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  2. USA Sleeve Garters are BACK with Two New USA Designs - $13

    USA Sleeve Garters are BACK! Along with Two New USA Designs!! New Inventory 03/18/18
  3. WTC

    He has 9shots to knock down 5 plates. Any misses on plates don't count as a miss as long as all 5 are down at the end of the shot string. He gets a "P" because instructions said knock down all plates THEN put remaining rnds on stationary target. He didn't do that when he shot the stationary target with a plate still standing.
  4. Hell on the Border 2018

    Home. Van emptied. Bags unpacked. Guns cleaned and put away. Now a little Bullet will bring a close to a very good and well ran SASS match known as "Hell on the Border". Already looking at and planning for next year. We even have 2 more friends that are planning to attend with us. Smokin' Limey and I are even thinking of coming up a day earlier to check out Fort Smith's area attractions, which there are far more than we would have thought. Thanks Nail Driver and the crew of the Judge Parkers Marshall and Old Fort Shooting Club!!!
  5. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    It is mandatory that the shooter wear safety glasses at all times on the range. No shooter will be allowed to continue with any activity on the range if safety glasses are removed for any reason. The proper command for all shooters on the firing line is to CEASE FIRE if shooting glasses happen to be dislodged. Shooters on adjacent bays can just as easily send a piece of lead at the the unlucky shooters eye just as well as the shooter himself. Pieces of gravel and even hunks of lead have been know to bounce over a berm. Stop shooting......... Fix the safety problem......... Then everyone gets to start over again. We are also assuming that this is a RARE instance and doesn't happen just because the shooter was having a bad stage.
  6. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    You can stand with a wooden leg, but you can't see with a wooden eye. Stop 'em.
  7. WTC

    This particular plate rack has 5 horizontal plates with the dump target above the middle standing plate. We also have a "tombstone" plate rack with the dump target located in front of and below the bottom of the first plate. With the understanding that a miss can't cause a P, and not judging shooter's intent, would you still call it a P and a miss?
  8. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    I go with the "Stop Shooting" crowd. I had a friend lose an eye in a freak accident, when a pellet from a skeet shot ricocheted off a skeet into his left eye, blinding it. Scenario: Skeet thrower was broken, so he went behind the berm at the informal range he was at and they were throwing birds into the air by hand, from behind the berm. He looked up and took a pellet in his left eye. Freaky things happen.
  9. 1911 for WB and 3gun?

    Oakwood Outlaws, Texas Ten Horns and Comanche Valley Vigilantes all shoot Wild Bunch. Contact their match directors and attend a match. Many monthly matches include an open class for people to try Wild Bunch with semi auto pistols other than a 1911 and rifles in calibers smaller than .40.
  10. Thanks to all the crew at IDES of MARCH MARCH ANNUAL match

    It was a fantastic match as usual. Props, stages, awards and food were top notch all the way. I really gotta thank the folks that have put on this match and the matches through out the years. Outlaw and the gang.....you people are the best. Glad you all are going to get a well deserved rest. Congrats to Stan and Gin on the overall wins. Special congrats to my brother, Angus McNasty.......you kicked my ass and almost everyone else's too. Way to go brother. Sun
  11. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    Some of the responses here are honestly pretty shocking. Nobody’s score at any event is worth more than their safety. EVER.
  12. WTC

    There were misses on the plate rack prior to the far right (5th plate) falling.
  13. NC Ordnance "Ivory-Like" White Polymer Grips -- Can They Be Aged?

    I can’t get their website to open. Are the grips worth a lot or are you comfortable risking ruining them?
  14. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    While I agree that safety glasses are mandatory, I disagree with stopping the shooter in the middle of his run. Maybe I'm wrong but I see nothing that says you have to stop him!
  15. 16 gauge Winchester 97 at Ahlmans in Morristown Minnesota

    Hubby loads for me. He didn't complain about the Lavender 12 gauge Fioccis. I still have a good-sized bag of them. El Lazo is the only shooter I know who uses a 16. In fact, he bought mine. For someone with small hands who wants to pull four at a time that is a good choice. I am such a klutz that I don't even pull two of anything.
  16. WTB: some boxer-primed 43 Spanish brass

    I just bought 33 loaded and 6 empties from a guy on guns international in the black powder ammo section. They're out there once in great while. Gave 75$ for all of them shipped !! They can also be made from 348 winchester brass, but that is a fairly lengthy process. I have a book that tells the entire process if you would like me to take a pic of the instructions. Larabee
  17. Wahmaker Frontier Range pants sizes?

    Or, cut off the belt loops carefully on the ones you really like and already wear. Take a permanent marker to any rivets and shiny brass buttons for appearance sake. Works well and only the most dedicated clothes Nazi will hunt you down for ridicule. Good luck an remember its a fantasy sport where you get to shoot!
  18. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    Unsafe gun handling. SDQ
  19. am I 'losing it' again?

    not the same since you took off for the 'middle' somewhere. you and Sunny can always come and visit--would be good to see her, oh . . . and you
  20. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    Can you show me a penalty for shooting without safety glasses?
  21. WTC

    Procedural for the engagement out of order.... one miss for the plate left standing Regards Gateway Kid
  22. 1911 for WB and 3gun?

    You're correct Rex, .40 or larger for WBAS rules. At our club level, we allow SASS legal lever rifles, any caliber. When we host the state match which is WBAS sanctioned, we follow the big bore rule. Since its inception, some WB rules have changed. The biggest being acceptance of a Model 12 pump shotgun in addition to the '97, and 7 rounds allowed in the mag instead of just 5. I agree with Lumpy about handling one first, especially since there's a minimum power factor that must be met (150). An example is a 200 gr bullet at 750 fps. Go here for other calculations. https://www.dillonprecision.com/power-factor-calculator.html
  23. non sass kel tec sub 2000 gen 2

    These pads fit and work very well have used one for a while now. Makes the stock longer and absorbs recoil. Bullett 19707
  24. Yesterday
  25. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    EYE & EAR PROTECTION Hearing protection is highly recommended and eye protection is mandatory in and around the shooting areas. While small, period glasses may look great, full protection/high impact glasses are strongly recommended. Such protection is recommended for everyone when in the range area, however eye protection is mandatory for spectators when within direct line of sight of steel targets. SHB pg 2 Safety Officers/Chief Range Officers – CRO (Timer Operator – TO) The role of the Chief Range Officer/Timer Operator (CRO/TO) is to safely assist the shooter through the course of fire. Coaching and constraining the shooter from unsafe acts are expected when appropriate, minimizing procedural and safety penalties whenever possible. Proper coaching or no coaching at all is NOT considered RO interference and will never be grounds for a reshoot. SHB pg 18 I would agree with smokestack Regards Gateway Kid
  26. No Marlin For Me

    Pard, join the State of Jefferson movement---> http://soj51.org/
  27. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    Can you please show me where failure of a shooters equipment warrants a reshoot?
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