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  1. Bullett Sass 19707

    Monthly Shoot

    We call it kill them all day and you can use a SXS, 97, 87 or model 12. We load as many as there are targets. However if you miss no make up. Usually I use a double but have a 97 and model 12 for these occasions. Bullett 19707
  2. Bullett Sass 19707

    FS magazine for colt jr

    FS magazine for colt jr nickel plated. Would like $40.00 plus shipping. Thanks Bullett 19707
  3. Bullett Sass 19707

    FS Military type 1911 holster

    FS military type shoulder holster, like the tankers used in WWII. Would like $50.00 plus shipping. Thanks Bullett 19707
  4. Bullett Sass 19707

    Hat stretching and shaping update

    Does the brim have a pencil role. If so how did you do it? Thanks Bullett 19707
  5. Bullett Sass 19707

    SOLD keltec Sub 2000 gen 2

    PM sent Bullett 19707
  6. Bullett Sass 19707

    SOLD keltec Sub 2000 gen 2

    FS Keltec sub 2000 in 9mm. This gun uses glock magazines. Gun is in original box with all paper work. Would like $379.00 Plus shipping.
  7. Bullett Sass 19707

    Has This happened to You

    Thanks for the response, I don't feel like the only one now. Bullett 19707
  8. Bullett Sass 19707

    Weird Pistols side match

    It is a tricked out 2011. I use one in USPSA competition. Most are in 9 mm, 38 super and some in 40 SW. In 9 mm and 38 super they hold about 22 rds. Bullett 19707
  9. Bullett Sass 19707

    Has This happened to You

    I bought a set of offset sights for my ar. I thought I would install and sight them in on another day. Well the day came to install them and shoot. Well I put them away so well do you think I could find the stupid things? NO, I looked and looked, took the closet apart, cleaned off the loading bench, went through every drawer I could and still, no sights. I didn't pay a lot for them but now was a good time to shoot. I decided I would take a nap until the need to find them went away, but that wasn't working. About 15-20 mins went by and the wife comes in and says are these what you are looking for? She had this wise crack look on her face, and I wanted to say NO, but yes she found them. Hung my head and said Thank You then went on to put them on the gun. Bullett 19707
  10. Bullett Sass 19707

    WTS Brass Brass Brass

    I spoke for the 44 mag brass and my zip is 97913. Thanks Bullett 19707
  11. Bullett Sass 19707

    38 Special Nickel Brass

    Very few cowboy shooters will use nickel brass in the rifle, a few will use in the pistols till it splits just to get rid of it. Thanks Bullett 19707
  12. Bullett Sass 19707

    WTS Brass Brass Brass

    I will take the 44 mag. for 45.00 Thanks Bullett 19707 let me know about payment with PM
  13. Bullett Sass 19707

    '73 one piece firing pin

    Sorry not trying to hijack the post, but does that mean the firing pin and extension are one piece? Thanks Bullett 19707
  14. Bullett Sass 19707

    Source for canvas gaiters?

    I have a pair in leather, would like $25.00 plus shipping. Thanks Bullett 19707
  15. Bullett Sass 19707

    What is up with Oregon State match ???


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