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  2. Cusz M. Dutch SASS Life 55326

    WTB real 1887 Win.

    Just looked at Gunbroker and did not see any listed for a price range. What price range are they going around? I have one that I purchased several years back and shot it after getting home and has sat in the safe for years since then
  3. Texas jack Black SASS#9362

    Reloading on the clock

    I will send them to you
  4. Rancho Roy

    Winter Range...RAIN! Ahhhhh!

  5. Crazy Cryder

    Nipple Covers?

    Ok, this is gonna be pretty long so hang with me. The good news is snap caps can be made. Bad news is it is a lengthy process AND you will have to remove your caps each time. First step: buy a set of slix nipples or track of the wolf stainless replacement nipples. Keep your factory nipples to make your snap caps. Make a jig to hold nipple.make a jig to hold nipple. Just a plate threaded to hold nipple.put nipple in jig and slip on fish tank aeration hosecut hose flush with top of nipple and remove cut peice for later use.use an end mill and cut .060 off of nipple.put plastic sleeve on nipple.fill with rtv silicone.wipe off excesswipe off excess and allow to set up for 24 hrs. Put in cylinders and enjoy. The plastic will eventually split out. Just rip it off and put on a new one and refill with rtv.
  6. Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474

    Explaining Canadians

    DANG IT SUBDEACON! That is supposed to be the best kept secret in Canada! How did you find out?
  7. David Balthazar

    1873 - 1892 or Marlin...and why

    I faced this debate recently. I own Marlin, Winchester (Rossi) and have had good experiences with the Marlin, not the Rossi. I wanted a "tuned" gun with a more traditional look out of the box (buy once, cry once) and the Taylor 1873 Comanchero with 18 inch barrel holding 10 rounds of .45 LC was the answer. From the Taylor factory it iis slicked, tuned, timed and short stroked (and warrantied as they sold the gun and did the action work). I felt most comfortable with it (though the cost was a pill at first). And once I shorten the length of pull to under 12 inches, the weight will balance perfectly for me. $1507 shipped, and transfer fee total. I personally wish I could get it under 7 lbs though, but this is not a carry rifle--it is a gaming rifle. Oh, and it is GORGEOUS
  8. Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984

    Neither snow nor rain...

    I quit mailing things from my box with the flag up after I read about scams on the FBI website about 10 years ago. The scam is that the bad guys look for flagged boxes and steal the mail looking for checks to rewrite to their own benefit. Of course they throw away anything that does not have checks. consider other ways to send your mail, unless there are no bad guys in your part of Arizona.
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  10. Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984


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  12. Major Crimes


  13. Major Crimes


  14. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785


  15. Major Crimes


  16. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785


    Aint' love great
  17. Major Crimes


    His Latest Flame
  18. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

    IAC 1887

    Yeah but I would prefer to be at my 2nd WR..although the wife looked at the weather & said 'no way ' !!!
  19. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

    IAC 1887

    Thanks for the info Caboose..I have only seen photo's from a mate & buying it because cheap so I will check it out for the number.
  20. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

    IAC 1887

    Yes Dakota you can do that with an FFL who is eligible to ship internationally but with the conversion rate for our weak Aussie dollar it works out to expensive....
  21. MizPete


    seems a bit harsh for a speed violation
  22. Parson John Tourmann, #67768

    J-Bar Binks- Thanks!!!!

    J-Bar sold me a revolver. And I live in CA!! He was willing to go the extra mile for me! THANK YOU! And it was just what he said it was-flaws(cosmetic only) and all. So just wanted to post a public thank you! Parson

    Wild Bunch 1911

    Just sitting here blank faced drinking bourbon, reading how much people write and how many people reply with so many ways to do something so simple.
  24. Splitthumb

    Non SASS Contender barrels

    You might try selling your barrels on ebay, I sold my forearm & pistol grip in less than a day . You'll want to run them on Thompson/ Contender Parts , good luck
  25. Lead Monger

    New Vaqueros Not Cocking At Times

    I'll bet if you took them apart and looked you could see a mark where the hand tail was hitting the grip frame. I could see a mark on the edge of the stake slot Ruger put in the frame. One revolver was completely inoperable when I installed lighter springs. Stoned a little of the tail and the gun works perfectly with the lighter springs.
  26. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Wild Bunch 1911

    Quite true!
  27. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

    Nipple Covers?

    I use the Pink Fuel line cut to length the Polymar Tubing used in Snowmobiles ... Buy by the Foot ... I find they last for about 200 hammer strikes each ... Jabez Cowboy
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