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    Today I got to do something that I have wanted to do since I was a little kid ogling the recruitment poster at the Navy Recruiting office in my home town. I got to visit the USS Constitution. I have to admit. I got a little choked up. What a fantastic ship. When I was a kid this poster was on a sandwich board in front of the recruiter’s office in Main Street in my little town. This poster was on my mind when I decided I was going to enlist in the military. After all these years I finally got to see the ship in this poster. What a great experience.
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    And that's exactly why we have the two different opinions Phantom mentioned. I'll repeat an earlier post of mine. I don't know if the word "THEN" was included in the stage instructions or a comma. Either way I think the triple taps and 10th shot are two separate and distinct instructions. You have a good evening too.
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    Like the man said, “Her decks no longer run red with blood. But she still has sides of iron”.
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    I do the pretty much the same procedure as Beartrap except that I plug the barrel with a rubber cork and fill with hot water. Let soak while I clean my rifle and pistols.
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    JFK would be a moderate Republican today.
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    Ah ..... PLUS: It runs on Wind MINUS: It Runs on Wind
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    At gunsmoke this year the gremlins got to both my rifles. Timing issues with both caused lots of issues and jacked out rounds on 8 of the 12 stages. On the bright side I'm getting pretty good at reloads lol
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    Even though both of my numbers are on no call lists with the carrier and the so called Do Not Call deal that Bush created I still get 20 or so calls every morning and this morning I decided to turn the tables and call them back. After the first ten or so calls back to them from both numbers a guy called me up, identified me by name and told me to stop calling that number because it was a auto repair garage, I called him a liar and hung up and called the same number from another line and it was again answered by Google, I waited for the live person after pressing #1 and guess who came on the line after introducing himself as a Google agent, that’s right the guy that just called me saying the number went to an auto repair shop. So I told him I needed the disgronificator (a Rush Limbaugh car part name) replaced in my new Tesla. He called me every dirty name in the book and told me to never call there again. Well now when I call the number from both of my numbers it goes to automatic elevator music. By the way the phone number that they are calling on is 1-760-227-4348 if you would like to join in. When the female robot answers press 1 and that will get you through to a live google agent and you can ask them to change a part on your car too.
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    And he wasn't a liberal or a leftist. He was a populist!
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    Did you feel extra tall below decks?
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    Rather than post a political opinion here I will let a metaphor speak for me. This is what certain types of folks would like to do with my words, my thoughts, my beliefs, my country:
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    I remove the barrels & put a rubber stopper in the muzzle of each. Give them a shot of moose milk & fill with hot water (flash rusting isn’t a problem here in Az). Then let them sit while I clean everything else. Wad a paper towel into the chamber, pull the plugs out& push the ppr towel on through - clean as a whistle.
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    Rudy's ' bringing the Gumbo and I am bringing the rice and bowls, Irish Pat
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    See y’all tomorrow. Kajun
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    Do we agree that there are two valid POV's here?? One sez that the two instructions are independent of each other and the other sez they are not. If we can just agree to this than we can look at ways to avoid having a problem in the future. Phantom
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    The camouflage paint on the upper surfaces was more for when they were flying than when parked on the ground. They wanted something that would be pattern disruptive over a range of terrain. Aircraft on the ground are subject to bombs, so the camouflage doesn't make much difference. Or, if attacked by strafing, the attackers will be close enough to see them no matter what.
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    See y'all tomorrow. Car is packed except for last minute items and ready to go. Looking forward to meeting lots of new friends and seeing lots of old friends too.
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    And then all the salmon and orcas would be complaining about the %[email protected]& liberals taking over their neighborhood!
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    I see that my pard Tyrel posted while I was typing His way is similar to mine Great minds think alike! Shotgun is the easiest BP shooter to clean IMHO
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    The problem with Prager's definition is while he's correct the liberals of today don't know the difference....... they're ALL leftists!!
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    "If you take your time you get a more harmonious outcome" Joe Gill, Crossfire Trail.
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    Again!! A biased university staff preventing the free and open exchange of ideas!! NOT education, but rather indoctrination!!
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    Do you know how a tommy gun sounds on full auto? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!
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    I've had good results with Federal Premium "Prairie Storm" rounds. 1.25 oz #5 lead shot @ 1500 fps. Kinda pricey, but doubtful you'll go thru a lot of it. But if you do, that means you're having a great trip and then the price doesn't really matter! #1 to what Charlie said about chokes and blasting away. Since I've never hunted with benefit of dogs, it takes me a bit longer to get on target, so I've had better luck with a full choke. Remmie 1100 No CAS guns unless you have a long-barreled SxS like a Stoeger Uplander. Use your A-5 What part of Kansas? Private or public land?

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