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The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: Opinions on traditional 1911
« Last post by Garrison Joe on March 20, 2018, 10:19:07 PM »
At the lower end of traditional 1911a1 guns, lots of pards have good results with a Remington R1.   Black out the white dots on sights and it's legal.   

If you are worried that you won't be able to get parts in case Remington doesn't survive it's umpteeen-million-th bankruptcy / reorganization efforts...... I wouldn't worry, because standard 1911A1 parts from any after market manufacturer of repute will fit.

I shoot a Colt Series 70 with over 100,000 rounds through it, and it's still tight and accurate.  Backup gun - same, just made 40 years later then the original.    Guess I like Colts.

Good luck, GJ
The Wild Bunch Wire / Opinions on traditional 1911
« Last post by lostvaquero on March 20, 2018, 09:53:48 PM »
Thinking of going this route but not sure which 1911.  I looked at the Cimarron and the RIA and the auto ordance GI 1911.  I sort of like the later but want to buy once, cry once.
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: 1911 for WB and 3gun?
« Last post by Watauga Kid on March 20, 2018, 05:32:11 PM »
JJ here is a link to info to read;

And there is a link for CAS;

Then there's BAMM; see goatneck clem post on their rules an needs.

Welcome to the sport of shooting!    :)

Wild Bunch Swap and Sell / Re: Want to buy Wild Bunch rig - waist size 40
« Last post by Back 40 on March 20, 2018, 08:52:59 AM »
Just hang on to it and use it when you get healed up.    Good Luck!!!
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: 1911 for WB and 3gun?
« Last post by Garrison Joe on March 20, 2018, 08:44:55 AM »
I have the opportunity today at a local gun show to purchase one of the (new in box) Colt reissues of the 1911 for $1,400 USD.

To answer what started this off, you say that a gunshow would have something and "would it work?"  Well, local or on-line gun dealers, or other shooters, usually have much better matches to your needs at lower prices.

One of the new-manufacture Series 70 Colt 1911A1s run about $1000 to $1100 new, and would be a better gun for WB traditional.   And the Remington R1 at about $600 or so would be even more cost effective.   A more modern gun would be a good choice for Modern category.  (Duh)

So, like so many gun show "finds"  - that one you have seen is neither a good choice for either of the games you are talking about, nor all that good a deal.  That one was built to be a collector item mostly, for those interested in the 1911 original model.  Even though it (a 1911 model) is representative of the TIME that Wild Bunch covers, remember, we are not a RE-ENACTOR org, we are largely a shooting org, and the value the gun has to be shot quickly and accurately is real important in the long run of things.  And the 1911A1 design was a major improvement over the original 1911 in "fast and accurate and controllable by most shooters."

Good luck, GJ

Howdy Back40,

Pard the holster came and it is great. Unfortunately my shoulder tendonitis flared up and I am going to pace myself with only a little CAS with my double. Going to stay away from the fast strings with the 97. I am doing stretching and strengthening exercises so maybe next year on the Wild Bunch.

Anyhow this long boring story is to let you know while I appreciate the loan of the holster I am not going to use it for the time being and realize you may want it back.

If so PM me your address and I will get it back to you ASAP. Otherwise I can include it when I return the borrowed belt and mag pouches to Tully Mars who I see at some of the local matches.

Muchas Graicias Amigos,
San Joaquin Shootist
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: 1911 for WB and 3gun?
« Last post by Watauga Kid on March 19, 2018, 09:49:50 PM »
JJ find these matches in your area an watch, ask questions. You will find valuable info. Some will allow you test drive their equipment.
Unless you have a hang up with name brands go cheaper.
I own a Gold Cup Series 70 National Match which is legal in both, but don't. I brought a 400.00 Philippine made 1911 45 acp. It filled WB shoots 99.9% of all my needs. And if I chose it exspend more practice it would be perfect fit. But I upgraded to a Ruger 1911 with adjustable sights for about 650.00. And it runs.
Shotgun SXS, 97, Win 12 oh the choices. Lever Gun 1873, Marlin 44/40, 45 Colt. Where will it stop!
3 gun the Ruger will fit 100%. Quicker recovery would be a 9mm. You are not required to shoot SA's centerfires, wheel guns are fine.  I started 3 gun with rimfire SA handgun an 10/22 stock rifle, 12ga pump at placed nicely.
Then WB riggs, outfit, etc, etc,
Now that I bent your ears go to to some shoots, more the better, more ideas the better.
Then think reloading!   :)
An excellent class; plus Loco Poco and Nawlins managed to bring some of their fine weather with them as the following two days (Sun. and Mon.) reached almost 70 degrees here. Now we are waiting for a foot of snow over the next couple of days. Oops, just realized I'm mixed up, as they did not come up from the deep south, but down from New York. Will blame them for our snow on the first day of spring.

Anyhow enjoyed the refresher. As a side note, do not mess with the WB shooter using a grenade for an ornament.

Church Key
Wild Bunch Rules Forum / Re: When to make call on moving with slide forward.
« Last post by Allie Mo on March 19, 2018, 08:14:30 PM »
Thanks Boggus and Joe!
Wild Bunch Rules Forum / Re: When to make call on moving with slide forward.
« Last post by Garrison Joe on March 19, 2018, 04:42:17 PM »
If my slide doesn't stay open, is it okay to open it before moving as I would have with the old rule?

Yep.   To avoid penalties of any sort, have the slide locked open (not held open) when you move.

Good luck, GJ
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