon is actually the beauty of this game, there's something for EVERYBODY. On one end of the spectrum are folks that don't care spit about competition, they just enjoy getting into character and being among good friends. On the other end of the spectrum are folks that don't care spit about the costuming, they just enjoy getting out there and burning up the stages as fast as possible. And you have an infinite number of possibilities in between. They're all well within the rules, they're all having fun, they're all part of this great big family we call SASS. You do what makes you most happy. Enjoy!
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    A tie is a tie. I hate gimmicks and arbitrary scoring (the whole reason we have applauded the death of rank points); and as a match director, I will NEVER allow the element of chance to reenter the equation. Changing a shooters ranking from whatever position they earned by time by assigning a scoring value to some previously no value variable is introducing arbitrary back into the score. If I have to procure and provide an additional buckle or trophy to ensure both shooters receive their deserved ranking and accolade; then so be it. I have less heartburn with the idea of co-champions than I do with the idea of a champion being crowned by rock, paper, scissors.
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    I just want to shoot with nice people.
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    I delivered this gun cart to its new owner today. It's constructed out of ambrosia (beetle killed) maple with oak furniture. I stained it driftwood and I installed square ebony pegs for character. He didn't want the chest to be sat on so this is what he came up with. This is the 60th cart that I've built. The inner tubes have been replaced with foam inserts so he won't have to worry about flat tires.
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    Once you're guns were put away and you let go of the long guns at your cart the penalty was earned and can't be removed. My opinion Randy
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    I'm not very good at making these kinds of videos, but here is one I put together on how to clear a split case, or collapsed round in a '66/'73 rifle.
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    Why would you do that? There is no criteria that says clean is more important than fast. Or for that matter that fast is more important than clean. 5 seconds on the scoresheet is 5 seconds. Period. It does not matter how the time is acquired; be it time spent shooting, miss penalty, procedural, safety, SOG, stage DQ. The only thing that matters is the cumulative time at the bottom when everything is added up. If two shooters share the same time, no matter what path they took to get there, then they share the same position on the podium.
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    Native garb can be worn in several categories. Just not that many people choose to do so. Last thing we need is another new category.
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    So sometime back on June 11, 2017, JohnHenryQuick posted a Thread regarding the LIKE icon. You know the one that looks like this: . The Original Thread is below: (click on the blue title below) Several questions were raised in my mind based on that Thread and that was the message that JohnHenryQuick referred to which read: I too ran across this message and on a day when I didn't recall posting a lot of LIKES. Therefore, I took a scientific approach to the issue to determine when one runs out of LIKES. According to the message, it is 24 LIKES per day. Turns out that it is actually 24 LIKES in a 24 hour period of time, not on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. This was proven by my charting my LIKES for several days. Here is my chart: As you can clearly see, the 24 hour period of time that equated to 24 LIKES went from 3:46PM on 07.27.2017 until 3:47PM on 07.28.2017 when I was finally able to make another LIKE. Likewise (no pun intended) as the time went by from the 24 hour period of time the day before, I had LIKES get released so I could use them again. If I tried a LIKE before it's time, the message would appear. THEREFORE, the wording "day" in the message is actually "24 hours". In addition: You can UNLIKE a Post that you previously LIKED. It WILL DEDUCT the LIKE from that member's total; however, you can re-LIKE the Post and the members total will go back up again. Interestingly though, if you run out of LIKES, and want to post a LIKE to another Thread, if you UNLIKE a previous post, it will not give you the LIKE to use somewhere else. Hope some or all of this has been helpful, since that was my intention.
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    Again, people putting out opinions based on what they think is right. Boots aren't required....... Show me where it says zippers aren't legal.....the zipper argument on pants proved that zippers have been around since the late 1800's. This isn't NCOWS. B-Western, no Classic Cowboy, probably. Bare feet, moc's, brogans, boots, sandals thinking Mexican peasant, These are boots by anyones definition. If it helps the cowboy get his footware on to have a zipper then more power to him. Ike
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    Something that needs to be kept in mind when having gun work done is that very few gunsmiths have a range on their premises and as a result very few test fire the guns after doing the work. Dummy cartridges can be cycled through the mechanism in the shop but sometimes problems arise after the guns are shot. There is not a single smith anywhere in the country that has not had to do some occasional follow-up work. The fact that follow-up work might need to be done is not always an indicator of the quality of that simth's work.
