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  2. Shootout at Pawnee Station, July 6th - 8th, 2018, Nunn, CO

    Looking forward to having you shoot with us Bulldog! And I know a secret to get Stirrup out of his trailer...stand outside with an ice cold PBR in your hand and offer it to him if he comes out.
  3. Welcome Tasco Kid!

    Howdy and Welcome Tasco Kid! Please tell us about yourself. Regards, Allie Mo
  4. Cat Watching a Horror Movie

    Thanks! I failed to hear “Mrs. Bates” on the soundtrack!
  5. school shooting shooter dead

    Maybe now other schools will decide to arm themselves!!!??? 2 wounded is waaayy better than 17 dead.
  6. Uberti Schofield help

    Howdy While a bit excessive, that does not sound like a huge barrel/cylinder gap to me. I have a couple of antiques with barrel/cylinder gaps that are larger than that. The Gap on this 44-40 Merwin Hulbert is .012 when the cylinder is pushed all the way forward (the correct way to measure barrel/cylinder gap) and .016 when it is shoved back. But that is mostly because this is an open top revolver, and the barrel tends to bend down slightly over time with open tops. Still, I have fired it many times with Black Powder cartridges with no ill effects. Interestingly enough, the gap on this original 1st Model Schofield is .005 with the cylinder forward, and .010 with the cylinder back. Not bad for a gun almost 150 years old. Incidentally, it looks so good because it was refinished at the factory in 1957. I have never taken an Uberti Schofield apart, but I suspect the only way to deal with this is to add some metal to the front of the cylinder bushing. This will reduce the endshake, but make the larger dimension of your gap the permanent gap. Conversely you could add some metal to the frame area where the bushing contacts it, to the same effect. Excessive endshake can be more damaging than a wide cylinder gap. Endshake allows the cylinder to slam back in recoil, battering the frame, eventually making things worse. On the other hand, one of my 2nd Gen Colts has a bit of endshake, and I was warned about this happening, but after using it as one of my usual main match revolvers for a long time I have not actually seen the gap getting larger. Perhaps some other Uberti Schofield owners will chime in with some measurements. I suggest you simply try shooting it and see if you are getting any unacceptable lead spitting.
  7. school shooting shooter dead

    maybe now other would be cowardly school shooters will decide to stay home
  8. How Many Marlin Rifles Have You Owned

    I have had 5, My first was a Model 60 .22 that I bought the day I turned 18, My wife bought me a 336 in 30-30 for Christmas one year and I bought a 1895 CB that I used to win a lever action long range shoot at our state championship. I sold off those, but still have(for now at least) 2 Model 39A that I picked up over the years, One is a 1951 manufacture the other is fro the early 70's.
  9. I'd like to bash a state

    I guess if are from Australia you would live in one of the understated parts of the country
  10. Darn all your Dillon talk....

    I know. I can be that lazy though.
  11. USS Juneau Found

    Wow, this team is on a roll. I wonder if there's any collaboration between R. Ballard and Wood's Hole, the team that located a number of the ships in Iron Bottom Sound?
  12. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    Pictures, definitely...
  13. This one is for the taller fellers.

    both my wife and my brothers are around 4' 14" tall. neither of us broke 6' but we're a good bit taller than our parents sometime visit a civil war* museum and check out size of clothing and uniforms and such. US people have been getting larger over the years *because there are quite a few of these types of museum in US and they often have clothing of the period--choice has nothing to do with conflict) If we were in Europe (and thank God, we're not) I would have picked a middle ages museum
  14. Need info regarding SASS Wyoming State Championship

    Want to go in 2019, and then return as a resident sometime after that.
  15. other clubs

    And of course, plow snow. Maine only has TWO seasons ya know. 9 months of winter and 3 months of tough sleddin. We have 4 seasons! ya forgot both early and late mud seasons.
  16. Video from New Yorker magazine photographer

    6 minutes but thought it was very well presented: American youth in organized shooting sports https://my.xfinity.com/video/the-gun-owners-of-the-parkland-generation/1189263939694/Comcast/The_New_Yorker?cid=featurednews_sf_shooting&tab=news
  17. school shooting shooter dead

    It's the NRA's fault that we have so many nutty kids doing this, right? Those student protesters need to look around at each other, not us. Sorry for the political rant. I'll go back to my corner now.

    REF: SHB p.24
  19. school shooting shooter dead

    some indication the shooter may have taken own life really too early to know for sure
  20. This one is for the taller fellers.

    Dunno about that. I'm vertically challenged and it took 33 years to finally find a woman who wasn't into basketball players. There's a saying that for men under 6' tall, you need to be able to stand on your wallet and reach 6' in order to get a girl. The shorter you are the fatter your wallet needs to be. My wallet definitely ain't fat, but my wife comes from a country where men are usually under 5' 4" so it worked out in the end.

  22. FS Stoeger / Uberti Lightning Pump Rifle

    Sgt. How about $550 and I will pay shipping in a plain cardboard box, if you don't have one, I will send you one to ship it in? Abilene Al
  23. The Mustang, and excitement in waiting for it

    All of that ballyhoo about a glorified Falcon with a too small back seat and pitiful handling!
  24. school shooting shooter dead

    Fox news reported that there was a shooting at a high school in Maryland and that 2 students were injured but that the School Resource Officer, ran toward the shooter, engaged the shooter and shot the shooter and that the shooter is now dead. May God bless the School Resource Officer and thank him for doing his job and saving the lives of others.

    Little birdie told me that they had 50 apps on Monday! I'll bet that they'll be full by the end of the week. Sent 3 apps in yesterday overnight delivery. Snooze and you lose!
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