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  1. I'm not sure TS. It has been many years since I met them. Eleven years to be exact.
  2. I thought Lefty Dude was Sawyer's brother. Is Pulp also one of the clan?
  3. Hi Folks, Alas, I feel we are stuck with Rank points at Regional and above matches. IIUC, scoring was the only topic discussed at the TG meeting at EOT. Texas Jack Daniels prepared a detailed presentation pointing out the problems with Rank Point Scoring and favoring Total Time Scoring. It was shot down in a straw poll by two people, one of whom was a member of the WB. Until the WB are convinced, we are unlikely to have a change. I too dislike Rank Point scoring and prefer Total Time! I like things that follow KISS! Regards, Allie
  4. Wow! I already got a reply. It seems stranger than fiction. Maybe I'm just being dense. It won't be the first time. Following is the reply. "Thanks for your email! We completely understand where you are coming from. We have been hit with splash back and bullet fragments also! That is why we came up with Newbold Targets. When the bullet hits a Newbold Target it passes straight through without changing shape or direction. The round doesn't even lose velocity. Therefore you must have a good backstop, berm or bullet trap behind the target. We even have polymer nuts and bolts for customers who don't want to use metal fasteners with their targets. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Erin M." Seriously, it passes through the target and doesn't leave a hole? Happy Jack, you said you used them. Is this accurate.
  5. I fixed your post for you. I've met you and know you are a joker, outhouse rocker,...
  6. Thanks Dutch! After my experience, I am still concerned.
  7. Roscoe, You have your answer under current rules. If you are interested in changing the rule to allow Velcro when it is not visible, I recommend you send a PM to Tex or Cat Ballou. They might bring it up to the ROC and recommend a clarification that, if the Velcro is not visible, it is okay. Then again, they might not. Regards, Allie
  8. I would love to see a video of the targets in use. I am skeptical after my experience with bounce back from a plastic flipper. I wrote them my concerns about what happens to the bullet on impact. I'll let you know if I get a reply.
  9. He has a kind face. It matches his personality!
  10. Hi Folks, It saddens me that any complaint is considered whining by some. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, they should be looked at and valued as at as opportunities for improvement. Again, you can't please everyone; but, if you get many complaints about something, it should be given consideration. One person's complaint, not so much. A complaint about one item is not an attack on the match or the organizers and should not be taken as such. Slick mentioned ways that a match can improve on the quality of awards. That is a good way to open a discussion on how to deal with this complaint. Calling it whining is not. I feel bad for Whiskey Kid. He was just politely expressing his opinion, which he should be able to do without the implication of whining. Sincerely, Allie Mo PS Also like I implied earlier, I think we put on a much better CA State SASS match this year thanks to the Comment Sheets and complaints about the previous year. For example, we had a bigger tent, better food, and no backlog on one stage that we had the year before. I personally, wish someone other than me had complained about the plastic gold cups that looked like bowling trophies that we gave as awards. No one but me complained. I know this as I recapped the Comment Sheets both years.
  11. I forgot all about .22 side matches. I've shot them a couple of times. Fun! Unfortunately, I rarely see them at the annuals I attend.
  12. My Early Girl has lots of tomatoes. Unfortunately, they are all still green and she wilts easily. My two cherries don't have a single tomato. Last year, they did great.
  13. I've only had one experience with a plastic target. It was a flipper, rather like a dueling-tree target. We shot it close range with a pocket pistol. The ENTIRE unflattened bullet came back and hit me. Ouch! At least it didn't break skin. Nice bruise though. With cardboard the bullet will go through and either hit a berm or continue until spent. With properly angled steel targets, the bullet will splat and hit ground around the target. If it is an edger, it will angle to the side or up.. Maybe a presentation of options is in order, with the intent to change minds. Calamity Jane's spatter report may be useful. It is as follows. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Splatter Isn’t Necessary Calamity Jane Canary SASS 40978 Life I notice there’s a lot of chatter about “bounce back”, splatter, and the (supposed) role “wimp loads” play in people getting hit with lead. I have also noticed that getting hit with splatter seems to be quite common and seems to be regarded as one of the hazards of the game. I don’t believe it HAS to be this way. Being the anal-retentive (engineering) type that I am, I decided to give some serious thought to the matter of shooters and spectators being hit by lead at Cowboy Action matches. The Research Prior to constructing our targets and stands, we did a little research. First, we polled the people on The SASS Wire about target construction and occurrences of splatter or “bounce back” and we received some good advice on target design and stand construction (as well as some BS that doesn’t make sense to anyone who passed high school physics). We built some targets and did some experiments in the winter snow to see where the bullets and fragments went with various loads, from “hot loads” right down below “wimp loads”. One of the first things that was apparent was that there is no such thing as “bounce back” from a properly designed and supported target and that splatter is predictable and controllable! “Hot loads” disintegrate when striking a target and the debris flies off in a predictable pattern from the target face as “splatter” If there is nothing in the debris path