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Happy Jack:
Please see my announcement about the NEW Handbooks in the Administrative section at the top of the forum. The new rules take affect Jan. 01, 2018.  Due the numerous changes we want each of you to have plenty of time to familiarize yourselves with them.

Here is the link: http://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/WILD%20BUNCH%20Action%20Shooting%20Handbook%20Vers%2011_3.pdf

Kid Rich:
It is not clear to me on the rule change considering model 12's.
I understand not having to show the TO that the 12 is not cocked.
What if any is the penalty if the sg is cocked when the shooter tries to cycle it?
Your post indicates the SDQ is no longer in effect.

Samuel B Carpenter:

 moving with a cocked gun, same penalty as always

Kid Rich:
Hey Sammy you goin to need some ACP for WR?


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