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  1. The U.S.S. Indianapolis found!

  2. Georgian Dumplings

    Look good! Bet they freeze well.
  3. Um.....yeah. Someone's Guardian Angel Working Hard

    Yep. You can bet that someone's pants were full of it.
  4. Fixing an antique powder flask with plastidip

    Bullet pouch? Or shot flask?
  5. NRA, Where does the money go?

    No doubt. The NRA, I think, has teamed up with California Rifle & Pistol Association. CRPA seems to take point, with the ILA providing logistics and supporting fire. Either way, it's good to see the NRA at last taking action in CA.
  6. Born in London

    Mazel Tov!
  7. Thanks. Let's hope he gets to nominate another Justice for SCOTUS soon.
  8. NRA, Where does the money go?

    In the last year or so the NRA has (FINALLY!) stepped up to the plate here in CA. That has been one of by gripes about the NRA - for years it seemed to concentrate on the easy victories in states where anti-civil rights legislation had little chance of passing while ignoring what is going on at the front where the major assaults on our rights are happening. Almost as if the NRA had written of CA as not worth the effort. I'm thinking that the movers and shakers in the upper echelons of the NRA political team have finally realized that CA is the test bed for a lot of the BS.
  9. Manhole Repair

    Nice system.
  10. Favorite non-miltary plane, Boeing 377

    Toss up between the Tri-Motor and the Constellation.