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  1. Jackaroo, sorry dont have a pistol grip lever to swap.
  2. Great products. Used and sold them in my shop before switching to coated bullets.
  3. Thanks, still looking.
  4. I need an unaltered lever for a Uberti straight stock 73 rifle.
  5. Still have some room left.
  6. only 3 weeks left to sign up.
  7. BTT
  8. Will be held inside so weather wont make a difference.
  9. BTT
  10. BTT
  11. The bullets I use are teflon coated not moly coated and the bullets are sized after being coated.
  12. I go through 500-600 thousand swaged, coated bullets a year. Never go back to to cast bullets with wax or grease again. Machines require 90% less maint. with coated bullets.