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    I shot End of Trail from 1985-2004. First in Coto de Caza, Calif. then we moved to Norco, Calif. These are some pictures from back then. First, there was only One handgun, shotgun, rifle. Second, there were NO Gun carts, you carried your long guns and rested them on the toe of your boot Later some gun racks were placed for us waiting to shoot. Third, there were NO Posse system, you just lined up with your buddies and talked while waiting to shoot. Fourth, there were NO timers, we used stop watches or the second hand on our wristwatch. Fifth, everyone was a safety officer, we watched out for major violations, but there were very few. Sixth, everyone had a great time. Most showed up and camped for 4-5 days with tents, teepees, or camper vans, motorhomes. I hope you enjoy seeing pictures from Coto de Caza, End of Trail. just sayin' Big Jake 1001 SASS Life.
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    If there were more secondary educators like Ms. Zito there just may be hope for the future after all. Harvard kids get eye-opening lesson in America’s heartland The article is not political in nature, it is about the journey a group of students that for the most part had no clue how the people that occupy 98% of the land mass of the United States actually think and live, took to actually learn something about their fellow Americans.
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    Which ever safe you get, get the mechanical lock not the electronic one. Locksmiths love electronic locks because they make a bunch of money on service call from them.
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    Wish it was still like that. This run and gun is not cowboy. Sure I like fast shooting too, but the spirit of cowboy seems to be fading. A bunch of guys and gals getting together playing COWBOY, reliving their childhood dreams, well it seems to be disappearing along with respect and morals. Thanks for the photos, it reminds me why I started in the first place
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    I'd rather read a post by the good-natured, say-nothing-profound folks than the complainers. Cruel comments about others are so juvenile.
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    Oh, for Pete's sake! It's quite simple. I'm surprise none of you got it!! It's a target!!!! (with some odd thingy on top of it)
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    I would seriously doubt there are lots of vets who think the same way he does but certainly there are some. I can name one right now. John Kerry.
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    Initial confused reports yesterday of civilian shooting a carjacker implied that cops were on scene when shooting occurred; lots of online comments and criticisms (jumping the gun before all the facts in), mainly complaining that the cops were twiddling their fingers while the civilian did their job. Not surprisingly, those comments turned out to be wrong. This report appears to get the facts correct. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/walmart-tumwater-washington-gunman-wounds-2-fatally-shot-by-bystander/ The part I found most interesting is that it now sounds like THREE armed civilians approached the carjacker, and one of those three ended the confrontation. We're starting to outnumber them. LL
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    Up here in Canada, the heroes of this story would find themselves facing serious charges, including murder or manslaughter. Support the NRA and your Second Amendment rights.
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    Lack of a good vocabulary requires such words be used for expression. When you see such expressions used it indicates the speaker is at best uneducated and at the worst stump dumb.
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    ....some toilet paper! I've got to remember this next time I want to toilet paper my neighbors trees! And NO you do not want to do this on your significant other.
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    New this year on side match day at EOT is Speed Dipping and I guess it’s sponsored by Copenhagen and Skoal. There’s a red sign along the road just as you pass my station that advertises it so if you’re coming to EOT next year you better start practicing for the EOT Speed Dipping Side match. This is a joke folks, relax.
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    A cordless leaf blower, a cheap paint roller and 2 double rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper. = $100 The look on your wife’s face when you cover her in 176 feet of toilet paper in seconds = Priceless
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    At the local level the MD could create one for him. I shoot with three different groups that gladly create categories just for people that for one reason or another cannot shoot all 4 guns with the required movement. We leave it up to the shooter as to how they want to approach each stage and do our level best to give them the level of help THEY want so that they can accomplish the stage to the best of their abilities. The help may be to carry their guns, reduce the amount of movement, not shoot 1 or more firearms or designate a pinch shooter for a firearm. (Think shotgun), Assist them with negotiating the stage and much more. The idea is for every shooter to have fun. It is up to the rest of us to ensure that happens. To see a SASS recognized category, I doubt will ever happen.
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    There will be varied opinions from shooters, but from a maker's view I will offer my thoughts. The main function in CAS leather is smooth draw and ease of the return with retention fairly light and this contributes to the holster designs being made with some rigid base. Rigid style also extends to a secure mounting point on the belt so the holster is where the shooter left it. I prefer the hard molded holster, quality leather can be molded to shape and be surprisingly durable and able to retain shape as long as the user takes some care in storage and use. No oil, it will soften the leather. Do not crush the leather or try and reshape it dry, this will weaken the formed pouch. The benefit is that the leather does still have some 'give' without a metal liner and will not cut as easily in the throat. Reinforcement can be made in other key points without putting metal at a junction of high traffic. (places like the mouth of the pouch). Metal lining can work extremely well in the straight throat of a holster that does not have an angled entry. My example here would be the Ojala holsters of the 50-60's, as they can last years with out issue. (I have one) But they do not have any metal at a bend or high traffic point. When metal is placed where a barrel or cylinder hit the leather and must change direction, there can be a negative effect. The gun becomes the hammer, and the metal in the holster becomes the anvil, with the leather in between. I have repaired holsters where the angle created this cutting, and seen it on the opening of the holster if flared too wide to create the roll. So look closely at the example and decide if the metal is placed with longevity in mind, or is the maker just claiming it has metal lining to sell holsters. If it is not installed correctly, it will not last as long as the more forgiving unlined holster. If you find metal at angled points, try and find some older examples to see how they are holding up. Also, be careful of home remedies to modify a holster without knowing the construction. Over modification at a point of stress can contribute to pre-mature failure of an otherwise solid holster. I am not claiming everything here is gospel and I appreciate quality leather making of all kinds. But I do have a little time invested in making and researching CAS gear and base this on what I have seen and learned from trial and error. For authentic gear, there will be a completely different approach. Johnny (Two post in a year, must be a new record)
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    maybe he's tired of his threads getting buried in all the garbage that's been on here lately.... but I do hope everything is all right with him....even having to hunt hard for them his posts are about the only ones worth reading on here anymore....
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    I read the title and was about to offer my condolences on losing your job with the orchestra..... or the railroad.... or the trolly line. Oh, well, glad you're not electrocuted.
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    Except for having to feed the little bastard, a little time at Leavenworth would be a good thing!! Failing to protect and defend the Constitution!!! OH! And a good long blanket party!!!
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