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  1. If it lasts more than 4 hours does he have to call the doctor?
  2. How about Perrier? I bought one bottle. As I opened it I smelled sewerage. I threw it away. I thought perhaps it was a fluke. My wife brought some home. A six pack. It was on sale. I popped the top on another and smelled the same thing. I dumped it all down the drain. Yeah, she was miffed until I opened the last one and let her smell it.
  3. Perhaps some 19th Century slang in the name? I made a post with some links in the Saloon, if you're interested: Ace High Duelists Ace High Shootists Masters of the Barking Iron Dash Fire Duelists Grand Duelists Blue Lightnin' Duelists Bully Duelists Just a thought.
  4. I was looking for slang from the 19th Century and found this. It seems to be a fizzing web site. Here's another that appears to be ace high: This one is huge...and alphabetical.
  5. "Coolest Duelists" I have no idea what "zen" is...heard about it, though.
  6. Okay....and?... It's "cop" humor.
  7. I have been thinking about it and I think I have a name for all us Duelists. "Shootists" I thought about creative plays on words using the terms, pistoleers, duelers / duelists, target shooters, etc. But "Shootists" seemed appropriate...and it's a good movie with a very famous actor...
  8. WTHAYGTA? What the heck are you gents talking about?
  9. Cop Humor...
  10. Right now in Molalla, OR it's 82 degrees with 36% humidity with a nice little breeze. Yeah, Baby!
  11. There are 3 bigger (bigger because there are other wildcats) players in the big AR-15 cartridge classes. I was very interested in setting an AR up for one of these. In my research the .458 SOCOM seemed the best hunting round but factory ammo for the Bushmaster round was cheaper. I ended up canning the whole idea so I never got to try any of them. .458 SOCOM .450 Bushmaster .50 Beowolf
  12. Now that's darn funny right there!
  13. Duelist here. Tried Double Duelist and Gunfighter but I prefer Duelist. Gunfighter looks super cool and it's fun. I just miss half my targets. I prefer Duelist overall. For 3 matches this year I had to shoot 2 handed. I had / have an issue with my wrist. Wow, was that weird. I even shot Duelist when I shot IDPA and when I tried 3 gun. Got some funny looks there. I had a guy bust'n my chops about it (it was all in fun). I told him "They are called Handguns, not HANDS-guns"
  14. Thanks but I have a good role model and mentor. Allie Mo is the best!