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  2. Smoken D


    Duck Tape
  3. Smoken D


    Missouri Steak Sauce
  4. Aaaaah, Светлана, what do you have to do to impress her?
  5. Smoken D

    How Things Change

    LAR-8/AR-10 ain't bad. JMHO
  6. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Yellow Sky

    I did not notice that, I'll have to watch it again. Any excuse to look at Anne Baxter!
  7. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Question about decorating Ammo box

    I prefer the vintage look of the stencil myself, followed by Ann-Margret, followed by that Winchester logo.
  8. Hey Dutch, are you interested in the Smoke Wagons?

    1. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Yes very but only if they are the old style firing pin and not the newer retractable pins

      can I get pics of both sides of the cch to

      [email protected]

      my thanks

  9. Hoodoo Brown, SASS #30515

    Yellow Sky

    I really like the part when they are in the rocks shooting at each other. When John Russell cocks his SAA, he then puts his right thumb up against the recoil shield, ala an old bullseye shooter. Even shooting blanks, that is some ingrained muscle memory. Yes, great movie!
  10. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Briggsdale County Shootists

    A swell buncha pards if there ever was one. Can't wait to get back.
  11. Colorado Coffinmaker

    Where to buy Stetson hat near Denver

    Sheplers. They carry all manner of western wear. To include Hats.
  12. Phantom Falcon, SASS # 46139

    How Things Change

    The M-1 was a great rifle! The M-14 was fair. The M-16 and all its variants are garbage! Don't hunt men with .22 magnums. The rifle has NO knockdown power. PF
  13. Lead Friend, SASS #53635


    Jared at Longhunter installed one of his standard short stroke kits in an old Uberti 66 for me (I'm not sure what he uses). I believe the frames in the older Ubertis are slightly longer than the current production rifles (not sure where I heard this and if I am wrong I am confident that I will be corrected). Consequently the stroke on my 66 ain't that short but it's slickernsnotonadoorknob.
  14. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Where to buy Stetson hat near Denver

    Boot Barn took over the Shepler's at I-25 and Orchard. No doubt they've got a lot of hats. If it was me I'd drive to Fairplay. You can have lunch at the soda fountain across the street from Colorado Mountain Hats.
  15. wyliefoxEsquire

    Josey Wales question

    Regarding "not ending with rifle" I agree with Ike, the TO just needs to not hold the timer waist high behind the shooter, if the timer is working it will pick up the rifle shots.
  16. Dantankerous

    When and where does beer taste the best?

    My answer is Always.
  17. Redwood Kid

    Josey Wales question

    Well now you tell me. I’ve been getting mine wet for years
  18. Moe T Vator

    RNV Ruger New Vaquero Gunfighter Grips 357MAG

    Something tells me you actually have a grip box
  19. Warden Callaway

    Heat vs. scores

    One stage was a little novel to us but not difficult. 3 rifle and 3 pistol targets. Sequence 2, 1111, 2, 3333. Same on pistol and rifle. The next stage at same targets were 1, 2222, 3, 2222 and same on rifle and pistol. Nailed it on first run. Next time up I kept repeating the sequence up until and after I got up to shoot. Said it out loud to the TO. I shot 1 then started to shoot 1 again and TO yelled TWO too late to correct me. P time.
  20. The Outlaw Travis James

    New SASS Member Needs Starter Gear

    Ahhhh...got it
  21. J.D. Daily

    When and where does beer taste the best?

    Been there done that. The arm & grip strength of the serving wenches was impressive. Got a day pass to Munich during Reforger 1971. One fond memory the misses and I have is the 25 cent cold bottle of Carling Black Label we shared every day she'd pick me up in the summer of 69 when I was in AIT @ Ft. Sill. It was also memorable for I watched Neil Armstrong step on the moon on a classroom TV.
  22. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    1911 Humor

    All Fords, now come standard with 'handicap parking' placards. Just ask Shooting Bull(AKA 'Stumbles')........... OLG
  23. Moose Wesson

    New SASS Member Needs Starter Gear

    There are no "weapons" used in CAS, just "firearms".
  24. The Outlaw Travis James

    New SASS Member Needs Starter Gear

    I am not too worried about shirts and pants t start with. I have a pair of jeans and can grab a plaid button down for now. It is mainly the leather, weapons, and gun cart I need for now.
  25. The Outlaw Travis James

    New SASS Member Needs Starter Gear

    Do you have a link so I can see them?
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