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    Discussing matches is what the SASS Wire is for, all 13 of those threads are EXACTLY where they should be, we do not need another forum for match threads. Half the time threads about specific matches are the only ones on here worth reading anyway... If you don't wish to read them, or threads that ask questions about loading, or any other subject you don't like then don't read them, but please stop trying to tell the rest of us what we can or can't talk about....
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    At today's match I had four cowpokes tell me the confederate flag on my cart offended them. In response to their concerns this is what I'm wearing at the next match!
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    This has come up several times and at one time the moderators tried to force people to use the Events Wire. There are a few problems with the Events Wire. It orders things by date and does not move things to the front based on new posts. So, events that were a few months away stayed buried regardless of the interest in the thread. The biggest problem is that hardly looks at the events wire. The object of all the wires is to promote SASS shooting. Anything that promotes shooting is a good thing. After a general revolt by the wire participants the policy was changed and discussing shooting events on the SASS wire was declared OK. Simple solution is not to read posts that do not interest a reader of the various wires.
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    I took a friend to a local modern gun type match today (Steel Challenge). It's a game I really enjoy. Anyway, we finished up late, about 2:15 or so when we left the range. We stopped on the way home at a local spot for lunch. Walked in all grimy, wearing shorts and a T-shirt. What did I hear? "Doc!" I looked over and there was Allie Mo finishing up drinks with Pinto Annie! Apparently Pinto Annie was just telling Allie Mo that she'd like to see Doc and Blackjack Traven while in town. BJT wasn't with me (we're going to meet Thursday after work for a beer). I haven't seen Pinto Annie since the OR state match in 2010. What a wonderful surprise to find out she was in town. She followed me back to the house and joined us for dinner and got to meet my wife for the first time. It's about the people. We make friends all over, and it's amazing to find them again unexpectedly. This really made my weekend.
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    I have encountered so many good people in gun stores and at gun shows on both sides of the counter or table, but all it takes is one Goon-boy to screw up the whole experience. The one guy that stands out in my mind as the all time biggest Goon-boy that I have encountered was "Corn Chip Man". Back in 2009 when the Greatest Gun Salesman of all time was in his first year in office I was at my local gun store in Concord, NC. I bring up the "Greatest Gun Salesman" because he plays a part in my story here. One Saturday I went to my local gun shop to look at an AR-15 they had on sale. It was a Century Arms built with Colt parts for $700. (Do not get into bashing this as I will not respond to it and may consider you a "goon-boy" too) AR's at a decent price were rare in those days so I was curious. There were 2 people working in the gun store. A man and a woman. The Owner had just left to run an errand. I asked to look at the AR that they had on sale and the lady handed me one from the rack of a dozen or so behind the counter. I had never owned an AR but knew a good bit about them and had shot a bunch of them. I asked the lady if what I had heard was true that Century had the upper and lower receivers made and then assembled the rifle with Colt parts. She explained the details. It was a Century Arms A2-M4 if I remember correctly. I figured for $700 and the scarcity of AR's at the time that I would probably buy it. Queue "Corn Chip Man" - A fat mouth breather standing at the vending machine inserting coins. "Yer not gonna buy that thing are ya?" Me "Not sure yet..." I was looking it over. I liked it because of one thing. My Uncle Tom carried the M-16 version in Vietnam. It had the carry handle... "Ya know, Century Arms is a god-forsaken blah, blah, blah...Blah, blah ba-bla-blah-blah..." Corn Chip Man noisily opens his bag of chips leaning on the counter to my right about 5 feet away. He stuffs his big grubby hand into the bag and noisily rattles the bag working his fingers in search of what must have been the perfect chip. Obviously this chip must have only been detectable by touch and it apparently resided in the bottom of that noisy, crinkly plastic bag He pulled out ONE chip and stuffed into