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    I've been reading posts on this Wire and posts made on some "social media" cowboy shooting sites by our own members, shooting us in the foot! They complain about how SASS folks don't dress right anymore, or they shoot highly modified guns and you can't win without them, and they complain that boots aren't right or the leather isn't authentic or whatever the burr is under their saddle at the time. I suggest, if the manner of dress isn't SASS legal, then call them on it. There are penalties for shooting that way. If it is SASS legal, then get over it. If you want to see rules changed, then have your TG take it up the chain. Work for change, don't just complain. Some want a category for Box Stock guns, then work with your club to get the category started, work out the kinks. Many categories started that way Some want a "Big Iron" category with increased power factors. Same thing, work on the category at club level and see how it goes. If it's successful, it will spread. If you want "mouse-fart" loads eliminated, work with your TG, move it up the chain, lobby SASS to change the power factor rules. Don't just complain... do something! In the meantime, if the load is legal, or the dress is legal, that's the game. Let folks play it like it's written. Or, work with like-minded folks to get the rules changed. If the load is too weak to meet power factor, or the dress is less than legal, challenge it. It's either legal or it's not. But, the grousing and complaining drives away prospective shooters.
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    SHB p.11 How about eliminating it completely and just go straight to the MDQ for "unsportsmanlike conduct"...or, to be blunt...CHEATING?
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    There are prospective shooters out there who are on a tight budget, but are willing to plunk down the dollars to get the 2 pistols, rifle, shotgun, leather, ammo, cart and clothes. More power to them, and welcome!! But, they have to be very judicious with their funds, sometimes buying the bare minimum to get started... they have young families, lots of obligations and not a lot of "fun" money. On my web page, and others, I see a lot of questions regarding the Rossi '92 and the Henry Big Boy. Yeah, I know all the opinions about both. But, instead of folks tossing out cost effective options, the vast majority of responses run to, "get a Uberti '73, slicked up and modified by a good cowboy gunsmith, buy once, you won't regret it!" You do all know the cost of a new '73, plus the work of a good gunsmith, plus all the innards goodies, right? That's probably more than half his budget, right there. Why scare away prospective shooters by telling them they "have to" get the top o' the line equipment to start? Why not direct them to where they can find deals or better prices on items. For instance, I cruise gun shops. I found an older Marlin '94, wood was a little beat, but functions perfectly, $300. Also, picked up a Uberti '66 with a Lassiter short-stroke for $800. I sold an older Uberti '73 set up by C&I for $900. Don't tell me nobody has gotten a deal on a gun before!? Be of practical help to a new shooter on a tight budget! There are options out there that don't throw them into the $1600-1700 range just for one starter gun. Stop running them off.
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    I couldn’t agree more. What’s even more annoying is when these posts come from people who don’t even go to matches anymore and only really exist online.
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    We found the cause of those duuuuuuuuhh moments. It's all the cause of that little timer box and it's nefarious BEEP! We have proven, in a multi million dollar study, that the timer box starts sucking your memory (and some brains), the moment the TO brings the timer close to your ear. Entire removal process only takes an instant and the finish of the process is announced by the BEEP! But we did find a cure, as the photo shows: Take the stage booklet to the line.
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    I've been shooting CAS since 2004, and over the years, I've enjoyed participating in the sport, and the people that I've met while participating in the sport. Over the years, however, the focus and direction of the sport has changed dramatically. We used to do things during matches that were fun, like using props, performing actions both on and off the clock, to make matches a fun event to attend. Lately, the fun aspect of the matches has gone away, in favor of speed over all else. Any type of action, whether off the clock, or, heaven forbid, on the clock, is strictly frowned upon, and simply not done. These days, if you do not spend the money to have all of your firearms rebuilt and tuned by the growing number of CAS gunsmiths, you are frowned upon in the sport. If you shoot loads that actually match factory spec ammo, both for bullet weight and velocity, then again, there is something wrong with you. I come to matches to have fun, and to challenge myself shooting, to hit all of the targets, and to do so in a way that challenges my shooting skills. I come to matches in proper cowboy attire, and my gear (belt, holsters, etc) is of the style actually used in the old west (my rig is a high ride, double strong side, Cheyenne Double Loop setup). My pistols have had no gunsmithing done to them, other than the natural smoothing of the action that comes from firing many a thousand of rounds through them. My rifle and shotgun, again no gunsmithing, just the natural smoothing of the actions produced by firing thousands of rounds through them over the years. My game is my game, and I come to matches to play my game. Lately though, I've not felt welcome at matches. Seems that those of us who do not subscribe to the mantra of "speed over all else", are not as welcome to play the game. Lately, what used to be described as "The Cowboy Way", has been relegated to a distant memory within the sport. The old SASS saying of "Come for the shooting...Stay for the people", seems to have gone by the wayside, replaced by "Come to see how fast you can shoot".
