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    Moderators, please note that I am NOT involved in this discussion in any way...
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    Waffle House Christmas Video I had the opportunity to shoot a music video with a lot of my friends down in Nashville, TN for Bill Anderson. I promoted cowboy action shooting by wearing one of my shooting outfits . See if you can see the cowboy in the video. Hope you like the video!
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    I could join this one without being a probie....
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    Fix or replace IMMEDIATELY! And if there was credible evidence a shooter experienced target failure then they get a reshoot.
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    At the end of 2018; the current Board of the Eldorado Cowboys are stepping down to allow for new leadership. As such; I will be relinquishing my position as President and Match Director. So, I'm sitting here tonight; having just finished writing the December match. And nostaglia has just kind of set in and I hope you will indulge me for a moment... I began shooting cowboy in late 1999. In 2001; I became the Match Director for Desert Desperados in Las Vegas; assisting my good friend Buffalo Sam with the duties of running that club until 2010. I also wrote a few matches for the Silver City club, the Pahrump Cowboys and the Nevada Rangers. In 2006; I began assisting the Eldorado Cowboys with monthly match writing. And in 2008; officially became Match Director and Vice President. I served two, two year terms as Vice President and in 2012 became club President and at the completion of 2018 will have served three terms. In these years; I have been fortunate enough to serve and work of behalf of Eldorado with: Dolly Doublebarrel Shooting Bull Boxherder Charming JD Nevada Nevada Skye And with much appreciated assistance from Rattler John now just Rattler - Territorial Governor. I figured one time, that between 12 stages a month for Eldorado; 6 stages a month for Desert Desperados and the other miscellaneous matches; that over my time as a Match Director I have written somewhere around 2800 stages. Thru these 2800 stages; it has been my sincere desire to create a reputation for Southern Nevada of having big, close and most importantly, fun matches. It has not always been easy; I have argued and debated about CAS philosophy, attitudes and direction. In the heat of a moment; I have said things I have regretted and I have hurt people's feelings that deserved better from me. But everything I have ever done; was always to make our game better. And with the support of various Board members, club members and visiting shooters; over the last 18 years, I think we have made the game better. Thank you for your kindness and indulgence. It has been an honor to serve you.
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    Looking for the toilet, tired of the cliche about always doing it in the woods.
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    If I do that with my cowboy action ammo do you think I would get a clean match.
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    I missed at 100 yards with my .270. Hit a tree bent over below my line of sight. Twenty minutes later THIS happened. Dang kid. 170 yards with her .243.
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    Coaching -if any- should comefrom the TO. Spotters are just that, spotters for misses, procedurals and safety issues. I have seen way too many shooters get confused by multiple voices coaching them.
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    With the completion of the SE regional this last weekend we have come to the proverbial end of the shooting season for 2018. I thought the SASS community may be interested in some data points that I have mined from reviewing the results of the 9 “BIG” matches of 2018. End of Trail, Winter Range, South West Regional, Midwest Regional, Western Regional, South East Regional, 4 Corners Regional, North West Regional, and North East Regional. I have left out the Western Division match, as I could not find data for a Eastern Divisional, or the fact that there was one. If I am wrong please feel free to send me the results and I would be happy to include these two matches in my analysis. DISCLAIMER – The information shared below is simply DATA. The information is not meant to be a social commentary of the quality of shooters in a given region, or the match directors that set up these matches. The number of variables, seen and unseen, that have contributed to this data are uncountable and all play havoc when trying to make assumptions. I have keep to the facts in most instances below. Comparison of the 9 Matches – This data is for the top 25 shooters ONLY for each match - EOT had the most competitive range of total times in the top 25, with the range being 35.43 seconds. It was even more competitive when you understand that there was 11.69 seconds between 1st and 2nd place. Leaving just 23.74 seconds between 2nd and 25th, or just 1.98 seconds per stage. - EOT also had the fastest average stage time, 17.00 seconds, for the top 25. The next closest was a full second behind at the Midwest Regional at 18.11. - The median of the data points above are all within 4% of the averages. Match Top 25 Average TT Top 25 Average Stage Time EOT World 204.05 17.00 MW Regional 217.36 18.11 SW Regional 197.67 19.77 SE Regional 200.60 20.06 WR National 240.91 20.08 4 Corners Regional 257.18 21.43 NW Regional 257.60 21.47 Western Regional 271.29 22.61 NE Regional 274.35 27.44 Shooter Demographics: *In some instances individuals have been removed from the data set as they appeared to be non-participants.* Multi Match Participants - Approximately 2,038 unique individuals shot at the 9 different matches. - 2 individuals shot at 7 of the 9 - 3 individuals shot at 5 of the 9 - 561 individuals shot at 2 or more Shooter Categories - Silver Senior was the most popular category with 156 unique shooters, followed by 49r (147), Cowboy (141), Elder Statesman (136), & Senior (130). The remaining had less than 100 unique participants. - Interestingly enough if you distil all the age brackets and styles for Duelists down to a single count they actually outnumber the number of gunfighters measured the same way 281 to 216. I would have figured the opposite. Match Number of Shooters WR National 728 EOT World 616 SW Regional 404 MW Regional 276 Western Regional 244 SE Regional 161 4 Corners Regional 140 NW Regional 134 NE Regional 97 I hope that this was fun for everyone to see. If there is anything else you think would benefit the collective good by knowing about based on the scores of these matches, let me know. I would be happy to try and provide some insight.
