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    Renewed my membership and SASS sent me a 20 year membership pin. Impressive. Very nice of them!
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    Hi Rooster, there's not a lot to understand. It's like I said.. "I wouldn't use it for any serious 45-70 shooting", Swiss 1 1/2 works better for me. I have been very successful using APP and many other subs when shooting at CAS matches in my Main Match guns. It will even work somewhat ok at most of the CAS Long Range distances. I have never been able to get a Standard Deviation in the single digits using APP, but I can when using Swiss 1 1/2. That makes a big difference for me (or anyone) when you are shooting at 1,000 yds using a BP Cartridge that has about 45 ft of drop. Repeatability is KING in that game. sb
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    Stick with the 3/8. We shoot the X as we call it. Mark back of target with an X after set up. Next set up X goes in front, painted over and an a new X is painted on back. Next set up X goes in front and painted over new X is painted on back. That way both sides are shot every other set up. Keeps the steel flat for years.
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    Dang, I was hoping he was for sale... I could get him to stand in for me if I owned him...lol...
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    Dream of a 1911. No new models, just new parts.
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    No these fit the smaller L frame The 28 requires the larger for an N frame.
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    Brass cuts super, i ended up using a dremel and a drill press. I used the drill press to put in dimples to the max depth that i wanted to go, then marked it with a pair of calipers and some dry erase around the edges before taking a dremel and a sanding drum to grind out the high spots between my dimples. On the bottom half where the lifter goes where you usually hollow out the sides i just used a drill press to put in some holes on each end as far as i wanted to go, then threw some holes in between before taking a file and smoothing it all out. Took me a bit to do, but it was very satisfying. For $65 bucks though, you could just pay someone and it will probably come out nicer
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    slip over and take a look at this one. Good price and work performed by a great one. I don't know much about the model though
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    I'll pass, thank you
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    Fixed a few things around the house and outside since it is nice out. Sighted in the crossbow for going out deer hunting Monday. Getting ready to vacuum the house right after a break. Tonight is our Christmas Fest in town. Several church choir at 4pm followed by chili dinner. Then a big town parade at 6pm. Down here a lot of horse groups and kids we know will be riding, so will be there yelling at them trying to embarrass the kids as much as possible. Always a great time at our town parades and will be a nice evening for it. Fire trucks, police, ambulance, tow trucks, hot cars, all the good stuff and then comes the big guy Santa.
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    More importantly, what is Joe smoking/drinking?
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    But only for double barrel shotguns used to scare burglars......... LL
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    That looks NUTS~!
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    I love shooting 1911s gf. Heck I love shooting any pistol gunfighter. Yesterday I played with snub nosed 454s. Lots of fun!
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    Thanks! When I came across that photo after searching "Phubai" I was hoping you would comment on it.
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    I have trouble with legalese, bureaucratese and scientific mumbo jumbo, so I may have gotten the wrong information from that. They had 23 jump out of a plane wearing parachutes? And another 69 jumped out WITHOUT parachutes? And there was no difference in the injuries accrued between the two groups? Because the plane was on the ground when they jumped out?
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    Alias: Sloe Moe #108017 I'm in the NE end of Denver, Aurora, technically. Never been to a Match, didn't own a SA until a couple months ago. Bought a used NM Blackhawk .357, 6.5" from a guy at work 'cause it was cheap. It was cheap 'cause it came with the 9mm cylinder, no .357 cylinder. So I got a .357 cylinder and a bunch of spare internal parts off Gunbroker and started watching the youtube about SAOs . Musta clicked a SASS video by mistake and here I am. The hard workin' Ruby Ruthless informs me that my SASS packet might arrive tomorrow in the mail. I do have a few handguns, all stainless and all .357, except for the Smith 629. Oh, and except for a Baretta 92G Brigadier, 'cause everybody needs 9. I do reload a bit, but only ,357 and .44. On a single-stage. Sand Creek Raiders is my closest SASS club, I hear that they won't have a Match until Springtime. I hear that I'm not to buy any guns until after I've shot somebody else's, but I've pretty much got my heart set on a pair of NM Vaqueros, in stainless, 'cause I just love the stainless, and in .357, ditto sort of. And I really, really want a Win 1897 SG. SASS legal and will work on zombies too. My lever action rifle I'll hafta think on, assume it'll be in .357. But I am shoppin' for a good hat. A good pair of boots, too. I'm right-handed, but left-eyed, and grew up shooting a rifle left-handed on account of the eye. Now, I shoot both hands about equally slowly and poorly. So the idea of shooting double duelist does appeal to me some. I will be shooting in one of the Senior categories, depending on how long it takes me to get my stuff together.
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    That ruling in the link, is 2+ yrs old. OLG
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    Not news for those selling firearms. Federal government has been very clear on that one.
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    Animals wear it on the outside GW
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    I have a very very slick Rossi 92, 24 inch barrel with the case hardened receiver in 45 colt. Besides being extremely slick, this rifle is very accurate producing 1 moa groups at 100 yards for me with the tang sight off bags. Features: -The steve gunz DVD work performed to it -Springs replaced (magazine spring, hammer, extractor) with springs from Nate Kiowa Jones -Stock and Forend refinished to tru-oil natural finish -Lyman tang sight -- Sighted in for 25 yards -Lyman Flip Up sights as well. Pictures dont show the flip up sight as i installed that after i took them. -2 Color Deer Skin Lever Wrap -Safety Cap installed in place of safety Gun has been used, but not abused. No major dings or scratches, just some minor wear and tear. Looking for $600 shipped to your FFL if they accept from an individual. If they need me to send from an FFL I can do that too, will just need to find out how much its going to cost me first.
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    I took a look at a few comments and stopped because I didn't agree with their thoughts. I'm new to SASS/CAS, via a neighbor who shoots and invited me to come watch a local practice in 2016. The following week when I went to another practice, one of the shooters brought several guns for me to try. I eventually borrowed guns to shoot at each practice. I had yet to go to a regular shoot. Since that time I've gone through two (2) age based catagories; bought used .38 revolvers; a used '73 carbine; a new SXS 12 gauge and appropriate leather; joined SASS and had another birthday! Starting out at 80 years can be a little challenging....but I'm having a ball! SASS/CAS are so willing to help and are fun to be around.....I think I'll stay for awhile and see where this sport takes me. Wrangler Bob #107815
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    Wow! Just WOW! Such a scary event. I'm glad you weren't injured!

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