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  1. Uberti 1876 NWMP Saddle Ring Carbine in 45-75 -- Nice Condition

    I think his was a 45-60...If you look at box when he was loading it...Seems to show 45-60 on the box... TL
  2. Born in London

    That is a 10 ga 1901...Need one yet... TL
  3. Born in London

    About twenty minutes ago my first grand son was born...In London...So the drinks are on me... Texas Lizard Everyone doing great...
  4. What's in your closet?

    My girl friend...The wife just came home... TL
  5. NASA wants your help

    I would be happy to...But don't own a smart phone...Just a happy flip phone user...It makes calls and receives them...Anything after that, is not needed by me... Texas Lizard
  6. Rooms available during the eclipse

    Might be cheaper to find a room that rents by the hour...Just ask for clean sheets... TL
  7. Uberti 1876 NWMP Saddle Ring Carbine in 45-75 -- Nice Condition

    Lets give a ride...The Dawg has grand children to see at times... Texas Lizard
  8. When you cut your grass

    I just take off the leaves and dry them...Then just cut them down to fit the pipe...Oh wrong grass...Another time another place... TL
  9. Uberti 1876 NWMP Saddle Ring Carbine in 45-75 -- Nice Condition

    When the wife heads out of the county...I will look and see if I have room...Or maybe already have one, in the back of toy box... You read it right out of the county...On baby watch...Soon to make an appearance in London...That is part of UK if anyone forgot... TL
  10. Uberti 1876 NWMP Saddle Ring Carbine in 45-75 -- Nice Condition

    No wood chucks...Squirrels and rabbits, yes...Neighbors, way to close... TL
  11. Uberti 1876 NWMP Saddle Ring Carbine in 45-75 -- Nice Condition

    What and where can use it...Other than having it what can you use it for??? I mean like the look but, not much hunting in my neck of the woods...Other than the bad guy coming threw the window... TL
  12. My mind is running in macabre circles today

    Along this same idea...Sister wanted know they do it at old folks home...Mom is in assisted care place...Sister thought about on how they get them out without upsetting people...Some of these places do have fast turn over rate..Thought for sure they would just bag them and kick them out the window...Later in the evening after everyone was asleep come by and the pick up rounds...Mom would have ended up on the golf course...A family friend told how they do it...Double decker gurney, is what they use...Put the bag in the bottom, place cover back on...Add equipment back to top and wheel them out the front door...No one knows any thing... Sister said just what I needed to here...Next time I see a gurney heading out the door I know its not empty... Texas Lizard You have to know my sister and mom...This is the way talk...91 and mom does not look as if she is going anywhere soon...
  13. Reverse mortgage

    The only thing I heard was make sure you and wife are on it...If you only, you kick the bucket she is out...On anything always read the small print... TL
  14. Know what this is? Come on Vets.

    I'm Air Force and older but I don't recall ever seeing them...What I did we were kept in quiet areas...Or sent to Alaska to fish all summer... Texas Lizard
  15. Sold -- Thanks

    I would just shown my that are ready cut down and watch the comments later...Would have been fun to see who says what... Texas Lizard