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  2. Warden Callaway

    Shooting Josey Wales - practicing up

    I'm thinking of shooting at least one match this fall Josey Wales. This morning I shoot 40 rounds at 25 yards. I may have to rethink this idea. I shot both pistols (Smoke Wagon 44WCF) at 25 yards from rest to check point of aim at that distance. My groups were not impressive but averaged high but windage was ok on average. Then I shot each duelist - left and right handled. Then gunfighter. My cardboard targets were about 20" square. I'm hitting about 60% shooting gunfighter at that size target and distance. Not a good performance. At the next match we plan to shoot, they tend to have smaller targets further away. The last match they shot the falling tumbstone rack with rifle at about 25 yards. It was a challenge with a rifle as the last target is about the size of a pound coffee can. Match before that they shot the falling plate rack with 8" plates with rifle at about 25 yards. I'd have 10 shots to hit 5 targets. Their normal rifle targets are not big or close. Our range usually sets up big and close so I'd have a better chance of hitting most of them in a reasonable time period.
  3. Shooting Bull

    How can you shoot this?

    Freaudian SLIP
  4. Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

    Helpful Customer Service

  5. Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619

    Governor won't sign shooter's certificates

    He is a disgrace to our State.
  6. ORTEGA KID,SASS#37112

    Blank brass

  7. Well, the creek did rise (we really do have a low water crossing going to our range) and 70% chance of rain, and a bunch of members off to Hellfire 18 so going to take advantage of the 5th Sat this month and postpone it a week
  8. Catlow4697

    Soup for lunch, please.

    I would like mine in a bowl
  9. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    New member/cart project

    I have--ends up in a big pile of links
  10. Possum Stu

    What would you rather see?

    Yep, mine’s a .36, so that would definitely work! That Man With No Name conversion is great though... add a brace of those is definitely on my gun bucket list!
  11. Smuteye John SASS#24774

    Amazing Find In Seattle

    I hope you've had all of your shots.
  12. Brazos John

    New member/cart project

    Those are nice wheels, and a nice start to the cart. If you're in gravel, turn it around and pull it. Much easier than pushing it through soft stuff. Have you ever tried to push a chain? Pulling it is much easier. Yes, I know it's not exactly the same, but someone's bound to comment on it. Good luck with your project.
  13. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

    Twice as Grumpy

    My Wifey ain't new no more ( going on 34 Years) , but I just got a new Daughter-in-law that makes right good Coffee and I'll get da wife ta teach her to make Cinnamon buns .... Caught some Large Mouth Bass and some Perch... First trip out with the Boat this year .... Jabez Cowboy
  14. Rance - SASS # 54090

    73/66 sleeve tube

    I have the aluminum ones in both my '73's.. one of 'em loads smooth as glass.. the other one.. Didn't help much .. I probably oughta check the magazine tube spring in each for for comparison.. just ain't got around to it.. Rance Just sayin'..
  15. Never warmed up to this method of carry. $110 shipped, first I'll take it posted here get's it. Thanks.
  16. Sixgun Sheridan

    Amazing Find In Seattle

    I went into downtown Seattle a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get over the tents pitched up everywhere on pretty much every bare spot imaginable. It's really sad to see what has become of what was once one of the country's most beautiful cities.
  17. Goody, SASS #26190

    s x s lever reprofile

    That was my thinking as well. Just looked through the SHB and found no reference to it, so in my mind is not legal.
  18. Today
  19. Purly SASS # 57438


    Thanks Tombstone. I type like i shoot. Slooow.
  20. Smokestack SASS#87384

    s x s lever reprofile

    Extending the lever is an illegal mod.
  21. Fireball #7709 Life

    FS Ruger 10/22 magazines

    7 Magazines to fit Ruger 10-22's, selling as a package. Black Dawg 50 rd drum(with directions), Butler Creek Hot Lips 25rd, 3- 10 rd Butler Creek Steel lips(clip together), MGW(I think) 50 rd "drum"(with directions), Ruger BX25X2 their double ended 25's put together for a 50 rd mag(dust cover shown not included). All appear to be either unused or very lightly used. $200 shipped. First I'll take it posted here get's it. Thanks.
  22. Tn Tombstone

    Dillion Does it Again

    I wish any of the companies I represent had half the customer service Dillon has, just called about a 15 years 650, parts are on the way. Lee was great to work with and he would not let me pay for anything. Makes me want to order something else from them.
  23. Tn Tombstone


    Purly has the stages posted on the Ocoee Rangers webpage. I was disappointed there were not any triple taps +1. I had it all figured out after reading 14 pages of foolishness. See everyone tomorrow.
  24. Purly SASS # 57438


    The stages are posted on the ocoeerangers.com/forums website. The targets are all no miss targets
  25. Tennessee williams


    I hate that you cant make it Imis. But really? YOU were gonna supervise? Hahahahaha Triple tap
  26. Capt. James H. Callahan

    Ruger GP100 10mm

    Interesting piece, I'm sure it would work fine. Don't see much point in a revolver. The 10 is a very impressive cartridge that never seemed to find a good platform. It was really too much for the 1911 (Delta Elite). Haven't played with a Glock so can't comment. It would be real interesting to have a Bren 10, but you probably know that story. Just seems like an auto stout enough to handle it winds up being too big and/or heavy to be a good carry gun. Just my thoughts, JHC
  27. Tennessee williams

    s x s lever reprofile

    If you cut and bend it, it can give you a little more length. There's some videos on it. I have one of each. I dont really prefer one over the other.
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