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  1. Bottled water of any brand is worse for you than tap. Of course that depends on where you live. I have a well that tests better than city water. Check the research. I'd rather take water from my lake, boil it and drink it than to buy bottled.
  2. I also spent 5 years teaching map reading and land navigation in the military. I still have two military compasses and I happen to have one of the other compass that is suggested. Both are excellent choices. I also have one that doubles as a signal mirror but couldn't seem to find it online, might have been discontinued, which is too bad because it is an excellent survival tool. I learned my skills initially as a Boy Scout and then Explorer. Good luck on your choice. A good compasss is invaluable even without a map
  3. Shiel Shiela and I have been married 38 years, together to the day 39. We practice every rule you listed from the beginning. Love the song and 38 special. It's not the ONE for us. We tend more towards shaking things up when in private. ACDCs, Thunder is more who we are. Neither of us can sit still for to long and we stay connected to musicians in the area. Just wish I could get her to start shooting again. we never go to bed without kissing and telling each other we love each other. Regardless of the circumstances.
  4. Dry heat. Lol
  5. Pretty cool
  6. Not matter what you do you cannot "silence" a round that will break the sound barrier. To silence a round it must be subsonic and the weapon that does this best is a bolt action. I have a silencer and the noise from the mechanical action is louder than the shot with subsonic ammo. With ammo that breaks the sound barrier it still has a loud crack. A silencer would have to capture the ammo at that point of breaking the sound barrier to truely silence the weapon.
  7. Cheers
  8. This is my Uncle Stan at the 65th Special Forces Anniversay. One photo is his two sons, Brian, a Sergeant Major in Special Forces, the other is Tommy who is a Col in the Air Force ( One of their Top Guns). Both are approaching 30 years of service. My Uncle and Father served together in the Special Forces together which how my Uncle meet Dads Sister, dad passed many years ago from Agent Orange. My Uncle Stan was there for the reunion to receive to the Golden Order of Saint Philip Neri Award. I'm very proud of my military history. My Dad served 29 1/2 years and all of his boys served as well. In addition, my grandfather served 20 and his father also served.
  9. Had another whopper blow thru yesterday. More down limbs to clean up and power was out for a couple hours
  10. Thanks for update. Tell him just to relax and take his time. Patience is a virtue
  11. Didn't. Know that, of course I lent mine to a fellow cowboy and haven't seen it in almost a year. No biggie, ain't able to shoot anyhow.
  12. Hell yes! Salute!
  13. Hmmm, gets it at work and gets here. This should get fun. lol. Tom, I feel for you because everyone's a critic these days and there's no forgiveness on any side lol
  14. I love to read about native Americans. Thanks. I love to eat trout. Yes Walleye is delicious, my favorite fresh water fish.