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  2. Boomstick Bruce

    Decided on the Baikal

    Do you know what chokes this uses? Maybe I'll just buy cylinder bore chokes for it... Or cut it and get it threaded...
  3. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Now don’t get me wrong

    Never heard of it.
  4. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Fur blanket

    Looks better with the fur side out, too.
  5. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Creamy or Chunky

    Supposed to be very well educated, but couldn't pronounce the power that drove his boat.... called it nuke-you-ler. Drove me nuts.
  6. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Ending a sentence with "just saying..."

    Rates right up there with "have a good one." Stupid!
  7. Forty  Rod SASS 3935

    Showing Respect

    California, NO. Utah and Arizona, usually.
  8. Major Art Tillery

    Winter Range Applications

    Still got room? Planning on getting my entry in this weekend.
  9. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/T non Cas Colt stainless lightweight commander

    Oops.....sorry about that. .45ACP as JMB intended.
  10. SouthwestShooter

    Ruger New Vaquero grips for sale

    are they the thin, gunfighter type or thicker? Thanks
  11. Yul Lose

    Showing Respect

    Observed the funeral procession for a slain Border Patrol officer a few years ago and the respect shown by motorists was remarkable. Thousands of motorists abandoned their vehicles and stood along the roadways saluting or holding their hands over their heart, it was a very moving sight. The procession started at Qualcomm stadium and then moved to the I8 freeway.
  12. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104


    Not at all. If you can't see the targets due to thick smoke, you have to adapt with an added layer to count by.
  13. Yul Lose

    Ending a sentence with "just saying..."

    Ya know what I’m sayin? Can’t stand that one either.
  14. Smokestack SASS#87384


    Different apotting criteria for different categories. Interesting.
  15. watab kid

    New to SASS and CAS

    gotta start somewhere and getting the gear is an ongoing event as we seem to always find more we want to get , even after years of doing it you will still be getting more stuff , part of the fun ,
  16. Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984

    Dang Navy recruiters!

    It ain’t funny!


    Is Winter Range full for this year? I have not much chatter about it this year. And there is no who"s coming list.
  18. Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770

    Daughter Is driving to Seattle need advice

    Even entering Cereal Land should be avoided. Personally, I simply refuse to part with any of my hard earned money to support their tax base. As a truck driver, I've had the misfortune of driving on their interstate. Too much of the time it's a six lane parking lot surrounded by city as far as the eye can see. I'd MUCH rather drive through someplace that's not. As I said in my previous post, one could probably save half a day or even more going 'most any other route, and see nicer scenery to boot.
  19. Too Tall Bob

    Staging a long gun vertically.

    Thanks pard!
  20. Abe E.S. Corpus SASS #87667

    Shot Gun AMMO (Newbie)

    One advantage in Wild Bunch is that the pump shotguns have ejectors. When my AA hulls get a bit “questionable” to shuck out of my double, I use them in the Model 12 and the ‘97.
  21. watab kid

    New to SASS and CAS, lots to learn!

    as you can see we have fun - you will too , the reloading becomes a part of that as you get into this game , its nice knowing you are shooting your own 'home rolled' and it will all get to be routine , the guns are fun , the loading rewarding , the matches the experience but the great folks you meet make the experience complete ,
  22. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104


    I rely on seeing and counting the target strikes, not hearing them as you infer. Hearing the targets being hit is reserved for black powder shooters.
  23. Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

    Staging a long gun vertically.

    Duce Stevens had a nice plan for a Cactus that allowed a long gun to be staged vertically. You might want to reach out to him. Don Coyote from the Arizona Yavapai Ranges built one, shoot him an email. Here is his email address: Don and Jamie Allen <[email protected]> TB


  25. Tennessee williams


    My posted definition remains. A lower than normal discharge sound does not constitute a squib. You not hearing the bullet strike steel does not constitute a squib (ever shoot a dead target?) My point about the squib is nobody on the face of the earth can say it was a squib. They can say it was a light round that couldve possibly been a squib, but they cant say it was a squib.
  26. watab kid

    Where are you headed in 2019?

    i will hit my regulars but yes , i have been thinking to open up to a few new ones , i dont get the time i want to do as much as i would like , but life is getting shorter and i would like to meet some more new folks , i will spend the next few months looking into it , then get n the vacation schedule i dont shoot winter up here because the reynolds has its way with my hands and feet to the point i cannot touch metal out in the cold - maybe one day ill get south in winter where its warm enough to shoot ,
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