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    I'm not going to get into the details of the story. But I will say that Misty Moonshine our very own CEO of SASS called a Stage DQ on herself at Winter Range. I could not be more proud to have someone at the helm who backs up what she says and believes in with actions. Way to go Misty!
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    Sorry, but you are wrong. The #1 reason we don't see the stuff that we did 15-20 years ago is because the majority of the shooters barely have the energy to walk back to their cars. Thats not a rip, it's a fact. The shooting population has aged. I'd crawl under a wagon or shoot from a claw foot bath tub and do it with a smile on my face. More specifically the matches here in Mi are not catering to top shooters........they are being put on by top shooters. Rockford, Hastings, Scottville, Sucker Creek, Saginaw.......all being produced by top shooters who work thier butts off for the game. Not to mention we would not have our state shoot if it were not for the group of "top shooters" that volunteered a enire week of their time to work like dogs so others can have fun. If a match was set today like we did back in the day 75% of the shooters would think they were on another planet because they never experienced it. When I started it was common to leave the club driveway at 4pm........nowadays keep anybody past 1:30 and you will get hung. Pretty sick and tired of seeing "top shooters" getting blamed for the perceived demise of the game when time and age is the biggest factor we are fighting.
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    My oldest son is a major in the Marine Corps and has been in Iraq since July. This is his 4th deployment there and he wasn’t supposed to return until May. We got word this morning that his entire advisory team is coming home and will be back at Camp Pendleton on Monday afternoon. Drinks are on me. HE’S HOME!! Wish I could figure out how to share the video.
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    It is a pleasure to belong to a group of people that have integrity and honesty like the Cowboy Action groups. I have been in competitive shooting sports for 61 years and have never come across a better bunch of people. Thank you all for the great times and pleasant experience that is Cowboy Action shooting. Johnny Meadows
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    SASS Alias: Dutch Coroner SASS #: 82128 Where you are from: Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
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    SASS Alias: Tame Bill SASS # 30699 Kansas Shooting for 18 years
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    Figured this might be a good time to post this with all the "Edgy" Posts lately. I just want to share what our sport means to me. As a lot of you know my parents (Moosetracks and Arizona Spirit) lost their house to a fire the night before Thanksgiving. Now this isn't new news to me but the people in our sport have been absolutely AMAZING. From the generosity, to people wanting to help us clean up, make us ammo, etc. It really has been an eye opener to what really matters. You people are truly something special. Some of you that we don't even know stepped up to help out. My mom's exact words were "Those Cowboys and Cowgirls are Pretty Special" and she has often used the word "Blessed" thru this whole ordeal. For quite some time now, my priority in this sport has been all about making new friends and making this sport better anyway that I can. It's all about its people. How I treat them, how they treat me, how we represent this sport and enjoy our time together. Having someone come up after one of our matches at Tusco and tell me they had a “Great Time” makes it all worth it to me. It’s not the ribbons or trophies that can burn up, it’s the friendships and memories that can’t be taken away. Speaking for my folks and myself, we really don't have a proper way of thanking everyone for their help and generosity. Just know that we think of you all as "Family". That to me is the bigger pitcher with Cowboy Action Shooting. The bottom line is we all represent this sport and we all make it great together. Let’s not forget that. So from our home to yours, Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and friends. I am lucky enough to still have my parents. The fire could have been much, much worse and of course I am lucky to have my “Cowboy Family”. God has truly blessed us! I think we all need to take a minute and reflect on that. Thank you, Buckaroo Bubba
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    I hope I'm not duplicating, but I saw this cool video and thought I would share. Enjoy!
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    18436572 that's easy, it's all Chevy V-8's and Chrysler's. We tried that years ago and there were too many Ford guy's who shot it differently.
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    Basically it was a family with three or four buckeroos, the father and mother shooting and sharing one set of guns and one or two sets of leather. Several of the vendors got together and gave them a rifle, two pistols, a shotgun and two sets of leather.
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    Me and J-Bar also known as the Evil Twins
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    Dantankerous SASS # 85193 Kansas Playing cowboy for 9 years.
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    If you want the kids to learn to be good spotters, you have to let them spot. What irks me is people who have this idea that kids should always, and only pick brass. If you want to keep them coming back, you have to make them a part of the posse, not just a person who does the unwanted job.
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    A man arrived at Jim Bowie's (cowboys and Indians) with a broken rifle. He and his children were sharing it and one set of pistols and a shotgun. Jim looked at the rifle and didnt know if he could fix it, it had been shot to pieces. Jim was touched by the story and went out and bought a 73 out of his pocket and slicked it up. He then went out to try and find a set of pistols. In the meantime TL went and got a shotgun for them the news spread and soon most of the vendors had chipped in. A great story about some great people.