his maw. Okay, at this point I had a fantasy that the lady behind the counter hands me a full magazine as I look at the gun, I load and charge the rifle, turn and put 30 little tiny holes into the man making the one noise in this world that WILL make me cuss in church! He continues rattling the bag and eating ONE FLIPPIN" CHIP AT A TIME interjecting his goon-boy opinions of what I should be spending MY money on because " the new 'humpty-dumpty model' of the Stick up my Bum Rifle Company has a BLAH that actually blah-blah-blahs" He keeps blathering and rattling that damnedable bag...It's almost empty..."Good!" I tell the lady I want the rifle. She asks me if there is anything else I need and I proceed to walk around the store grabbing a few mil-spec mags and looking over the surplus ammo. Of course Corn Chip Man had to interject his vast knowledge of the nuances of the various ammo at me as I looked it over...they had one heck of a selection of 5.56 ammo, which was surprising for that time. As I walked to the back of the store they had a wall of AK-47's of various makers and countries of origin. I really didn't want or like AK's, still don't, but there was one that had had a tag on it for months that said "Display Only - Not For Sale". It was a Norinco AK-47 and it belonged to the owner. I had seen it many times. Everyone laughed at the Norinco AK's until they found out that they are the most robust AK out there, then all of a sudden they were accepted...I digress. That AK had a new price tag on it. That price was $750. That AK was mine! Another guy had walked up next to me looked at that AK and his eyes changed. I did something a bit out of character for me, before he could say a word I yelled out to the lady or man, who ever, "I want this Norinco AK too." The lady came back , plucked it from the wall and handed it to me. I carried it to the front of the store as the lady told me that the owner had literally just changed the tag right before I got there. He had decided to sell it . Corn Chip Man went full-on Kindergarten tantrum! "THAT"S MY GUN! Bob promised it to me if he ever sold it!" The man behind the counter came over and they had a heated but quiet conversation while I discussed terms on both rifles with the lady. Corn Chip Man had calmed down. The lady said I needed to fill out 2 documents for the purchase, the typical Federal form. so I grabbed a pen and got to work. Corn Chip Man bought another bag of chips and a Cheerwine (cherry soda). He placed himself about 5 feet away from me again and began rattling and slurping, rattling and slurping...rattle rattle rattle crunch crunch crunch SLURP rattle rattle rattle crunch crunch slurp... I lost it. I could not take it any more (I will leave out the very colorful expletives) I flipped out on the guy. "IF YOU RATTLE THAT "BLEEPING" BAG ONE MORE "BLEEPING" TIME I AM GONNA SHOVE THAT BOTTLE UP YOUR "BLEEPING" BLEEP" AND THEN KICK YOUR "BLEEPING BLEEP" OUT INTO THE "BLEEPING" PARKING LOT WHERE I WILL "BLEEPING" TEAR YOUR ARM OFF AND "BLEEPING" BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH IT!" Like I said, I lost it. Complete and utter silence filled the gun store. It was serene with a hint of eau-de Hoppes #9. Silence is Golden...and so was the expression of the half dozen or more people in the gun shop. Corn Chip Man stood there...Maw agape, eyes wide, grubby hand in bag...he just stood there. Then he snapped out of it. Turned and left the store. I heard an engine start and tires crunching in the gravel of the parking lot. I turned and looked at the man and woman behind the counter. They were smiling at me. I was expecting to be thrown out of the store. The door of the store opened and the owner walked in. He stopped, looked around and said "What's going on?". The lady spoke up "This man, Tom, just sent Bill packing. He yelled at him for rattling his chip bag and Bill left...well, it was a bit more than that but he yelled at Bill and Bill left." The owner looked at me, smiled, and said "You should come around here more often." The lady said "He's buying two guns, including your AK...Bill got pretty mad that he was buying it. Said you promised it to him" The owner said "Ha, to hell with him. The only money he ever spends here is in that danged potato chip machine" Apparently "Bill" the goon-boy "Corn Chip Man" wasn't very well thought of. SInce I was buying two guns and ran Bill off the owner gave me $50 off the rifles and all the magazines at half price. I bought 6 of each mag for each gun. And he threw in 200 rounds of Russian 7.62x39 ammo for free. So, there was a happy ending... I went to that store all the time after that. If Bill was there when I walked in he left in short order and never said a word. Silence is Golden.
