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  1. Texas State match

    Another feather in that club's headdress. Thanks to the tireless work provided by the club's members. Thanks to the fine ranch owner where the club is located.
  2. Items for Sale at SW Regional Championships Land Run

    I am not certain, but I do not think so. I can check Wednesday evening. It is packed and ready to drive North To Oklahoma. Land of fire, wind, rain, and the SW Regional Land Run.
  3. Items for Sale at SW Regional Championships Land Run

    Calling right now - 3:49 pm Houston Texas current time
  4. Items for Sale at SW Regional Championships Land Run

    Okay, It is yours, see you at the SW Regional. Thanks - OkDee
  5. I will have the following for sale at the range. If interested, please contact me or see me at the range anytime during April 19-21. Maybe the 22nd if I am still in town. No pictures at this time. Many thanks - Oklahoma Dee · Uberti / 1873 Rifle – 18” half round / half octagon Pistol Grip Special Order – 357 Magnum – White Heat Treated Steel – Lefty Wheeler action job with C&I 4th Gen Short Stroke kit installed – SliXSprings Flat trigger – Aluminum carrier - $2300 · Winchester 1897 12GA pump solid frame (Not a TD) Shotgun – 1931 E – Roughneck Rod Complete action job - $675 · Winchester Model 54- 270 WCF – 24” barrel - $500 · Zhong Zhou Machine Works China – 1887 12GA lever action shotgun – Lassiter action job with 2 round drop - $650 - SOLD · Doc Noper Shotgun Belt – 12GA – single canvas loops – size 31” - $100 · Ruger New Vaquero – (2) stainless steel grip frames - $150 SOLD · Ruger New Vaquero – (2) blued grip frames - $100 · Uberti / Cimarron 1873 carbine – 19” round blued barrel Ladder rear sight – Saddle ring - 44 Special – Straight Stock - asking $1150 · New England Firearms – Handi Rifle 45-70 – Single shot – 22” barrel - ejector - $300 · Thompson Center Arms – Renegade 50 Cal – with strap– 27” barrel – asking $125 SOLD to Outrider · JC Higgins (Sear Roebuck and Co)– Model 853.15 – 20 GA Bolt action Shotgun -26” barrel – no S# - asking $125 SOLD · Uberti Walker Colt - NIB – 44 BP – 9” round barrel with flask, bullet mould, cap tin, nipple wrench, and wood display box – asking $425 · (2) Ruger VAQUEROs 44 Mag SA – STAINLESS STEEL w/grey box 5.5” barrel – Sold as a pair $1100 - SOLD to Boomstick Jay · Pedersoli Muzzle loader 12GA Hammered shotgun – 28.5” blued barrels – S# 23333 - $650
  6. Chinks

    Red Dooley, we have missed you. Hope your doin well. If the cowhide chinks are still available, I will take em for my lovely wife. PM me with your information and how you need the funds. Thanks, Oklahoma Dee
  7. Spurs

    Spurs are like any piece of equipment in this game, such as the loaded guns your shootin, you have to be aware and present minded.
  8. loading shotgun while moving

    Please be aware, there are clubs that will not allow that movement with the shotgun open with round(s) in the chamber. They have a safety issue with it and according to their club stand by it. Some places call it "Plant n Poke Rule"
  9. Are there ways to help a counter(s)to see a miss(s)

    Shooters that are counting...... need better training and understanding of what is the best way to count on any given stage. When you take in the weather conditions(such as...cold, humidity, fog. heat, rain, wind, sleet, snow, dust, blue sky, cloudy days, etc), smoke from guns, loud bangs versus little bangs, target movement or lack of, dead targets, color of targets, shape of targets, dirt surrounding targets, grass surrounding targets, edge shots, velocities of ammo, distractions, viewpoint/location to count from, ability to see, ability to hear, ability to understand physics, how to know when one does not see or hear a target being hit...simply does not mean it was a miss......just to name some of the factors that go into a counter making a judgement call at a shooting match.....maybe we are not helping counters to do the best job of counting. How do we empower them to be able to make these calls? It seems, in the past, new shooters were pretty much thrown in as a counter with no idea as to what to look for or to focus on. To ask a new shooter to understand the concept of watching a group of targets, then attempt at seeing a hit versus a miss, and everything that goes into making that decision ( a personal decision at that ) has to be somewhat crazy and over taxing to their system ( eyes, ears, mind that have never dealt with this type of action ). Whenever you see a counter looking around to see what other counters are holding up, or they seem dazed or confused, I would say they are overtaxed and have little clue as to what to see or look for, much less what to call. Throw them into a major match or with some shooters that a moving quickly and shooting quickly.....No wonder some counters cannot grasp what the shooter did, much less count misses or procedures or safety procedures. When I was Range Master, and had a new shooter(s) to qualify for that days shooting match. Maybe just making sure they have safe gun handling and have an understanding how to load and unload firearms, IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH! Maybe we need to instruct them on the art of being a productive posse member from the get-go. Have an assigned experienced shooter(s) to escort them during that day's shooting activities. To point out various duties and responsibilities of the posse member. How to adjust their eyes,ears, feet and mind to counting the required number of shots from each firearm. What targets are being engaged and how to know the difference. There has to be a better way to help the new shooter(s) and current shooters that needs help in becoming a better counter and better posse members, then what I can see at the clubs I attend. May never happen, or it may be happening right now. Maybe, it is, what it is, and will never get better?! Thanks to those that had input into this subject. Oklahoma Dee
  10. Texas State Cowboy Championship - Comancheria Days 2018

    Interesting. Does that imply there will be two waves each day?
  11. Texas State Cowboy Championship - Comancheria Days 2018

    Wow, those are gonna be some big posse's! Bring a chair for shore!

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