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  1. Oklahoma Dee

    Stetson Mens Leather Vest

    Does it have a pocket on the inside? If so, I will take it.
  2. Oklahoma Dee

    Hell Fire 2018

    Many thanks to the entire crew at the Jackson Hole Regulators and Hell Fire 2018. Another mighty fine match put on and all of its facets. Congratulations to all the category winners. Congratulations to Panhandle Cowgirl as Top Cowgirl Overall. Congratulations to Slick McClade as Top Cowboy Overall.
  3. Oklahoma Dee

    Standard Manufacturing SA - another video review

    Interesting information. My revolver came in and is with Alan Harton and he will do basically the same check list. He will also do a hardness test on all the internal parts. Alan noted that the barrel was tweaked abit too tight as well. He thought it was extremely well timed and lined up perfect with the chamber and barrel. He has planned on writing up a discovery list of sorts for me. He will also do some stoning where he feels it is needed, in order to extend the life of the action. It is a beautiful well made revolver. More as it comes back home......to be shot!
  4. Oklahoma Dee

    Hell Fire 2018

    Here I come!
  5. I agree. Alan Harton of Single Action Service, located in Houston, Texas. Call him and ask your question(s). He will tell you the steps and the pitfalls if any.
  6. Oklahoma Dee

    Looking for a Ruger NM Blackhawk 357 Mag Barrel

    Still lookin for one 7.5" long blued barrel only. 357 Mag
  7. Oklahoma Dee

    Looking for a Ruger NM Blackhawk 357 Mag Barrel

    No. I think I will! Thank you for a lead. OkD
  8. Oklahoma Dee

    Looking for a Ruger NM Blackhawk 357 Mag Barrel

    Thanks Maddog Al, I will go there and see.
  9. Oklahoma Dee

    Looking for a Ruger NM Blackhawk 357 Mag Barrel

    Email is not good. Do you have another one?
  10. Needs to be 7.5" blued is a good thing, but not required. New old stock or used is ok. Reply here or PM me. Thanks Oklahoma Dee
  11. Oklahoma Dee

    all done..

    I'm a big fan of reading the stage instructions myself. Then ask any questions to clarify, before heading to the loading table. I have seen and heard way too many PM's read the instructions using their words, not what is written.
  12. Oklahoma Dee

    Congratulations to Stumpman

  13. Oklahoma Dee

    Looking for recommendations for a smith to Reline a barrel

    John Powers over in Louisanna does a great job and I know it personally. One of the best in the business - 281-513-3438 - [email protected]
  14. Oklahoma Dee

    Standard Manufacturing releases SAA

    I would like to thank Turquoise Bill for starting this thread about the Standard Mfg. Co. Single Action Revolver and for those that add their facts, wants, comparisons, etc to the subject of this new single action revolver. It would be nice if those that would like to chat about other subjects, to start their own thread and title it so.
  15. Oklahoma Dee

    Cowtown flooded

    Sure wish I was close by. I'd be helping as much as possible. God bless those that help and Barbwire and Zona.

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