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  1. new to sass wire

  2. Squaw Grippers...UNITE

    FYI, I used the term "squaw grippers" once and got a PM chastising me for it.
  3. When you cut your grass

  4. When you cut your grass

    My yard is like a trapezoid with a rectangle off to the right of the narrow part.
  5. Disappearing posts???

    Pat, I worked in IT (System Test) for the State of CA (Employment Development Department) during that period. There was much work to be done. Most were tiny changes. Still the volume was huge. Regards, Allie
  6. Disappearing posts???

    That is what I heard about computers and the date change to 2000.
  7. Pinned Posts

  8. Disappearing posts???

    Cousin Mo, I cannot find anything on it. Like I wrote earlier, it wasn't on the hidden post list. Please just chalk it up to "strange unexplainable stuff." Regards, Allie Mo
  9. New Director of Team SASS: Charlie T Waite, SASS# 79885

    Welcome to the Moderating team, Charlie! If you have any questions about how the Moderating tools work, send me an email. Regards, Allie
  10. When you cut your grass

    I mow forward in a row. Then, slightly overlapping the first row, I drag the mower backwards in another row. I always keep the part that spews the grass facing the same direction. I don't use a bag. I do this because Hubby told me to do it that way.
  11. Disappearing posts???

    Hmmm. Can you repeat that in English?
  12. Disappearing posts???

    Hi Marshal, Sometimes, a Moderator will hide a post that is rude or pot stirring. Sometimes, the OP will request an entire thread be deleted. Then, a Moderator will hide the thread. I've recommended that the Moderators only delete empty duplicate posts or threads and hide all others. Sometimes, a user will navigate away without pressing the "Submit Reply" button. If you go back to the thread where you thought you posted and try to reply, sometimes the message will appear in the Reply text box. I searched the hidden posts back to July 1 and did not find any of yours that had been hidden for being rude or pot stirring. Regards, Allie
  13. Shooting with your Category Competition

    Hee hee! I was a much better shooter when I either followed Badlands Bud (junior) or Hubby (duelist). Watching them would get me revved up.
  14. Different look - SASS Wire

    PPS Better for you to read my tag lines.
  15. Different look - SASS Wire

    PS I just darkened the blue font.