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    Are you kidding me? Everyone that is calling for misses and "P's", please let me know where you shoot so I can avoid. The "line" is the point upon the stage begins. If the shells were upon the shooter at the beginning of the stage in an approved manner; the shells are legal and usable. The shells were carried to the line legally. They were used legally. Doggone, are you folks so itching to penalize and find fault that you have forgotten what we are supposed to be doing here? Be safe, have fun and don't be a hard ass. Stop parsing rules, playing semantics games and stop looking for every opportunity to show how clever you are that you figured out a way to penalize someone for a common and zero harm/ zero impact occurance.
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    Sorry to hear about the issue with your Ruger. Obviously your not in business and I'm sure you meant no disrespect on your above statement about the crazy price of our sights. But I must say that our sights are not cheaply manufactured by hand snips and flimsy brass sheet metal. They are made on a very expensive water jet so each one of them are precise and perfect not to meantion the product packaging and adhesive cost. Myself and Slick Magic Guns are both very supportive of fine cowboy shooters such as yourself and the entire sport of SASS. With this being said please send me your address and caliber of your Ruger using the contact link on my website at (www.slickmagicguns.com). I will send you (1) New front sight with instructions and adhesive for your Ruger "FREE" of charge. Cowboys always need to help out other cowboys when they are in need. So always treat others as you want to be treated. God Bless and good shooting, Slick McClade
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    Folks are coming to their senses & realizing the they are the most fun to shoot! --Dawg
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    Under the following definition of "the line", the shooter has until "the BEEP" to rectify any PRE-STAGE errors, including failure to have enough proper ammo with which to engage the stage (something the T/O is supposed to look for when performing SHOOTER INVENTORY before the stage begins (REF RO1 V. 21.6 p.3) re ways to assist the shooter.) ... this would include SG ammo (as well as revolvers left on the LT). Stage aka “the line” – synonymous with “Course of Fire” from the beep of the timer once the shooter has signified “ready” to the last shot fired. RO1 Version 21.6 "Glossary of Terms" The intent of the following rule is to prevent/penalize such "correction" (or outside "assistance") DURING the stage engagement: Failure to stage firearms or ammunition at the designated position(s)/location(s) is the fault of the competitor and scored as a procedural unless the competitor is able to correct the situation, unassisted, while in the process of completing the stage under time. The penalty for using "illegally acquired" ammunition (i.e., NOT carried to the line/staged by the shooter in an approved manner) is a PROCEDURAL. Any targets hit using that ammo are scored as MISSES. NO adjustments will be made to the stage raw time.
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    Shoot slowly, deliberately, accurately, safely and most of all HAVE FUN !!!!
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    It's been a year since Ilost Shawna. Longest year of my life.
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    SDQ for "use of illegal equipment" if it is caught during the stage engagement & before the shooter leaves the ULT (IMO). If caught between stages, shooter should be made aware of the violation (unless, of course, it's a monthly match at which SASS rules never apply. ) If the situation is not remedied after the first SDQ and it is used on a subsequent stage, the penalty is a MDQ. Equipment violation penalties are NOT awarded backwards for stages already shot with illegal equipment. ...and PLEASE! let's cease & desist with the "double standard" assessment of penalties based on the shooter's experience, match standings, or firearms expertise.
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    Actually I am in business, and you are correct, I should not have phrased my post that way & for that I apologize. Please accept this apology. I do not think they are cheap & honestly I do like the sights. They came on the gun when I purchased it. I guess it is that way even in our business, I gave a quote today and the customer said he had received a quote of over $2000 less, my reply "go with that guy", you usually cannot convince someone they are getting their money's worth until they get bad service and/or goods. Thank you for your offer, I will accept it but I will also say that I will pay for the sight & feel badly about my quote.
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    This is why we are told to check our guns at the bar . No Guns In The Saloon ! Warning ! ! ! But funny ! ! !
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    Kirk, interesting topic and a good idea. I very rarely post on the wire anymore. To be honest it became frustrating from the standpoint that there are so many non shooters on here (read that as either inactive or never did shoot) who will do nothing but contradict any and everything you have to say. Very recently a fellow that posts on here quite regularly called the SASS Office to tell them that something should be done about me.........He state that though he had never met me he was certain I was a "a**hole" LO, the fellow calling was not even a active shooter. I have better things to do than get flamed by guys like that. That being said I think that Facebook would be a better forum for the info you are taking about. Perhaps Cody could start a new FB page with just that intent?