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    My 70 year old widowed sister does not own any guns. But she got so mad that some corporations are canceling agreements with the NRA that she joined the NRA and posted her reason on Facebook. I am quite proud!
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    Utah's official army pic. Shortly before OCS graduation. Embarrassing.
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    With all the sadness of the last couple of days, I did find something to smile about this evening. I was scheduled to chair a Boy Scout commissioner's meeting tonight, and a young man from my son's old Boy Scout troop had asked if I could first take a few minutes to review and hopefully approve his Eagle Scout project proposal. Of course I was happy to, and finding all in order, signed off on it. An extremely bright and polite youngster, always a pleasure to talk with. And as I was discussing his project with him, I reflected - his older brother, also an Eagle, is in his second year at West Point. Two of his friends in the troop who are also Eagle candidates recently received Congressional nominations, one to West Point and the other to Annapolis. Of those two, one has an older brother - also an Eagle Scout - now finishing his senior year at the Air Force academy. Historically, something like four percent of Scouts achieve the Eagle rank. The rate for this troop is around eighty percent. Not bad for a small, unincorporated, ag-based community. And yep ~ I smiled.
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    SASS Alias: Rye Miles SASS # 13621 Shooting for 20 years
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    SASS Alias: Titus A. Gnatsass SASS #: 71705 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 12 years
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    SASS Alias: J-Bar SASS #: 18287 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 1998
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    This is getting to be a real problem in some places. I know a lot of people will think that I am cruel and, god forbid, insensitive to those will infirmities (physical, mental or snowflake). But, if someone is well enough to shoot they are well enough to help. Period. With most of SASS well over 60 almost everyone has some infirmity -- real or imagined.
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    Verification from the Range Operations Committee (ROC):
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    It is a MSV. A shooting string is a sequence of shots uninterrupted by another TYPE of firearm. A shooting string may be fired from one location or multiple locations. And until that shooting string is broken by another TYPE of firearm; the rules for safe movement, empty cases and clearing apply. The moment the NEXT type firearm is fired; it created a NEW firearm shooting string and MANDATES that the previous firearm be in a specific cleared state. Failure to follow these procedures are a MSV.
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    Uno and I were coming back from a wonderful birthday dinner this evening. Ahead of us was a fairly new pick-up truck not able to keep straight in the lane. On the four lane, he was getting close to the cars next to him and bouncing off the curb on the other side. I handed my phone to Uno and said lets drop a dime on this guy. He's obviously impaired. We called it in with a description of the truck, license plate, where we were headed and what we observed. They thanked us and said they would dispatch to our location. About a half mile later, the road narrowed into two lanes and it's very dark. He was starting to weave into oncoming traffic. Just then, I saw flashing blue lights rapidly approaching in my rear view mirror. As they got close, I pulled into the right turn lane to give them room to pass and catch the guy. He pulled over and we saw the officer jump out of his car. After we got home, the officer called me to take a statement as they arrested the guy and were hauling him away. I was relieved. Please be careful out there. Tis the season for more than merriment. Stay safe so you can spend many more holidays with your loved ones and us here in the Saloon.
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    I was looking at another post about starting over and saw that someone waited a month on equipment and possibly missed a couple of shoots. To that I say to all those who would like to join us, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come out to a shoot. Don’t let lack of equipment stop you from shooting with us. Locate a club near you on the SASS website and call ahead. Let them know you are coming and would like to try it out. I know that at all the clubs I shoot at there would be guns and equipment waiting for you when you get there. You can offer to help pay for ammo, but I’ll bet you will be met with “No problem, just glad to have you here.” I always carry an extra set of guns and ammo to local matches just in case someone wants to try it out. I’ve had the opportunity to set up people several times like that. I know there is a stigma sometimes about borrowing someone else expensive equipment, but just remember, they wouldn’t have brought that extra stuff if they didn’t want someone to use it. The “Cowboy Way” sets us apart from the rest of the shooting disciplines. Remember, for the most part, we are a bunch of grownups that get dressed up and want to play cowboy on the weekends. There is something special about those people…..they have a different mindset……they are not well…..they are the mental defectives, but they are also the most friendly, generous and outright good people that you will ever meet. The friendships to be made and the camaraderie to be had are endless. Come on out and shoot with us. Don’t Wait!!!