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    The op is correct. 13 posts about matches on the first page is just wrong. I better bump my Eldorado post back to the first page and make it 14 posts. That will make it much better.
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    This will probably be moved to the Saloon. BUT, this should give a whole new meaning to the phrase...."The South shall rise again". ..........Widder
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    Early in my SASS career my wife wanted to see what I do at a cowboy shoot. We brought along our 8 month old daughter and gave her hearing protection so she wouldn't be startled. Fast forward 15 years that same girl, Abi Oakley is the Heluva Rukus 2017 New York State Ladies Young Gun Champion. I am so very proud of my babygirl. I had to share and brag a little.
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    Gripe all 'ya want & read what 'ya want, just remember we are doing this game to have FUN
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    I had all the gear at one point in time and used to shoot it once a month......every month. For me it became more exclusive and I feel that CAS is more inclusive. And as a match director for CAS matches it gets a little daunting hearing the same tiny faction of Wild Bunch shooters beat their chests about how superior WB is to CAS.The exclusiveness and attitude that goes along with it has not done WB any favors at all. Locally (read midwest/mideast) we get pretty darn good participation when WB is run like a CAS match. One of the things that has always made CAS work is that it's a "every mans" game. Just speaking for me personally my wife wants nothing to do with a 1911 shooting 150 powder factor, but I would not expect that to change either. Just like in any business or game if you want growth, sometimes you have to get out of your own way. I wish WBAS all the best, I really do. These are just my observations.
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    Careful now... Black Powder Matters.
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    This is the gun cart that I just finished, a little later than anticipated. This was the cart that I auctioned off at the Western Divisional last year up at Norco. The proceeds went to help rebuild the Calon Cowboys range that was heavily damaged by fire last year. I met with the auction winner and her husband at the Territorial Prison Break match in Yuma, Az. In January and we started planning her cart and here's what I came up with. As you can see the cart is constructed out of black walnut with cherry, spokes, door panels and back panels. She wanted to be able to display the concho that she's won. So I built a couple of display plaques that will display a total of four conchos. The plaques are very easy to remove so that you can add more concho or change out conchos depending on what she wants to display. She wanted a tissue box and mirror and some hangers in the cabinet for a jacket and purse. I also used some 45-70 brass and gave her a couple of hanging locations on the push handles and the umbrella holder. I'm building a bracket for her SG cleaning brush that will go on the inside of the right door. Double Diamond (Darrell Brinkmeir) from Escondido, Ca. does all of the leather work on my gun carts and he worked very closely with the lady on the tooled leathe medallion on the front of the chest. In my opinion it's the best one that he's ever done. He also did the leather work on the concho display plaques. Thank you Double Diamond, I think you hit this one out of the park. The inner tubes were replaced with the Stop A Flat foam tubes so she won't have to worry about flat tires. I deliver it to Colorado next month on my way to Wyoming to hunt buffalo.
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    We love to make fun of Rye. The once 44-40 Black Powder shooter -- Turned 44-40 Smokeless shooter -- Turned 38 Special Smokeless Shooter. But really, Rye loves this game, and has given so much of himself to making it better for NE Ohio shooters. Take for example, his "First Wednesday" shoot at Firelands. Rye puts these shoots together April thru November . Today, 15 shooters, mostly old & retired folks, got together on a beautiful late summer day and did what we love to do. Without Rye's dedication, we would have been mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, etc. You get the picture. So.....A big "Thank You" to Rye, for all he does to make our sport better. Cowboy shooters around here may not say it, but we appreciate it. --Dawg
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    One of my best customer gets a Christmas present from me . I send him a new Dremel tool every year.
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    Florida elementary students praised for folding American flag in pouring rain
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    I wouldn't glue anything to my balls. It's just not a good idea.
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    Sorry I couldn't help myself.