to deflect the debris back toward the shooter, the debris all lands within the “spray zone” and safely down range. Very light loads (right down to hand-thrown), strike the target, impart their energy to the target, and fall to the ground within a foot or two of the target. The lower the bullet velocity, the more of the original mass that is retained in the slug that falls to the ground and the less of the bullet mass that goes off as spray. With a high velocity round, most of the bullet’s lead goes off in small fragments as spray within the spray zone. With multiple targets, it is important that two targets together do not form a "double bounce" path back to the firing line (or other points behind the line). Target & Stand Design To lessen the chance of ricochet, our targets and stands were designed to ensure there are no "included angles" approaching 180 degrees (see Figure 2). For this same reason, we do NOT use re-bar for target stands since re-bar has a textured surface which creates an unpredictable deflection of the spray; we use hot rolled steel rod which has a smooth surface. Figure 2 Our targets are all made from 3/8 or 1/2" mild steel plate. They were laid out in AutoCAD (to preclude any 180 degree included angles) and CNC cut by a local steel supplier (to ensure smooth edges). Our stands are tripods (with three links of chain welded to the rods to form the pivot). The back leg of the tripod is planted firmly in the ground so that it is at right angles to the firing line (this ensures that the target will remain at a right angle to the firing line) and the two supporting legs are positioned BEHIND the target face and out of the spray zone. Our hangers (target mounts) were designed to ensure the target is free to swing (when hit by a bullet), will always hang with the target angled slightly downward (when viewed by the shooter), and that the target will remain parallel to the firing line during the match. The hangers are simply short length of iron pipe that have been slit on the bandsaw. One tab is bent into the pipe so the hanger will slip on to the stand a few inches. The other tab is bent into a hook to hold the target see Figure 3. Figure 3 Secured to the back of each hanging target is 2 links of "binder chain" (Binder chain is a flat chain that will only flex in one direction - it's cheap!) (see Figure 4). The chain ensures the targets don't rotate from side to side in the breeze. The binder chain is bolted to a threaded hole in the targets and the end of the bolt (facing the shooter) is ground off flush with the target face (see Figure 5). The chain is attached slightly below the top of the target to ensure the target angles slightly downward (with the bottom of the target farther away from the shooter - see Figure 6) Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 With the target hung in this manner, it will remain parallel to the firing line (as set by the rear leg of the tripod), will hang at the proper angle, the feet of the tripod are behind the spray zone, and the joint in the tripod is behind the target. All this combines to leave the spray zone free of any obstruction that could redirect bullet fragments back toward the firing line. These are some of our targets (see Figure 7). Target Placement Even with good targets and stands, it is very important that the targets be placed correctly and that the splatter pattern is considered when doing the range setup for a match. Placement of each target must consider WHAT is within the spray pattern! Other targets, props, even rocks or stones on the ground can provide a second surface that will direct spray or bullet fragments back toward the shooter. This should (hopefully) be in the mind of the stage writers when laying out target patterns but the final check should be made by the Range Safety Officer after the targets are set out. Stand beside each target facing the firing line, extend your arms out parallel to the target face, and see what is close to the plane of the target, with the splatter zone. Bear in mind that splatter can travel a long distance and will fan out in a full circular disk parallel to the target face - anything within that zone WILL be hit by splatter. The Worst Targets and Stands Among the worst targets I have encountered for spray and ricochet are round pipes suspended vertically - they are virtually guaranteed to cause spray and ricochet all over the range. Any flat target that is placed at an angle to the firing line WILL put spectators and other shooters within the spray zone. Re-bar stands, because of their textured surface, WILL send spray in unpredictable directions. Calamity’s Challenge If anyone anywhere experiences “bounce back” or splatter from targets designed, supported, and placed as described in this article, please carefully record the details and forward them to me (pictures would also help). In my humble opinion, there is no reason that any Cowboy Action shooter needs to experience splatter at a match. This is a hazard we can eliminate but only through careful study and analysis. Assuming “this” or “that” is the reason someone got hit is not good enough - urban legends and suppositions wont cure the problem but science can. We are in our second year using “Calamity’s super deluxe engineered targets and stands” and have not had a single case of a shooter being hit by spray or bullet fragments. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be that way at every range!
  14. This or this?
  15. Hi Folks, Just a thought, complaints provide opportunities for improvement. From what I've read about EOT, the scenarios and stage design were great. Awards are the only thing mentioned (that I've noticed) negatively. At our first SASS state match in 2016, we received several complaints. We put comment sheets in the shooters' packets. I felt almost all belonged "lessons learned" category. This year we received very few. One will definitely be changed as multiple mentioned it. Like Dave wrote, you can't please everyone. However, if multiple people mention a problem, you would be well advised to consider a remedy. Regards, Allie