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    I once saw a husband TO for the wife. She gave him a kiss before she got to the line. She managed to have a really nice run and shot the stage clean. I was the next shooter and tried to give the TO a kiss as well. He wasn't having any of that. I had a really poor run with several misses. That one still gets me to this day. If a TO is gonna kiss one shooter, then he needs to be fair and kiss them all.
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    ...forgot to mention that's the most STOOPID reason for nullifying a call I've ever heard.
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    I shot End of Trail from 1985-2004. First in Coto de Caza, Calif. then we moved to Norco, Calif. These are some pictures from back then. First, there was only One handgun, shotgun, rifle. Second, there were NO Gun carts, you carried your long guns and rested them on the toe of your boot Later some gun racks were placed for us waiting to shoot. Third, there were NO Posse system, you just lined up with your buddies and talked while waiting to shoot. Fourth, there were NO timers, we used stop watches or the second hand on our wristwatch. Fifth, everyone was a safety officer, we watched out for major violations, but there were very few. Sixth, everyone had a great time. Most showed up and camped for 4-5 days with tents, teepees, or camper vans, motorhomes. I hope you enjoy seeing pictures from Coto de Caza, End of Trail. just sayin' Big Jake 1001 SASS Life.
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    As some of you might remember last year's was kind of rough for me. My brother a couple friends and Step Dad died, and coming back home from my Step Dads funeral our dog had a stroke and had to be put down. So we did all.the morning and decided it was time for a new dog. My wife and I prefer heeler but my wife found a 6 month old blue tick hound that said come get me, so we did, his name is Jethro. We were going to train him for search and rescue till I found out how much work is involved in training, I just do not have anywhere near that kind of time for that kind of training right now. Hoping to be retired soon, so might start then.
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    A fine day to shoot black powder at Revenge of Montezuma. Cool temperatures, drizzling rain and no wind. :D
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    Thanks folks...I'm humbled. This day is always about my Mom for it was her day more than anyone else. She's been gone for 26 years now...think about her nearly every day. But the 3 days I think most about her are on Her birthday, Mother's Day, and the day she worked so hard to bring me into this world. Thanks Allie and others for your kind thoughts. Phantom
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    Today was the best day I’ve had in nearly four months. I got the caudle injection that I needed to calm my sciatic nerve down. Before EOT I had two 90 minute acupuncture sessions that helped me on the trip to EOT, at EOT and the return home. My pain was there but it wasn’t acute like it has been for the last 3+ months. My old doctor couldn’t see me after I got un-enrolled from my HMO because he had his knee replaced and won’t be back to work until September so my wife called my old pain management clinic and lined up an appointment for this afternoon with my old pain doctor hoping that my new doctor, who I saw this morning, would refer me. My appointment with my new doctor at 7:30 this morning got off to a bad start when I was informed that my new doctor was on vacation and couldn’t get back for two more days, however a doctor from over on the coast was filling in and she was running late. I’d waited in a little exam room for nearly an hour and read all of the reading material and was just about ready to leave when the door opened and one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen walked in and introduced herself. Tall, blond, thirty something, what more could a guy ask for? Well she sat down and we visited for a minute and she asked me what I was there for and I said “A physical examination.” Without missing a beat she says “ You’re out of luck I don’t give physicals on Wednesday, what do you really want to see me about?” So I told her that I needed a referral for the injection and to a spinal physical therapy clinic that had been recommended by a friend of mine. She said no problem with either one did an examination and sent me on my way. My appointment with the pain management doctor was at 2:30 and my wife told me that I shouldn’t be to upset if they would t give me the injection today. Well I bet her that they would and she bet me dinner at the restaurant of my choice that they wouldn’t do the injection. We got to the pain clinic and I was called in right away and within 20 minutes I was back out in the lobby ready to leave and pain free for the first time since March 2nd. She was blown away that they had got me in and did the procedure that fast. The doctor told me that from now on I didn’t need a referral and all I had to do was call over and schedule an injection, hopefully that won’t be for a couple of years. Here I waited nearly four months in incredible pain at times for a 20 minute procedure that could have been done by my HMO but they refused on numerous occasions to do it and wanted to put me on addictive and mind altering drugs instead. Amazing.