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    NOTE: NOT meant to be political. All the powers that be... just delete if you think it is. Sure.... ts
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    Mr. Steel, my initial reaction when I first saw your post was to ignore it, but I have since changed my mind. You admit yourself that you are fairly new, and it’s understandable that you are not aware of the long history the OP of the other thread has in trying to dictate (sometimes rather rudely himself) to everyone else on here what topics they can or can’t discuss. You say he was clearly just making a suggestion, no, to those of us that have been here for years he was clearly bring up an old rant that most of the rest of us are tired of hearing. You also do not know me, or anyone else that commented on it, yet you jump to conclusions about what our intentions were with our responses. You didn’t hesitate to totally slam me when you didn’t have any clue as to how I meant my comment, even though you stated that none of the other people posting (who might actually know me better) seemed to have a problem with what I said. You accuse me of ruining someone else’s day, well, what do you think you did to mine? Are you saying it’s acceptable for you to ruin my day just because I may have ruined someone else’s, even though you have no proof of that, nor any knowledge of the history of the topic or of the personalities of the posters? I have news for you sir, I have been going through a very difficult time in my life the last few months, and the SASS Wire and my family here is one of the only things that is helping me through it. Maybe my comment didn’t come out exactly as polite as you thought it should have been, but it’s extremely difficult not to take exception to someone trying to control everyone else’s conversations when those conversations are about the only human contact you have. I was not trying to be rude, or harsh, or nasty…but I was trying to get across that the rest of us have the right to post things related to CAS that don’t violate any rules if we so choose to. If no one wants to read them, the posts will move down and be forgotten soon enough. I guarantee you, if I had been trying to be rude, there would have been absolutely NO doubt whatsoever in anyone’s mind of that, and most likely the moderators wouldn’t have had to look at it twice before removing it. One comment someone else made on there was rather rude and it has been removed, but both of mine are still there, strangely enough that should tell you something. From the amount of likes on both, it seems like I’m not the only one that feels that way either. Again, I was in no way trying to be rude, simply trying to stick up for the majority of folks on here that actually do enjoy the kinds of posts that the original OP wants banished, not because the posts are against any rules but simply because HE doesn’t want to read them. So much for OUR freedom of speech…. Sometimes the conversations on here aren’t always what they seem to be on the surface if you don’t know the people well, but make perfect sense to those of us that have been around for a while. I am not arguing the idea of politeness and manners being important here, yes I do agree they are. 99% of the time, I do make an effort to be polite, unless I am having fun with my close friends then in that case anything goes, and both ways. (Shut up, Slim and Rye!) You weren’t around when we had one person on here that made a habit of being truly rude on a regular basis, i.e. calling fellow shooters things like idiot or idjit, moron, sheeple, twisting aliases into something demeaning or even worse. Things have improved greatly since that person is no longer around, and I am definitely grateful for that. But since you don’t know the rest of us all that well, your post attacking me when you had no idea of my intent was far ruder than anything I said. I would like to suggest that you or anyone else new take a bit more time to get to know the folks that post here regularly, before you start trying to decide based on one comment just how big a person each one really is. You will have a much easier time turning these folks from strangers to friends or family that way than you will jumping to conclusions and publicly slamming someone you don’t know. There's a lot of wonderful people on here, but you can't tell who they are based off of just one or two comments, it takes more than a post or two to figure it out. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting to know me, I’m thinking as much as I need this place right now it’s probably time for me to take a break from here before I do decide to be rude…..
