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  1. Ring is a consumer doorbell that communicates through your local Wi-Fi connection. As a professional Alarm Company owner..... It is overpriced It is easily stolen (although they will replace it for free one time) Using YOUR wi-fi connection it is easily hacked from any laptop within range (Aprox 200 feet) Picture quality is acceptable to poor depending on lighting.
  3. It is all GLOBAL WARMING don't ya know.
  4. The question was asked..... I replied ........ I didn't think there was going to be an discussion about what would be allowed or not allowed.
  5. 1 - Allow me to fully load my 1911..... 2 - Allow me to Tactical load my pistol when changing magazines 3 - Allow me to shoot on the move with loaded cocked gun as long as the muzzle is downrange
  6. You are incorrect. Ask the shooter to put his finger on his/her belly button. If it touches any part of the shell, it is good to go.
  7. You are going to install them??????? If you install them correctly they work very well. Installed incorrectly and you will wear out the cam on your lever very quickly.
  8. Facebook and Youtube has plenty of videos with what seems to be very unusually high belly buttons. Believe me, they do get noticed.
  9. Discussion ensues between the spotters about the penalty with no agreement. The call on a Procedural penalty is a matter for the TO. It is the spotters primary job to call misses and the majority rules and cannot be overruled by the TO. Spotters inform the TO of what they saw (or think they saw)...... The TO makes the call.................... Next shooter. If the spotters don't agree or wish to discuss the call it is taken off the line while another TO fills in. The Match director should not be involved unless the SHOOTER protests the call.
  10. I would sure as hell tie a rope around the whole bundle or they will blow away just like a deck of cards!
  11. If you haven't put your money down yet..... GO TO A LOCAL CLUB AND SHOOT THEIR GUNS!
  12. Just remember that after running several hundred 38 specials through the gun you will more than likely have to clean the lead from the chamber prior to using 357 mags in the gun. One solution is to use only 357 brass. You will not notice the extra powder usage until you start loading 1000 or more a month.
  13. It is a good thing that you didn't miss that 11th shot or that would have started a whole new discussion.
  14. Where was the Posse Marshal???? Young folks always have parents at the Posse. A chat with whoever is in charge of the youngun is all that is usually needed. Non-shooting parents that take over the chores and help out are always welcome, but they are doing the youngster no favor. When they get older they naturally assume that the chores are done by someone else. I always commend the parents that make the youngsters do something to help out.
  15. The use of recorded audio, video, or still photography cannot be used to make or challenge the call of Posse or Match Officials.