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  1. My Sister-in-Law went in last night for induced labor. As of a few minutes ago she's given birth to a beautiful little girl. I HAVE A NIECE! Her name is Emma Rose. My grandmother's name was Emma. I'm so excited. I've been studying uncle jokes for the past 9 months. Can't wait to get to use them. First on my to-do list, gluing the back of a toy mouse to her pacifier. I'm also going to teach her all the bad habits. My parents are going to spoil her rotten. My brother's gonna have his hands full. oops. I meant to put this in the Saloon. I was too excited. Mods if you can help me with that I'd appreciate it.
  2. Guessin' we all know the results huh?
  3. There fixed it for ya.
  4. Roy Orbison hails from a small town near where I live. He's out of Vernon, Texas.
  5. There you go Hombre, a none of the above option. If you have any name suggestions let me know soon and I can add them in. I may have fixed that. Try again. Please only vote once though. Also, answer order is random. They change every time you look so double check that you're clicking the right one.
  6. Not a problem. Really easy to do, like falling off a log type easy.....
  7. Added.
  8. Fixed the poll for you.
  9. So instead of The Originals it'd be Original Pistoleers?
  10. Alright I've done made a poll for the club name. I have six options if y'all want to add one let me know and I'll get it done. Link to the poll follows: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Click won't regret it....Maybe. Voting starts now and ends at 12 noon CST on Sunday July 2. It'll automatically stop counting votes after that.
  11. I'll get started on it. Personally I like having something a bit different. Yes we're Duelists, but I'd like the club name to be different than that. My own opinion though.
  12. I'll put this out again. If y'all will come up with 5 or 6 names for the club, I can make a poll and we can all vote on them. So far: 1) High Noon 2) Pistolero de Una Mano 3) The Originals 4) ??? 5) ??? 6 )??? Rye, if there's anything I can do to help let me know. I think this would be fun. Or, as our defacto president, if you'd like to make an executive decision on that we can get one point settled.
  13. Bandera, if you want you can send me the picture through email and I can post it for you. What could be done for the pin would be a simple glove with "DUELIST" or "HIGH NOON" printed on it. Like Rye I'm into keeping it simple. Doesn't have to be, there's always .net .org and others. Mrs. Mary, I'm convinced that you gunfighters are just overcompensating Duelists. Y'all are just trying too hard. Seems the High Noon name I came up with is taking hold. If Y'all want we can run with that. Sound good?
  14. Someone mentioned wanting a website but lacked the funding to host one. We could use Google Sites, that's Google's free website hosting service. It looks fairly easy to do if someone with experience in such things would like to play around a bit with it. Thing is we'd need a name to get things rolling. If we could get a few name suggestions I can make a poll and we could then vote on them. Give me some suggestions and I can get started on it. Personally I like High Noon
  15. Yup, I was also thinking that it'd be a simple, easily recognizable symbol as well as being fairly flexible. By that I mean that if a duelist showed themselves to be outstanding, either in shooting, ambassadorship, or as a person, that we could award them a silver glove pin and they'd be known as Top-hands. I was thinking golden but there's already a well known golden glove thing.....