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    Hi Fellow SASS Members, The SASS Wire Forum is the official forum of The Single Action Shooting Society® (SASS®) and the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™. The SASS Wire is a series of forums established to provide a sense of community and an opportunity for communication and the exchange of ideas for all SASS members and members of the public worldwide who are interested in SASS and the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. The SASS Wire Forum has existed for many years- its goal being to provide and promote a positive and welcoming environment for SASS members and guests to exchange ideas and discuss topics related to SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting. This goal has been achieved for many years- mostly due to the diligence and giving volunteerism of SASS members serving as Moderators and Administrators of the Forums. The Forums Rules and User guidelines have existed since its inception with little review, edits or updates made to evolve alongside the growing and evolving SASS membership's needs as well as the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. Change... it's a 'comin! In early 2018, the SASS Wire Forums were given a thorough analysis, reflecting that the Forum itself is in a trend of decline. The evolution and growth of internet social connectivity has grown exponentially over the last 5-10 years. The rise of social media platforms has given way to a multitude of choices for users to communicate and express themselves- many times without rules or moderation. It is important to find a middle ground in which the environment is one that is positive and welcoming- encouraging users to express themselves, all the while moderating content and enforcing guidelines and a framework of rules that ensure the forum is maintained in a respectful manner and remains in line with the intended goals of the forum itself. It is now more critical than ever to work together to achieve a "place" we can all be proud of in the SASS Wire Forums. EFFECTIVE MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2018: 1- An updated Document Outlining the "NEW" SASS Wire Forum Guidelines/User Terms will be in effect. *WILL BE POSTED/AVAILABLE ASAP! 2- All CURRENT SASS Wire Moderators, as well as the SASS Administrator roles will be vacated. 3- A clear definition of Roles within the Wire Forum (Moderators/Super Moderators/Administrator) will be provided to all members 4- All newly recruited Moderators (fresh blood! ) moving forward will be "GHOST MODERATORS" (Anonymous) and will perform their duties anonymously under a Generic Moderator profile, not their own. Moderators will commit to volunteer for 3 month rotations in/out of the role. (*Please contact Misty @ [email protected] if you are interested in filling a 3 month slot as a "Ghost Moderator".) 5- The TEAM SASS Forum will continue to be managed and moderated by Charlie T. Waite (Thanks Charlie!) as a seperate forum 6- The SASS Mounted Forum will be eliminated. 7- The SASS Forum titled, "WTC- Whats the Call" will be deleted to be "tabled" until data collection and completion can be completed by the ROC. Our most sincere thanks go out to all current (and past!) Moderators and Administrators. Allie Mo, Doc Faraday, Dusty Chaps- You guys are awesome and will be missed by many, I'm quite sure. Your time, dedication, and care will always be celebrated and remembered with great admiration. Doc has been a moderator here for over 20 years, and Dusty isn't far behind that 20 year mark in his tenure... WOW- 20 years!..... And, of course, Miss Allie Mo stepped in during a critical time and grabbed the reins when no one else was interested back when Black Harris retired. Allie, you've got the heart of a lion and we are grateful for all your work and dedication. Go enjoy some freedom, guys! Thanks everyone- as usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly: [email protected] ....Now, who wants to come be a Ghost Moderator? ~Misty Moonshine
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    I thought you were going to say that effective 2 April we would no longer be able to show magazines of more than 30 pages, how to assemble a Marlin after some idiot at the reloading table took it apart with a mallet and a screw knife, and any picture of Cap'n George Baylor in which he was wearing a skirt 2 inches above his bony knees. I feel better now. Wolf Bane SASS 13357
