llen Wah’s father moved his family from his grandfather’s ranch in Washington to Arizona where he opened a general store on the Yuma Tribal Reservation.  Allen finished high school in Yuma and furthered his education at UCLA, earning a BA in Industrial Design and a minor in Anthropology with emphasis on Native American Studies.

For over 35 years, Allen Wah designed and manufactured men’s sportswear in Phoenix, Arizona. 
In 1988, Allen created a new concept in the Western clothing industry with the label “WAHOO.”  It was an authentic Old West frontier collection from the 1800’s.  The label was later changed to “WAH-MAKER.”  Wah-maker provides “vintage” clothing to the Western retail stores, museums, historians, Cowboy Action Shooters, re-enactors, as well as the movie and television industry and has become the largest supplier of period cowboy clothing in the USA and in many countries.

Wah-maker is also a sponsor of Single Action Shooting™ events such as Winter Range, END of TRAIL, and many other Cowboy Action competitions across the country. 

Allen is personally and professionally involved with Cowboy Action Shooting™ activities and events and is a Life member of SASS. 
Whether he’s on cattle drives, trail rides, Cowboy Action shoots, or in the design studio, Allen will be wearing Wah-maker products or the antique originals.  In 1994, he sold his business to Scully Sportswear and retired from Wah-maker in 1998.
Allen’s efforts completely revolutionized the availability of 1880s period clothing that give all Cowboy Action Shooting™ events the look and feel we now enjoy.

Today, he enjoys Cowboy Action Shooting™, hunting, fishing, and photography.  He lives with his family in Thousand Oaks, California, and in his spare time he does volunteer work for western museums and exhibits his metal sculptures at local art galleries.



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