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    Sigh.........First things first, if you go to Bordertown with the expectation that it is going to be anything other than it is especially in this day and age of information then you either were misinformed or oblivious to the obvious. The match was built on close targets and thrives on setting close targets. This thread was started in frustration plain and simple. Bordertown will sell out again......and then again. That being said there is no time like now for a couple of like minded individuals to pick a club in the middle of the country and have an "old school" 3 day match. Plan it, promote it, arrange posse requests,line up the porta potties and dumpsters, arrange to have a food vendor there. Decide what you are gonna do for a Saturday night party, order awards, and have some shooter raffles and door prizes. At the end hand out comment cards and you will be able to then see all that you did wrong. Get home after being on site all week only to open the wire and see that your match really wasn't all that and a bag a chips according to a jaded wire poster. Crack a beer and say to yourself "well that was worth a week of my own vacation time"..............but before you do all that......read the book.
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    Let him buy ammo for one of your guns and take the boy to the range for dad and son for quality time.
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    Some of you may remember a post I made a few months ago asking Whose Gun Cart Is This? Well the first response got it right as it was China Camps Gun Cart. Hipshot was able to contact Prairie Weet, China Camps widow and she told him that she had painted all of the artwork on the cart. Well a couple of years ago Gun Runner Pete, a pard from my area came across the gun cart cabinet up at Cowboys and Indians and Jim Bowie the owner of the store said he could have it because he was running out of room in his shop. Pete and his wife Fireball Rainey asked me if I could do something with the old cabinet and build a carriage or wagon for it but most of all they wanted me to preserve Prairie Weets paintings on whatever I did. Well the cabinet sat in my lumber room for a looong time and in January I decided to mill the major parts for the China Camp cart when I was milling the major parts for five other carts and thus get started on it. Nearly every day I’d walk past the cart and stop and think about how I was going to get all of that unique artwork off of that cabinet and onto one of the ones that I build. I’d lay awake at night and try to picture what it was going to take to successfully transfer those paintings and how to best present them. So here are a few before pictures of the original gun cart cabinet that was built out of 3/4” oak plywood and 1 1/8” pine or fir doors. The doors are now the door panels on the new cart and the Cowboy on the rocking horse is now on the front panel with the SASS Marshal inlayed in the chest. The turtle is inlayed in the side of the cabinet as is the China Camp brand with the original handle installed. You’ll notice a sub door on top of the cabinet and that is held in place by rare earth magnets. If Pete removes the subdoor he can carry his Sharps rifle on Side Match day at major matches, something he requested and that’s what I came up with. I installed 45-70 brass hanging pegs to take care of empty brass and hulls and whatever else they’d like to hang on the cart. This cart is a little heavier because it’s constructed out of red oak but the cabinet is not nearly as heavy or cumbersome as the old cabinet. Pete and Fireball were able to use this cart at the Western Divisional this weekend.
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    Texas stars, bird throwers and other action targets are fun and should be used in main matches more often.
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    If you have two people setting it - one to hold it still while the other "loads" it, then it actually goes pretty quickly. Stages with a Texas Star are always my favorites.
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    A note to all Forum Users: The goal of the SASS Wire Forums is to provide a fun and resourceful place that users can come and discuss topics in regards to SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting. We also want to celebrate free exchange of information and conversation, and realize that "spirited" discussion can happen at times when the subject matter is one that we feel passionately about. It can be a challenge to express ideas and opinions in the written word and nearly impossible to judge intent of the manner of which it is intended. Please keep that in mind when posting on the forums- be considerate of the challenges we all face when trying to communicate on the SASS Wire. We are not looking to curtail expression- everyone has their opinions and are entitled to them. We want to make sure that everyone is able to participate fully and express themselves without fear of ridicule. There IS a difference between a debate and an argument. Arguments are disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Treating each other with respect is paramount. Please be considerate of the challenges that we all face when trying to communicate on the SASS Wire. Please refer to the following excerpt from the Guidelines: Inappropriate or offensive content and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. To assist in defining inappropriate content, ask yourself the following questions when making a post: - Is this message SASS-related? (with the exception of the Saloon forum) - Is this message something most members would like to read? - Does this message add value to the forum? - Is this something I would say to a person face-to-face? *If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, please reconsider posting your message. IGNORE FEATURE TIP: If you find there is a forum user that you no longer wish to see posts from,-regardless of the reason, there is a feature built in to the SASS Wire Forums that allows you to "IGNORE" a User. There are a few ways this can be accomplished. You can either hover over the member's icon that you wish to ignore and a "Ignore" option will come up- taking you to your Ignored Users page within YOUR account. This is where you can manage the content you see within the Forums. You can also arrive at your Ignored Users page within your account by clicking on the down arrow next to your name/account info in the top right corner and select "Ignored Users". This is similar to "unfollowing" someone in Facebook. Thank you, Misty Moonshine & the SASS Wire Moderating Team
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    We got water. Can't drink it yet, but can wash and flush. And they got my power up about a half hour ago. Just at dark. Amazing how good the little things are.
