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  2. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    South Carolina - Myrtle Beach Area - Suggestions

    Dad was in Special Forces and I was born on Fort Bragg. They took us the Myrtle a couple times a year when he was home. I always hated the trip because somehow I was a magnet for mosquitoes . Those were the most miserable vacations of my youth. Now I’m assuming this is under control now, but you couldn’t get me to go back if you promised me a new Winchester 73.
  3. Calico Mary

    It's Friday

    ok....I just got outta tha shower....iz that better?
  4. Calico Mary

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    I'd give it a whole month if it wuz takillya.....longer even fer tha gud stuff!!
  5. Subdeacon Joe

    Bathroom Renovation

    First guy ain't got a chance!
  6. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Aircraft Transport

    Yeah, and a Piper Cub was so slow it would just barely kill you.
  7. Subdeacon Joe

    So that's how they do it.

    "Slots for the bullets?"
  8. Forty  Rod SASS 3935


    I've seen little dogs do that. I think they're trying to convince other dogs that this turf belongs to bigger dog.
  9. Sixgun Sheridan

    So that's how they do it.

    Of course they only showed you the employees they wanted you to see. I think the guy who screwed the barrel on MY Uberti looked like this:
  10. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    I'll bet alcohol was involved.
  11. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    I don't feel so bad now.

    Caption contest time: "Really, Boss, I gotta pee real bad."
  12. Sixgun Sheridan

    Easy guide to identify men of the Old West.

    Funny, yet true at the same time.
  13. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    changing alias

    Just call'em BB, then. He's always a-round here OLG
  14. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    South Carolina - Myrtle Beach Area - Suggestions

    Careful. Mosquitos are the satae bird and may be protected. (Lived in Beauford and Laurel Bay for a spell. Realy glad I don't any more.)
  15. Howdy, so git one dats easy to swap em…. I bet one of those hunnert dollar fones from target would work. Best CR
  16. Tennessee Trapper Tom

    Lone Ranger Busted in California...

    While I enjoyed the satire the truth was overwhelmingly disgusting. Thanks for sharing a well written piece
  17. Chili Ron

    My alleged smartphone..

    Howdy, Did ya write to thank them? best CR
  18. Pat Riot, SASS #13748

    changing alias

    Well Boomstick, are we on a search for your new alias? Or are you going with the one you wanted that wasn’t available when you joined? Broomstick Buce just doesn’t have the same pizazz.
  19. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Wonder if there's a way to DISABLE the GPS

    Works for me.
  20. Sixgun Sheridan

    N.J. magazine ban

    Well I guess that solves THAT little problem, doesn't it?
  21. Abilene, SASS # 27489

    cataract surgery lens options

    My mom had it done many years ago. She loved it for a long time but now that she is in her 90's and her vision has changed some, correcting for it has been more difficult.
  22. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Summer comes to Arizona with a nice little breeze!!

    Folks up here catch 'em and race em'. Them that can stay in the saddle, that is.
  23. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    changing alias

    So now, you want to change it to Broomstick Bruce? OLG
  24. Texas Lizard

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    It's only bourbon...Why worry... Texas Lizard Only one day if we have too....
  25. LostVaquero

    Taylor’s and Co. Schofield article

    Mistake in the article. The gold Annie Oakley is a target New Model 3 not a Schofield. I use to use 38spl Laramies which is modeled after the New Model 3.
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