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    I think what a lot of people don’t know is what a hassle being a Moderator can be. By the way, this is going to make someone mad...and I don’t care. Let me enlighten some of you: 1. The first thing that I noticed is I lost over half of my so-called “friends” here in the Wire. Why? I have no idea. 2. For some reason folks assume that because you are a Mod you shouldn’t be participating (watching them) in “their” thread. I don’t know how many threads I posted on where my post was the last post. Or how many times I would get a PM or an email (yes, someone who knew my email address and was kind enough to share it...bless their heart )...Anyway, I don’t know how many times I got messages asking me why I was posting, did they do something wrong, etc. 3. Al of a sudden you become “Mom”...”Mom, he won’t stop touching me!”...”Mom, she made a comment that hurt my wittle feewings.”...”Mom, he is saying those bad words again.” Imagine that every day in Reports, PMs and emails. 4. You constantly get asked about the latest conspiracies going on within SASS. Oh yes, conspiracy abounds within SASS! You didn’t know that? Well, my friend, you are talking to the wrong people. 5. Some folks with big egos and bigger mouths think that “they” know what’s best and “they” can’t be pushed around by some woman or some guy that has never even won a match or because they have won some matches that they are superior. These are people that hold a special place in my heart because they can be a serious pain to deal with as a Mod. Some of these people are the reason for “time outs” and even worse, outright bans. 6. In addition to the above you have what I call the “Cowboy Gangsta’s”. These are the bitter people that have a following that buck everything a Mod does and they have a contingency of followers to help them gang up on a Mod for doing their job. 6. Then you have the reports and PMs from folks that must really like hitting that “report this post button” and then expect immediate action only the action you perform must be approved by them. If it’s not they then badger you with PMs asking you over and over why you can’t see it their way. 7. Then you have the lost souls. The ones that just couldn’t stop pushing the envelope by breaking the rules and then putting it in the Mod’s faces (think Cowboy Gangsta) and then when they get their wings clipped they go running to SASS HQ hat in hand and wearing their best Bruce Dern sad face hoping to be allowed back in. So not only did the Mods have to deal with that guy now they have to answer to HQ for why they did what they did. I could go on but I think I made my point...I am not sure how long my point will be posted but I wanted to let you know why I think Misty’s idea is a good one. It’s a damn shame when a person loves this game and this organization so much that they volunteer their time to help out only to be kicked in the teeth and the shins at every turn. Losing sleep many a night trying to find the right solution using the Cowboy Way as a guide. FOR FREE! No money, no perks, no recognition. FREE time, FREE effort and FREE heartache. Now, after saying all that I want you to know that I am talking about a minority of SASS members here. A minority! But that minority can make a person nuts. Being a Mod could literally be a full time job. I came very close to walking away from SASS, again, over some of the things that occurred when I was a Mod and I still get PMs from folks wanting me to Mod things. I still get emails from a couple of folks you don’t see on here any more trying to spin things up. If you think being a Mod is all “sunshine and snacky-cakes” then step up and do the job for a while...as a Ghost Mod you probably won’t experience what I outlined above and THAT is why I think Misty’s idea is a good one! My name is Pat Riot.
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    I agree. What you must also consider, however- is that the moderators will continue to be volunteers. The roles of super Moderators will be filled by my office staff team, and I will fill the administrator role. Im confident that my customers (our members) will be taken care of well with the newly assembled team... I’M the one to be held accountable by our members- NOT the volunteer Moderators. Misty
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    Allie Mo, Doc Faraday, Dusty Chaps How could we ever thank you for such a thankless job. Well Done!!!! Ifen the saloon still exist come April Fools day drinks should be on everyone for you three!!
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    This Johnny Carson Show from 1955, were James Arness was a guest for the upcoming Gunsmoke series may answer the question MT .
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    The cocking levers are worn. A spot weld on each and then filed down to about 10 thousands over will retract the pins sooner and stop them from sticking in primers. Johnny M.