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    Hi Folks. When I first became a Moderator, I tried to get people to use the Events forum. They rebelled and wrote Misty. She basically said. let them post match information wherever they want. I almost got rope burn on my neck from that. So, the "people have spoken" about this topic. Regards, Allie Mo
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    After shooting Outlaw for 7 or 8 years now I can tell you there are lot more cowboy/girls and littlens that have lots more shooting problems to worry about Outlaw shooting. Outlaw is not for everyone and if your club does not approve of the Outlaw style ,,,,don't do it,,,, Follow the rules of the range/club that you are shooting at. I attend and run a very successful shooting range in Texas and have only had a few shooting problems on the range.. None of those problems came from an Outlaw shooter. Please don't look down or disapprove of this style until you try it. I can remember 15 years ago I said I would never shoot CAS. I just did not like it!!!!!!!!..This year at the Bar 3 will be hosting the 10th World Championship of Outlaw Shooting. Have fun and B safe while shooting any style,,,,,,, if you have problems please ask for help. T-Bone
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    Most Outlaws including myself do not want it to be an official category. That is just part of being an Outlaw. Smoke
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    I have to chime in here ,I have never seen what Deuce has experienced except with IPSC and IDPA .We hold at least one or two WB matches every month and have always tried to be as warm and welcoming as possible to all .In my experience it hasn't been the round count that has held people back ,its the rifle caliber . Folks usually would have no problem buying a new pistol ,especially if its the Super amazing 1911(of which I am quite a fan) .But to buy both a shotgun and a dedicated rifle as well is just too much. The 97 can be had relatively cheaply but usually not a decent rifle. Personally though ,I think the biggest barrier right now is the ridiculous scoring system that is actively driving people away from the sport . For a member of the WB rules committee to come onto the wire and admit that the scoring at the last TWO years of both the worlds and the national championships has been flawed and erroneous is flabbergasting to me .. Once, maybe could be forgiven ,but then if it was recognized why hasn't it been fixed?? To place the third place category winner as the overall winner is ludicrous ,even if it happens because of some automatic flawed algorithm . Fix it or don't use it. I have the deepest respect for everyone who was involved in that latest debacle at EOT ,but im afraid that scoring system needs to be attended to .........and fast . For some reason I am only able to reply to selective posts on the wild bunch wire other wise my opinions would be expressed there as well
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    Hello Folks, My personal political feelings aside, wearing my Moderator hat, I believe this thread has become political. Whenever, I need to watch a thread to ensure that any reference to the current political situation is hidden, I believe it is my duty to stop these threads as they come afoul of the Guidelines. I have set aside my personal opinions, and been slammed for that, to enforce the Forum Guidelines. That said, I do not disagree with the Guidelines. They keep our sport out of discussions that have nothing to do with our sport or could have a detrimental effect on our beloved sport. Political posts are not allowed. Therefore, I am closing this thread. Regards, Allie Mo
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    We went on a tour of a couple of our favorite gunshops yesterday. At the first one was this 1873 made in 1889 Winchester in 38WCF. A little rough on the outside but looks to be complete and original. The general operation seems to be in order. The bore is dark but the rifling looks strong and sharp. We went back today with trading stock. The gunshop guy had no problems letting me take the side plates off to examine the links and bolt. Not that I'm an expert, I didn't see any damage or poor repair. We made a swap. It was a local gun. Grandpa passed away. The grandkids got the gun and promptly traded in for tacticool guns. It'll be fun to unravel just what I have. Just up the road is a rabid Winchester collector. I may start by letting him give info on the gun. I intend to shoot it but not in any hurry. I have an old gunsmith buddy that knows a lot about these old guns. A few of the screws are buggered up. He may have original parts. I'll probably slug the barrel to see where to start on bullet size. Then I'll get dies and bullets.
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    One year ago today I ended my 43 year employment with the Coca-Cola. Haven't got much done around the house but the wife and I are shooting a lot. By the way, my new job has great benefits.
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    Once things settle down and your recovery efforts take care of the immediate needs, you will want to start getting back to normal. For those of you who have had damage to any images which Sexie Sadie or I have made for you over the years, we will replace them with a digital version. We have archived files stretching back to 1993 (digital files from May 1998 to present). We will replace images digitally at no charge. See our most current contact information on our web site majorphoto.com as our snail mail address changed last year and our email server may change shortly (Google Fiber has arrived in our neighborhood). Call or email us with any questions or special requests. We prefer email contact before calling (we use a call blocker). Meanwhile, our prayers are with you
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    It was determined at the beginning that shells could be staged though it was never written down. with only 2 posses communication was easy. I will tell everyone that no one complained about not winning the keys to the new cadillac because of this. the main concern was to have fun and enjoy the sport--we often have modified the stages (first posse to get to it) and let the other posses know. I can see the rules were broken about the shooter not bringing this ammo with him and he has been thrown out of the club, all his guns were melted down and he had to stand in front of the troop and have his brass buttons pulled off and his saber broken in half. He now travels the old west righting the wrongs while using his broken saber as a large Bowie knife--does this once a week. cheyenne
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    I'll take those songs any day over the pop and rock that passes for country today. Nothing against pop and rock. I just don't like it when they try to tell me it's country.
