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  1. Pm sent
  2. I look forward to every state level large match that offers wild bunch. It's a change of pace and I enjoy it. While I may only get to shoot it 3-4 times a year I wish it was available more around me. I never liked the 1911 or 97 until I tried wild bunch. Now I'm hooked.
  3. Still Free
  4. Still for sale. Some nice clothes here for a young or smaller shooter.
  5. Thanks you for the link. I went to steves site originally and missed the followers. I ordered one from him.
  6. Anyone know who readily sells stainless steel followers for the Rossi 1892 rifles in 38/357? Those I have found so far are only in 44/45.
  7. Blue, SS, barrel length?
  8. Items 1,2,4&6 still available.
  9. Still Free and available.
  10. I have also had three federal primers not fire this year. Different guns, different calibers, never seen an issue like this before.
  11. Dollar store gold nail polish works well. Like it better than the paint pen as it doesn't wear off as quickly.
  12. Still Free. Btt
  13. BTT
  14. BTT
  15. Btt