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  1. If you can stomach the price go for Honda. They are quiet and reliable. They've earned their reputation. However I will say that they are thief magnets. Yamaha also has a good reputation. But like Honda, they're expensive. Yamaha invented the inverter technology that we like. They still have patents on it for another 10 years or so. I bought a Champion. It's hard to tell the difference between it and the Honda's. I will say that it is a bit louder, but it's at a third of the cost. I bought a 3400w inverter generator for $800 The same thing in Honda would cost near $3000. While it is louder it is still quieter than many others I have heard. Champion is also the only company designing their generators for RVers. I can't say much on mine as I've only had it for a couple of months and haven't really used it hard. Others have said that they love theirs.
  2. See I thought of getting me a pair of Colts but after reading up on them I kept hearing how much stronger the Remmies are and how they don't have as much of a tendency to eat caps. I also just like the looks of the Remmies.
  3. Noz, I have no interest in the Frontiersmen category. I just want something that makes a big boom, a lot of smoke, and was different that my SAAs. BP looks like fun.
  4. Just to go along with the Black Powder trend going on right now I figured I'd go ahead and ask a couple of questions. First off I'm looking at getting me a pair of Uberti 1858 Remingtons. Currently I'm using a pair of Uberti SAAs with drop hammers. Does anyone make drop hammers for the Remingtons? If not how difficult would it be to either bend the hammers down or cut and weld them? Finally what other modifications would be recommended for them?
  5. I have a Lance Truck camper. It's a 1997 but it looks nearly new. Like I said I got lucky with mine. The previous owner took great care of it and I only had to fix a couple of small things then update a few others for cosmetic reasons. My next door neighbor has been through 3 trailers in two years. His have all rotted and been garbage. His second one was new and had a large water leak in the wall. He had to gut the thing to fix it. Just because something is new doesn't mean that it's flawless. Just because it's older doesn't mean that it's crap either. You need to closely inspect every inch paying close attention to low spots and anything that looks black. Try to negotiate a year or two of dealer maintenance. That should at least cover any water leaks. From there I would suggest buying a caulking gun and a couple tubes of Di-core lap sealant. You need to inspect your roof for any possible leaks and any time you install something up there float it with Di-core.
  6. Good tone. Need to support at the end of the note, but he was just playing with it. Sounds great! Would love to have a full video of him playing taps as well as other bugle calls.
  7. You'll still need to check for leaks. They don't always catch them all. I got lucky with mine. I had two small leaks. One in the outdoor shower, I had to replace the faucet part, and the other in the bathroom sink. I didn't need to but I replaced the faucet anyways, it was ugly. Shop around and you can probably find a good deal. Never buy from the first place you look before see what else is out there. One thing about the used ones, I got mine for $3000, new it would have been $20-30,000. I don't mind doing a few repairs for that price difference. But that's also the risk you run. I got lucky. Mine was garage kept and very well maintained. A lot are not. Good luck in your search.
  8. If you're wanting a new one maybe. I'd still shop around and try to find the best deal. Have you looked into the used market at all? For those fall is the time to buy. Most people don't use theirs during the winter and many don't want to pay storage on them. It's also divorce season and people will get rid of anything cheap during that time just to make sure the other gets less. That's how I got my ski boat. Regardless, make sure it's something that your tow vehicle can pull and more importantly stop easily. Trailer brakes go a long way to help with that.
  9. My WWII brass didn't see any battles. It's still loaded and in the enbloc clip ready to fight the Nazis.
  10. I've made hardtack following Civil War regulations. It's.....different. Tastes fine as long as you suck on it. Don't ever bite it. I think you could use it as body armor.
  11. We had a shooter's shotgun go "Poof" and watched as the shot slowly poured out the end of the barrel.
  12. Yeah, you're right BMC. But it would make a great presentation piece.
  13. Something I was thinking was that not all parts of a bugle are brass. While making it out of spent casing is a neat idea, in the end brass is brass. What could be done is integrating some parts off of main military weapons to make various pieces of the bugle. Pieces of firing pins to form braces between loops, Sights brazed in between two parallel pipes to add support, sling straps to make lanyard loops, etc. I have some WWII issued 30-06 brass that I'd be happy to add to the pot.
  14. Most places consider the holster as part of the gun and it needs to be concealed just the same. Personally I wouldn't risk it. Only takes one idiot to ruin your life.
  15. Payment sent!