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    Yeah. Foot. That's what I was thinking.
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    Is it cold where you are? Cold can cause shrinkage.
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    Rounds/ guns/ props carried to the line and/ or staged for or even corrected for the shooter has always been a no call as long as it was done prior to the beep. Shoot - I can't count how many times, as a mentor, I have walked up behind a new/ learning shooter and either moved their guns (in the case of my daughter or wife) or suggested to a shooter to modify their gun placement on a table, windowsill, fence, etc.? Or physically corrected a rear edge of the trigger guard on table violation for them? Or how many times I have carried long gun(s) to the line for an older or health failing shooter and staged them appropriately for them. Or adjusted the shooter to a better position. Or gave them direction on how to shoot the stage - where to move to - how to round count - etc, etc, etc. IMO There can be no penalty for assistance given to the shooter as long as the actions are performed prior to the beep. And these actions do not change the actions performed on the clock from what is required of/ or allowed to any other shooter on the clock.
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    I have an official work shop in my basement. FIVE work tables with stuff on each of them for different task. Well, it seems that I was getting tired of all the sweet smelling, perfume like, gun cleaning solutions and lubricants. My 'gun room' just didn't seem to have that 'right' smell, if you know what I mean. Sooooooooooooo, yesterday I bought me a couple bottles of Hoppes #9. Poured one bottle into a spray bottle. I left the empty bottle open on the work table to allow the smell to permeate and of course, will use the spray bottle to spray on dirt and grime. NOW, the work room smells right. There's just something about Hoppes #9 that seems to give proper 'christening' to a gun room. And as the old commercial use to say......."A Little Dab Will Do Ya". ..........Widder
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    Remington, you have not been around here long enough to understand what is going on with this post. JB is always trying to tell everyone what and where they should post. He is just getting a dose of his own attitude. The response you have an issue with was posted by a very sweet lady who is always willing to help anyone, and who has donated vast amounts of her time and talent for SASS fund raising for many clubs. Her post was not mean-spirited it was just JB's own words and attitude directed back at him. I fully support her and her response, she beat me to it, though she was much nicer about it than I would have been.
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    no, I didn't miss it, I know exactly where it is.....that's fine for posting details, but sometimes some of us actually want to talk about a match....if you don't want to read the discussion, then don't but leave those of us that do alone....nobody goes to the events wire to talk about how much fun a match is....
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    This one is MY favorite...
