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  1. Double charge?

    May not have been a double charge, merely a brass case that split around the case instead of along the case. Regardless.... You should always use a die that checks the charge when reloading on a progressive press. My favorite is the RCBS die but there are many ways to check the powder charge.
  2. Spur Short stroke marlin 38

    It probably would help if you included information such as the Caliber.
  3. Large bullet source needed

  4. Cleaning outside of shotgun hulls before reloading

    Any way you can get the grit off the outside is a good thing. Usually a damp rag with some mild cleaner is sufficient. Once loaded, I like to wipe my shells down with a rag that has Johnson's paste wax on it before putting them in the box.
  5. Eldorado 2017 Main Match

    We use him whenever we want a new shooting bay at the range. We just get him moving in the general direction and wait for the hole to form. We drag him out and the front loaders move in. This procedure can only be used once every year or two depending on bull recovery time.
  6. Staining a stock question

    Truoil is mostly boiled linseed oil. Thin with denatured alcohol.
  7. Staining a stock question

    Almost all stock makers have a different formula that they prefer. Staining wood is not one of my favorite thing to do. I like to let the wood speak for itself without being coaxed into looking different. Patching and matching a stock is a different conversation. Minwax makes a decent stain called "Gun Stock". It results in a pleasant warm color without being ridiculous. For new wood, especially if the stock is to be used in inclement weather, I like to treat the wood with a 50/50 mixture of marine spar varnish and thinner until the wood will absorb no more. I set the stock aside and allow to dry completely (several days to 2-3 weeks depending on weather). This is a sealer not a finish. For an off the shelf finish it is difficult to beat Casey's Truoil finish. (I prefer to thin it prior to use) 15 to 20 coats will give an enduring warm finish. Steel wool between each coat and rub down after each coat is dry. For a higher gloss finish, you can use a 1/3- 1/3- 1/3 mixture of boiled linseed oil, Shellac, and denatured alcohol. This finish will give a deep glossy finish to any piece of wood and can be easily touched up if damaged in use. This finish will slightly yellow light colored woods such as maple as most oil finishes will do. This finish dries rapidly and coats can be applied within an hour of each other. If glossy is not desired, treat the last coat with a good grade of rotten stone to taste. Open pour woods such as american walnut, paduck, and oak should have a cellulose based sanding sealer applied to fill the pours between the sealer and the finish. This can be obtained at most good woodworking supply houses. These sealers can take from a day to several days to dry.
  8. Eldorado 2017 Main Match

    Let me get this straight now... In front of all the members of the SASS wire........ You are proclaiming that - Shooting Gunfighter style causes brain damage?
  9. RO-I and RO-II courses

  10. Shooter Limits on "Bigger" Matches

    My personal message on shoot throughs earlier in the week..... When I find out this is being done is when I seriously consider never returning. How many spaces are you going to free up anyhow? I don't mind shooters that are working the match shooting through on the same day. Getting done 2 or 3 stages early to do the scoring or other match chores is fine with me. Let's see.... I get some time free to come to your shoot...I pay the same price as everyone else but I don't get the banquet... Don't sound right to me. If you make the entry fee lower and the banquet optional, you may not get enough to make a banquet feasible. When you overbook your banquet, believe me..... EVERYONE will attend.
  11. Shooter Limits on "Bigger" Matches

    One other suggestion..... Still doesn't address anything but shooting. You can run A and B posses on every bay. This will let you go up to about 30 shooters on each bay. 15 on A and 15 on B. A shoots while B works and vice versa. You have to figure out your banquet problem based on what's available locally. (I never did like eating dinner on the range especially in good cloths)
  12. Shooter Limits on "Bigger" Matches

    You can shoot two waves. 5 Posses in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. Makes for a long day for the match officials but you double the number of shooters.
  13. Eldorado 2017 Main Match

    If you are lucky, maybe he won't be able to get out of college to shoot....... But then there is Ugly puppy...... And Cody James..... And of course the beautiful Miss Sass Kicker.... I know. They don't shoot duelist...... But if they did!
  14. What do you look for on a club website

    They shouldn't have to.
  15. Eldorado 2017 Main Match

    We don't need no stinken sanity......