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  1. I will take the 5 factory Colt 1911 45 acp stainless steel mags. $110 shipped. Texas Lizard
  2. I was not in "competition" for gun numbers...And I'm not sure how they all got here...But I do think they breed, in the quiet of the night... TL
  3. Sounds like a small collection...I stop counting at 50 and not sure I got everyone...I think the Dawg has more... Texas Lizard
  4. Grand daughter says good morning...Can't get better sunshine then that...I even get a hug...I'm set for the day... Texas Lizard
  5. Think back a 150 years...Did they have any special tools?? TL
  6. Smelling salt... TL
  7. Can we send it back to England??? TL
  8. Be safe and have fun...In six months you can go to Winter Range... TL
  9. Flame thrower... TL
  10. Don't have any desire to put the chestnuts on the table to be cut on...So I think rain coats/party hats will have to do... TL
  11. If swollen can't you just soak them in cold water??? I mean you put a cold pack on the family jewels...If over worked... Texas Lizard
  12. I think this a good time for to be quiet... TL Not one word...
  13. Showering with a friend? I hope that is a female friend....If so a great idea, only better if there are two... TL
  14. My thoughts also...Just saved me some dollars...They were looking good but not sure I needed a 4th pair.... Texas Lizard The three pairs I have will give much enjoyment...
  15. D models had older bombing system...More analog...But they worked...E, F, and G models used to keep H models in the air... TL