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  1. Wild Wild West, the movie

    They should done it stand alone with no connection to the original. Those of that grew up with the original probably didn't care for it. But taken from a different perspective it was entertaining. Not one I'll watch twice though
  2. "Two Snakes" at the Tejas Caballeros

    Thanks, I needed that this morning
  3. Fruitcake

    Now you have my interest. I'd like to taste one made that way. I think that all the ones I've ever tasted were the store bought stuff that came in the mail at Christmas. I always thought it just a cruel Christmas gag
  4. Fruitcake

    To me they all taste 100 years old.
  5. Eclipse!! Scientifically challenged, need help!!!!!!

    Bring offerings of Tostitos to the party. Chips and salsa rule the world. The frito bandito is long dead
  6. What happened?

    Had to sign in, was hoping it would change. No luck. Kind of hurts the eyes a bit. Don't like the change
  7. Grok

    Grok, broke, stroke, wouldn't add the c before the k. Could go either way don't add the e after the k.
  8. If you played football, what would your number be?

  9. Kyle the Goose

    That's just too cool
  10. Sam Shepard Passes at Age 73

    That just sucks! True contributors to life keep leaving us. He stood for a role greater than his acting. Something that is rare today. May he Rest In Peace!
  11. Does anywhere shoot stages like these? Second video added.

    Name of match - Able Body Only. Seriously, I'd love to shoot that kind of match. I'd be arthriticly slow but I'd have fun and that's what's it's all about. Of course you'd have to have a PT or OT on site. Lol
  12. SASS car enthusiasts - show your toy

    You really did a lot of fine work. And what a classic. Don't see many around these days
  13. Boys and Their Dreams

    It's a wonderful place to be.
  14. Barney Fife and the Preamble

    Lol. That was great!
  15. Getting Into Your Work

    I'll have to ask my cousin Tommy if he was one of the pilots. Hot pants man was strange to say the least