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    Yes! I had a friend that nominated me. I also had over a hundred friends sign the nomination petition. At that time I was the scorekeeper, registrar, SASS club contact, and treasurer of our club. In addition, every admin and secretarial task got handed to me. I attended every work party - helping with all the tasks around the range and cleaned the clubhouse. I was very honored to have been nominated and cried when the pin was presented to me. Later, a cowboy acquaintance extended his congratulations with some words I will never forget - "Earning it is easy. Living up to it is the hard part". Those words have stayed with me all these years. Every match I go to, every friendship I make, every recruiting event I attend, I hear his words.
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    CONGRATULATIONS! ! 2018 B-Western World Champion SLICK MCCLADE One heck of a Cowboy!
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    There is NO position too low for these scum to take to attain their goals!! We need to expose and confront them at every turn, on every level!!
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    Way to go Boaz!! WORLD CHAMP FCGF!!!!!!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS STONE CREEK DRIFTER! A great Cowboy and one heck of a shooter!
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    Rather than stand and deliver, he was forced to sit down and SHUT UP!!!!
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    Blanks you say..I been shooting 'em since 1986, if you get my drift !!!
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    So I have this 40mm blank saluting cartridge I picked up somewhere. I noticed the charge is 50 gms of BP. "Well that ain't much for such a big thang", I thought. That's less than I load in my 12 gauge..... Then I realized it said Grams not grains. The handy on line conversion chart says 50 grams equals about 800 Grains. Yeehaa! That'll wake ya up! And take care of every knockdown target at EOT. BOOM!
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    The can may have some collector value but the powder is still likely good as new. I don't think collectors want powder in them. I wouldn't throw out the can. I have many empty powder cans - including a 15 pound keg that once was full of Unique.
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    Thanks IM and everyone else but I’ve gotten older, this was Silver Senior Duelist. Doc. Roy L. Pain is the Senior Duelist World Champion. Thanks Randy
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    I remember asking the owner and a couple of guys at my favorite LGS in CA a few years ago about AR attachments and whether or anyone made a little parts box or a knife (not a bayonet) that could attach to a rail. I was curious. These guys laughed at me and then asked me if I was looking to “become a Mall Ninja with every manner of sh** hanging off my gun?”. I tried to explain that a small box with perhaps some field replaceable parts snapped onto a picatinny rail might be handy and they laughed. Okay, I can take a little razzing, so I just left it at that. About two weeks later I am at that store and these very same guys plus a couple more guys are getting their guns and gear together for some weekend competition that was more like a tactical competition, not 3 Gun. These dudes had lights, battery compartments, red dots with side flip magnifiers, scopes, bipods, etc. all over their ARs. I asked if I could handle one in particular that was missing one kitchen sink. This thing must have weighed around 12 pounds. When I sat it down on the counter, Bob, the owner, said “What do ya think of that bad boy?”. I said “You guys called me a “mall ninja” for talking about mounting a small parts box on my AR. You m*****f*****s are like Tackleberry Mall Ninjas.” The looks on their faces was priceless. Then I walked out. About a week later I am walking into the store and there are about a dozen guys in this little place all looking at something on the counter and they are all laughing. I hear “There he is” and everyone turns to me and they are all laughing hysterically. Bob, the owner, yells “Tom, we’re checking out the video about your Tackleberry Mall Ninja comment the other day...wanna see it?” All of a sudden I am getting grins and pats on the back from everyone. Apparently I made a funny. In the video my comment was funny but it got funnier when I left as these guys were speechless just standing their staring at their guns and looking at each other because they all realized that I was right. Priceless.
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    I think @Justice Lily Kate, SASS #1000 already has a second alias of Gate Crasher Kate. Upon further reflection, I would change my alias to Duncan McLeod but only if I could also have the highlander theme play every time my name was called. I'd have to wear my kilt to every shoot though and that might get rough in the winter month.
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    So-You are related to Shooting Bull then.......... OLG
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    Utah Bob: WHAT A RELIEF! I misunderstood your thread title. Wrong shooting blanks topic.

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