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    Getting ready for prom! My little girl is growing up. I hate it. But now we have a young lady. The second one is just for the Pistolaros!
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    No not about me! My son Kid Conager shot his 1st match today! 1st and last as a Buckaroo, he did great! Had several people complement him on his firearm safety, the grin on his face was priceless! and he fell asleep in the truck on the way home! Proud Papa Rafe
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    2 Ladies talking in heaven 1st woman: Hi! My name is Sherry. 2nd woman: Hi! I'm Sylvia. How'd you die? 1st woman: I froze to death. 2nd woman: How horrible! 1st woman: It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy & finally died a peaceful death. What about you? 2nd woman: I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV. 1st woman: So, what happened? 2nd woman: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic & searched, & down into the basement. Then I went through every closet & checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, & finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack & died. 1st woman: Too bad you didn't look in the freezer---we'd both still be alive.
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    First and foremost ..... make sure you don't have to Pee. If you have to Pee, you can't concentrate on anything else. Trust Me.
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    That is pretty much true. It all gets back to when were gun drills developed that could drill a long, straight hole the length of a gun barrel. Going back to the day when gunsmiths were making rifles one by one by hand, such drills did not exist yet. Think flintlock days. The barrel started out as a flat strip of iron. Yes, iron, not steel. The piece was heated red hot and hammer welded over a round mandrel and folded into a tube, with one weld running the length of it. Then reamers were dragged through the bore to make it a uniform diameter. The early rifling machines available to the early gunsmiths were usually home made wooden affairs. They consisted of a wooden rack that held the barrel while a sharpened tool was dragged through the bore, cutting the rifling. The rifling machine caused the sharpened tool to be dragged in a helix (not spiral) the entire length of the bore. These early machines only cut one groove at a time, each succeeding pass cutting it deeper. Then the cutter was rotated and the next groove was cut. Here are a couple of photos of iron rifling machines at the Precision Museum in Windsor Vermont. The angled bar is a sine bar. The crank pulled the tool through the bore. The horizontal bar followed the sine bar, racking out as it fed the length of the bore. As the bar moved horizontally, a rack on it caused the gear to turn, rotating the tool as it progressed down the barrel. Adjusting the angle of the sine bar changed the rate of twist of the rifling. You can see a curved slot under the sine bar for adjusting the angle. When this had been done, the smith had a rifled tube. It is correct that most gunsmiths probably did not have a lathe long enough to turn a barrel round, and filing 8 flats on it was easier than filing it round. In fact, the flats covered by the stock usually were not finished off as nicely as the visible flats. By the time of the Civil War, a technique had been developed, to mass produce rifle barrels by passing heated bars of iron through a series of rollers, each one progressively bending the flat stock, first into a 'U' shape, then continuing to bend it around into a tube. This speeded up the barrel making process so the thousands of rifled muskets needed by the Union Army could be produced. I seem to recall at the height of production the Springfield Armory was producing 1000 rifled muskets a day. All of these barrels were round. You will not find octagonal barrels on Civil War era rifled muskets. At some point, the gun drill was developed, and I am not entirely sure exactly when. A gun drill is a long drill with holes cut into the tip so cutting oil can be pumped to the cutting surface. This allows the drill to continuously cut into the metal and the chips generated are free to flow back away from the cutting surface. This means the drill can bore one, long, straight hole without needing to be withdrawn over and over to clear the chips. I had a conversation with the historian at the Springfield Armory a few years ago, regarding this. We know that the 1860 Henry barrel was machined from a solid rectangular (not square) bar of steel, with both the barrel and magazine machined from the same bar. Since this obviously was not formed by forming a flat bar, but instead was machined to shape, it makes sense that a gun drill was used to bore the hole. What ever the case, by the 1870s rifle barrels were being made by drilling a long, straight hole through solid stock. Today we like to think of Cowboy rifles having octagonal barrels, but in fact when the Winchester Model 1873 was first offered, 24" round barrels were standard. To quote George Madis in The Winchester Handbook, 'octagonal barrels were considered an extra, but Winchester usually sold the guns with octagonal barrels to dealers at the same price as round barrels.' Clearly by this time, large manufacturing companies such as Winchester had lathes that could turn barrels round, or they could be machined with 8 flats on milling machines. Getting back to the original question, why octagonal barrels? I suspect it was simply a cosmetic choice. Looking back to the flintlock days of individually made rifles with hand filed octagon barrels, I suspect an octagon barrel simply appealed more to the aesthetics of the shooter. I do not believe there is any evidence that an octagonal barrel is more accurate than a round barrel of sufficient thickness. Regarding the Remington C&B revolvers with octagonal barrels, I suspect it was simply the aesthetic of the time. Certainly, by 1858 Remington had lathes that could cut a round barrel if they wanted to. Interestingly enough, the 1873 Colt Single Action Army was never produced with an octagonal barrel, they were always round. And when Remington brought out their cartridge revolver in 1875, it too had a round barrel.