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    Hi Folks, We have received complaints about the plethora of pinned posts that grow and grow. In an attempt to minimize the number of pinned posts here on The Wire, after they have been pinned for a month or so and are of general interest, especially to newcomers, we will move them to the SASS Wire FAQ forum. There may be exceptions. For example, the pinned post with the EOT 2018 dates was moved to the Events Forum's sub forum titled End of Trail. If you do not see that forum, click on the Home link on the upper left of any SASS Forums page. That will display all of the SASS Forums. Aside: I have received PMs from several TGs who cannot find the TG forum. Clicking on the Home link will resolve that problem too. Happy Reading and Welcome Newcomers! Regards, Allie Mo
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    Well Pards, Today is an auspicious occasion. You see a few years ago while serving as a Deputy Sheriff I was injured on duty and it ended my career. Now as we all know Law Enforcement is a contact sport and I'm grateful that the Lord was watching over me. But after the smoke cleared and the bills started to pile up I needed to bring in some money post haste. So with a tear in my eye I was forced to parted with my CAS firearms. However, since I sold my shooters to only friends and family we made the agreement that if ever the chance arose that I would in fact be allowed to buy them all back. So after six long years of physical and financial recovery I decided to give my old partner a call to see if he might return my long lost and dearly departed shooters to the loving arms (and holsters) of their right full owner. Well needless to say, when a true friend gives his word he keeps it and that's exactly what he did. So this afternoon with a knock on the door, my buddy returned my 66 Yellow Boy, my 1878 coach gun and both of my stainless 357 New Vaqueros. Yes sir, it feels like Christmas came early today. But to be honest, the best present is knowing that I have friends that are as good as their word. Take care
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    So, it finally ain't "cowboy shooting with a 1911!" Frankly, if you ain't gonna shoot WB due to some reason other'n mag capacity, this doesn't affect you, and comments to that affect are simply of no consequence. I don't see WB as taking anything "away" from cowboy action. In fact, IMO, it's simply another gun game, using similar long guns. The 1911 is as much an iconic gun as the Colt Peacemaker. From the sound of some responses, it makes me wonder if some folks also don't complain that they can use their .38/.357 lever rifle in NRA Small Bore Leveraction Silhouette matches. Excuses as to WHY one doesn't play, are just that; excuses. I survived for 30+ years shooting cowboy action without the acquisition, or even feeling deprived without the possession of an 1897 Winchester pump shotgun. My 870 is a much better pump, and identical in operation to the ones I had to qualify with, and regularly handle in police duties. I simply didn't WANT one. It wasn't required for cowboy action, and again, frankly IMNSHO, not well suited to cowboy action to begin with. Along comes WB, a game designed around a handgun I'm familiar with, own a few, albeit, with an odd twist, limited to 5 rounds in the mag. Surely not I said to myself. But, yes, the rules were quite clear. They were also quite clear regarding the type and gauge of shotgun, and style and caliber of rifle. I asked if an Auto 5 shotgun could be substituted for the 1897. I'd always been intrigued by the Auto 5... here's an good excuse to get one. The answer was "no." But, I didn't need the attention by publicly haranguing the Rules Committee about their obvious lack of foresight by including this fine arm in the very short acceptable list. Afterall, you can stoke up the mdl 1897 and blast away at targets without the 2-by-2 silliness of cowboy action! At least they got that RIGHT from the very beginning! Now that the mdl 12 is approved, the Auto 5 is simply a matter of time! I can wait! Eventually the Rules Committee with see the light... as I need an excuse to buy one.. If you play no gun games other than cowboy, okay, so be it. WB is no skin off your nose. If like many others, you do play other gun games, surely you don't expect those games to allow your cowboy guns! Yeah, some can be played with your cowboy guns, I've shot a 3-gun match with mine... I sure paid for the fun in misses & penalties tho! Even shot Skeet with my coach gun... and my longer barreled side-by-side... Loads of fun... A few funny looks, and some of disdain, after all, it ain't a Citori, or Perrazzi. Didn't hurt me. Especially when scores were read! It would be interesting to see how many folks think it would be a good idea to use an 1895 Winchester in a "Vintage Military Rifle Match". As a final comment, rules are rules. Several changes in cowboy action rules have NOT been for the betterment of the game. Some have actually not been in the best interests of safety. I would certainly hate for that to happen to WB. And while I'd love to have a good excuse to buy an Auto 5, if that change were to lead to including other shotguns, long guns and pistols, I'm all for leaving it alone. Inclusiveness is not necessarily always a good goal. 30+ categories should be proof enough of that! Matches that have little to do with target shooting ability and simply reward raw speed are also not necessarily a good thing, in and of itself. I still enjoy shooting cowboy action. I learned a LONG time ago, that competing against oneself is the greatest form of competition there is, whether one finds oneself in the thick of the running, or somewhere near the bottom, any measurement of how one does is important... Whether one shoots for score and "X" count or ticks on a clock. A sport that measures how you do against others with very few differences in equipment can be eye-opening. If you refuse to buy into the game on account of a philosophical difference in caliber or gauge, it's your loss. (Oh yeah, I now have 3 1897s)!
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    I like to dabble in the OUTLAW "category", occasionally... There are lots of "unofficial" categories to play with.
