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  1. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    APP is grey

    I ruined two Lee 1000 progressive presses using the "old" or first generation APP from all the dust it created. I would clean the ram after every loading session with it, but the dust was like sand paper and the ram eventually wouldn't move or would move using a lot of force .... I only load real black on my Dillon 650. If I do use APP, it is hand dipped into prepped cases .... I have not tried the newer APP due to my past experiences with it.
  2. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    brass tumbling question

    They cut down the amount of dust.
  3. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    "Vomit" Targets?

    Sounds kind of Rube Goldberg ish...
  4. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Metamorphisis of Clint Eastwood

    He still looks good and gets around well at 89. He was in town shooting his new movie "The Mule", which I got to be a part of, and paid as well. He still sounds the same in person....you can't miss that voice.
  5. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    I bought my safe from a local safe maker in around Valsalia, CA and they used to bring their safes to the gun shows at the Cow Palace in SF. They always had two safes that went through a fire. Theirs and a Knox Safe. Theirs was pristine while the Knox safe was toasted on the inside. Both through similar fires, inside a wood framed house that was burnt to the ground. The Knox safe had the bolt holes cut in the bottom, and one for electric on the side. The fire traveled up the electric cord and right in side ... and be cause the hole also provided air ....
  6. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    If there are any kinds of holes, bolt, electrical.. it is not a fire safe. Unless as stated before, bolted to concrete floor
  7. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Reloading table size for room to work

    If you think the bench is just big enough, it isn’t. You run out of room fast.
  8. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    WTC - a New One to me.. BROKE gun..

    I would also agree with the No call. Once the barrel left the receiver, it was no longer a firearm.
  9. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    My Wife: Agave Dawn (that's AH-Gah-Vay NOT Ay-Gave) #66010 Originally from Charleston, SC now Augusta, GA with a stop in CA ... (that she didn't like) She's been shooting about 15 years
  10. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Big Rock #44055 Originally from Constantine, MI, then all over the world ... currently and for the past 16 years, Augusta, GA How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Started in 1990 .... so about 27 years
  11. Big Rock, SASS #44055


    @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183 I was cleaning out some stuff and found the gamer card you gave me years ago ... way back at Mule Camp!
  12. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    If Rank Points Are Truly Here To Stay

    If you have the source code....

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