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2017 WBAS Handbooks


Happy Jack:
The updated WBAS Handbooks have been sent to SASS Headquarters for posting to the various Forums. I expect they will be posted shortly after the first of the year.

There is only ONE RULE CHANGE:  We expect it to be well received by our shooters.  Re-staging the pistol with the slide forward will be changed from a STAGE DQ to a MINOR SAFETY.    The exact wording of the rule change is as follows:

Re-staging the pistol empty of live ammunition with the slide forward. (the shooter has until firing the next firearm to correct without penalty)  MSV

There are a number of minor verbiage changes throughout the Handbooks to clarify or remove conflicts but no other rule changes.

Nellie Blue:
The 2017 rules and RO books are posted :


Thanks for the heads up!!


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