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    Great job Jed, looks like a change to all double duelists has been thrown down
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    Father Kit clearly has too much time on his hands!
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    I'd like your post, but I don't want to run out....
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    So, last Sunday I decided to step out of my box a little and try something new. This gunfighter thing is a blast.
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    NO...you SUE the skateboard manufacturer for making such a dangerous "toy"; the store for selling a hazardous implement; and the electric company for failure to provide eternal lighting in your stairwell. Then take the litigation to discussion forums and social media for resolution by popular opinion.
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    I don't care how others dress as long as they are within the rules, but for myself, the costuming is as much fun as the shooting, and that is why I went to classic. Some of us like the clothes, some only like the guns, and some like to go fast, and still others are just here for friends. There is something in this fantastic sport for everyone (usually more than one thing), and we have a big tent
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    I don't care if people dress in the minimum or go 100% all the time like Koda Joe as long as they are with the rules it is fine by me. I think just as long as everyone is having a good time doing what they enjoy and getting along everything is good. I have never seen any contempt for anyone at the clubs I shoot at one way or the other. I don't think that the Cowboys running the shoots would ever let that slide and they shouldn't. Respect and fellowship for and of other shooters is why I am with Cowboy action shooting and not looking back.
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    Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, and other family TV shows of the era were fantasy. My mom never wore high heels and pearls around the house. We didn't have a beautiful 2 story house on a tree lined street. Some of my teachers were A$$****s. I stood up to a bully once and got my butt kicked. My dad never carried a briefcase and went to "the office". Fantasy.
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    Hi, Well, life is weird when nothing is normal and everything hurts... I got home from the hospital Saturday afternoon and my wife and I commenced the dance of figuring out what works and what doesn't. When you have a leg injury you modify some things to adapt. When you have a broken arm or shoulder injury you modify some things to adapt. Things are a little harder when you have: a damaged right foot that you cannot put any weight at all. broken right scapula - can't raise arm without excruciating pain. PT is fun. Can't put much weight on it using walker Inflamed old fractured vertabrae injury, T8 , that sits low between the shoulder blades. 4 fractured ribs, right side. ribs 3 -7. Rib 6 is attached to T8. Various bruises and abrasions and muscle pain. AND to add insult to injury my left wrist thumb joints & wrist joints have decided to get in on the act. They hurt in the hospital but now I need a wrist brace. Not to mention all the issues with taking medicine, like; Oxycodone, nerve pain meds & muscle relaxers. You find out real quick how much you take for granted. Without going into more boring details I will just say everything we thought would work for everything from going to the bathroom to resting has either not worked out or has to have been modified through trial and error. Sometimes as a result of terrific eye watering pain, like; tennis balls on your walker feet slide on rugs and carpet but slip on hardwood and tile - slip the walker right out from underneath you and cause you much shoulder leg and foot pain. Wheelchairs SUCK, period. Locked wheels aren't. Keeping the rear handholds from scraping the wall results in ramming sensitive toes into the opposite wall in the halls / doorways. Little things like that. I haven't actually seen the damage to my bike but have seen photos. I can't get into my garage. Maybe after I get a better fitting more maneuverable wheelchair... All in all though, I am very lucky. I am alive. I have sick time. I have insurance, I have my wife, my daughter flew in to help me, I have you all, I will heal and this pain and discomfort is temporary. Life is GOOD
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    There is a discussion in another thread about shooting boxes, move to position, etc. Some concerned about the potential for hazard in forcing shooters to have to look at their feet. And some the inconsistencies of "at position" due to the varied sizes and capapbilities of our shooters. So I thought I would talk about the Eldorado Cowboys and the way we now do it. Like many clubs - we have used boxes, circles on the ground, within one step of the marker, etc., etc., etc. And like most clubs - we have had shooters unhappy with calls, penalties or results at a "specific" position. So.... At the Eldorado Cowboys - we have instituted "Shoot it when you can see it" This simple sentence means exactly what it says - as soon as you can perform the assigned shooting task - you may do so. Now usually the assigned task will state something to this effect Engage pistol targets in a double tap Nevada sweep - all pistol rounds must pass by left side of LEFT cactus. Engage rifle targets in a double tap Nevada sweep - all rifle rounds must pass by right side of LEFT cactus. Engage shotgun targets any order - all SG rounds must pass by right side of RIGHT cactus. This directs shooters to where and how to shoot their guns - but without having to look for circles, foot faults, shooters boxes or the like. We have found having a marker (cactus, PVC pipe, whatever) that comes up to eye level - allows shooters to safely and consistently move and gets them to the to the desired position. On downrange stages - we simply place a marker and inform the shooter that they MAY move downrange - but no further than the marker. But since we are a "shoot it when you can see it" match - if the shooter prefers to stay in position and NOT move downrange - they are NEVER required to. This latitude adds another component of letting the shooter shoot the match that is best for them. And while everyone may not shoot the exact same match the exact same way - everyone has equal opportunity to shoot the match in the way that suits them best. Facade use and firearm staging placements are also used to ensure if we desire a shooter to move - they will have to. Either to shoot their firearm "past" an impediment (wall, cactus, marker) - thru an named obstacle (window, doorway, etc.) - or to retrieve their firearm from a staged position (from the table, rack, etc.) We have found this works for us and would be thrilled to share our ideas with any other clubs interested in following suit.