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    I will fulfill the role of Wire Administrator. Super Moderators will be filled by SASS Staff, and the Moderators will be the volunteers among the wire membership working anonymously. Once I (very soon) publish the roles you’ll understand in more detail everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Misty
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    The moderators will be held accountable for their actions or inactions by the new Wire Administrator- who, I can assure you, has the best interest of the members at heart. PWB is not a moderator. He is a member of the RO Committee. His role on the wire will not be affected by this. I do kinda like the theme song suggestion! Although... now I’m going to be singing that song in my head for the next few hours! Yep- I’m sure Gene would approve! Misty Moonshine
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    I think this is a great idea, Misty. Excellent idea! I moderated for a few months at the request of Allie Mo. It's a tough job. It's even tougher when people make it personal. I have never understood how folks can tell others about the rules of SASS and what is okay and what is not yet just cannot follow or refuse to follow forum rules. Truly baffling. Miss Allie, THANK YOU for doing the Admin / Mod job for so long and for being tough and sticking it out even at the cost of many night's sleep and the worry over trying to do the right thing. Thank you so very much.
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    A hearty "Thank you" goes out from me to Allie Mo for all you have done for us as a Moderator. I Thank all the Moderators and Administrators for their hard work, but single out Allie as for some reason I feel as though I know her a bit! Thanks again ALL
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    Even many fans haven't heard some of these songs that are in the movie. More into the music and songs, then the plot. Still enjoyable. MT Just to add: This movie is what started me as Waylon fan
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    You'all big city folks stick to your news, us kountry folks will stick with what's important to us! This young lady knows
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    Smoky got a new toy. Ever since I was old enough to know what one was, I have wanted one and the day has finally arrived! And for better than half price. I’m stoked tonight. The big boy got a Big Boy toy!!!!!!
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    Oh, don't worry, J-BAR... the wingnuts in the bookend states want to include you, too... After all, they know MUCH better than we do what's best for us.
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    The 11th Foreign Infantry Regiment, knowing it would likely be wiped out, even burned its colors to prevent their capture before launching a series of delaying actions to buy other units time to retreat.
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    Next time you buy something at Walmart and it smells kinda fishy, you'll know why.
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    At least there wasn't a 7th fleet destroyer involved.
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    Thanks, Doc. One of the looks past his pomposity into his humanity. This, his sisters wedding and it being called off, and, my favorite, when he tells Hawkeye the he envies him "Where I had a father, you had a dad."
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    I ran across this, and recalled this thread. THE reason I liked Winchester better than Burns:
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    Interesting. I don't recall ever hearing about these fish. I learned something today. I think I just read the entire Missouri regulation page for these fish. Danged refreshing to read a real DFG website page and not a littanny of litigious mumbo-jumbo. Thanks Smoken D I'll bet in the water they look like Alligator Gar. Now that is a scary looking fish.
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    I appreciate your sense of humor. Thanks. However, only Customers are able to hold Suppliers accountable. Transparency always produces the best performance. Suggest you give this additional thought. (Based on a career of management experience). Overall, I have been pleased with your management. Take care
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    What did the French say when the Germans invaded during WWII? "Welcome, your rooms are just as you left them."
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    Who won the first Tour De France? The German 7th Panzer Division
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    Why are the streets of Paris lined with trees? German soldiers like to march in the shade.
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    RE: SASS handbook page 15, "A shotgun is considered SAFE for movement (in hand, while moving through a stage in the following condition only: - Action open, round in chamber or on carrier" Is this the rule that says it is OK to load shells in your shotgun while moving between firing positions as long as the action stays open or is it addressed elsewhere more specifically? Thanks
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    so . . . do they taste like chicken?
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    I'm sure there are a few of us. I think it's just something about the name. Makes me think of Bon Jovi and "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride." And yeah... Don't want that association.
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    Haha...years ago I tried to start a group here on the Wire called Metal Cowboys. Cowboy shooters that love Heavy Metal.
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    Waylon fan since.......forever. Here's one of my favorites you may have never heard if you don't have the album. JHC
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    the leadership sucked, the French soldier was as dedicated to his cause as any other, perhaps inadequately trained, and do not doubt that many Legionnaires were French who merely changed their names.
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    There's just something about that gun that makes you want to tape up the grips and go rob a liquor store.
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    I think the operative word there is "foreign". As in French Foreign Legion. Not Frenchmen.