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    wind was so bad today it pushed my bullets off to the sides of the targets--at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it cr
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    Georgia State is in the books! Congrats to Missouri Lefty for winning the overall and to Blackhawk Henry Georgia State Champ and to Maggie Darlin for overall Lady and Georgia State Champion. The match was truly a great one; kudos to Fast Eddie and his crew! This post is about something other than the match though. My 11 year old son, the Iron Cowboy, decided to compete in the shootoff. I encouraged him to give it a try, but warned him not to be disappointed as there were tons of great shooters competing. As luck would have it he drew Red River Ray for the first round. Ray's reputation preceded him and my young gun was understandably nervous. Ray came over and spoke with him, coached him up and was incredibly kind. Due to Ray's big heart, the generosity of Missouri Lefty, and the kindness of Wabash Valley Slim the Iron Cowboy was able to participate in three rounds of the shoot off. Those three pards are class acts. They exemplify everything that makes SASS so special and they earned my respect and gratitude for treating my son so well.
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    As long as it's BEFORE THE BEEP, there would be NO PROBLEM doing so.
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    Thanks to a couple of pards at Butterfield Gulch this weekend, they were able to hook me up with a new to me gently used hammered double. They knew I had really wanted to start shooting classic, but was lacking the shotgun, and with all the medical bills we were facing, it just wasn't an option until a couple of pards worked a deal without telling me. I know I will be slow as dirt with the change, but classic is just too cool, and I was already dressing classic anyway. Look out Iowa State...new classic cowboy coming......this is gonna be fun! YEEHAW! Let's ride!
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    Frontier Cartridge Classic Cowboy Senior Gunfighter, that's me. .45 full loads, 10g double barrel w/120g 1F, maybe a stick of dynamite thrown in for fun. Personally, I don't need no stinking categories to have fun.
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    When my blushing bride said those fateful words, "I do." Thank you for a wonderful life, my Love.
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    Here are a few photos of the gun cart I'm nearly finished with. I ran out of fabric for the long tray liners so if I can't find some to match I'll replace what's in it with different fabric. This is going to a pard up in Colorado. His brother, also a cowboy shooter, won one of my carts in a raffle a few years ago and he's been wanting one. I built it out of ambrosia maple and decided to use an early American stain on it because the maple this time did not have a lot of character un stained. I left the beetle holes pretty much intact and unfilled so the stain really helped to show them off. I built this one as a push/pull model with the push bar handle across the back. The chest has an empty brass/hull bin, a three compartment ammo tray and a long tray for glasses, tools, ear plugs and other match essentials. Under the tray is an area for more match stuff and a soft sided ice chest with a hard liner in it. Double Diamond aka: Darrell Brinkmeier of Escondido, Ca. did all of the leather work.
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    I get a kick out of salesman that steer women towards semi-auto .45s for their first gun...not. I was at Cabela's near me and I over heard a salesman tell this lady who was probably in her late 50's and newly divorced that for home protection she couldn't beat a 1911 .45. This woman was about 110 pounds, tall and slim. I actually think the guy was trying to impress her somehow, he had his chest all puffed out, grinning from ear to ear and all swaggery. Again, I minded his and her business for them. I stepped in and said "Buddy, you should hear yourself". I turned to the lady and said let me show you something and led her over to where the revolvers were. I explained how they were simple and easier to learn than a semi-auto for her very first gun - she had never fired a gun in her life. I know some that will disagree with me on this but save your breath...and your fingertips. Anyway, she wanted to keep it in her night stand and take it out to practice and wouldn't be carrying it. Being an S&W guy in regards to double action revolvers I saw that all the S&W they had wouldn't meet her needs so I steered her toward a Ruger GP100 and recommended she consider one of those in .357 and that she could load it it .38. I also recommended she take a firearms safety course and that Cabela's offered them. The salesman, who wisely just hung around but didn't say much piped in and said he would arrange for her to take the course. She thanked me and I moved on. I am not sure if she bought a revolver that day but I couldn't let some Nimrod steer her to something that she wouldn't like, would probably be intimidated by and probably wouldn't shoot enough to become proficient. When I passed the counter about 10 minutes later she was busily going through every revolver in the case to see what she liked and the salesman was helping her with a look on his face like a guy standing in a dress shop while his wife picks out "the right dress".
