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  1. Oklahoma Dee

    Who to skeletonize brass carrier?

    Not sure but you can ask Lefty Wheeler, up in Willow Park, Texas. Wheeler Gun Works
  2. Oklahoma Dee

    Colt Python 357 for sale

    Matthew Duncan, buy and then justify,if need be. Tis a great buy and will increase in value within 2 years. If you do not shoot it.
  3. Oklahoma Dee

    Decided on the Baikal

    - Johnny Meadows you are sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!! God bless ya.....
  4. Oklahoma Dee


    Hey Leadfinger, Been there myself. Taint easy. Yet, you and the counters did the right process and arrived at a final verdict for that particular situation. Done deal and no one hurt , move to next shooter. Job well done. You or others can ask questions afterwards and maybe get clarifications by higher sources. If it had been a major match, you would have gone to the Match Director or Top Range Officer. Good information and thanks!
  5. Oklahoma Dee

    MEC Super-Sizer Question

    I did the same thing, TN Mongo, and I have no regrets. I reload once fired STS Remington green 12 GA, for all major and annuals matches and most do not require the super sizer once over, but some do. It is now part of my routine to do it to all reloads, be they once fired or multi fired. I do not have to worry about them, be it one week or one month.....But sometimes I do and it is too easy to sit on the tail gate, crack open a can or two, listen to some tunes, and check em. Cheap insurance and Ease of mind I guess!
  6. Oklahoma Dee

    MEC Super-Sizer Question

    SliX Shotshell Sizer - Sold by Badman bullets as well.
  7. Oklahoma Dee


    1000 and up.
  8. Oklahoma Dee

    What Should I Buy?

    Personally, I would be looking at minimum of 7.5" long pistol barrels of your desire that have an excellent clean 1.5 lb trigger pull
  9. Oklahoma Dee

    Precision Bullets

    I have been shooting the Precision bullets for years. Great bullets and company owner. No crimp groove on the bullets. Reduced barrel lead buildup.
  10. Oklahoma Dee

    Collapsing categories for awards.

    Great food and great awards usually is reflected in good to great attendance and happy shooters. Ask the club board members about it from the following SASS Clubs: Plum Creek Shooting Society the Battle of Plum Creek, Oakwood Outlaws Jailbreak, Texas Historical Shooting Society Trailhead, Red River Valley Cowpokes SouthWest Showdown, Old Fort Parker Patriots Defend Old Fort Parker, Texas Ten Horns The Great Spaghetti Western, Jackson Hole Regulators Hell Fire, Green Mountain Regulators Annual, Badlands Bar Three...these are all well attended clubs that have those two elements. I am not certain, but I seem to recall that there were some categories that only had 1 to 2 shooters. There were awards for at least the 1st place shooter. Most I have shot at, some I will get to, as I have heard great things about them. Which makes me want to attend. Even with the weather having adverse affect on attendance, most of these shoots are well attended.
  11. Oklahoma Dee


    About 0.46 seconds for this match. Dang close match for the overall.
  12. Oklahoma Dee


    About 0.46 seconds for this match. Dang close match for the overall.
  13. Oklahoma Dee

    Stolen Gear

    Randy Saint Eagle, I am very saddened by what happened. It seems you were not the only one broke into. As I was leaving, Double Nickel's truck was broke into also. It was parked right next to mine. According to what he said, someone took his concealed carry firearm that was inside the truck. They were waiting for police to show, as I left. Very frustrating. Makes me wonder why there was no security outside watching for something like this. No doubt, future shoots need to be aware of the potential for criminal activity around these banquets.
  14. Oklahoma Dee

    SPF: 1873, New Vaqueros, SKB .44mag/special

    With Roughneck Rod doing a fantastic job on all these guns, am I to understand that the SKB 100 has his mechanical trigger action job? Thanks for the time and help.
  15. Oklahoma Dee


    Lacy D oyly won the Ladies top 16 and Cody James won the Men's top 16 shootoff. Sassy Dancer is the Top Cowgirls of the main match and Cody James is the Top Cowboy of the main match.

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