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  1. You woke her up for that?
  2. Howdy and Welcome, Jared!
  3. At your first few matches, don't feel like you must help with posse chores. Take time to watch and understand the scenario. Ask questions of shooters who shoot before you, preferably after they have shot. Shoot; then, ask questions about anything that perplexed you.
  4. Amen to this! I, by choice, used to shoot EXTREMELY powerful SG loads much of the time. I didn't have any shoulder problems. However, what they did to my neck has caused me and still causes me MUCH pain. I thought it was funny when a TO, who didn't know me or what I used in my SG, would exclaim about the sound. It is no longer funny. Please do not be misled by the macho, heavy load, nonsense. You will pay for it later.
  5. Speaking of shootoffs, most out here have rifle reloads for the last KD. Some have rifle or SG reloads for KDs left standing. I've never seen a pistol reload in a shootoff.
  6. Ha! My dad used to eat hard fried eggs with sweet-dill pickles. I liked it too, only I'd have my pickle with a boiled egg. About ice cream, it takes hubby about three evenings to finish 1/2 gallon of ice cream. So, no problem with freezer burn here.
  7. We had no lawn when we moved here. We just had weeds and clover. Clover is awful, horrid stickers, when it goes to seed. So hubby used one of those chew-it-up tools on the weeds, spread weed killer. Then, we rolled out sod. With our wet winter, weeds and grass took over the walkways. We pulled them. Hubby says he's going to use a torch on them.
  8. Y'all are warming my heart. Thank you all who have or will post the good stuff about our SASS family!
  9. Hi Jack, As many others have written, work on safety first. No one is going to notice your misses. They will notice safety infractions. If you shoot a double, it will be your biggest "watch out" gun. If you are an experienced gun handler, you may have good habits already. I hate to see TOs who pile on with tips at a shooter's first match. (The ones I see do this seem to be more focused on their own knowledge than helping a new shooter.) If yours is like that feel free to tell him or her that you just want to make sure you have a few things down at first. Regards, Allie
  10. We had one last month at The Outlaws. It was an optional bonus on a distant target. The scenario writer put in the scenario that there was no P for not engaging the target. I'd guestimate that I see one about every three-five years in the 18 years I've been shooting. They are relatively easy in my Colts as are rifle reloads in my Marlin. Rifle reloads are much more common.
  11. Hi Wayne, Usually, when a thread becomes hopelessly insulting and rude, the Moderators will hide or lock it. I have not seen a persistent problem with this thread. I suggest you don't open it if it bothers you. Also, it is best to use the Report link so that all of the Moderators will be notified of a problem. We will "talk" and act if needed. Regards, Allie
  12. I had one for a while. They are easy to use.
  13. I also recommend Honda. They are known for being quiet.