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  1. Chili Ron

    Coffee with........????????????????????????

    ten minnits and no ideas ??? lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sheesh. Best or worst. CR
  2. Howdy, Winter has set in for reel. Cold and snow and 50 tweety boids at my feeder. So whats a good addition to this cuppa joe? Rum? Bulliet? maybe brandy maybe brandx? Almost never have hi octane coffee so whats real good? Best CR need it right now too. please.
  3. Chili Ron

    Thank ya Thankyaverymuch.

    Howdy. I just got double a flashlight that only uses ONE AA. Checked it out and it works great and cost so reasonable. I got three for about $15. The best part is I will be finishing off the odd batteries from toys. So instead of those five dollar each fancy pants batteries I save a bunch of money. If I really need a high power light those are still around too. Tactical look is fine too. Best CR thankyavery mmuch.
  4. Chili Ron

    Protect your Identity when filling up.

    Howdy, Or get a credit card that has decent guarantees to begin with. Eleeeeven fill ups and I would be all over that gas station. OUT rageous. Best CR very hard to believe.
  5. Chili Ron

    From a Hardeeā€™s cashier...

    Howdy, Please Please please go in there again and hand him a fiver and a half dollar coin. You should be aware his head might ezplode. Best CR
  6. Chili Ron

    WTB Hawes/Sauer 357 - New Member

    Howdy, Is that stainless? And would you be interested on other barrel lengths? Might see one at a gun show. Best CR
  7. Chili Ron

    VFW post security guards

    Howdy, NICE work. Any close ups are welcome, too. I remember an old beatup uncle coming to Christmas dinner when I was very young. He had injuries I didn't understand. Best CR
  8. Chili Ron

    1911 mags that suck

    Howdy, Just try one COLT mag with Tripp innards. Colt brand mags are available cheep at most any gun show. Tripp innards are way cheaper than the whole mag. I stopped by an art store and picked up a pink paint stick. Mags and brass get a little mark. Its a surprise how far some rifles will throw brass. My brand sure stops a good bit of yelling. Best CR
  9. Chili Ron

    Took a spur making class, it was a blast!!

    Howdy, I sure like what I see. One little suggestion....serial numbers. Just stamp a 1. And maybe some sort of date if you are so inclined. I have watched a fella make knives and develop his skills for maybe 20 years or so. He regrets not numbering his work. Best CR
  10. Chili Ron


    Howdy, Id bet you could start a redwood deck this spring. Bring money. Best CR
  11. Chili Ron

    I. Hate. Squirells.

    Howdy, My dear ol Daddy used to live trap squirrels and take them over to the other side of the interstate and release em in a park. This was 15 years ago, and I have no idea of local laws. I feed birds about half safflower seed. I hear squirrels find it very bitter. The squirrel count here is way down. And no nuts in the bird feed either. Best CR
  12. Chili Ron

    Lubricating a shaft

    Howdy, Try bacon grease. Best CR
  13. Chili Ron

    How Do You Shoot So Well?

    Howdy. Happiness is a warm gun. Its what I here. Bang Clange if you can. Best CR
  14. Chili Ron

    No more guns I said.!!

    Howdy,, At one time I sat at a pards kitchen table discussing how WE (the SASS community) just needed one more gun. And there it is. The new lever action shotgun. At one time I was on the list of pards to get one of the first batch. They came along much later than planned so I gave up my spot(s) in the line. The lever action shotgun is just a bit more of a handful than I thought it would be. If you try one and really like it, be sure you get a GOOD one. There are cheap knock off copies. Avoid them. Get the Coyote Cap type or just avoid them. Best CR
  15. Chili Ron

    Any favorite single AA flashlights?

    Howdy, I ordered a three pack of those tactical lights offn ebay. Hardly any for sale at local stores. Time wasted for sure. LOTS of leftover Christmas stuff....75 off and such. Everyone wants me to buy 3AAA lights...too big in my pocket. Should be here soon. Best CR

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