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    Hello Wire, I have been following on the SASS Classifieds a title post "Ripped Off in Austin, TX", and wanted to start a post that is not the result of a deal gone bad. I feel bad for the Nickel City Dude the original poster on the classifieds, and wish him luck in resolving his deal gone bad. I am going to relate a story about a deal I just completed with a fellow SASS member. I saw an ad posting on the SASS Classifieds last Saturday evening, by Professor Thoreau (SASS # 2611). After several very timely PM's, and emails back n forth with pertinent information by both of us he offered to send the revolvers on Monday (1 1/2 days later). We had, and still will have good communication back n forth which I think is paramount when making deals such as this. He packaged them up brought them to an FFL dealer that charges more because his normal dealer was not open on Monday. All that because I requested that they reach me by this coming Saturday. The revolvers reached my hands today, that's 5 days from "I'll Takem" to my hands with a Sunday in there to. You may say OK that's doable if you live in the same state, surrounding state, or even region of the country. This deal was from coast to coast basically, Oregon to South Carolina. OK how did this get done you might ask? Well it's like this... Prof. Thoreau sent the revolvers without having received payment (Recommended??? Maybe NOT). As of the composing of this post he still has not received the payment in the requested form which was sent as agreed (Also Monday morning). I offered to wire transfer funds directly to his bank to help him feel comfortable with the transaction, but he said "No need, you've been a SASS member for a long time, I trust you". Professor Thoreau is a fine gentleman to do business with, and I hope he'll get on here and respond favorably towards my end of the transaction as well. Please share your positive stories on this thread, and show that there are many good transaction stories out there within the SASS community. Let's get this page after page of good outcomes. Happy Trails H. Hammer
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    I am not putting this on the SASS wire to sell. I have seen there is interest in "What is a Texas Star" and how they work. I want to show how this one works. It is totally different and is very simple to reset. It is so different I call it the "Texas Foldem Star" Jed itv was kind enough to film it so You can see what is so neat about it. Let me know what you think. Just Bill
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    I retired last September and never looked back. I still keep in touch with a couple of former co-workers. Hardpan.......if they ain't payin' ya, ya don't owe em nuttin'. Enjoy your retirement. Oh...by the way... here's a picture of me at my new job.
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    Having worked both EOT and WR as a range officer having to make calls on this exact situation the only solution is to switch categories. I have tons of compassion for medical situations but as a Match Official or Match Director my responsibility is to make sure the rules are applied consistantly to EVERYONE.
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    Any legal action should go forward. Great damage has been done to a myriad of people and groups. The involved school system people should be removed, wholesale. The individuals and the system should be further held responsible in a manner that hurts...in this case, money. This shouldn't be allowed to go away.
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    $10million lawsuit as far as I'm concerned, and a Federal investigation. Don't kill the local school system; make it bleed.
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    As I was shooting my gun I stopped to ponder, which Method I'd use to hit the target down yonder. Shall I watch the front sight and give it a try or shall I open both eyes and go for a bullseye? Should I stare at the target and bring the gun to bear, will this cause my shot to hit nothing but air? So many choices and so many ways, to worry myself at each and every stage. Should I shoot fast, chance a miss, or slow down and shoot clean? I've been doing this a while,I don't want to look green. Somehow I don't think this is how the West was won. I forget that I started this just to have fun. So I think I'll let others get caught up in the fray and I'll just have a good time and enjoy this great day.
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    Well, let's see. First I have to wait for the pistol to come down from recoil. Then I have to wait for the smoke to clear. Then I fix my beady eye on the front sight and make sure it is planted somewhere near the middle of the target. Then I yank the trigger and start the process all over again. I know that durned target is in there somewhere!
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    PRACTICE?? What is this "practice" thing of which you speak?? I thought that is what we do at our local matches?? Strange concept .... practice. Oh ... Wait .. Lawyers "Practice" Law Doctors "Practice" Medicine Neither are very good even after ..... Practicing
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    I look at my holsters......I'm more in line with Creeker's line of reasoning. You can clearly see me look at my holsters when I'm re-holstering. Find what you're comfortable with and practice it.......There is more than 1 "Way" and there is no absolute "Best" way.
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    Well, I went and picked up my second 1872 Open Top out of Californication "one pistol in 30 days" jail. It is a 7.5" .barreled, 45 Colt/Schofield to go with my 4.75" one in the same caliber. Add my 1860 Thunderer 3" with the R&D .45 Colt cylinder as my back up match pistol, and my 1849 Wells Fargo .31 caliber with the .32 S&W R&D cylinder, and I am COMPLETE!!!!! I love the "pointability" of the Open Top 1860ish Colts, and the 1849 is actually a revolver you can hold. The 1863 Remmie with the .32 S&W R&D cylinder was just too darn small, and hard to hold. Now I am ready for the annual High Sierra Shootout at Railroad Flat later this month.
