Linda Patton, aka Running Bare

Q: Where are you from?

A: I currently reside in San Dimas, California; however, I was born in Chicago, Illinois in
1942. I lived there with my family and attended school until we moved to Los Angeles, California in 1952 where I continued my education. I eventually married and raised four children.  In 1986, I married David Patton aka Dastardly Dave, a Los Angeles County Sheriff who introduced me to the shooting sport. 

Q: Tell us about your home club.

A: I began shooting action pistol matches at the West End Gun Club and assisted my husband in putting on the action pistol matches for many years. We made many friends and were invited to be range officers at a cowboy action shooting match hosted by the Cota Cowboys. It was at that match that I decided to try cowboy action shooting. I shot monthly matches and finally joined SASS six years later. I became a member of the West End Gun Club in 1986; the West End Outlaws were the 2nd cowboy action shooting club established and also the host of Showdown, their annual match. Over the years, I have also become a member of The Cowboys based in Norco, California and the Cajon Cowboys based in the California Cajon Pass. I am happy to support as many clubs as possible.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about your practice and training regimen.

A:After shooting for a period of time and really enjoying it, I decided that I wanted to do better and started dry firing at home.  I attended monthly matches at three different clubs and really started to improve.Once I stopped worrying about how I was doing and just started having fun, I started winning.

Q: Please tell us about your preferred match/competition firearms, including pistols, rifle, and shotgun. Also mention any modifications (ie: short stroke kits, etc.) that may have been performed on your competition guns.

A: My handguns are a pair of Ruger .357/38 stainless steel Blackhawks with 4 and 5/8 inch barrels; they have an action job done by Jim Bowie of the Cowboy and Indian Store. They are fully engraved with scrimshawed grips. My rifle is a Uberti 1866 short carbine chambered in 38 special with a short stroke installed by Jim Bowie. The butt-stock is shortened for a custom fit.  My shotgun is an IGA 1897, 12 gauge, with an action job done by the Cowboy and Indian Store with the butt-stock  shortened as well.

Q: Please tell us about your preferred match ammunition.

A:The ammunition I prefer is my husband’s reloads from our Dillon 650. My pistol ammunition uses a 96 grain bullet and rifle rounds use a 125 grain bullet.  For the shotgun, I use factory Winchester Feather-lite loads.

Q: Please list your shooting accomplishments/titles in addition to the World Championship Title.

A: I have accomplished many of my goals in the shooting community. I have been happy to help out by giving some classes to beginning female shooters and by being a posse marshal at several matches; I always appreciate the opportunity to
support the shooters. I have also earned some titles over the years.

SASS California State Champion
2002  Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek, Ladies Senior
2003  Gunfight Behind The Jersey Lily, Ladies Senior
2004   Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek, Ladies Senior
2011 Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek, Ladies Silver Senior
2012 Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek, Grand Dame

SASS Western Regional Champion

2005 Shootout at Deadman’s Point, Ladies Senior
2008 Last Stand at Chimney Rock, Ladies Silver Senior

SASS National Champion held in Arizona, Winter Range

2001                                      Ladies Modern
2005                                      Ladies Senior
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010   Ladies Silver Senior
2012                                       Grand Dame

SASS World Championship Cowboy Action Shooting, End Of Trail

1995                     Overall winner, Ladies Modern
1997, 1998                        Ladies Modern
2005                                  Ladies Senior
2007, 2008, 2009              Ladies Silver Senior
2012                                 Grand Dame




Q: Please tell us about any other interests you may have.

A:  There are other associations that I enjoy being a member of.  I am a life member of the National Rifle Association, a member of the U.S. Masters Swimming Assoc. and
The Roadrunners.  I have completed five L.A. marathons (26.2 miles) and two ocean swim races (2 miles). I continue to be physically active participating in Zumba classes. I also enjoy Geo-Caching with my husband and family.  We currently have 13 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren; we are involved in most of their activities.

Q: Please tell us what you love about SASS/Cowboy Action Shooting. 

A: SASS and cowboy action shooting has been a big part of my life and I am grateful, finding much to appreciate and love. I have been able to set personal shooting goals
achieving most of them.  I enjoy the friendly competition and encouragement
from fellow shooters who have become lifelong friends.  I appreciate SASS for giving me a venue to enjoy the use of my firearms and the opportunity to be a part of a gun owning, shooting society. The honesty, down to earth attitude, love of country, and dedication to the propagation of American values portrayed by SASS members is amazing; an organization I will forever be proud of.





















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