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    I'm on the other side. My wife nursed me back to health after a nasty fall. They wanted to amputate my legs, they were so busted up. She said absolutely not! They said I would never walk again. HA! She got me doing that too. I won't run a race with you but, by God, I'm walking on my own legs and it's all due to her. I wouldn't and couldn't have done it without her. How I can ever pay her back, or thank her enough, I have no clue. Thank God for good wimmins!
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    A bucket list item is going to come true for me as I have been invited to sound TAPS at Gettysburg over the Labor day!! i have wanted to do this for many years.....Yes, I am a real deal bugler! To those that have been there, I would like to ask about the best tour services, especially the horseback tours. Which museums are the best, other battlefield sites I should take in while there. I will fly from Billings 31 August and probably return on 5 September. This can still be adjusted if I need to. It was suggested that I fly from Billings to Baltimore and then rent a car and drive to GTS. I am open to any suggestions that would allow me to maximize my trip. Thanks to ALL!!! Bugler
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    2 Possies, though a case could be made for 3 if you have only well seasoned cowfolk. But 15 per allows folks to have a break from posse duties now and then. Let shooters sign up for the posse they want to shoot with, move a few around if need be to make the more or less equal Start them on stage 1 and 4. Easy peasey, been doing it for years, not really anything major to think about here.
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    A tie in the overall championship should remain a tie. Two champions. Why? Because they equally earned it.
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    Just figured we all need to step back and remember the Cowboy Way in this sport and everyday life. Let's all try to be a bit nicer to each other both here and on the range. It always goes back to the Golden Rule for me "Treat others how you want to be treated". I also like Gene Autry's Cowboy Code! Just a friendly reminder!! As you were.... Have a great day!
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    It's been my experience that just the opposite is true. It's a few of the dress to the nines folks who hold minimalists in contempt. They claim that if others don't costume themselves to the same level they do it takes away from their ability to enjoy a match. Takes me back to my original post. As long as folks are within the rules everybody should have fun. That's what's great about SASS.
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    My name is Sixgun Seamus and I am a clothes whore. OK, I said it. I really enjoy the aspect of dressing up and playing cowboy on weekends. Even though I have never shot Classic, my outfit would easily qualify. On really hot days, I might not wear chaps. I did win best dressed working Cowboy at Georgia State this year but I think that was because I was one of the few idiots to wear shotgun chaps in that heat. BTW - Koda Joe is my hero. You'll probably never understand till you see Koda at a shoot. He is one fine dresser.
