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  1. Oklahoma Dee

    Quick Question on SASS Targets

    Simple rule of thumb () - Go the the stage and hold your arm straight toward the target and with your thumb up - cover the target and If you cannot see the target....Targets may be too far. If you see too much on either side, well maybe the targets are at Border Town ( which is sold out every year) or really close ( make sure they are angled downward), this can be a good thing, just not all the time. Helps with new shooters, older shooters, crappy shooters, etc... Oh and attendance! .......If attendance is necessary for survival. If you see just a sliver of target on either side...maybe that is the perfect distance for that target. Your thumb size and mileage may vary due to age, vision, and overall common sense and beer consumption.
  2. Oklahoma Dee

    Items for Sale at EOT the World Championships 2018

    Ok, Bittertrigger, let me know when your coming in to EOT.
  3. Oklahoma Dee

    Items for Sale at EOT the World Championships 2018

    Ok Billy Boots, I will see you maybe on Sunday, or sometime.
  4. I should have the following items for sale at the June 20th Cowboy Flea Market. That is the current plan. Cash only at this time. Unless other arrangements are made and agreed to.. · Uberti / 1873 Rifle – 18” half round / half octagon Pistol Grip – 357 Magnum – White Heat Treated Steel – Lefty Wheeler action job with C&I 4th Gen Short Stroke kit installed – SliXSprings Flat trigger – Aluminum carrier – asking $2200 · SKB 12 Ga – Model 200E - 27” blued barrels - Coin engraved receiver - $xxxx SOLD TO BitterFinger · Winchester 1897 12GA Solid Frame pump Shotgun – 1931 E series – Roughneck Rod Complete action job - $625 · Winchester 1897 12GA Solid frame pump Shotgun – 1908 D series – Roughneck Rod Complete action job - $625 · Winchester 1897 12GA TD pump Shotgun – 1953 E series – Roughneck Rod Complete action job - $750 · Doc Noper Shotgun Belt – 12GA – single canvas loops – size 31” - $100 – One of the best shotgun belts. · Ruger New Vaquero – (2) blued grip frames - $100 · Uberti / Cimarron 1873 carbine – 19” round blued barrel Ladder rear sight – Saddle ring - 44 Special – Straight Stock - asking $1050 · Pedersoli Muzzle loader 12GA Hammered shotgun – 28.5” blued barrels – S# 23333 - asking $600 · Winchester AA Low recoil Low Noise Target Load – 12GA – 2 ¾” – 1145 Vel - #8 shot - $6 per box – 5 total boxes = SOLD TO Billy Boots · Shotshell 12GA checkers – New - $24 · Mag tube/spring/follower for Uberti 1873 rifles - $55
  5. Oklahoma Dee

    Dillon 650

    Hey Jackaroo, I click the mov link and get an error. Is that my side or yours?
  6. Oklahoma Dee

    WTB Good Intro SA Revolver

    Ruger New Vaquero or Ruger Vaquero are your best long term options, in my experience.
  7. Oklahoma Dee

    Red Chevron ACOG

    I had to pay full price from LaRue Tactical for my Daniels Defense platform. Excellent setup.
  8. Oklahoma Dee

    Red Chevron ACOG

    Heck of a scope for your platform of choice. Bump for a good deal.
  9. Oklahoma Dee

    Parson Delacroix has passed over

    Rest in Peace, Champ!
  10. Oklahoma Dee

    New lever rifle world record.

    Really awesome. Shows what dedication, hard work, sweat, frustrations, small increments of success, and then Wham,,,,,Success. Way to go Champ!
  11. Oklahoma Dee

    Who sells those replacement magazine tubes

    How about 3x? Why seat on em? LOL...You ole miser, you....Just like me....I got a mountain of stuff that I may need sometime in the future. SO, I never part with em. Kinda like a pack rat....LOL See you at End of Trail, the SASS World Championships!
  12. Oklahoma Dee

    Sold To Oklahoma Dee

    I will take it. See you at EOT. If not sooner. Oklahoma Dee
  13. Oklahoma Dee

    Sold To Oklahoma Dee

    What is it set up for? As in, shot number, weight, powder, etc.
  14. Oklahoma Dee

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS. RCBS GRAND 12 Ga progressive SG reloaded.

    I sent you a PM with some questions.
  15. Oklahoma Dee

    Texas BP State match

    Excellent shoot. In my opinion, Old Fort Parker had at least two of the best original stages I have shot this year. Great people, great food, great weather. I am continually amazed at the assortment of awards that they come up with, and hope that other clubs would do themselves a favor by checking them out. If you have never shot at the historical Old Fort Parker, it should be on your list.

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