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  1. Different look - SASS Wire

    It's what we live for...
  2. Different look - SASS Wire

    What is really weird is this Comic Sans font looks like Embassy Font on my iPhone. I was going to make a joke about OLG "limp-wristing" his keyboard when it hit me that the font I was seeing on my iPhone might be different on the Chromebook and I was right. Boy, no one would have gotten THAT joke at all....Duh huh.... That is the same thing that used to happen with the older Wire we had up until a couple months ago.Weird. Embassy font look like this:
  3. Disappearing posts???

    Yeah, computer consultants made a killing. In the government agencies alone minions without any real function milked taxpayers for nearly 2 years sitting in meetings doing nothing. It was amazing!
  4. FedEx and UPS Will Merge

    Are you sure it won't be UpSex?
  5. Henry Single Shot Rifle

    I contacted Henry a couple of months ago and asked if they would be offering other cartridge chamberings than what they have listed now and the nice lady I spoke with said probably not in the first year of production. I was was hoping for .45 Colt and 30-30.
  6. Paddle Of War

    Kind of an Aqua Tractor Push
  7. She Dropped 150 Pounds!

  8. Talk to your Doc......

    That's good that the problem was found early. Very good news, indeed.
  9. True or False: Saloon detective special

    Wasn't it Dennis Hopper that shot a poster once because he thought he had an intruder?
  10. Disappearing posts???

    Bot I don't get it... I can assure you all that if I hide or delete a post you will get a PM from me but I will say that I have hidden posts and forgot to contact the person but that person was no one posting here. I have made posts in the past with my iPhone that appeared to post but did not when I looked at the Wire on my Chromebook. Could that be the issue maybe? Posting with a phone?
  11. $700.00 A Day Rental Car

    I am in the zone here in Oregon. I can just walk outside on Monday...well, I can scooter or wheel chair outside. My wife just sent me a text that there are fears of gas and food shortages here in Oregon. If there are "fears" and the media pushes it, this will be reality. I just read some news articles about major traffic and gas issues in central Oregon. If I still lived in Sacramento or elsewhere outside the eclipse zone I am pretty sure I wouldn't spend any money of traveling to see it. I sure as heck wouldn't put up with price gouging or be a party to it.
  12. It's a Silverado Night Tonight

    They did not advertise the movie so what did Kasden expect? I never saw one paper ad, radio spot or preview on TV...None. I found out about it because I saw a movie poster when my wife and I went to see another movie. Unfortunately I did not get to see this one on the big screen. It wasn't showing a week later. Money was super tight back then for us so an occasional movie night was all we could afford back then.
  13. Photographing the Eclipse with a Smart Phone OR NOT!

    I think you may be on to something here. I got so mad at my phone yesterday trying to set this scenario up I nearly threw the "Dang" thing into the next county. I think a professional print will suffice now and the artist can make a little money for his or her efforts. I think I will kick back and enjoy the eclipse. Screw fooling with the dang phone.
  14. True or False: Saloon detective special

    Great Job WIdder! Seriously. 2 fast shots and you obviously hit the target...Great Job! MY wife installed a mirror at the end of our hall without telling me. I came home from work and scared the daylights out of myself. Why? I didn't have a gun and the only loaded gun in the house was just past that "bad guy" in the bedroom. My daughter was little at the time so all the guns were in the safe except my .45 which was in a little quick access safe in the night stand. Two things happened that day. 1. The mirror came down. 2. A revolver was placed in picture frame safe in the living room.
  15. M1911

    I, for one, am very glad things went the way that they did. If this game would've started with 1911's I wouldn't be here now. it's kind of like Zoot SHooters for me. A couple of years ago I got all jazzed about that and then contacted some folks. They said "Sure you can use a lever rifle...but ya just gotta have a Thompson. You don't need one but ya gotta get one, they're cool". My desire ended right there. Please don't PM me regarding this. I know you don't need a Thompson and am no longer interested in ZS. My new affliction is Plainsman