Q: Where are you from:
A: I am from a beautiful small town, Sedona AZ; however, I recently moved to Glendale AZ during the week day to attend a more rigorous high school.

Q:Tell us about your home club.
A: I shoot with the Arizona Yavapai Rangers located between Cottonwood and Sedona.  The Arizona Yavapai Rangers are primarily made up of shooters from Camp Verde, Cottonwood and Sedona AZ; however, we occasionally get visitors from all around the nation.

Q:Tell us about you, where you are born, where did you grow up, when /how did you start shooting and with whom
A: I was born in Flagstaff AZ, but have spent most of my life in Sedona, AZ.  In June of 2011 I was able to attend the world championships at Founders Range as a spectator.  Prior to this I had only shot a 22 rifle and 410 shotgun while out with my dad's friends.  After watching Holy Terror and Badlands Bud compete in the Top 16 Shoot Off, I was inspired to one day become a shooting legacy so I approached my mother and asked to join SASS. Before the day ended, my mother and I went to the SASS office to sign up, and after several minutes of brainstorming, I choose a name that I would have to live up to...SASS Kicker.  My father immediately called Pecos Clyde, who was currently coaching my brother and father to see if he would take on the challenge of another new shooter.  He gladly accepted, and I began learning under his direction.

Q:Tell us a little about your practice and training regimen. 
A: For the first three years, my practices were a combination of dry firing and live practices. My coach, Pecos Clyde, always gave us homework.  Practices instructed by Pecos were generally once or twice a month, three to four hours long and we usually shot around 1000 rounds per practice.  Dry firing took place in our basement, five days a week and usually an hour long.  This went on for about 2 and a half years. As I got older and started to attend high school, my schedule became very busy with the addition of varsity basketball and harder academics. Due to these circumstances, I am unable to practice as often however I always train rigorously before big matches.

Q: Tell us about your preferred match competition firearms, including pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  Also mention modifications.
A: My pistols are Stainless Ruger 357 Vaquero with 4 5/8 inch barrels.  Colt Faro installed Shotgun Boogie short  stroke kits in them.  My main match, 357 model 73 is short stroked by Rich Stephenson of Palo Verde Gunworks.  My 12 guage SKB 100, has action work done by Johnny Meadows of Camp Verde Gunworks.  My holsters were built by Colt Faro and shotgun belt by WM Brown Holster Company.

Q: Please tell us about your preferred match ammo.
A: My father reloads our pistol and rifle ammo on a Dillon 650 press.  For big matches we only shoot new Starline brass with a 105 Falcon Falcoated bullet.  I use the same load in both rifle and pistol in 38 special.   I find the Falcoated feed much better in my rifle.  To save money, we load Falcon lead bullets for local matches and practice.  All ammo is case gauged and checked for powder.  We purchase Remington Premier STS 12 gauge 1 oz no. 8 shot at 1185 fps for all big matches. 

Q: Please tell us about other association you belong to. 
A: Currently I am a member of the National Rifle Association. I am also very involved in my school; I am a member of the National Honor Society, Interact Club, VICA, and I am a Student Government Officer. Additionally, I have represented my school at multiple leadership conferences including the Hugh O'Brien Leadership Conference, Girls State, and The National Student Leadership Conference for Medicine and Health Care.

Please list your shooting accomplishments/titles in addition to the World Championship.
2012: Overall Lady's Champion at Bordertown (AZ State), Buckarette National Champion and Junior Girls World Champion
2013: Overall Lady's Champion at Bordertown (AZ State), Junior Girls World Champion
2014:Overall Lady's Champion at Bordertown (AZ State), Overall Lady's National Champion at Winter Range, Overall Lady's World Champion at End of Trail, Top 16 Lady Champion at Winter Range
2015:  Overall Lady's Champion at Bordertown (AZ State), Overall Lady's National Champion at Winter Range, Overall Lady's World Champion at End of Trail, Top 16 Lady's Champion at Winter Range, Top 16 Lady's Champion at End of Trail

Q: Please tell us about any other interest you may have.
A: I am a huge fan of the outdoors so I love to hike, fish, and camp. I also enjoy running; I have completed five half marathons and I'm on the Cross Country Team at my High School. Additionally, I truly love science and medicine and I'm currently pursuing a career in the medical field. Ultimately it is my dream to become a doctor, particularly one that works hands on with children.

Q: Please tell us what you love about SASS/Cowboy Action Shooting.
A: Aside from the competition, my favorite aspect of shooting is the quality time I get to spend with my entire family. My brothers and father shoot (Cody James, Lunatic Fringe, and Kirk James) and my mother and grandparents watch and support me at most of my matches. My uncle and cousin also shoot with us at local matches (Tom Elder and Tom Younger). I also consider the shooting community apart of my family. They are equally as supportive as my immediate family including areas outside of shooting. I have made so many connections and met so many role models in the sport. The SASS community has helped me in all areas of my life including school and sports; many of the life lessons I have learned in shooing have been applicable in my sports and my academics.



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