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  1. Happy Holidays 2017

    Well hope is all well for my old mounted shooting friends Happy Holiday 2017 Been busy working on Westerns still Lastest "Hickok" in the can Hope to travel a little more this year and be at EOT
  2. SASS Mounted Shooting

    I think it would be near impossible. In all honesty I do not believe mounted shooting in general will ever get any bigger then it is now. In fact the number of active mounted shooters has not changed in10 years. Not that any mounted shooting assoc is generating and paying enough for someone to make money. The expensive of traveling with horses, no spectators or gate money , just out weighs mounted shooting success. It is a sport to just kick ass and have fun if you can afford too. BUT I am going to support it and do what I can because I love mounted shooting at least till my thumb quits working or can't ride
  3. >>Great Western II Californian deluxe model 357 mag 4 3/4 barrell

    Express an, will you take my offer? I need a mate for my other, so let me know so I can make a decision at this juncture. Thank you, "Chili" Wolf

  4. Can't seem to find the advisory board blog. Sheeeesh, probably right under my nose.........Dan Nabbit

  5. Hi Expressman, Sorry my computer was being down with a virus. Wanda Aneeda was on the advisory board but I guess she has already been in contact with you.

  6. Howdy Renegade Roper

    Do you have a phone contact number

    Thanks Expressman

  7. Helga sorry you Colorado shooters didn't make the Stampede Do you think you will be going to EOT It will be a Hoot Who was the advisory board member from your area