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  1. Hey all, Stop by the SASS Mercantile at EOT and buy a ticket to win this DIY Frozen Margarita Machine. It will be on display starting Monday. All proceeds benefit the SASS Scholarship Fund.
  2. Hey all, Stop by the SASS Mercantile at EOT and buy a ticket to win this DIY Frozen Margarita Machine. It will be on display starting Monday. All proceeds benefit the SASS Scholarship Fund.
  3. I own the guns and have the skills. But I cannot shoot Wild Bunch and CAS a the same time at our regular monthly match. So WB gets zero practice time. Not retired. Have a "day job".
  4. We use knockdowns exclusively anymore. IF you miss you can make it up.
  5. Frontier Cartridge Classic Cowboy Senior Gunfighter, that's me. .45 full loads, 10g double barrel w/120g 1F, maybe a stick of dynamite thrown in for fun. Personally, I don't need no stinking categories to have fun.
  6. Hi all, I will be bringing to EoT and raffling off a high end version of the lightning fast frozen margarita machines, like I used during Daggers and Derringers of old. It will have a pour spout and a finished cover to look like a water tank. Profits will all go to the SASS Scholarship Fund. Regards, TJD
  7. Yes there are many safety glasses that are also Sunglasses. But all those blinged out Dollar General Sunglasses and the cheap children's sunglasses are not safety glasses. Mr, Pettifogger is right everyone knows what to wear. But many visitors don't. Most clubs have signs that say "Eye Protection Required, Hearing protection recommended". I have never seen a sign that says 'Safety Glasses Required". He also pointed out anybody can sue anybody. The damage and expense is huge, win or lose. If you have a rule and, as many of you have pointed out, you don't enforce the rule, then it isn't a rule. IBM lost a major lawsuit because they believed simply labelling something confidential made it so. You have to treat it that way to. That is the risk. A visitor sees other people w/o safety glasses and they don't put them on either. They get injured as a result. Now it gets interesting....... I personally would want to avoid it getting interesting altogether. I once bought a pile of safety glasses in adult and child sizes and gave them to a club for visitors to wear. IMHO this was cheap insurance. All I am asking for is for clubs to be aware of the difference between safety glasses and sunglasses (that are not also safety glasses). Nobody wants anybody to get hurt. Especially the children who look to us to protect them.
  8. I make a speech about eye safety a lot. Sunglasses are NOT safety glasses. I have had eye surgery 4 times to have foreign matter removed. Trust me it sucks. When your club gets sued by an irate, now one eyed person, who had on sunglasses as eye protection, that you allowed..... Be warned. If you allow sunglasses to be used as eye protection you may be quite a pickle one day. You cannot relieve yourself of liability by simply posting a sign. You have to mean it. I was at a club that allowed two children to play ~10 yard behind the firing line w/o safety glasses. At that same match a shooter on our posse got smacked in the face by lead from the other posse 3 stages away. Babies in carriages w/o eye protection is something I cringe at. At an airport in China I watched 30 blind kids lead and help each other. I cried. please, please, please,... Protect those you love, protect everyone,... Don't believe me? Watch these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zziAE2M3dPs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIvgdalqiBU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtqavYTl2p0
  9. How can we delete old threads/posts that apply to EoT 2016, 2015, 2014..... I have old threads out here that are no longer applicable. I just want to delete the Daggers and Derringers posts from years ago.
  10. When I get tired I just look at my wife, Shotglass. Always perks me up. I also drink Gatorade and have a few protein bars.
  11. I have. Polished the chamber and knocked the sharp edge off the chamber mouth. Fixed everything.
  12. My congrats to Gillyboy. He shot a great match.