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  1. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    brass tumbling question

    They cut down the amount of dust.
  2. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    "Vomit" Targets?

    Sounds kind of Rube Goldberg ish...
  3. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Metamorphisis of Clint Eastwood

    He still looks good and gets around well at 89. He was in town shooting his new movie "The Mule", which I got to be a part of, and paid as well. He still sounds the same in person....you can't miss that voice.
  4. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    I bought my safe from a local safe maker in around Valsalia, CA and they used to bring their safes to the gun shows at the Cow Palace in SF. They always had two safes that went through a fire. Theirs and a Knox Safe. Theirs was pristine while the Knox safe was toasted on the inside. Both through similar fires, inside a wood framed house that was burnt to the ground. The Knox safe had the bolt holes cut in the bottom, and one for electric on the side. The fire traveled up the electric cord and right in side ... and be cause the hole also provided air ....
  5. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    If there are any kinds of holes, bolt, electrical.. it is not a fire safe. Unless as stated before, bolted to concrete floor
  6. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Reloading table size for room to work

    If you think the bench is just big enough, it isn’t. You run out of room fast.
  7. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    WTC - a New One to me.. BROKE gun..

    I would also agree with the No call. Once the barrel left the receiver, it was no longer a firearm.
  8. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Stage design - likes and dislikes

    I don’t like shooting through windows which were built for members of the lollipop guild. I don’t like rifle targets that are at pistol distances and I don’t like pistol targets that are so close I have to pull the lead out of my face with a knife because they’re so close all the splatter comes straight back. I’m tired of 2-3-3-2 sweeps. i like card suit targets, when shot in a continuous Nevada sweep, starting on the suit drawn from a full deck of cards and shooters choice on going right or left. I like split shot gun targets not all four or six side-by-side all of the time. I like targets set at varying distances not always in a straight line.
  9. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    shotgun belt and shells

    Any part of the shell at or below the belly button
  10. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Gun laws

    I thought it was already 21 to own NFA items?
  11. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Angles and Belly Buttons...

    Once, during the safety briefing, the persons said for everyone to stick their finger in their belly button if your belt is above that adjust, adjust it.
  12. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    2 shotgun front sights permitted?

    According to the Shoters handbook, “Sights must look like sights available during the cowboy era”. If you can find a historical example...
  13. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Could RO 1 and RO 2 Classes Be Offered Online?

    Yes, you can join by phone and only get the audio portion of the meeting.
  14. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Are you a turtle

    The Golden Turtle Club in Biloxi Mississippi is where I got mine ... That's probably long gone by now .... USAF Tech. School at Keesler AFB. I saw one guy drink the entire turtle bowl ....
  15. Big Rock, SASS #44055

    Are you a turtle

    I still have my card somewhere

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