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  1. A brief history of coffee in the 19th century...complete with some entertainment!
  2. HA!! Yes. The legends of the old west...maybe stick to the facts???
  3. Yeah, I think so! There's a video out there of a guy that actually eats some from the 1860's. He said it tasted like mothballs smell. Ewwwwww.... Collecting:
  4. That's the way to go, Dorado!
  5. Dorado, That chain I got at an antique shop. They can also be found online.I think it's called a "T-Bar watch chain"
  6. Dorado, Glen has been in almost every western movie filmed since 1965. You should hear the stories!
  7. Dorado, there will be other giveaways! Thanks for watching.... here's another one. Advertisements to make you giggle...or recoil in horror!
  8. Thank you Eyesa! Here's one on Pearl Hart (lady bandit)! A lady outlaw, jealous ghost, and T-Rex walk into a bar...
  9. Dorado, would love to go into more detail. You'll need to be specific so I can make them up for y'all. Here's another: A ghost ranch
  10. Historic mining town show!
  11. Get that miner look down and have a laugh of two!
  12. For some of you Texans out there (or non-Texans).
  13. Trying to get the truth about the Cowboy Code!
  14. Script ideas...old west scenarios??