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    Wanted to start a new thread, so we don't hi-jack another.. I think one of the neatest things in our sport is how everyone gets to play right along side the "Stars". Name one other sport where you get to play with or even talk to the best players? Not Baseball, Not Golf, Not Football, Not Whatever... the "Stars" in these other sports won't even give you the time of day. I am not saying there isn't nice guys or that some of those "Stars" won't acknowledge their fans but you just don't have that connection in the other sports. The "Stars" in our sport are some of the hardest working, most dedicated, friendliest people you will ever meet. From my experience, our "Stars" would give you the shirt off their back, or better yet their guns to use if yours broke, not to mention sharing the knowledge and skill they have gained. Couple of examples of my run-ins with the "Stars"... My very first match, 14 years ago. We were lucky enough to be posse'd with Split Rail and Stone Creek Drifter (World Champions). They spent so much time with me and my parents showing us the ropes, teaching us about the game. The do's, the don't, most importantly they taught us what the "Spirit of the Game" is all about. I have seen both of these guys go out of their way month in and month out welcoming new shooters. I remember Split Rail having a new shooter (a teenager) wear his leather with a World Championship Buckle on it. I don't know if the kid appreciated it at the time but I thought it was very telling to see a World Champion go above and beyond to help the new kid. I could go on and on about those two. Another example, the first time I went to a State Championship match. I was, to be honest, a bit starstruck. I remember walking up the range and seeing Deuce Stevens walking towards me. I was like cool, it's Deuce, was going to introduce myself. As I got closer to Deuce, before I even got one word out Deuce said "Hi Bubba, nice to meet you". After chatting for a few minutes, walking away with my Dad, I told my Dad "Deuce knew who I was!!!". That same match I was posse'd with Stone Creek Drifter, Split Rail, Lassiter, Doc Eells, Max Montana, Cripple Creek Kid and others. Talk about Star-Struck. But you know what, what an experience!!! Being around those guys was amazing. World Champions, a SASS Hall of Famer, etc. We are lucky in NE Ohio to have so many "Stars" and I am also lucky to be able to call them friends. Maybe it's not true for everyone but from what I have experienced the "Stars" are just like us. The nicest, friendliest people in the world. I hope everyone appreciates the fact that our sport is setup this way. Maybe I appreciate things like this more than others but I just think it's really neat to be able to play this game with them.
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    This is long but a good'n. Julio got his green card, got hired on with a limo service, and was hoping to move up in the world. On Julio's second day, Julio's boss tells Julio to go to the airport to pick up a VIP. Julio was showed where to park and waited. Sure enough a plane arrived, there was an honor guard, a red carpet was rolled out, and the Pope got off the plane. After the ceremonies, the Pope was led out to Julio's limo. Julio was so proud that the Pope would be riding in his limo. The Pope gets into Julio's limo and Julio drives very carefully out of the airport and onto the frontage road. Before Julio got very far, the Pope slid open window behind Julio's head, and the Pope says, "My son, please, I would like to drive." Julio doesn't know if this was allowed, but Julio was not going to tell the Pope no, so Julio pulls over. The Pope gets behind the wheel, tells Julio to get in the back where he was, then the Pope drives off. Well, the Pope can't drive worth a lick and shortly a cop turns on his unit's lights, thinking he has a drunk driver....stopping the Pope. The Pope pulls over, the officer gets out of his unit, goes to the driver's window, and before the window is all the way down the officer gruffly commands, "Drivier's license and registration." Then the officer realizes he has just stopped the Pope! The officer rushes back to his unit and radios his Chief. Officer: "Chief, I have stopped the limo of someone very, very important." Chief: "Did you stop the Mayor?" Officer: "No, he's more important than the Mayor." Chief: "Did you stop the Governor?" Officer: "No, he's more important than the Governor." Chief: "Don't tell me you stopped the President!!!" Officer, "No, Sir. He's even more important than the President." Chief: "Well good God, who did you stop?" ..............Long pause............ Officer: "I don't know Chief....but.....the Pope is his chauffeur." Julio moved up in the world quickly. .