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    Yeah, I always try to call ahead and ask how far away the targets are so I know what shirt to wear... O.o
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    Howdy Back up the bus! We got a whole lot of variables here. First off, APP is not Black Powder, it is a Black Powder substitute. As J-Bar so eloquently said, just because it is supposed to generate its own lube, that might not be good enough. Now the OP was talking about 3 different guns, Vaqueros, some sort of Open Top Uberti, and some sort of Uberti with a Top Strap. They ain't all the same and their ability to function with Black Powder or a BP substitute may not be the same. Before anybody reaches for the file and attacks the Barrel/Cylinder gap, let's take a look at possible causes to the problem. The first line of defense from binding with Black Powder on any revolver is the cylinder bushing. The bushing is what protects the cylinder pin from fouling blasted out of the B/C gap onto the cylinder pin. That is the major cause of binding, fouling on the pin, not fouling on the face of the cylinder. Opening up the B/C gap will have no effect on how much fouling gets blasted onto the pin, in fact it may make things worse, allowing more fouling to be blasted out. Here is a photo of three cylinders. All have a bushing on the front of the cylinder. Left to right they are an Uberti Cattleman, Ruger 'original model'. Vaquero, and 2nd Gen Colt. The bushings on the Cattleman and Colt cylinders are removable and the bushing on the Vaquero is milled onto the surface, but that makes no difference. The bushing standing proud of the cylinder is what does the job. All these guns shoot just fine with Black Powder (the real stuff) with their original B/C gaps of from .005 - .008. PROVIDING THE BULLETS USED CARRY ENOUGH BLACK POWDER COMPATIBLE LUBE. Notice the lack of a bushing on the front of the cylinder of this 1860 Army and 1858 Remington. There is nothing to protect the arbor or cylinder pin on these revolvers from fouling blasted out or the B/C gap. Now notice the helical groove cut into the arbor of the 1860, and notice that it is a larger diameter than the Remington cylinder pin. That is the secret to the Colt open top style revolvers running a long time without binding up with Black Power. The helical groove results in clearance, that gives any fouling that makes its way onto the arbor a place to collect, without causing binding. Plus the larger diameter of the Colt style arbor spreads the fouling out over a larger circumference. I can shoot an 1860 Colt all afternoon without it binding, the 1858 Remington design tends to bind up after one cylinder full. So.... My conclusion, after many years of shooting real Black Powder in a large variety of types of revolvers is.... 1. Cylinders that have a bushing will always shoot longer and better with Black Powder than cylinders without a bushing. 2. Bullets must have ENOUGH of a suitable Black Powder compatible bullet lube to prevent fouling. The Big Lube bullets cast by our friend Springfield Slim are terrific for carrying enough BP compatible lube. That's a couple of BIg Lube bullets in the photo of the 1860 and 1858. Notice how much lube they can carry. 3. Cylinders without a bushing will profit from a liberal application of BP compatible lube on the cylinder arbor, to keep the fouling from drying out and causing binding. Notice, none of these conclusions have anything at all to do with how wide the B/C gap is. Regarding Black Powder substitutes, I have almost zero experience with them. I loaded up some 38 S&W with APP a bunch or years ago to shoot in an old S&W Top Break pocket pistol. Everything went fine, but of course the cylinder had a good sized bushing on the front. My advice is the same as J-Bar's. With an Open Top type design, coat the cylinder arbor with lots of BP compatible lube to keep the fouling that will inevitably be blasted onto the arbor from drying out and causing binding. Top Strap guns; Colts, Ubertis, Rugers, etc, use plenty of BP compatible lube on the bullets and the cylinder pin. Uberti reproduction S&W Top Breaks, forget it. Uberti shortened the cylinder bushings in order to lengthen the cylinders for cartridges such as 45 Colt and 44-40, without lengthening the Top Strap a comparable amount. They do not run well with Black Powder.
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    http://amp.timeinc.net/time/4882923/total-solar-eclipse-map-places-view/?source=dam Just enter your zip code.
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    I just want to shoot on a posse where everybody works, that makes it a great day for me...
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    The real can-o-worms will be unleashed when you try to get a consensus on what to name it. Since it would likely be a dress code category like CC, BW, or Steampunk I would prefer we don't go there. I don't want to see any of you coming to the line in just a loincloth any more than you want to see me in one. As we all know, some things just can't be unseen!
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    The Standard Minimum Smoke requirement on page 10 of the ROII Handbook sets the minimum powder requirement as a volume, "15 grains by volume, 1.0 CC", not a weight: Anyone who has shot any blackpowder has heard the argument about "grains volume" versus "grains weight" plenty of times and there is no need to rehash that dead horse here. The video demonstrates that 1.0 CC of any powder will produce smoke clouds that are indistinguishable from each other and the SASS Goex 2F standard. I think the pictures posted in this thread prove that the majority of SASS Soot Lords consider it a point of honor to meet or exceed the 1.0 CC minimum powder charge. Speculating about what other volumes of powders might be passed off as producing about the same smoke volume not only disrespects the standard, but is also a violation of the rule. I will not be conducting any experiments on smaller volumes of powder. While those past experiments may have been intended to help shooters, I think it is time to encourage shooters to respect the standard and load at least 1.0 CC of powder per shot. If a competitor decides to load less powder than that for whatever reason, they should realize they risk a challenge. OK, I'm off my soapbox now, and would love to see more smoky pictures!
