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  1. Bisley hammers?

    Barleycorn Outfitters sold me mine. Prompt service highly recommend.
  2. One shot transition drills.

    I would be interested to know some of your split times doing one shot transition drills. Also the order you fired your guns for those split times. Such as pistol, pistol, rifle, shotgun. Thanks in advance for those willing to share.
  3. Rossi 92 .45 Kicking Out Live Rounds - SUCCESS!!!

    Had the same problem with my 92 Rossi .38. Right cartridge guide was the problem. Put a spot of TIG weld on the back side of the right cartridge guide. Filed to the recommended dimensions on the Marauder page. Problem solved. Good luck Procedural Pete
  4. Straw Poll - Rank Points/Total Time

    Total time
  5. Sure Hit alternatives

    Ace Hardware sells brass channel that fits almost perfectly over the front of the site. Inexpensive and easy to glue on with black max.
  6. Cowboys/Cowgirls - what would attract you to Wild Bunch?

    WB sounds fun. I have an 1897 shotgun. I have A 1911 and a lever gun. But the 1911 and lever gun are not .45. I've spent so much money on guns and stuff for cowboy action I can't justify buying more guns for Wild Bunch. if I could use the guns I have I would love to try it.
  7. Which pistol do you draw first?

    The first match that I watched had a split pistol stage. I saw three or four Shooters draw an empty strong-side gun. Because of that I do draw my weak side first when there is split pistols.
  8. Which pistol do you draw first?

    I didn't expect it to be so complicated. It seems that the consensus is to let the stage determine. That makes sense. I get so easily confused already, changing how I draw with each stage could be interesting. I may need to stay with a set order for a while. There is a story behind that alias. When I started shooting I got so nervous and confused that I frequently got a procedural. I had picked a different handle but I referred to myself as Procedural Pete. When I officially signed up for SASS and I saw I needed alternate names I used Procedural Pete as one of the alternates. That the name they picked. I don't use that name at the matches. By the way, I haven't had a procedural since...this afternoon.
  9. Which pistol do you draw first?

    When I started shooting SASS about a year ago, as a right-handed shooter, I started drawing my right or strong-side pistol first. I've noticed many shooters draw their weak-side pistol first. I noticed today while practicing transitions that I could be laying my shotgun down with my strong hand while starting to draw the pistol with the weak hand. That seems to be a good argument for a week hand first draw. What are your reasons for drawing the weak or strong hand pistol first?
  10. A Positive Subject

    I read about the Henry 22 soft stroke done by Widowmaker Hill #59054. I had previously bought commemorative Eagle Scout Henry 22 rifles for my 3 Eagle Scout boys. I wanted to soft stroke the rifles so my son's could have maximum enjoyment. I emailed Widowmaker Hill and asked if it would be possible to get some information on how the soft stroke was done. He graciously spend a considerable amount of time on the telephone on two occasions talking me through the process. He even sent along some Springs free of charge. His generosity is greatly appreciated and I hope to get a chance to get even one day. At the very least I'll watch for opportunities to pay it forward.
  11. Thread/Post titles

    Amen! Especially useful when searching for something in past posts.