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    Just made a deal on a nice slicked up Browning 53 in 32-20. Had an extended mag tube installed, and an action job done to smooth it out. Looking forward to shooting it soon. Will be a nice addition to my Uberti 1873, and original Winchester 92, all in 32 WCF.
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    My friends, never doubt the good that you do. Drop a pebble in a pond and the ripples will travel an amazing distance, and so it is with our deeds. Years ago -- when I was still a working medic and a very green nurse -- we had one monster snowstorm, our dispatcher called me and there was fear in her voice. Our dispatcher had two girls, her husband engineered for a local construction firm and was out of town, she was a good and level headed soul who just didn't shake easy. She was shaking when she called. Her daughters were just shy of their teen years, they were laughing and lively ladies who delighted in running up to me, giving me a quick hug and then happily stomping on my mirror polished, steel toed boots. Her older daughter was fevered, starting to seize and the squad could not make it through the snowfall. I had a four wheel drive pickup, the front driveshaft was in Zanesville having a new spline installed and I said "I'm on my way." I got there. Her daughter's fever was critical, she was on the couch, I told Ann to strip her down to her underwear, get me a big dishpan of tepid water, three bath towels and you stand right here beside me, I won't be with someone's barely dressed preteen daughter without you right here beside me. We rotated tepid towels on that girl's belly, legs and chest, tepid water won't shrink the capillaries, it pulls out the heat and we got her fever down. I went home that night knowing her daughter was in her own bed and much better, when she was finally seen in ER our dispatcher was told "Why did you bring her in, she's fine." Fast forward to a half hour ago. Ann posted a picture of her daughter. With her three children on her lap. Her daughter is a beautiful young woman, well and happily married, three fine and healthy children. Reality wound up and belted me between the eyes. Hello, Einstein, don't doubt the good that you do. My old dispatcher's grandchildren are here because that snowy evening I clawed and scrambled a crippled pickup truck through snow the paramedic squad couldn't traverse. Am I all that great? No. I'm just a poor dumb hillbilly with a white beard and two hound dogs that like to help me eat bacon. I do know this. One act of kindness, and many's the kind act I've seen over the years, one kind act can have a benefit that will ring like a bell for many years after. Happy Mommy's Day, Ann, and your daughter as well.
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    "You can't have no idea how little I care." ~ Monte Walsh ~
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    Just had too show all of you . My Custom built by Mike at Goonsgunworks 1851 Cap Guns . With Custom Grips Ivory-Like by, N.C. Ordnance . I could not be happier with them. Rooster
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    The posses I shoot with consider a SOG a very serious matter, one step below a MDQ. IMHO, our sport is about enjoying our second childhood with the toys we would have liked to have when we were youngsters. To cheapen it, by not playing the game, is not something we like to do, even if things seem childish at times. We're supposed to be having fun! I like to throw myself right into the stage. I holler out the lines, I yell at the varmint/bandit/targets and blast away. I don't score as high as most, but I have a lot of fun.
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    I guess I'm extremely lucky. I shoot with lots of the top shooters in the country, some you can time with a sun dial, BP shooters, handicapped shooters and just about everything else you can think of. Some desperately want to win and some couldn't care less who does. Some of the best gunsmith shoot here so we've got plenty of "race guns" around but have also got plenty of stone stock guns in use too. As far as attire goes we've got the contest winners and the barely get by crowd. While we don't have any hatchet throwing either before or during the stage anymore, no one seems to mind. We don't require formal speeches to indicate you're ready, but you are free to "ad lib", and many do. I think the reason we all get along so well and have so much fun is because since day one our club leadership has insisted that ALL our shooters are equally important and that there are no VIPs. All that really matters is that EVERYONE goes home safe with a smile on their face. That attitude soon transfers to all the shooters as well. We've all become friends, and what's important is not what we're doing but rather who we're doing it with. Yep, I'm a lucky guy because I shoot with the greatest friends a cowboy can have! p.s. thanks JJ!
