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  2. overall scores posted here
  3. I have no idea at what club this cat started and I'm sure more than one think they are the first, At our club this cat started ONLY because some shooters CANNOT use a rifle or shotgun due to medical reasons. the 4 pistol, no shotgun. or 5 pistol way would be the only way for them. At the monthly, it is 4 pistol no shotgun. and no they may not win overall. They just want to be able to shoot.
  4. Specs ? since when do the manufactures follow the SAMMI specs for a 44-40 Just look at the spec for the bullet diameter. .4270 - .0030 Throw a 44 mag barrel on there and call it close.
  5. It has been a category around here for years. But it has different guidelines depending on where you go. 2 pistols holstered , 2 pistols staged, no shotgun in some places 2 pistols holstered , 2 pistols staged, 1 pistol staged for shotgun in some places 4 pistols holstered in some places.
  6. What is the penality at these clubs if you holster at the table ? It would take me a couple of stages before I'd remember.
  7. depriming for wet tumbling is not a requirement
  8. I agree with Cisco, You can run both on the same device, so the cost of the hardware can be shared. ACES is free. And if you need more reports or info than ACES does it will interface with the SASS program or Roundup. ( though that take just a bit more expertise to export the data. But not hard once you get the procedure down )
  9. if this is in deed a ladies tequila then I will take it. I'll email you in case you do not see this.
  10. Edit..didn't notice you are asking about the drum.... I used to use the auto Disk before I got a Dillon Used the double stack accessory to put in 2 disks. worked well enough
  11. The Kentucky State Championship will be in McKee Kentucky August 25 26 27 Main Match is Saturday / Sunday Application and info at
  12. Your message box cannot receive any new PMs. Please clean up and I will pm you my address. or just pm me yours.
  13. Ill take 1000 Ill pm you in the morning.
  14. I will take 2000 if you have them sending pm
  15. It has been a while since my shotgun was stolen by the post office. I do not remember if I had to mention what it was when I shipped it or when I filed the claim. If the shipping part does not ask what it is, then fine. Just make sure you followed all regulations that are in the book. If you ever make a claim, more than likely it will get denied because it is a gun. Then you will have to reclaim showing them their own regulations. But if you followed all regulations, they will pay. Hope you never have to. That said, you are supposed to tell UPS driver also, but I have not done that. Do not know what would happen during a claim since I have not lost one with them yet. chances are that it will get there. I'm just stating what may happen if it does not.