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evil dogooder

a little advice needed

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I've only ownen a few horses and they were paints or appys.    In the recent storms one of our neighbors lost her horse shed. As she is nearing 80 she has decided not to rebuild as to find homes for her horses.
  Currently i am housing them until something permanent is found. However she only has retired thouroghbreds sp?  Ive never delt with actual race horses.  I raced in small county fairs but nothing like these animals...  They are all from Tennessee if that matters.

   Do they need any special care? Health concerns?   I'm asking because a 7 year old grey gelding and i kinda hit it off.  She just got him three weeks ago from a rescue.  I haven't ridden since i broke my back 12 years ago but I've really missed it.   He needs some chow but has great lines just really dainty compared to what I'm used to.

 Any help or advice is welcomed.

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Howdy Evil Dogooder,

First of all, kudos to you for helping care for these magnificent warriors in the racing game. They can be challenge because they are not treated

most of the time as "pets". They come with baggage and it's hard to sort thru that. There a website called "Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance".

The site is pretty extensive and is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram too. There are blogs as well. I had a Warmblood/Thoroughbred rescue 2yr old

for 3yrs. She loved the attention and care I gave her-she wasn't off the track but all horses respond to love and attention. I was able to break her to ride

and got her gentled enough I gave her to my best friend as a birthday gift for her and her grandkids.(Was going thru a divorce). There wasn't anything she wouldn't do

for you. She always wanted to please. If you've found a connection to this horse it may be worth pursuing. There's a lot of horses out there who are not

lucky to find a caring and Good home. Good Luck and update us how things are going!

Here's me and my current Bud, Maar-been my shooting horse for 15yrs now! He's a 20yr old Arabian.


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