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    Roy Orbison Pasty Cline Les Paul and Mary Ford Bob Wells
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    Mine hang up on factory AA primers. They are softer than the Winchester reload primers. It is fine with factory Remington shells or reloads with Winchester or federal primers. Hope this helps. You can try polishing the firing pins MCJ
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    Nice. Never knew about them. I just read about snagging. https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/species/paddlefish/paddlefish-tips-fishing
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    I worked for a German a few years ago. One day we were looking at a map of the world and I said “I never realized how small Germany is compared to other countries.” He responded with “Well, for a few months back in the mid 40’s Germany was much larger”.
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    After the war between the states, Springfield decided to take their inventory of .58 caliber muzzleloaders, and cut the breach and install what they referred to as an "Allin" trapdoor. They also sleeved the barrel to make it a .50 caliber, and it was chambered for the .50-70 cartridge. These were converted muzzleloading rifles. The rifle made in 1873, and beyond, was not a converted muzzleloader, but it was a trapdoor model built from the factory, to be a trapdoor, and it was chambered in the then new .45-70 government cartridge. The new trapdoors had a three position hammer, whereas the old converted muzzleloaders, in .50-70 caliber, had only two. Since we now have a solid head brass shell, instead of the old "balloon head" shell, you probably cannot get 70 grains (by volume) of black powder in the new solid head shells...at least, I can't. If you reload, and use black powder, and if you don't fill up the case with black powder, be sure to use a filler. You do not want any air space between the bottom of the bullet and the black powder. Also, black powder likes to be compressed a little bit. I use Cream of Wheat, as a filler, if I need to use a filler. Also, back in the 1800's, the trapdoor carbine cartridges were not loaded with 70 grains of powder. For the carbines, they used about 55 grains of powder, because the carbines did not weigh as much as the rifles, and would recoil more. I also would recommend the book, being sold by Pat Wolf, that she and her late husband wrote, concerning loading for the trapdoor in .45-70. This can be a pretty accurate rifle, if loaded correctly. It is super fun to shoot, and you get to experience the same shooting sensations as your great-great-great grandmother did, when she was defending the Studebaker Conestoga, or the homestead, while your great-great-great grandpappy was down at the local watering hole, quaffing down a lukewarm concoction they passed off as whiskey. Enjoy that trapdoor. I wouldn't trade mine for a brand new AR, and a date with Hillary. My Two Bits. W.K.
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    Guy woke up really feeling sick, so called his Boss. Boss, I am sick and wont be in today. Boss told him it was be impossible cause he needed him badly. They argued till the Boss told him when he was feeling bad he would go to his house and tell his wife he needed sex. Ok, I will try. Couple of hours later he called back telling the Boss he was much better , able to be there shortly. By the way, You got a nice house!! GW
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    this is why you need to know history--so you understand these kinds of jokes
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    yes they will force us back to the days of talking directly to each other....
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    Your question assumes that a mentally disturbed/batsh*t crazy person will somehow make a rational choice. Probably not gonna happen. Rational people must realize that crazy people will always get guns, and will always pose a threat. Preventing armed crazy people from causing harm should be the goal, not trying to understand their "motivation". I don't really care why the shooter did what he did. I really care about how easily he was able to get a gun into the school. That is the question that must be addressed.
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    And thank goodness. They make things interesting.
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    "Zero Tolerance" means zero common sense and zero tolerance for other folks' rights.
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    First, here is a link to Winter Range Long Range events if you are not familiar with them. Winter Range Long Range events First off, I appreciate the folks that helped as volunteers at long range events. The ranges are posted on the website for each event. While it is posted +/- 20 yards we strive to get them +/- 5 yards. That means setup and then check with range finder. We get a couple hours to set up long range targets before moving on to setting up the other twelve stages so we strive to get them right the first time. Edward Canby, I am also interested in BP subcategories. I will bring it up at the post-match meeting. I will bring up the -repainting of the targets at our post-match meeting. Both the single shot targets are well shot up during the match. Well said Zeb Gray, well said.