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    There should be no confusion. If the entire section is read in the SHB, it states: SHB p.14 The prohibition regarding holstering "with the intent..." was to preclude a GF-style shooter from holstering after firing 5 shots; moving (or firing another firearm on the stage); then redrawing both revolvers to finish. A Gunfighter-style shooter IS allowed to redraw an inadvertently holstered revolver to negate the "unfired round" penalty without incurring a procedural. To forbid doing so in that situation would not be reasonable.
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    GUNFIGHTERS .... ROCK!! Gunfighters who do it with CAP GUNS really ROCK!!
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    This ^ no way would I even consider 3 posses of 10.
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    Smokestack - It is impossible to educate folks that know everything.
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    I just add brass when it gets quiet and none are dropping down the tube. Blackfoot
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    57 Ranchero, 351 Cleveland. I did all of the mechanical myself.
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    I have moved cross country a few times. It sucks, so smile and deal with it. Packing: If you haven't used it in 5 years and it isn't a collectible or heirloom, get rid of it. Label well. Pack boxes small and light as you can. If a box needs the word "miscellaneous" to describe contents it probably isn't worth hauling. Mama's stuff MUST NOT BREAK! If it does, it will be remembered for all eternity. Your stuff is expendable. Rest often when packing. The Move: If you have a self imposed schedule THROW IT AWAY! Rushing can get you in trouble, in an accident or worse. Your stuff is expendable. If you are tired, rest. You are not Superman. If you are hungry, eat. You are not Superman. Your stuff is expendable...your loved ones aren't. Unless you drive truck for a living you are about to drive something unfamiliar, quite large and dangerous. You are not in a race. This is not Smokey and the Bandit. A truck will not stop on a dime, accelerate fast or maneuver well. BE CAREFUL. Leave plenty of room in front of you. If you get tired, rest. If you get hungry, eat. Your stuff is expendable.
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    I bet your sock drawer is arranged by colors, right? I wish I had your instinct for detail...sometimes stuff goes right over my head! Please don't misunderstand, I'm not being critical, your posts are amazing for their detail. I'm a 2 or three sentence guy myself!
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    Howdy Hoss, What if shooter X gets to shoot the designated stage on Friday at Sunny and 85 degrees. Shooter Z, who tied with shooter X, has to shoot that same designated stage on Saturday during a rain with wet guns and wet ground and grass? How can using a particular stage like that be an equatable method to determine a tie breaker? When 2 shooters go neck and neck over 10 or 12 stages and end up with the exact time, down to ONE hundredth of a second, ya just gotta accept that BOTH of them are winners at that particular time in history. Well, that's just my .02 I doubt I will ever have to worry about tying anyone for a championship position. ..........Widder
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    However....if the HUMIDITY gets too much, I'll consider my back-up outfit.
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    Oh chili you opened up a can! I like dressing the part, I shoot black powder, I hang out with good people! Hard to understand people who spend thousands of $ on guns and leather but have a hard time justifying $40 for trousers and suspenders. Rafe
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    Had a building site and lots of materials so I put together my own range. Built three stages convertible to six stages. Burms on all sides and between the three stages. Getting a lot of interest and might try and set a SASS club. Any and all input in range insurance and starting a club would help.
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    IRS Audit If you've ever owned your own business, been an entrepreneur or wondered what it's like doing so, this is as close to reality as it gets. The IRS suspected a fishing boat owner wasn't paying proper wages to his Deckhand and sent an agent to investigate him. IRS AUDITOR: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them". Boat Owner: "Well, there's Clarence, my deckhand, he's been with me for 3 years. I pay him $1,000 a week plus free room and board. Then there's the mentally challenged guy. He works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of the work around here. He makes about $10 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of Bacardi rum and a dozen Budweisers every Saturday night so he can cope with life. He also gets to sleep with my wife occasionally" IRS AUDITOR: "That's the guy I want to talk to - the mentally challenged one". Boat Owner: "That would be me. What would you like to know"?
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    Watch it, Bubba. You'll give me a bad reputation.. Calico's post got a little blurry when I read it. I was just doing what I thought was right.