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    e-mail sent to me On Monday, a friend played the Disney Lake Buena Vista course. As usual the starters matched him with three other players. After a few holes they began to get to know each other a bit. This is the rest of what he reports. One fellow was rather young and had his wife riding along in the golf cart with him. I noticed that his golf bag had his name on it and after closer inspection it also said - "wounded war veterans."When I had my first chance to chat with him I asked him about the bag. His response was simply that it was a gift. I then asked if he was wounded and he said yes. When I asked more about his injury, his response was, "I'd rather not talk about it, sir". Over a few holes I learned that he had spent the last 15 months in an army rehabilitation hospital in San Antonio, Texas. His wife moved there to be with him and he was released from the hospital in September. He was a rather quiet fellow; however, he did say that he wanted to get good at golf.We had a nice round and as we became a bit more familiar I asked him about the brand new set of Ping woods and irons he was playing. Some looked like they had never been hit. His response was simple. He said that this round was the first full round he had played with these clubs. Later in the round he told me the following. As part of the discharge process from the rehabilitation hospital, Ping comes in and provides three days of golf instruction, followed by club fitting. Upon discharge from the hospital, Ping gives each of the discharged veterans, generally about 40 soldiers, a brand new set of custom fitted clubs along with the impressive golf bags. The fellow I met was named Ben Woods and he looked me in the eye and said that being fitted for those clubs was one of the best things that ever happened to him and he was determined to learn to play golf well enough to deserve the gift Ping had given him. Ben is now out of the service, medically discharged just a month ago. He is as fine a young man as you would ever want to meet. Ping, whose products are made with pride here in Arizona, has the good judgment not to advertise this program. This sure beats the hell out of Nike's million dollars giveaways to athletes who will not respect our flag nor our Country. Ping, on the other hand, renews your faith in mankind, or at least the class of the PING Corporation Too bad PING doesn't take advantage of this wonderful program by advertising it. You can bet the Media won't do it for them. God Bless America. Thank you PING! May God Bless our Military!
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    An acquaintance ask me to work on his new REMLIN .44 mag/.44 special. (for those wondering, REMLIN is often used for the Remington made Marlin). I agreed with one exception..... I would smooth it up and check out its functioning, reliability, etc..... BUT, I wouldn't promise a good, reliable rifle in return. PLUS, also wouldn't charge normal work fees because I wouldn't be giving the rifle a Widdermatic mod, etc..... Anyhow, I was pleased with everything inside the rifle. I didn't see any bad machine marks or metal shavings in the rifle. I inspected the mag tube and it was clean. All in all, it was a fine rifle, considering its stiffness and rough feeling. There were 2 areas that I felt needed some extra attention: 1. Although I didn't 'mic' the chamber, it was on the tight side of SAAMI specs. My dummy rounds were a little sticky at times while functioning them in the rifle. 2. The 'slot' where the rear section of the carrier is placed inside the receiver was super tight. Almost to tight for the carrier to pivot up and down freely. I took a small diamond file to smooth up this area and I polished the rear area of the carrier and now everything feels good and smooth for the carrier to pivot freely. After putting in a 1-piece firing pin, stainless mag tube follower, and changing out a couple springs, PLUS smoothing up a couple critical areas that I normally work on, this particular .44 Remlin should be a nice rifle and function well. And one more thing: the timing is VERY GOOD for both the .44 Mag and the .44 Spl. I will recommend to the owner that he consider sending his carrier to Gunner Gatlin to have his timing 'perfected', but otherwise, this rifle should serve him well. Just thought I would share a little feedback on this experience. ..........Widder