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    We in SASS, and especially on the Wire, tend to focus on the fastest shooters and the biggest matches. We sing the praises of the 18 second shooters who fly through a big match with ease. They are champions and deserve our adulation, but today I want to talk about some of the biggest winners in SASS--the shooters who show up to shoot regardless of the pain they might be enduring. I also want to talk about the shooters who hang in there when their equipment is balking stage after stage. To me they are real winners deserving all our praise and encouragement. Today I shot on a posse with several such shooters. One gunfighter had shoulder problems and couldn't lift both pistols so he had to change his style. Another had issues with his back and had to move very gingerly from gun to gun. He was slow but nearly clean. A couple had knee problems (amazing how your knees are the first things to go as you age.) Another had rifle that seemed to balk on every stage. It seemed like half the posse had a physical or mechanical problem, but there they were doing their dead level best. They hooted and hollered and handled their posse chores without complaint. They made sure we all had a great time. To me those guys and gals are the true winners of every SASS event. Their commitment to the sport, their clubs and their fellow shooters makes SASS the game I want to play. They are real winners deserving of all our praise. Shooting on my posse at the Gold Coast Gunslingers monthly today did my heart good. Thanks guys and gals.
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    SASS Alias: MAJOR ART TILLERY SASS #: 87441 Where you are from: KANSAS (BUTTERFIELD GULCH GANG) How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 8 YEARS
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    Reverend Malachi Gossett 106712 Bandera, Texas I just started! First match was 10 Feb. 2018
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    Allie Mo SASS No. 25217 From: Fiddletown, CA Shooting: 19 years
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    Docs told me six and a half months ago that before they would replace my knees, I needed to lose a ton of weight and get my BMI below 40. As of this morning I have lost 137.45 pounds and my BMI is 39.8. Now to get the knees replaced! See my primary doc on Tuesday to get the referral started to the surgeon.
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    Hoss Munny and Nora Mae Munny 106708 & 106709 Life South Texas Shooting Cowboy Action about 1 month.
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    Alias: Tucker T Fudpucker SASS # 70884 Where I'm from: Aiken, SC How long in SASS: 9 years Me and Miss T
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    Medicine Creek Johnny Sass 61890L South Dakota Been shooting 17 years
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    Shooting Bull 82460 Las Vegas, NV 10 years
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    SASS Alias: Buckaroo Bubba SASS #:66861 Where you are from: Paris, Ohio How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 14 awesome years
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    SASS Alias: Prairie Dawg SASS #:50329 Where you are from: Ohio How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: About 15 years
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    Alias: Kaya SASS 98924 From Fort Wayne, IN Started shooting five years ago with the Paradise Pass Regulators
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    SASS Alias: Stirrup Trouble SASS #: 98294 Where you are from: Nebraska How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 4+ years, and completely and totally hooked TG and Regulator
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    Michigan Slim SASS 96345 Fort Wayne, Indiana Started in 2003. Paradise Pass Regulators
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    This thread is a great example of why the wire is underutilized. The guy comes here and asks for help with understanding the rules and gets jumped on and talked down to for bringing information that was found elsewhere. It’s no wonder so many don’t bother.
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    I was in Tunisia last week and came upon something that brought tears to my eyes. North Africa is a desert land with, in many areas, grinding poverty. Our group was taken to an oasis in the desert just outside of Tunis. After the fighting was over in North Africa during WWII all of the Americans killed in battle and temporarily interred at batttlefields all over North Africa were brought here. The memorial was closed but the caretaker opened it for us. He is a Tunisian man in his 60s. I was amazed at the reverence and love he had for this place as he showed us around. I could not hold back the tears.
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    Its gone away because SASS Clubs are Catering to the Top Shooters . This stuff all takes time , and the top shooters dont like that . Just telling it The way it is . Rooster
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    Yesterday I showed up at a match with my brand new, Coyote Cap Signature IAC 97, with no scratches, perfect blueing and beautiful wood. So, guess what. I got a compliment on the looks of my ……….. rifle! A fellow cowboy liked the varnish-removed, oil-stained, beat-up look of my old 73 that I’ve been shooting in SASS matches for 20 years. He didn’t notice the new 97. You gotta love what we value and what goes on in Cowboy Action Shooting. 20 years and still loving this game. Tex Fiddler
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    I get nothing special...If I can not get up the stairs, I shoot threw the doors..If no doors I shoot from the side of the building...The only problem is they keep throwing rocks in my way...The other problem is a slow timer...Might run him over... Texas Lizard I try to do it just the same as everyone else does..Thats me...I'm in the bottom 1% of the finals...And I don't care...I'm having fun...Lots of fun...
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    Yep...I'm going to that special Hell