In the years since its inception, SASS has been owned and run by a board of directors know as "The Wild Bunch." These individuals wrote the rules, created the membership benefits and developed The Cowboy Chronicle, monthly Journal of The Single Action Shooting Society. Many individuals have contributed to the growth and direction of SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting and the board has evolved equally. Today there are four Wild Bunch members who meet on a regular basis to administer the organization's ever growing concerns, each using his unique talents and expertise directing the organization in areas including membership services, marketing and public relations, accounting, shooting range management, and safety.

The Wild Bunch members are:
Harper Creigh, AKA Judge Roy Bean, SASS #1, SASS Ambassador / Boyd A. Davis, AKA General U.S. Grant, SASS #2, SASS President / Brad L. Myers, AKA Hipshot, SASS #7, Special Programs Director / Don Ormand, AKA Tex, SASS #4, Editor of The Cowboy Chronicle and SASS publications editor

In the beginning, all rules for Cowboy Action Shooting were determined by the Wild Bunch. Today, things are much different. One of the early developments of SASS was the enlisting of Territorial Governors. These individuals were, and still are, voted in annually by members of their SASS affiliated clubs and given the responsibility of club representation. Until the last few years, Governors acted only as an advisory board. Today, however, it is the consensus vote of the Territorial Governors that determines any new rule changes in the game.

SASS has evolved and spread its game around the world. With Judge Roy Bean traveling to sometimes three matches in one month across the country, SASS also attends such major conventions as The Shot Show, NRA Convention, Ducks Unlimited Outdoor Festivals and a myriad of guns shows and events.


In 1999, SASS expanded its national Cowboy Action Shooting Championship program to include SASS Regional Events. (Cont.)

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