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    I was fortunate enough yesterday afternoon to get a good run in and was able to set a new world record for lever action rifle speed. I ran 10 rounds on a single target in 1.55 seconds starting with an empty chamber. I want to say thank you to Shotgun Boogie Gunworks, The Cowboys and Indian store, Buffalo Cartridge Co. , Scott Kelly, and Starline Brass without all these folks outstanding products and help over the years, this wouldn’t have been possible. 55FCB675-A390-4A0D-B953-4AFA56225FA5.MOV
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    This morning, with my VFW brothers, I will be going to the cemetery in Dove Creek to place flags on the graves of veterans. As in many small towns across the nation, our little cemetery contains a large number of veterans. The oldest headstone is for a Spanish American War soldier, the newest from Afghanistan. Some of them fell in combat, some returned home and died of wounds, some led full lives after their service, and some were haunted by memories of what they had seen and done for many years. Our post is named in honor of Troy F. Young a local boy who joined the Navy after high school in 1939. He was killed in action in March of 1942 when his ship, the USS Pecos, was bombed and sunk in the Pacific. I consider it an honor to be able to place the flag on their final resting place. Monday will be our traditional ceremony in rembrance of those who paid the ultimate price in service to America. May they rest in peace and honored glory.
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    Robert F. De Groff, Sr. June 7, 1925 - June , 1997
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    Over the last few years I have been trying to pride myself on being a better Timer Operator, Posse Marshall, and knowing the rules to the best of my ability. I have taken the RO classes a few times now and feel like I know the all the rules pretty well. This past weekend I was the Posse Deputy for our Posse at the Ohio St. Match with Cheyenne Culpepper as the Posse Marshall. Now, I have known Culpepper for years and get to shoot with him quite a bit in Ohio. It was really neat to be able to have him give me some constructive comments about being a TO on the fly at a State Match. That's one of the most important things I get from our sport. Soaking up all the knowledge that is around in this sport. Thank you Culpepper, I appreciate the tips. Take advantage of the folks around you. If you want to be a better shooter, ask for tips from the best shooters. Want to be a better stage writer, ask for tips from other stage writers. You will be amazed by how fast people will want to share their experiences and knowledge with everyone in this sport.
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    I thought clowns were the ones making the gun laws.
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    All the SASS Handbooks and Course Materials, with several translations Rule Clarification Archives
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    Like so many of you, over the years, I have encountered my share of ignorant gun clerks. You know the ones that I mean. The ones educated by magazines with no real practical experience and that believes anything some they think is in knowledgable authority just because they sound like the know what they are talking about or say it such a fashion (intimidating or smarmy) that they appear to know what they are talking about....like many gun clerks...it's a vicious cycle of ignorance. I have decided that I have had enough and any time I hear ignorance being spewed by a moron clerk I have decided to remedy the situation regardless of how uncomfortable the situation is or if it impacts a sale. Yes, I am going to be "that guy". You all know the guy. The one that rydely interjects himself into a conversation to correct what he sees as a problem...you know "that guy"...like many of you. Anyway, yesterday I nearly lost my mind in the Cabelas Gun Library. Here I am ogling the Smith & Wesson revolvers when this young dude with a tan Cabela's shirt on inserts himself almost between me and the gun case, well within my bubble of "get the hell away from me" and says "Is there anything I can help you with...what would you like to look at?". I said "The guns... and no, I don't need any help". He left. As I am looking at a nice S&W model 10-5 made in 1962 and thinking "$418 isn't bad...maybe I need that." I here a voice that says "What's Plus P Mean?". I look over and there is an older gentleman looking at an electronic tablet, filling out his background info. Net to him is an older sales guy and a woman, that I assume is his wife or