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    In the first scenario, if the lady was shooting in the open category, no she would not be State Champ in the corresponding Ladies Category, she wasn't allowed to shoot it, there would be no Champ for the Ladies category in that instance. Which is exactly why there should never BE a required minimum for official categories. Matches need to quit punishing the ladies that choose to shoot something besides age based ones just because no other ladies in their area are interested in doing the same thing. I can see requiring a minimum for unofficial categories, but not the official ones. For instance, if there is only one lady in an entire state that shoots Classic Cowgirl, but does so the majority of the time at monthly matches, why deny her the right to shoot it at the state match just because no one else want to? I especially get tired of hearing men who shoot in over populated categories say awards are meaningless if there is no competition for them, they should try being a Classic Cowgirl or a Lady Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter in a state where you are the ONLY one doing it....doesn't mean ladies like us don't put as much into a match as the ladies in Lady Wrangler or Lady Senior do....give us a little credit for trying something more difficult at least! And don't tell me it's not more difficult, if it wasn't there'd be more women doing it! In the second scenario, if the top two shooters in the category are from out of state, the first place one is top shooter in the category, the 3rd place one (highest shooter from that state) would be State Champ....two entirely different awards.
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    The NFL draft is about to start........unfortunately I have several important things to do that will prevent me from watching. Like: Take out the garbage Arrange my socks Watch that fat Bluejay on the bird feeder Open a beer Look for my ballpoint pen Check e-mail Think about dinner Watch a Gunsmoke episode Think about dessert Just too dang much to do. My plate is full.....hmmm..dinner.
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    Doesn’t hold enough shells, pockets are to deep and stiff and shells are to close to each other, my opinion, of course.
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    A well written stage should make clear the expectations of the stage writer. The stage should generally have straightforward sequences that allow for speed without feeling overly simplistic. Stages/ matches should strive to balance between difficulty of sequence vs movements vs number of shotgun. In other words - if you add a difficulty/ challenge in; you have to simplify somewhere else within the same stage. Movements should be of reasonable distance that feels like you have moved without the movement feeling like the dominant feature of the stage. Variations in equipment/ propellant/ shooting styles must be considered for staging/ restaging and expected activities. Direction of movements and sweeps should be balanced stage to stage or stages written with shooters choice options. All props/ manipulations must be universal skills that anyone capable of safely handling a firearm could reasonably be expected to do. Home field advantage/ specialized targets/ specialized props are to be avoided as it creates unfair competitions and hurt feelings. Stages/ match directors should encourage shooters to seek out methods to perform at their best. If there is no competitive or safety down side to allowing an activity; allow it. Posses should be assembled with an eye toward sufficient worker bees/ brass pickers/ qualified timer operators to avoid burnout. Stages should flow and make sense regarding movements/ firearm sequence/ activities. Meaningless or nonsensical stage components do not add to the experience; they simply frustrate your shooters. Vary your stages regarding starting gun/ position/ target arrays. No one wants to shoot the same stage multiple times on three different bays. 10 - 10 - 4 is not a sin. It is not a sin to do something different either. But if you ADD something; ie more shotgun or a reload, then you have to simplify somewhere else. If you take something out of a stage; ie. Single pistol or no shotgun, something must be added in. And whatever you add in or take out; you must consider whether it is more fun than the component you are substituting. Steel is heavy; if you want 20 pieces per stage, always consider who going to help YOU put it away after the match. Lastly; everyone is free with their advice and suggestions... But usually matches are written and steel is set by a small group of volunteers (that work incredibly hard, so many more can stand back and criticize). Just remember; If it sounds like fun; try it. If it sounds like work; don't do it. And NEVER set a match that you wouldn't be excited to shoot.
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    Yesterday morning I was going to go to town and when I went out to my truck, left rear tire flat! Refilled it and took it to our local Big O Tire shop for a repair. They found a screw in the tread. When I checked out and tried to pay, the manager said "No charge". I looked a little surprised and before I could ask why he told me that he had seen my license plate that indicated "Disabled Veteran" , so they fixed it for free. I was really surprised as this is the first time for that. I just recently had my service connected disability raised and the Colorado sent me the plate. I also don't have to pay any taxes or annual license fees. Thank you Big O and Colorado!