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    My Mom Age 12 or 13: My Mom with my Dad - 1960: My Mom in 2002
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    Just a little rant here.. Not a big deal and may not be a bother for some folks at all.. but.. I don't care for the posts (threads) that the poster leaves the title of the post ambiguous.. yeah.. I know.. Big word fer me.. But folks are putting up posts that the title doesn't tell you what the thread is about at all or makes you guess what it's about.. and yeah I know I can just pass over them and most the time I do.. But then after a thread has been on for a while and I open it up and read it I find it is something I really am interested in.. Geesh.. Rance Thinkin I'm done now
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    My mom's graduation pic from high school 1941. My mom and dad. Lost my mother on my 40th birthday 1993. Dad and Mom.bmp
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    NO NO NO NO NO Gunfighter is a SKILL - not a party trick to be pulled out when it is beneficial. Sometimes Gunfighter is a benefit to the shooter - sometimes a hinderance. You want to shoot Gunfighter - you put up with the good and the bad of the style. This is as inappropriate as asking "Should smokeless powder be allowed in Blackpowder categories?" Because then folks could use the propellant they think is best based on the stage design.
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    If GF is allowed in age based categories at the discretion of the shooter, will the shooter who signed up for GF also have the option to shoot any style he/she prefers on a given stage? I don't think so. Unless someone post a GREAT discussion point that can change my mind....... I will say no. ..........Widder
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    It's not fair in my opinion, to make the other shooters decide. Sometimes the MD has to make unpopular decisions. It's part of the job. But making the other shooters decide to bend the rules or push someone out of a category is not right. Again just my opinion.
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    quit layin' down ta take pics.....duh!!!!
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    It's my opinion, that of all the categories out there, BW, CC, but especially any BP category are labors of love that require quite a bit of work outside of the actual matches. There's no reason to mess with any of them. And since there's no rule against shooting BP in any category, then there's no reason to force it. Those that choose to do so, can already do so. Now shooting gunfighter in classic cowboy is a whole different story in which a chosen shooting style is not allowed.
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    First of all, I know how you got that shotgun and it was a very classy thing for that fella to do for you. A true Cowboy spirit was shining through in the generosity displayed there and it illustrates the kind spirit within some men's hearts that we just don't see too much of any more today. Secondly, I will warn you. Once you make the decision to shoot classic cowboy you'll be addicted. You will be just as addicted to shopping for new cowboy clothes as you are cowboy guns. And it just don't seem to ever end. Thirdly, after you add black powder to your classic cowboy you won't ever be able to wipe the grin off your face. Ever. At some point you're going to want to dally with a notion of an 1887 lever action shotgun. Some might warn against that. I say give it a whirl. You'll have good days with it and you'll have some days that you want to tie a noose and hang that critter from the nearest cottonwood. But it's part of the fun. There really ain't nothing as satisfying as running in 87 for an entire match smoothly. If you think you can handle that kind of fun, saddle up and ride with it. Welcome!
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    Last Saturday night my son and daughter had a pre prom supper out at the ranch before going to town for the prom dance. After supper they had some time to kill so we did some cowboy action shooting off of the back deck. And then they posed for pictures! Too fun! And I'm happy to pass on what I can.
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    Wrangler - Since I happen to know PRETTY WELL the Match Director and Club President for the shoot you are attending this weekend... I ASSURE you there will be ZERO issue with any footwear that you find necessary from a medical standpoint. And as a matter of fact - that same Match Director wears Ariat lace up boots pretty exclusively. For a couple of reasons - my calves do not fit well into standard shaft sized pull on boots and my ankles are torn up from too many years of football and wrestling and I require the support that a lace up boot provides. Boot Barn has a decent selection of lace ups - Just purchased my shooting partner Painted Lady a new pair there for Dam Site as well. BUT if you don't find anything satisfactory to you - once again, I PROMISE there will be no issue with anything you require from a medical standpoint.
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    We'll supply a good qualty regulation bugle.
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    I try to make up a line that will be moderately offensive to at least two thirds of the posse, and totally beyond the understanding of the other third.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself! Geeezz...this is turning into a hard ass sport! What happened to the "friendliest folks" you'd ever want to meet"? As an RO I'd be more than glad to give a shooter some extra shells! If that's illegal it shouldn't be!!
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    Wish this idea would take off in the lower 48!
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    at a large shoot,,, must follow quide lines,,, had my foot run over by an equipment trailer and cudn't wear appropriate boots,,,, I would have had to change cats,,, and agree with that.... sometimes you gotta suck it up