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    I shot End of Trail from 1985-2004. First in Coto de Caza, Calif. then we moved to Norco, Calif. These are some pictures from back then. First, there was only One handgun, shotgun, rifle. Second, there were NO Gun carts, you carried your long guns and rested them on the toe of your boot Later some gun racks were placed for us waiting to shoot. Third, there were NO Posse system, you just lined up with your buddies and talked while waiting to shoot. Fourth, there were NO timers, we used stop watches or the second hand on our wristwatch. Fifth, everyone was a safety officer, we watched out for major violations, but there were very few. Sixth, everyone had a great time. Most showed up and camped for 4-5 days with tents, teepees, or camper vans, motorhomes. I hope you enjoy seeing pictures from Coto de Caza, End of Trail. just sayin' Big Jake 1001 SASS Life.
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    SASS Alias: Dutch Coroner SASS #: 82128 Where you are from: Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
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    SASS Alias: Tame Bill SASS # 30699 Kansas Shooting for 18 years
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    Me and J-Bar also known as the Evil Twins
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    Pistol 3-5 paces Rifle 9-13 paces (depending on whether rifle targets are dual purposed as downrange movement pistol targets) Shotgun 7-8 paces No target (regularly) smaller than 16x16 Knockdowns/ reactive targets may be placed differently based on stage design. Im not a big fan of needless swings or dead space; so I like about a 6 inch spread between pistol plates; 6 - 10 inches between rifle plates. We have a couple multi level target trees for varying heights on target arrays. We have taken great pains to build targets and hangers that deflect rounds downward safely. So are they safe (or as safe as we can make them?). Yes. Are they too close? Maybe Are they too easy? Maybe. The best shooters don't care; they will be successful at any range and array. The slower shooter group will always be clamoring to move them further away because they believe their accuracy will then overcome speed. But most shooters are average in skill; and the average shooter likes to hit targets and they like to do so at speed (speed is, of course, a relative term; but most shooters enjoy feeling like they are on their own personal ragged edge). Big close target arrays offer the greatest number of shooters the best opportunity to have their best shoot. And lest we forget; we are not a shooting sport... We are in the entertainment business. In competition not with IPSC and IDPA; but with movie theaters, road trips, underwater basket weaving or ANY other use of a person's discretionary fun monies. And when we cease to entertain our shooters; they will find other venues to enjoy themselves. Moving targets out a couple yards further won't change the order on the score sheet. It won't change the incidents of splatter or splash that occur because of poorly angled targets. What it will do is affect the "fun" that your mid pack shooters experience. It will affect the smiles and the fist pumps and the elevated heart rates that keep our shooters excited until the next time.
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    SASS Alias: Titus A. Gnatsass SASS #: 71705 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 12 years
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    Dantankerous SASS # 85193 Kansas Playing cowboy for 9 years.
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    SASS Alias: J-Bar SASS #: 18287 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 1998
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    Allie Mo SASS No. 25217 From: Fiddletown, CA Shooting: 19 years
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    SASS Alias: Rye Miles SASS # 13621 Shooting for 20 years
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    Shooting Bull 82460 Las Vegas, NV 10 years
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    SASS Alias: Prairie Dawg SASS #:50329 Where you are from: Ohio How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: About 15 years
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    Michigan Slim SASS 96345 Fort Wayne, Indiana Started in 2003. Paradise Pass Regulators
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    China Camp, Deadly Redly, Montana Dan and Doc Holiday at End of Trail, Coto De Caza, 1988 Winners of the THREE shooting categories at EoT 1988: Black Powder - Hangfire Hank, Traditional - Lucky Smucky, and Modern - Deadly Redly Irish Clementine, Montana Belle, Cholla, Calamity Jo and Kid Sticks, Top Lady Shooters 1988 EoT End of Trail, 1988. Top Lady was Kid Sticks and Top Gun Winner was Lucky Smucky These are excerpts from an album on my FaceBook site Cowboy Action Shooting Gallery But since a lot of folks don't have a FB account I posted a few of them here. Just a bit of SASS history.
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    SASS Alias: MAJOR ART TILLERY SASS #: 87441 Where you are from: KANSAS (BUTTERFIELD GULCH GANG) How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 8 YEARS
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    Reverend Malachi Gossett 106712 Bandera, Texas I just started! First match was 10 Feb. 2018
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    SASS Alias: Fannie Kicker SASS #: 71706 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 12 years
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    Medicine Creek Johnny Sass 61890L South Dakota Been shooting 17 years
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    SASS Alias: Buckaroo Bubba SASS #:66861 Where you are from: Paris, Ohio How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 14 awesome years
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    Alias: Kaya SASS 98924 From Fort Wayne, IN Started shooting five years ago with the Paradise Pass Regulators
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    SSS Alias: Hillbilly Drifter SASS# 106017 Where are you from: Ellamore, West Virginia How long shooting Cowboy Action: 1 year
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    SASS Alias: Stirrup Trouble SASS #: 98294 Where you are from: Nebraska How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 4+ years, and completely and totally hooked TG and Regulator

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