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    I'm posting this info on the Wire because there are some of our younger shooters who use these at SASS matches. Of late, I have had a couple Henry .22's in which the last round in the rifle would fail to feed smoothly up. The lifter spring and plunger were working great but THE LAST round would have trouble either feeding upwards or sluggish to feed upwards. So I experimented and hopefully solved the issue. If your rifle is having similar issues, this might help solve your problem. The gremlin was in the magazine FOLLOWER. Yep, that little orange piece. The tip of that Follower is Concaved. The tip of the bullet seems to get lightly 'stuck' in that Concaved shape. With the rifle in a horizontal position, the tip of the Follower would look like this: ( and the bullet tip would sit inside that concaved tip. SOOOOOOOOO, I lightly sanded that tip and reshaped it to be Convexed and now, in the horizontal position, it looks like this: ) Where there was a previous feeding problems with the last round, I am now getting 100% feeding reliability with the last round. Hope this helps. ..........Widder
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    JS does great work...no doubt! I've never own any but some of my friends have. But...there are other great Smiths out there that do fantastic work. I'm always cautious these days to sing praises for one or another since a few of them have become friends and mentors. To say that one is so much better that you must use him if you are serious about this game goes a little too far...IMO. Thank god for all the good CAS Smiths out there... Phantom
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    California has had a cougar problem for a long time. When I moved there in the 80's I ended up married to a gal who was 7 years older than me.
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    Well I know you and I might not see things the same way . . . but first I look at the threads OP and determine if I have any interest in what they usually say. If it is Alpo I start with a gentle insult, if it is Utah Bob, I make sure I add something of value, if it is Blackwater, I end with an insult. Then there are those I feel compelled to respond to, even though they are started by posters that post too much and try to hard. I begin those with the statement "Well I know you and I might not see things the same way . . ."
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    CAT DIARY Day 983 of my captivity. My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength. The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet. Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a "good little hunter" I am. Bastards! There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of "allergies." I must learn what this means, and how to use it to my advantage. Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs. I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released - and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded. The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicate with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now...
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    I don't understand the complaining. There is something in SASS for everyone. If you don't like the short strokes and loads, don't shoot them. Shoot what you enjoy. If you don't like big and short, there are all kinds of shoots that offer a different format. Make your shoot enjoyable and shoot the kind of firearms and loads you enjoy. I get my butt kicked at every shoot by two teenage kids and still have a blast. I am not going to stop because they are faster than I am. If you are playing golf there is always somebody that can or cannot beat you, and may have better clubs than you do. Do you stop playing because of this or are you playing to better yourself? Life is to short to complain, especially in our age groups, so have fun and enjoy what you do and don't worry about what others are doing.
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    Wasn't the gunfight by the OK Corral in Tombstone basically a Stand and Deliver?
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    I couldn’t agree more with this! I’ve been shooting for 10 years, so not nearly as long as some, but SASS is every bit as fun for me now as when I started. I swear, some people seem to live to complain. I would ask anyone complaining about this sport, or grousing about how it’s changed- What have you done or are you doing to make it better? So you don’t like “stand and deliver” stages? Well, how about volunteering to write stages for your club? Don’t like how some people dress? Feel free to volunteer to judge the costume contest at a shoot, and make sure you’re doing your best to dress the part yourself! Want more people to shoot “box stock” guns and heavier loads? Make sure everyone can see how much fun you’re having with your guns and loads! Give them an example to follow. Maybe come up with a club level award for shooters using said guns and loads? Bottom line: if you’re not having fun in this sport, start by taking a look at your attitude. Set your house in perfect order before you criticize.
