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  1. a little advice needed

    Howdy Evil Dogooder, First of all, kudos to you for helping care for these magnificent warriors in the racing game. They can be challenge because they are not treated most of the time as "pets". They come with baggage and it's hard to sort thru that. There a website called "Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance". The site is pretty extensive and is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram too. There are blogs as well. I had a Warmblood/Thoroughbred rescue 2yr old for 3yrs. She loved the attention and care I gave her-she wasn't off the track but all horses respond to love and attention. I was able to break her to ride and got her gentled enough I gave her to my best friend as a birthday gift for her and her grandkids.(Was going thru a divorce). There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for you. She always wanted to please. If you've found a connection to this horse it may be worth pursuing. There's a lot of horses out there who are not lucky to find a caring and Good home. Good Luck and update us how things are going! Here's me and my current Bud, Maar-been my shooting horse for 15yrs now! He's a 20yr old Arabian.
  2. Chief the Wonder Horse

    Howdy All Fans of Chief the Wonder Horse. Cart Horse and Mounted Shooting Horse, Chief helped me and Nuevo Mike win many great awards for SASS Mounted Shooting. Chief won 4 SASS World Championships with Nuevo Mike in Pioneer Cart. The Roy Rogers Rangers also gave Chief "The True Grit Award" for pulling double duty as a Mounted Shooting horse for me and Cart horse for Nuevo Mike. Chief passed away in August, 2015 at the ripe old age of 29 for Appaloosas. We had retired him 5yrs prior to his passing. He lived out his retirement in his pasture with his stablemate, Maar here in The Land of Enchantment. We still miss him, that's why it's taken some time to let you all know of his passing.
  3. SASS Mounted Shooting

    Nuevo Mike and I started Mounted Shooting in CA. We went to EOT many times before we moved to New Mexico hoping that Mounted Shooting would be as popular here as it is in CA. The big difference in CA was that the Main Arena was right at the main gate. Spectators would stop at the arena to watch the Mounted Shooting and the Wild West Show. EOT Mounted had riders from all over to where there were anywhere to 110 to 150 riders at EOT. There were 3 arenas set up to accommodate the event in a timely manner. Mike and I tried many times to get The Wild Bunch at Founders Ranch to move the arena up to the town area so that there would be better access for the public. It made sense to us if Founders Ranch Set up Mounted Shooting as people came in like they had in CA there would get more spectators resulting in more gate money. But, they wouldn't budge since they had everything set up down in that hole behind the Town where it floods every time it rains, where many horse trailers and trucks got stuck trying to go up that steep hill in the mud. The area up by the Town is dryer and more stable. There is lots of room to accommodate riders and horses. The spectators find the arena by accident most of the time since the are no frequent signs directing folks to the arena. It is true that SASS feels there is no money to be had in Mounted Shooting so therefore they don't support it. Chili Cowboy has been trying hard to keep SASS mounted going but members are dwindling away. Is it Money, Distance, Location or the fact that most everyone has gone to CMSA, MSA?