girlfriend. The moron that "helped" me is milling about smartly. Noone answers the man's question....I move to the Single Action case and peruse two Colt SAA revolvers that are good looking but over priced. I hear again "What does Plus P mean?" I look over and the older sales guy is standing there like a dolt and young moron is still milling about smartly. The older sales guy looked like he might be trying to come up with an answer but it could have been he was debating on whether or not to go to the bathroom. I move back to the Smith & Wessons and begin to debate with myself on the merits of having two model 10's when I hear, for the third time, "What does Plus P mean?' Okay, now I am getting perturbed (nice way of saying p***ed) I think "Why doesn't one of these two Jackholes answer this guy? He is obviously buying a firearm from them." I turn and say "Sir, plus P means 'plus power', basically. It's a .38 Special with more power but not the power of a .357 Magnum. If the gun says plus P it will handle more powerful .38 loads used in self defense and home protection." Well, young moron appears to think to himself (cue Mighty Mouse ) "HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAAYYYYYYY!" And he starts: "The .38 Special round is and old black powder round from the late 1800's. It wasn't very powerful but "they" needed more power so the police found that they needed more power for the bad guys (I kid you not) for their car doors and such so they found that .38 is a wimpy round and needed to beef it up. They needed to make it into a plus P so they redesigned the case head to withstand more pressure and they developed guns to go along with it so you can't shoot Plus P rounds in regular old .38 Special guns..." THAT is where I come in....and very rudely, I might add. "Now hold on a minute, Buckwheat. Don't be telling these folks that horsecrap. The .38 Special was developed in 1898 and started out "black powder" but within a year was switched to smokeless so it isn't "some old black powder round" and it's not wimpy. You make it sound like it's a crappy round, which it isn't. Why don't you crack a book or talk to someone that knows what the hell they are talking about before you go around telling people horse$#@% with an attitude like you know what the hell you are saying? This man asked three times what Plus P meant and you and that guy (pointed towards old guy with bathroom issues) just stood there like morons. I pipe in to answer the man and you all of a sudden come up with that %$#@." Young moron scurried away to the office. I looked at the man buying the gun and said "Plus P ammo has all the same dimensions as regular ammo, it's just more powerful and has more "knockdown:, so to speak" He said "So even though this gun says it's a Plus P gun it will shoot regular .38 Special ammo" I said "Yes" and he said "Thank you" then Bathroom Man escorted the man and the lady out of the Gun Library to go to the firearms sales desk to finish processing the sale and I went about looking at the sparse selection of non-New guns in the gun library. A man in the library and I struck up a conversation about the two old Colt single actions in the case. It seems he knew the lady that sold them to Cabela's and he was telling me the history of them when Young Moron walks towards me and starts shrieking in a high pitched voice that I don't know my .38 history and he looked it u (he was pointing at a computer screen) and that he is right and how I need to go over there and read that...and...and... The idiot looked like a 4 year old trying to justify why he did something...hitched breathing, whining and all. The only thing missing were the tears and a ball of runny snot at the end of his nose. Now, there were two Cabela's employees in the Gun Library office and one just outside near the rifle racks, all within ear shot and all visibly aware that they just here Young Moron shrieking at a customer....they were there and then they weren't. They vanished, like Casper. It was amazing. Now, I was mad and I did raise my voice. My "self" of 20 years ago wanted to grab Young Moron and pummel him soundly...his whiney #@$ needed pummelling, but my "self" of today opted not to do that because my "self" of today has matured...a little... and besides, my back hurt, my foot hurt and I didn't want to go to jail or deal with two years of legal wrangling all because Young Moron needed an impactful education I said "You are the one that needs an education, dipstick. You stood there spouting your Guns and Ammo magazine history lesson of horse$#%@ about the .38 Special round making sound all antiquated and how come that man had to ask three times before either of you two idiots said a word? As a matter of fact