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    DDD, I will not say anything negative about Trail Life USA. But the Boy Scouts of America (or "Scouting BSA" as it will be called next year) is still over a hundred times larger than TLUSA. With that, there are many, many more opportunities, plus recognition. When the BSA first announced its new policy to accept youth of any gender identification many (although a relatively small percentage) of our Scouters were really, really upset. Whenever someone I knew would go into "panic mode" I'd simply tell 'em that I personally was not afraid of "those other people," and predicted that Scouting was not only unlikely to be "overrun" with people of "differing genders" , but there would in actuality be very, very few - and most Scouters would seldom meet them. Seems I was right, not that it matters. By the way, there never was a BSA policy of asking a Scout about his gender identification. I've known Eagle Scouts who were gay long before it ever became a discussion item. Now, regarding GIRLS in Scouts, two things: First, of over 200 countries and territories in the world with Scouting programs, something like only half-dozen do not have integrated programs... perhaps a few Middle Eastern countries and the United States. Second, the Boy Scouts of America has actually had girls since about 1969, as I recall. The very popular Venturing and Explorer programs have worked quite well with boys and girls working together. That's 47 years. Oh... and there have been women Scoutmasters since 1988 - thirty years! I've known a bunch; by and large as effective as their male counterparts. Now, about the current move: Cub Scouts has for a LONG time been pretty much a family-involved activity. As such, many, many Cub Scouts have sisters. And these sisters have been participating in Cub activities just about forever - just not wearing a uniform nor earning ranks. Often they will win awards in competitions like Pinewood Derby and the like, entering in a "Siblings" or "Open" category. In fact, older sisters have often been recruited as a semi-official "Pack Big Sister" to assist the adult leaders. Works well. So, with the girls now entering Scouts, the plan is to have them in separate (dare I say "segregated?") units. For Cub Scouts (grades K - 5), for instance, in a Pack there may be several "Boy Dens" and perhaps one "Girl Den." Dens are usually established by rank; however, with girls, kids of different ranks may be in a single den under the "one-room schoolhouse" philosophy. With [Boy] Scouts (ages roughly 11 - 18), the girls will be in a separate troop or at least patrol. AND the Charter Organization for each unit (pack or troop) still makes the call of whether to have units with girls or not. For what it's worth, today's Scouting youth don't have a problem with it... such is the norm with their world. As Yul said above, "Times, they are a-changing." But really, not so much.
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    When the default SASS position was announced and all the unintended consequences of said position began to come to light; the Eldorado Cowboys instituted the following stage convention for Eldorado events. Unless specified otherwise by stage instruction; shooters may begin in ANY body position and/ or hands position NOT touching guns or ammo. The idea that "standing upright like an idiot" (the SULAI position some have heard me reference before) is the position ANY person would choose before proceeding into a gunfight is silly. The default position should not be a specific position that everyone is forced into; but instead the default should be any position that allows the shooter to shoot the stage to the best of their ability. We have to get away from this regimented idea that every shooter must shoot the exact same match in the exact same way. Instead we should emphasize the goal over the process. Encouraging the same end result from each shooter (safe completion of the stage requirements); but by allowing each shooter to (within the rules and over riding stage instructions) utilize their own skill sets, abilities and creativity to solve the challenges of the stage. This point is also why the Eldorado Cowboys created the "shoot it when you see it" instruction. This allows shooters to determine what action is best for theirselves. (for example) when a stage offers a downrange movement for pistol; if the stage design and the shooters skill set is such that staying in rearward position and making longer pistol shots is better for them. They can make that choice. Because the instruction given is to engage targets with pistols (the goal); not from what distance to engage the pistols (the process).
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    As I previously mentioned my wife took pity on me and got me a new phone. A really smart one. After much delay and confused communication with the company, it finally arrived last week. I'll figure it out in a couple of years maybe. So I started looking for a belt case as it's too big for most pockets and I refuse to carry it around in my hand all day like a damn Millennial. I found a company with the model features I wanted but when I tried to order it they wanted a design or pic uploaded to personalize it with.. I just wanted a plain black cover but the website would not take the order unless I uploaded a pic. Like a baby, or doggy, or flower so whadaya think?..... Too garish?
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    Oh, such CUTE kitties...! Bobcats mistaken for domestic kittens... bite three people "The bobcats were fed milk from pet-feeding bottles, but those who took them in reportedly realized something was wrong when the hungry animals tore the bottles apart and bit them." Well shux... they ARE cute!
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    Well, I don't know to much about anything that happened in the past at CAS as I am now in my second year in this game, but I do know when people are helpful and very cordial, good shots and so fast it is amazing. I have watched closely the fast guys or "gamers" as they are called and I can tell by the way they handle their firearms and track the targets and manage their footwork, hustle from position to position that it is not a tricked out pistol rifle or shotgun that made them that way, it is hours and hours and thousands of rounds of ammo that made them top shooters, do the "slicked up" firearms add to their time? SURE, but I know they could take out of the box firearms and still be outstanding competitors. When most folks are watching football or just laying on the couch those folks are burning powder and honing their game, it is the same in any sport, the ones that put in the extra time and effort are usually at the top when the day is done. I am 66 yrs. young, retired and spend a lot of time and treasure on my range TRYING to get better, and my times are starting to get shorter and the misses less, I don't shoot tricked out guns but I have learned how to smooth them up and they shoot great, if there is a problem its me. I love this sport and have no expectations of ever being a top shooter and beating those guys and gals that smoke through stages in 14 and 18 seconds, but I'm gonna practice and compete as much as possible and admire those that can and do win consistently. Just my thoughts- SCJ
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    The cure is to throw that Lee out the back door and down the hill into the creek (yup, I did that) and buy the Dillon. Well over 700k rounds on the Dillon, and happy with it.