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    Well, you finally did it. Made me laugh so hard I wet myself.
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    Can't see poking holes in a perfectly good hide. Just my opinion GW
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    In May of 1861, 9 year old John Lincoln "Johnny" Clem ran away from his home in Newark, Ohio, to join the Union Army, but found the Army was not interested in signing on a 9 year old boy when the commander of the 3rd Ohio Regiment told him he "wasn't enlisting infants," and turned him down. Clem tried the 22nd Michigan Regiment next, and its commander told him the same. Determined, Clem tagged after the regiment, acted out the role of a drummer boy, and was allowed to remain. Though still not regularly enrolled, he performed camp duties and received a soldier's pay of $13 a month, a sum collected and donated by the regiment's officers.The next April, at Shiloh, Clem's drum was smashed by an artillery round and he became a minor news item as "Johnny Shiloh, The Smallest Drummer". A year later, at the Battle Of Chickamauga, he rode an artillery caisson to the front and wielded a musket trimmed to his size. In one of the Union retreats a Confederate officer ran after the cannon Clem rode with, and yelled, "Surrender you damned little Yankee!" Johnny shot him dead. This pluck won for Clem national attention and the name "Drummer Boy of Chickamauga."Clem stayed with the Army through the war, served as a courier, and was wounded twice. Between Shiloh and Chickamauga he was regularly enrolled in the service, began receiving his own pay, and was soon-after promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He was only 12 years old. After the Civil War he tried to enter West Point but was turned down because of his slim education. A personal appeal to President Ulysses S. Grant, his commanding general at Shiloh, won him a 2nd Lieutenant's appointment in the Regular Army on 18 December 1871, and in 1903 he attained the rank of Colonel and served as Assistant Quartermaster General. He retired from the Army as a Major General in 1916, having served an astounding 55 years. General Clem died in San Antonio, Texas on 13 May 1937, exactly 3 months shy of his 86th birthday, and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
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    I think it's funny how they try to make vegetables look and taste like meat. No one tries to make a steak taste like broccoli.
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    The quotes I remember are very similar to Yul's only mine had colorful expletives interspersed throughout them. There is one, I guess it would be a quote, from a teacher I had named Mr. Rollinson. One day he was telling us about a kid in another ton that committed suicide. He was obviously shaken by it. He said: "I want to tell you all something. You are kids, regardless of what you think, you are young people. You have your whole lives ahead of you. Now, the time of now in your lives is a very small part of your entire lives. Do not let little things that are happening now be your only focus. Now is not how life will be forever." Those words have helped me many times in life. Thank you, Mr. Rollinson.
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    I’ll give you something to cry about. Dammit!!! Wait til your father gets home. You’re going to sit there until you eat it all.
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    I recently posted on the wire inquiring about a source of quality cowboy bullets. Waimea, proprietor of Outlaw Bullets contacted me and offered me free shipping to try his bullets. To be honest once I visited his website and saw his fantastic prices, I was in with out the free shipping. His prices are about half what I was paying from my local supplier before they closed up their factory here. I placed a fairly large order. I try to use the fall months to load all the cowboy ammunition my wife and I shoot in a year. My wife’s uncle also joined in on the order. So basically, I ordered enough bullets to keep three shooters going for a year. I received first rate communication and service from Outlaw Bullets and Waimea. The bullets are perfect and shoot flawlessly. I did not need to adjust my press at all. I will gladly recommend Outlaw Bullets and Waimea to all my pards going forward. Great product and better service.
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    Remember, the Donner party was also on the way to California. Pack some sandwiches.

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