you didn't say anything until I did and then you come across like an idiot spewing bull$#@%..." Here is where he interrupted me with "I never said 'antiquated'!" "What?" "I never said 'antiquated'. You said I said 'antiquated'...I never said that" "That's what you meant." "But I never said 'antiquated" At this point I really wanted to slap him...he was on the other side of the gun island in the library...I guess he figured he had better keep something large and wooden between me and himself. I said...loudly "Okay, you didn't say antiquated but that is what you meant or that is how it came off. And what's this Wiki-pedia horse%$#@ you want me to read? That's your problem, Buckwheat, you spend your time reading other people's crap about guns and ammo and you don't have a freakin' clue..." That was when he puffs out his chest and says "You think I think the .38 Special isn't a good round but I do think it's a good round and it isn't antiquated...hell, I even shoot .38 Special and I have one at home!" At this point my wonderful day off from work is pretty much shot because I know for the rest of the day I will be dwelling on this crap and I was chastising myself for bothering to say anything when I should have just left Young Moron have his moment in the Gun Library sun spewing his bull... I begin walking alongside the island back towards the S&W case and he backs away from the corner I am nearing so as to be 180 degrees from my position around the island. At this point I am DONE. He just couldn't help himself...the Pre-School Generation is going to put this country in Hell... "You owe me an apology...you made me look bad in front of those customers." Now I understood the 180 degree angle... "I don't owe you $#@% boy...you made you look bad. This conversation is over." "Well you did start it by..." "I said, THIS CONVERSATION IS OVER" "You said that before but now you are continuing it..." I turned to walk towards him..he looked like a mouse...I changed my mind and left the gun library in search of a gun belt and a few black powder items. I wonder if the Young Moron is even bright enough to realize that if I wished I could have him fired. No, I wouldn't do that but I wonder if he realizes it? If nothing else I am sure he will, at the very least practice his history lessons and try to learn about firearms and ammo so that the next time someone asks him a question he will have the right answers and not the Reader's Digest, Guns and Ammo two paragraph synopsis version....Nah, I doubt it. I know too many guys just like him in the gun world. He will just learn a technique that shuts guys like me up and he will hone that skill instead. But, I am going to make it my goal to correct the situation of guys like him...One Young Moron at a time, because, I have became and am "that guy". That Guy that is tired of goofballs mucking it up for everyone else, starting ignorant "urban legends" and perpetuating ignorant gun myths...
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    Seems like ages since I’ve be to a shoot. Something always seems to intervene. But this morning I was able to smoke up the range with the Windygap Regulators in Cortez. Can’t wait for Revenge of Montezuma in a couple of weeks. . Can I get a Yeehaa? And the great new holster arrived from Trailrider just in time. The Cattleman is happy in his new leather home.
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    Many people don’t like Anonymous Moderators because they have no one person to have recourse with should they have an issue. After Modding the Wire for 6 months I can tell you that there are many reason for “anonymous Moderators” 1. Hostility towards Mods for their actions in following and enforcing guidelines. 2. Mods can be a part of the Wire and not get Everything they do or say critiqued. 3. The rules and guidelines are the focus, not the person of the Mod. If you don’t like something a Mod is doing you have an avenue, three, to voice your opinion. One, post a thread. Two, PM the Mod - they have Mod names. Three, contact SASS HQ. Mods aren’t perfect. Mods are people, just like everyone else here because they ARE everyone else here. You have no idea who the Mods are. Your best Pard could be s Mod. Your least favorite person could be a Mod. If Mods are doing their job well and fairly it shouldn’t matter who they are. If they aren’t it isn’t your or my job,or right, to correct that. It’s the Administrator’s and SASS HQ’s job...unless, of course you wish to volunteer to help out... And No, I am no longer a Mod nor will I be. I do not have the proper demeanor for it. I appreciate and respect the people that do because they have to put up with...Us. Edited: I really do need to proofread more...