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    Congrats to Jokers Wild on winning the Cal. state championship. Had the pleasure of shooting with him and watching him shoot all weekend, he shot smooth fast and clean all while videoing lots of shooters on posse 8. Thanks Joker for all you do for your SASS pards. Look forward to shooting with you in the future. Sincerely Royal Flush
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    I assessed a SOG a couple weeks ago. The shooter had a P with their rifle on the first couple shots and proceded to dump the rest on a single target to make up some time. I always suggest that if you blank out and are totally lost, just shoot a Nevada sweep. Nobody will have any traction if they try to argue a SOG against you that way.
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    These diverging views of what SASS ought to be seem to reappear pretty frequently. A common theme that strikes me is that it's almost always complaints from shooter's who are "just there to have fun" against how those evil speed demons are ruining SASS. I can't remember the last time I heard a fast shooter complaining about BP shooters or shooters who take 2 minutes to complete a stage, or about being required to perform a non shooting activity. Instead you have one group who bemoans the lack of 'action' in CAS, btw I like the action part too, and you have another contingent who resent the types of guns fast shooters use. I truly don't understand the second concern. If you're just 'there to have fun', why would you care what type of gear another cowboy is using? How does it hurt you that I have a SS in my rifle? Why do you care that my pistols have had action jobs? This is just what I see, but from my perspective fast shooters are a lot more tolerant of other SASS shooters than the reverse.
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    So...the consequences of sympathetic bail reductions. http://www.bostonherald.com/news/local_coverage/2018/04/alleged_cop_killer_caught 29 year old Maniac caught driving through MA, ends up in a ditch along the interstate. State Police find him, under the influence of drugs; search of car turns up more drugs, loaded pistol, and extra ammo - all illegal in MA. In fact, given our stringent gun laws, the driver was eligible for a mandatory year for the gun alone, more for the ammo and the drugs and the DUI. Arrested and held on $10K cash bail. Couldn't raise the $10K. Bail reduction hearing No.1 - State wants to stick at $10K, cites extensive criminal history and out-of-state residency; Judge cuts bail to $7500. Couldn't raise the $7500. Bail reduction hearing No. 2 - More whining and crying about inability to raise the money for the bail. State asks for restoration to $10K. Different judge now cuts it to $5000. Surprise! He makes bail, and is out. Surprise! He shoots and kills a Maine sheriff's deputy, steals his cruiser, and disappears into the woods. After 4 day manhunt, captured - and cuffed with deceased deputy's handcuffs. I understand that by statute, the primary consideration in bail is assuring the appearance of the accused at trial; if you want to argue that the accused should be held as a risk, you need to request and prevail at a dangerousness hearing (not done here, for unknown reasons). But somebody (multiple judges, prosecutor) dropped the ball here. This guy has a thick jacket, a hard drug habit, and proven ability to access illegal guns; he was facing some serious time if he lost at trial on the newest charges; what did they think he was going to do - sit calmly at home until his trial date? We are just recovering from an intense period of hand-wringing over what can we do to anticipate crimes committed in schools by armed individuals; how about anticipating crimes likely to be committed by drugged out felons with confirmed histories of drug use, criminal behavior and access to illegal guns? This guy was a walking, talking advertisement for a likely bad result. I know we have prison overcrowding issues; I understand that until convicted, he is entitled to his liberty. But some bad outcomes are SO patent and predictable that we need to act before this kind of thing happens. LL
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    I’m sorry that this has been your experience. It certainly is t that way around here. I often tell people that the second best thing about this game (the people are first) is that we all can play how we want and get what we want from the game and all have a good time doing it together.
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    You know...it says something about a person that wants to shoot a more complex category than an age based category...whether it be CC or FC or GF or F. I think it warrants an award...and these folks are not responsible for the fact that others don't want to play in these categories. I think it sucks that they can't play and be recognized all for the sake of a few dollars. Phantom

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