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    I've been involved in CAS and SASS for about 11 years and I have to say it's changed my life. I realized right away that because of my physical limitations with spinal scoliosis and all that I wasn't going to have to worry about winning matches, although I did win one back in 2010. I have met so many good people and made so many new friends that after all these years my close friends, all most all of my friends for that matter are cowboy action shooters. I used to belong to and be an officer of a woodworking club and I made a few friends there but not like the ones that I've met in CAS. Let me give you an example that happened today. I had to replace the coolant recovery bottle on my RV as I'm taking it to the beach this weekend for my daughter and her family to stay in. I've been putting this job off for quite awhile because it is rather involved and involves a lot of work down on the floor. I mentioned to Double Diamond that that's what I was going to do the other day when I picked up some gun cart pieces that he had worked his magic on. He does all of the leather work for my gun carts. Anyway today I called him and asked him if he'd be available to give me a hand if I needed it and he said that he would but he had an appointment in the morning. Well I was in the house later in the morning and my dog started barking and I heard a car horn honking. Double Diamond was out in front of my RV ready to go to work. I guess he knew that I was a little to proud to ask for help and he came out on a whim just in case he could help out. Well it was 106 degrees out and I was just about worn out but he insisted on helping me get it done. Within the first 20 seconds of crawling under the RV he got a shot of coolant right in the eye. Well he washed it out and crawled right back down there and worked for well over four hours helping me get the tank and hose changed out. He was a dirty, sweaty mess when he got done. I could never have got the job done without him and then when I tried to pay him he REFUSED to accept any payment from me, he said it was a cowboy favor!! I'm sure there are more tales like this that I could tell about because I've had so many pards and pardetts do so many good things for me over the years but this one was special. Match days are high points of the week for me anymore because I get to see a whole bunch of the best people in the world and I get to call them my friends.
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    I particularly enjoyed Kurt Russell with his bazooka.... Actually, I don't believe that any of those toys would be illegal today....some communities have tried to ban or restrict toy guns, but other than forcing those orange tips, I don't believe any are actually illegal. Some "toys" have been banned for safety issues (Lawn Darts) or restricted by age or parental approval (BB guns). But for the most part, toy guns are still legal in most places. The real issue is consumer attitudes. Our society has lost its way, equating gun ownership and toy gun play with criminality. My childhood friends and I shot thousands of rampaging Indians, charging Nazis, and assorted bad guys; not one of us grew up to be serial killers, drug dealers or assassins. There was never any thought in our minds that it was somehow "OK" to randomly shoot other people; we were not desensitized to violence; we did not lose our respect for the deadly potential of guns. We all knew that we were PLAYING. And in the course of that play, we reinforced the ideal of wanting to be the "good guy", who acted within the confines of a code of honor, protected the weak, and risked his own life to save others. Where is that in today's play? Teach your kids the important lessons, and let them play! LL
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    OK, my mistake GunFighter is too much fun to give up --Dawg
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    Sounds like BS to me. Probably afraid his wife will out shoot him. PS my wife is a multi time State and Regional SASS champion. She can out shoot most of the officers on my department. If given a choice of partner in a gunfight, I'll take my wife any day of the week.
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    A picture of a doughnut hole. Some powder charge and shot weight. The difference is the wad. I was shooting with a good pard that was shooting loads with at least double the powder charge as my loads. He was using the massive charge to fill the space in the hull. I gave him my recipe and he thanked me about every match for a year.
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    Sorry, but I think that is a bunch of hogwash. I don't shoot Black Powder, but my loads are 7/8 oz of shot, running at less than 1000 FPS. They NEVER fail to KD the targets. NEVER!!! Loading up Rhino Roller loads is foolish at best, and certainly not necessary. The only certain result is more RECOIL, which is not desirable in the first place. RBK
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    No. IMHO the UTO job is to confirm the firearm is unloaded when it is shown to him by the Owner. When I'm the UTO I will not touch another's firearm because I would be 100% responsible for any monetary damage from my trying to help.