In our Single Action Shooting Society Community, we live and play our Western Cowboy Heritage. Like our movie heroes of the past, we play by the Cowboy Code and place our faith in our individual God. Our Game has grown and so has our community. We built a town at Founders Ranch in Edgewood, New Mexico, where we can play our game, and rejoice in the company of our friends and neighbors. We soon discovered our town was lacking a structure most dear to our hearts. Together we recognized our town was lacking a Chapel—a structure where we could worship our God and pay our respects to the many friends who have gone before us. We needed a center of gravity—we needed a Chapel! And now the work has begun. We are now working together to raise the funds necessary to build this noble edifice where we can pray together and rejoice in the memory of our beloved friends who have gone before us. Please join us and help us build this Cowboy/Cowgirl Memorial Chapel. It’s a step along the Happy Trail.

Funds required to construct the Chapel will continue to be raised by individual and club donations sent directly to the SASS Western Heritage Museum.

SASS Western Heritage Museum
Attn: Cowboy Memorial Chapel
215 Cowboy Way Edgewood, New Mexico 87015


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May 2010 - Chapel Approval

July 2010 - Moving Right Along

August 2010 - Picking Up Speed

September 2010 - Spur Raffle

Pushing Toward the Goal Line