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    Capt. Bill, you and I are pretty good friends so take this from someone who knows you. In a classroom there has to be someone riding herd on the students.....like it or not its a fact and given your life experiences you know this firsthand. So the fact is there HAS to be a moderator or teacher or someone to keep order. As to whether or not the moderators need to be anonymous or 'unmasked' I think that is up for debate. Given that we have, in the past years that I've been on the Wire, named moderators whose identity everyone knew.....this seemed to give some of the more vociferous (yes Capt. Bill, I looked that word up in my SAT dictionary ) Wire posters a problem. When you have named moderators there were people who seemed to make it their days work to personally chastise any Moderator that they did not agree with. When it get's personal it can be out of hand. All that to say the given the fact that there is a definite need for moderators the "unmasked' version of moderating had run its course and the SASS management thought it time for a change to anonymous moderators. I personally think this idea has merit and would like to give it every opportunity to succeed. From what I've seen so far it seems to be working pretty well. I'd like to see it runs its course, under the careful watchful eye of Misty and SASS management, and if there are any tweaks that need to be made they will see to it. Kajun
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    SASS Alias: Badenian John SASS #: 94207 Where from: Grand Dutchy of Baden, Germany Shooting CAS since: 2011
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    So we don't take over Utah Bob's tribute to his dad, post you photos here. I'll start.
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    Don’t drink water at a match - at least not from the new Crystal Geyser filp-top bottles! At our 3rd Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut last weekend, we went through several cases of water that featured Crystal Geyser's new flip-top bottles unaware of any harm they might cause. Watching both myself and other shooters drinking from these new bottles, I noticed that your finger rubs on the mouth of the bottle as you open it - especially if you are using your thumb to push up the cap. It dawned on me that opening the bottle this way presented a huge possibility to get lead contaminate from your hands onto the mouth of the bottle, especially since rubbing your finger on the mouth of the bottle will scrape more residue from your finger than just touching the mouth of the bottle. So, on a lark, I took some empty bottles home and tested the mouth of the bottle for lead. Sure enough they tested positive for lead particulate! There have been several posts about Blood Lead Levels (BLL) on this site, and I wrote an article about the importance of controlling BLL for Cowboy Action shooters™, that appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Cowboy Chronicle. It's an important topic. It’s one thing to be in the presence of lead particulate when we are shooting, but unkonwingly ingesting lead is a very bad idea to say the least. (If you didn’t see the article, you can download a white-paper version from the Documents section of our website at: http://www.prvcatlazyarrow.com/prvcatylazyarrow.com/Documents_Papers.html I’m sure Crystal Geyser's intensions were well founded in preventing removable caps from causing waste problems, and I assume the company is not aware of this hazard. I plan to communicate with Crystal Geyser, but in the meantime, I urge that you buy the screw-top bottles and not the flip-top version - especially when your hands are dirty with lead!. Be safe! RR
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    Making a dry run out to a tiny cemetery over in Utah where we’re doing a graveside service tomorrow I spotted this cool homestead on the Colorado side of the state line.
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    Here is a tribute to my old man. I have managed to drag him out of retirement a few times, if we lived closer I'm certain I could get him out regularly. His alias is Mancos and his badge number is 512. Hopefully someone knows the other members of this team shoot. I believe they were randomly selected and placed on teams. Here is a picture from 1988 EOT. Mancos is my father! Back then you could buckle in side events. The also got a very nice plaque. 1 st Place Team Shootists End of Trail April 1988 Team Members: Left to Right: Bible Thumper , Midway, Sidewinder, Mancos, Yosemite
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    Seen it happen more than once...NO CALL; for reasons previously stated (whether the barrel(s) break the 170 or not).
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    and more.... Lever spring mods. Ect. I must say the fitment and build seems very nice out of the box. The lever throw is 90 degrees from horizontal. I hear this is better than the stock italy guns, but not a short stroke either. My only complaint was the excessively heavy safety actuation, requiring a very deliberate squeeze during firing. As shown in the photos, and with a slight back bending of the safety pawl spring to lighten it, that was resolved nicely. It's like a swiss watch now.
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    You lost me at ”Cabela’s”.
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