oyd A. Davis, AKA General US Grant, SASS #2, was born in Whittier, California “a long time ago” and was educated in Southern California’s Glendale school system.  After serving his country as a naval aviator for four years in Korea, he turned his attention to Southern California real estate.
In 1970, The General ventured into the world of replica antique firearms, traveled to Europe, developed a relationship with Italian firearms manufacturers and formed EMF Company, Inc.  Val Forgett and the General became the two most influential designers and importers of “Old West” firearms, dominating this niche industry for years. 

Pursuing a life-long love of firearms, The General actively participated in Action and Trap Shooting at Coto de Caza during the late 1970’s, discovering Cowboy Action Shooting™ shortly after the turn of the decade.

The General’s successful business endeavors allowed him to personally finance many of the early Cowboy Action Shooting™ efforts, including END of TRAIL, which he co-founded.  SASS owes General Grant a great deal for ensuring the financial success of a fledging new sport in those early days.  He remains a major sponsor of Cowboy Action matches across the country to this day.

The General was actively involved in the creation of SASS in 1987, becoming its first, and only President.  He has remained steadfast at the helm ever since.  His efforts were recognized in 1991 by receipt of the “Top Hand” award.  He continues to personally administer SASS’ intellectual property rights franchises and cheerfully handles “tents and toilets” at END of TRAIL.

As with many who have found SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting™, our game is one of his primary avenues for relaxation and entertainment.  The only other activity that comes close is the excitement of developing Founders Ranch, SASS’ new premier shooting facility in New Mexico.


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