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  1. Graduation

    That's what I should have done for both. Complete waste of time.
  2. new to sass wire

    Glad to meet another Pard. Pull up a log and join us around the fire.
  3. Graduation

    I had to buy both my High school and College gowns. I gave my High school one to an underclassman. The other hangs in my closet. I got in trouble because the color wasn't exactly right. I bought it off of eBay for $10 shipped vs the $60 they wanted for the official one. I still got the correct cap and tassel.
  4. NASA wants your help

    That sounds like a great plan!
  5. True or False: Saloon detective special

    That's a BIG if there pard.
  6. What's in your closet?

    Skeletons.... I don't have but maybe a thousand cases. I need to load them. Just been feeling lazy about it lately.
  7. Call blocking

    I called up my provider. After getting 5 run-arounds I finally got to talk to a human. I got that number blocked. Why do people do this?! I'd like to meet the jerk that did this. I'll make him stop.
  8. Call blocking

    Y'all know if it's possible to block a number from a landline. I've gotten at least 40 calls today from the same number. They call wait for me to answer then hang up. If I don't answer they keep calling over and over. I'm really getting annoyed by this.
  9. NASA wants your help

    NASA is looking for a few good pards to help with a study of the effects of the eclipse. If you have a smartphone you can download a free app to help them record data from all over. The app is called Globe Observer. I know its available on Google Play Store. With all this talk of the eclipse. I thought that y'all would like to participate.
  10. Pistoleros look what I got today.

    I shipped yours out this last Wednesday should have been there. PM me your mailing address so I can double check it. Very much available. PM me and I can fill you in on the details.
  11. To All Duelists in the SouthEast Region...

    Y'all can contact me to order pins as well as if you have any questions. Big Boyd shoot me a PM and I'll look into it.
  12. Pistoleros Contest

    BTT, Y'all there's still time to enter if you want in.
  13. When you cut your grass

    That stinks. I try to avoid mowing when possible as I'm highly allergic to cut grass. Almost puts me in the hospital sometimes. When I do mow I do whatever pattern works. Typically square spiral from the outside. I then follow up with a yard vacuum that collects the grass. My first few passes are always from the outside so that it throws the clipping into the middle. I don't want clippings in the street.
  14. Pistoleros look what I got today.

    I'm glad it came in alright! It'd be nice to see someone wearing one at a match.
  15. I've won several Halloween costume contests with my shootin' duds. Beyond that, I went emergency birthday shopping all decked out in my finest outfit once.