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  2. Browning 92 in 44mg, not Centenial model

    Not the best but in a rush this am. Better ones and the separate Browning lever over the weekend.
  3. Kroger to ban gun magazines

    Their stores, they can do what they want.
  4. SASS Wire Forum - Change coming April 2, 2018

    Misty, Thanks very much. I did fail to say or truly express that the negative comments above were regarding a TRUE MINORITY in SASS. I have met no finer folks in my entire life than the people of SASS. I cannot say enough about the good folks of SASS and CAS. I regret not mentioning this in the post I made above, but I do feel that what I said needed to be said. Thank you for being proactive in the regard, Misty. Kindest regards, Pat
  5. Those that remember who "Yukon Eric" was

    yep I think that's the guy. always remember he would irritate the opponent by sticking his bare feet in their face.
  6. SASS Wire Forum - Change coming April 2, 2018

    My 17 short years on the wire I've seen every one of these and to shame for each of those that cause such a heart ache. And yes what a minority it is. Rules are not made for those that will follow the cowboy way, they are there for those that refuse to follow the cowboy way or give respect to each other. So often it is such a shame that rules are even needed, but, for those minorities, they are so strongly needed and they are the one's that challenge and even nit-pick to obtain loop holes in those rules. Like Utah Bob says, think I'll just stay in the Saloon.
  7. If your a Waylon Jennings fan

    Ol' Waylons song "Amanda" is one of my all-time favorites. Simple and beautiful. Himself
  8. SASS Wire Forum - Change coming April 2, 2018

    That is because, even though short staffed, the Mods were doing their due diligence. I am so glad your experience has been positive.
  9. Kroger to ban gun magazines

    That is a "feel good" move. It does little or nothing in the large scheme of things. Blackfoot
  10. New Generation Anti Gun Movement

    We should christen them “Mike’s Kids”, because that’s who is bankrolling this whole debacle. I like one of the morale posters I saw recently that stated, “3 months ago, they were challenging each other to eat Tide pods. Now, they’re Constitutional experts”. Geeesh!
  11. What Makes our Front Page News

    When ya hook into one of these, you better hold on because ya going for a ride. The bigger ones, 100+ pounds will pull a very large boat around for a while till they finally give up. We have Alligator Gar around here also, ain't hard to tell the difference, the girth around one of the big fellows will measure 6' or more. Only chicken taste like chicken around here. When you steak one of these fellows out, wow what a meal and a taste of it's own. They actually taste a little fishie.
  12. How fast was James Arness on the draw?

    That wuz GREAT ! . . . Thanks for posting . . . .
  13. SASS Wire Forum - Change coming April 2, 2018

    First of all, Thank you to the Moderators! It's a thankless job, much like a Match Director. People pour their lives into such positions and never get enough credit for doing those jobs. I also like the idea of the "Ghost Moderators". It keeps personal conflicts out of it. I seen at least on a few occasions (plus what Pat Riot posted) where Moderators were attacked either here or on Facebook. This eliminates the Moderators getting attacked for doing their "Voluntary Jobs". What it comes down do is this, TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. It's that simple. In a perfect world, there wouldn't be a need for Moderators. Just follow the rules. It's up to us to show these "Guests" what this sport is all about. We need to paint a picture that reflects that. It's often been said that "The Wire isn't SASS". Well why not? Why can't the Wire be SASS?? Why can't it reflect what we all see at the Range?? Think about that... Like everything else in the World, change is inevitable. Some changes are for the good, some for the bad. It's obvious changes needed to be made to the Wire. Also, like everything else, you have to have a certain level of TRUST in the Leadership. I don't know about everyone else, but I have COMPLETE Faith in Misty Moonshine, Amber Oakley, Roxy West, the Wild Bunch, and everyone else behind the scenes at SASS. Just my two cents, thank you... Buckaroo Bubba
  14. New Generation Anti Gun Movement

    WHOA,,,,This is our future people!!! Think they'll care for the sick and the elderly or just themselves? Like our old ass parents....really....who gave you life bucko! OK you know media better than old folks...BECAUSE your whole life revolves around the internet and your iphones....YOU HAVE NO interpersonal skills and care for no one including your parents!! You have contributed NOTHING to this world but you can vote so I guess all should hear you roar!? Hopefully you'll mouth off to some vet who will help you with an attitude adjustment. This little turd is now on the cover of Time magazine with political backing by powerful dems..... with major demonstrations slated for Saturday nationwide...PLEASE.....PLEASE.... post and re post...... wherever you can and for God's sake and ours support the NRA. I should warn folks this little person uses some rather salty language to emphasize how upset he is. https://www.facebook.com/COLIONNOIR/videos/1643366849046399/
  15. SASS Wire Forum - Change coming April 2, 2018

    Have only been on the Wire since last July. I really enjoy it. Have not seen any rude, hostile or offensive posts or comments in my limited time. Not sure why a change is necessary?
  16. Alfonsos double rig for sale

    BTT for a great pardner. That sure is a "purdy rig " mister !!
  17. How fast was James Arness on the draw?

    I read a long time ago Arness was the slowest and Sammy Jr was the fastest
  18. Cowboy Air Guns

    I have a Umarex Colt peacemaker, Bought it from amazon for $125, good deal. Excellent backyard practice gun, right weight and very accurate. Fun to plink with. Recommended. Pretty soon I'll have 2 of them. Umarex lever '92 on back order. Himself
  19. How fast was James Arness on the draw?

    Sounds like if you live in the east you have to stay up until 10: pm to watch Gunsmoke. How many kids are allowed to stay up that late?
  20. What Makes our Front Page News

    so . . . do they taste like chicken?
  21. FINALLY!!!!

    Very pretty Colonel, but can it shoot? (with apologies to The Dirty Dozen) can't wait to hear range report
  22. Today
  23. FINALLY!!!!

    LOL. Hell, I damn near slept with it beside me last night instead of putting it in the safe. After wiping off the fingerprints and drool, of course!
  24. How fast was James Arness on the draw?

    This Johnny Carson Show from 1955, were James Arness was a guest for the upcoming Gunsmoke series may answer the question MT .
  25. Colt SAA 357 mag Second Gen 4 3/4

    Oooooohhhh..... sweet.
  26. No truer words to live by

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