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  2. 44WCF load advice required

    I've been loading 200 grain RNFP in my .44WCF rifle and pistols, however, last time I bought lead they only had 180 grain FP. I've not found any data for this projectile, so because I'm using Trailboss, I've used their 'formula' for determining a load. Anyone else been down this route? PMs only if offering load data, as per rules, thank you.
  3. So looking forward to first match since my bike crash

    You need to watch out for them tricycles...They can be a hazard to your health...You might need to go back to them training wheels... Texas Lizard
  4. Twice as Grumpy

    Mohawk ,,, 2019 is the year to come here ta shoot .....The Stars are all to come into line , The Malihat Shoot , Followed by the Canadian SASS Nationals... Both on Vancouver Island .... And I think Prior to that Our Fall Shoot 7 miles west of me .... Boom Town is the Location of the 2019 Sass event on the Shore of Comox Lake, and you really need to see their "Town" that they/We shoot at ... I just got back from the Mission Shoot ( B.C. ) where I caused the air to fill with Smoke ... Back from page 3 ,,,,, Now Get Offten Da Lawn !!! Jabez Cowboy
  5. Lyman 55 with drop tube

    Excellent condition powder measure, with brass hopper and drop tube. Thought I needed it, but never used it......Currently $141 plus shipping at retail. How about $89 delivered? Thanks for looking.
  6. Speeding up the game

    Yeah, they have to play with them after every pitch. I'm glad they did away with the walkabout, though, and the batters have to stay in the box..
  7. Today
  8. Getting into CAS for the budget minded

    Had a Ruger Super Blackhawk 7 1/2" .44 mag. and a Rossi '92 .44 mag. Figured I was halfway there, so with a month worth of scrounging I came up with a 5 1/2 " Blackhawk in .45 (kept me REAL alert at the loading table!) and a pawnshop Stoeger Uplander which I cut with a hacksaw.......Ratty leather and a shotgun slide, hat and boots from thrift shop, and away I went....YeeeHAWWW!
  9. Speeding up the game

    Much talk from MLB about speeding up the game this year (as usual). Puiing a time limit between pitches, expanding the strike zone, not allowing so many time outs, yada yada. It is my considered opinion that the velcro adjustable wristband batting gloves have done more t9 slow down the game than any other thing in history. Ban the dang velcro sez I!
  10. Hey, you '97 shooters------A tale of two 1897's

    Sending you a PM, Tucker.
  11. looks like someone polished the guns too... usually with the stainless pietas, the machine marks are quite visible, especially In digital photos... those look like mirrors!!! please sell them quickly before I buy them!!! (Im down to ten 58's now, i shoot a pair of kirst converted stainless uberti 58's in 45colt)
  12. Breaching Tool

  13. Getting into CAS for the budget minded

    '58 Colts?
  14. Choco-Flan

    Yeah, tricky on a gas or electric stove. No Dutch Oven cooking? Or just a big soup pot inverted? Takes some practice, but with a big pot of some sort and some coals you can improvise an oven. Not saying its easy, but can be done.
  15. Getting into CAS for the budget minded

    Stoger sxs winnie 1894 and a pair of 58 colts with drop in cylinders.
  16. Getting into CAS for the budget minded

    I already had a couple suitable 12g SxS's and a blue .45 Blackhawk. I bought a new stainless 24" .45 Rossi '92 for $399.99, and a used stainless .45 Blackhawk for $285 and showed up for a match. The Blackhawks and '92 have gone down the road, but were replaced with PLENTY more.
  17. Getting into CAS for the budget minded

    I started (a year ago) with a pair of pieta 58's with "drop in" 45 colt cylinders, a rossi 92 and a stevens 311... I now have a pair of stainless uberti 58's with gated kirst conversions in 45colt and kirst ejectors, the same rossi 92 (45also) and a single trigger stevens 315 I slicked up and cut down to 20"... I blew most of my 2018 SASS budget on those ubertis 58s ($500 a piece for the guns, $500 a piece for the conversions) yeah... I know... im shooting over $2000 worth of cap and ball revolvers that aren't even originals... I could do much better guns for that kind of money!!! my next big buy will probably be a pedersoli lightning rifle in 45colt... I shoot a 200grn bullet using the lee book "starting load" for trailboss so blowback with 45colt is not a big concern... I do love my old 315 but I will be buying a single trigger stoeger in the future or maybe an '87... not sure yet...
  18. Rugged Gear Old Model Cart Bushing For Front Fork Avaliable!

  19. SPF Nice Swedish M67/89 Rolling Block

    Consider it sold. Will PM you the details.
  20. Breaching Tool

    I know something like this would work but consider the common Russian apartment door. The walls are poured concrete. Door opens outward and is steel, two layers about 1/8” gauge double thickness, with a flange on the outside,similar steel frame, triple lock bolts extending into frame 1cm or two. oooooh I can just imagine the steel bulging as it gives way. No problem though, they don’t have fire escapes.
  21. Be thinking of me.......

    Prayers and best wishes for you.
  22. Gunfighter

    Me thinks I see a set up coming...
  23. I got to thinking about how I started in Cowboy Action Shooting... it was on a bit of a budget. I first bought a Rossi '92 24" .45 while visiting down in Florida, $400. Then I found a blonde wood Stevens 311 at a gun show, $200, that was when the $7 fix first became popular. Then I ended up with a pair of used Blackhawks, in 45 bought at different times, $289 and $279 Because they were less expensive than any Vaquero. Got hold of some used leather off of the CAS-list, maybe $100. So for 1300 I was ready to go. Built a gun cart out of scrap laying around the shop. I bought ammo from a commercial reloader until I bought my first press, a Lee Single Stage. I think these are the guns I used to shoot 2002 EoT. Didn't know what the heck I was doing, but had a lot of fun. The followed with the SouthEast Regional at Mule Camp! Wooohooo! I sold those Blackhawks, and bought some used Pietta "1858" Remingtons and had a bunch of fun with them, even shot EoT 2003 with them. The went on to Mule Camp and won my first plaque, 3rd Place Frontiersman! I was stoked, and hooked on SASS. Yes, I bought and sold a lot of toys since then, and own some very slick guns. But I don't regret just jumping in with my budget guns and starting in having a blast! You don't have to own the slickest and the best to start. It would have been wasted on me anyway. Did any of you start up with "Budget" guns?
  24. Breaching Tool

    Looks like a good way for an officer to get killed. Perhaps in the Netherlands the bad guys don’t have guns and sit inside drinking tea waiting for the police to breach their doors...
  25. Choco-Flan

    The toughest thing i’ve Run into is “no oven”. Many homes in the former second world have no ovens. I have never mastered stove top cakes and such.
  26. Pre 64 Winchester 94 Parts

    Glad that I could help. They have had parts I needed in the past.
  27. Tired of Your Lies

    The National Guard is a component of the US Army reserve. Kind of on loan to the several states. Unless the feds need it. "Assault rifle." as used by capons in office and other anti-civil rights types, has no relation to the actual military meaning.
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