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    I'll bet alcohol was involved.
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    WHATEVER he needs to participate... Make it happen. Match Directors are generally folks who love this game and bleed for this game. And I cannot think of one that I have ever spoken with that would not accommodate any safe elderly or disabled shooter that wanted to play. I know I have adapted stages on the fly and created exceptions that affected no one else simply to allow a shooter one more chance to shoot. I have broken rules and conventions to accommodate a shooters needs. I have run a shooter thru a match with the timer clipped to my hat; one hand wrapped up in his suspenders to keep him on his feet, the other supporting his long gun. And yes, I loaded his shotgun for him from my belt. Complete and total disregard for rules and conventions. He passed a few years ago and if I could get him back for one more match; I would do it all over again. This shooter continued shooting until the end; coming in last every match. Our actions didn't harm anyone or change the match for anyone; but they meant the world to him. When he finally passed; his eulogy was read, one that he himself had written. And he used his final words on this plane of existence to tell his CAS friends how important shooting and we had been to him. WHATEVER he needs to participate... Make it happen.
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    Really????? A Lee load-all is about $50 A bag of wads is about $10 Hulls are free Come on, how can you be a true soot lord & not roll your own shells??????
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    I would argue that the TO had a say in this call. Otherwise, why In the hell let him RO?? Phantom
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    I don't even understand the logic chain that would lead to that conclusion. And I pride myself on usually being able to see both sides of an argument. The shooter is 100% responsible and accountable for their actions. And MANY shooters turn their bodies or reposition themselves AFTER the beep. The TO has limited ability to predict a shooters actions. Especially an unknown shooter/ TO pairing on the first stage of the day. Unless the shooter is ALREADY doing something or unsafe prior to the beep - my job as TO is to simply allow them to make themselves ready, wait for their announcement of ready and start the clock. I have to assume; especially if it is an experienced shooter that they plan to adjust positions after the beep. If there are unsafe situations or circumstances created after the beep; we will address, correct and apply penalty after. Shooter owns the stage and it is not the TO's job to question their positioning or staging prior to the beep. And the TO certainly does not carry any fault for the shooters error.
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    If the TO and the spotters should have known that the shooter was going to break the 170, then someone should have asked the shooter to change his stance before he ever drew a gun! There is no excuse whatsoever for anyone breaking the 170. That club official was wrong IMHO.
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    If we were leary of a family member cheating and writing down the wrong score in the book, we could also be leary that a competitor would write down the wrong score in the book. It works both ways. That is why I verbally tell the Score Keep the correct time, misses, etc..... and then VISUALLY observe them writing it down. AND...I show the score keeper the timer. Not that I suspect any cheating, but it VERY EASY to misunderstand verbal stuff with all the chatter going on with Posse members. I wasn't very long ago that my score keeper at a match entered the correct score... but for the wrong shooter. As a TO, I take serious responsibility that scores are written in correctly..... for the correct shooter. I would think that one of the biggest reasons to keep a family member from spotting or keeping scores would to help eliminate ANY impropriety should the wrong time be ACCIDENTALLY recorded or the spotter gives an honest observance of the shooters performance that would contradict the other spotters and the appearance of favoritism be brought up. ..........Widder
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    A special congratulations to Matt Black and Holly Terror for their Overall World Championship EOT performances!!!!!! Matt Black scores are incredible and there is only a one second difference between his 2017 and 2018 championship. This is Matt Black's third Overall World Championship and Holly Terror's eleventh Lady's Overall World Championship.
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    Dave, I am afraid someone is pulling your leg. That is an old model Hyundai Bridge Saw. The newer models aren't as messy.
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    Which ever safe you get, get the mechanical lock not the electronic one. Locksmiths love electronic locks because they make a bunch of money on service call from them.
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    Wish it was still like that. This run and gun is not cowboy. Sure I like fast shooting too, but the spirit of cowboy seems to be fading. A bunch of guys and gals getting together playing COWBOY, reliving their childhood dreams, well it seems to be disappearing along with respect and morals. Thanks for the photos, it reminds me why I started in the first place

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