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    Trigger Mike, I'm gonna suggest you look at this from a different point of view. Let your Son buy you something you will cherish and often use. Something that he will hear you brag about to your friends and want to show off. Let him spend a little extra money on you cause its important to him. If you go cheap and get a gun like a 'tackle box' pistol, it could diminish HIS JOY in getting you the gift. After all, YOU ARE HIS DAD. Let him show you how proud he is of YOU. Now, here is my suggestion: Let him get you a nice Browning Buckmark .22 pistol. This is something that when you pass it down, it will still be a quality pistol. I own 3 of them, plus a couple high dollar S&W .model 41's. And my Buckmarks are every bit as good as my model 41's, but they only cost about 1/3 as much. A relatively standard Buckmark will run about $300. Some of their nicer models run about $400-430 (dealer cost) OR... maybe one of the Browning 7/8 scale sized 1911-22. I have owned 3 of these (and still have 1 that I plan to keep) and all 3 were highly reliable and reasonably accurate. These are really a NICE pistol and they come in different variations, etc...... If you consider another .22 pistol, don't overlook the S&W M&P .22 Compact. This the one I keep loaded for my wife because it's a real nice DA/SA 10 shot pistol. Super reliable. And of course, the Ruger SR-22 rates right up there with all others. Don't deny your son the opportunity to get you something nice, they both you and he will be proud of to own and shoot..... and show to your friends. ..........Widder
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    I got to take my nephew out for his first buck last week. I'm proud of the kid. 91 yards off hand 1 shot, destroyed the heart but little meat loss. Better yet he wants to shoot cas.
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    I posted this on the SASS WIRE SALOON; however, for those who do not frequent it I posted it here too. OK. I'm prepared to take the heat on this one, but I have to let it out, since it's been an issue with me since I first started posting to the WIRES. We have a lot of members with years of experience under their gun belts, and those that have had life experiences and learned from them. We have former/current engineers, LEO's, computer geeks , business men/women, and many others with knowledge they can impart on those seeking answers to their questions. I have learned a lot since my first foray onto the WIRES, and have been grateful for the assistance I have gotten since then and continue to get today. I was raised to thank those who take the time to help someone, in whatever manner. What I see, all too often on the WIRES, are those who ask questions or seek advise, and receive excellent answers or suggestions, yet fail to show their appreciation. I'm not pointing fingers, but merely trying to raise an issue that needs attention. It pains me when I see this occur to the point that I end up posting a to the responder myself. (someone has to acknowledge their effort) In some cases, I see a Thank You given in a separate post, which carries the same gratitude that posting a does. Let's all try to be courteous to our fellow members when they offer up assistance to us. That's it for now, so I'll get off my .
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    Work on loading, shucking, pick ups and discards. Working or worrying about your splits is time and energy wasted.
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    Whenever I consider doing something a bit different I really weigh and measure why I want to do it (what is my intent for the change?). After writing stages for our State match of 200+ shooters for the last 13 years and also End Of Trail for the last couple I've learned a lot of lessons. I never write stages or set steel with the intent of challenging the shooters, its not my job to improve your skill set, and without a doubt that cannot be accomplished during a couple of stages at a match. You can achieve that challenge in other areas of the match where your top 10% can either live or die by it and your "I'm just here for a good time" shooters don't even notice it. I would personally never run a Texas star at a major match outside of side match day. Posses can be diverse from a working standpoint and there is no way to no increase the time in between shooters with a Texas star. There also needs to be two of them, if you have one go down (Murphys Law) then you will need to replace it or repair it during the match=potential nightmare. Monthly match?......let it rip. When folks have $500-$2000 dollars invested in your event plus vacation time I'm not risking ruining a good time just because. So many other ways to make matches more fun.
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    Finally finished making my new gun belt and holsters for my 1851 Conversions. I needed a new belt since the old one got too big and also needed two holsters for my new 1851's for some near future Frontier Cartridge fun. (Included pic of my Vaquero holsters for comparison)
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    He would have shot out of order and earned a P. As a gunfighter, I would have shot the second to last target then try to pick up the bad round on the last target of I had a clean match going. That also affords you the opportunity to load a round to shoot the last target.

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