It’s Simple. Become a SASS Supporting Store and we’ll refer our members directly to you.

That’s right. With our fast growing population of Cowboy Action Shooting™ Members, SASS would like to support you by referring our members to you. Why? Because we need SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting™ knowledgeable Gun Stores, nationwide, to refer our members.

How Does it Work?

SASS supplies you, with:

  1. SASS Membership Applications
  2. Informational Brochures
  3. A listing on our website with a link to your website
  4. A Listing in The Cowboy Chronicle quarterly printed edition
  5. Access to post promotional sales on the popular SASS wire forum  merchants corner
  6. A SASS Affiliated logo with year to post on your website or other uses.
  7. A Certificate that shows you are a supporting dealer in good standing
  8. We refer our members to you for related goods & services
  9. Affiliated Merchants will be featured in Email Blasts to all active members with an email address. On a quarterly basis. 

What Do You Have to Do to Be A SASS Supporting Store?

  1. Educate yourself to how SASS functions by reading your SASS Information Packet
  2. Display our membership application in the supplied counter top display container
  3. Display your SASS Supporting Sticker where referrals can see it
  4. Be helpful, friendly and attentive when a customer mentions SASS
  5. You must be a SASS Member

How Do I Qualify?

If you are a retail store that sells Single Action Firearms, ammo, Cowboy Clothing or other Cowboy products and you are a SASS member, You Qualify! It’s that simple!

How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the application, mail it or fax it in, and we’ll do the rest. That’s it! SASS believes this is a win-win situation. You benefit by our referrals. We benefit by providing a source our members can count on.

For more information contact Amber Oakley at the SASS Office at (505) 843-1320, or email Amber Oakley directly at


Click Here to Download The Offical Application 




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