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  1. Arm the teachers

    Howdy, So how long will this post be up......I bet gone b4 lunch. Best CR
  2. Arm the teachers

    Howdy, Teachers packing 45s? Maybe if they really wanted to. Forget the gun free zones. Happy wishful thinking like pink unicorns. Have qualified retired cops maybe veterans who are there sometimes. And only as body guards... Don't talk to em, don't distract em. Let em do their job. Knowing no one is armed just invites the crazy. Who ever shot up a gun club? There are a lot of considerations. And I expect a learning curve. Look at the fuss in airports. And weapons still slip thru. Best CR
  3. Gun Collection

    Howdy, A few years back the Cody was rebuilt and in order to move the guns volunteers were allowed to handle all those historic guns. That had to be fun for some. Best CR
  4. You forgot the gold!

    Howdy, I think he got the point Best CR
  5. DVD players

    Howdy, I am trying to get another vhs machine. I have movies in that format and not in others. And remember IF the web is down all that streaming is GONE. Best CR
  6. Puma lever action

    Howdy, Its and early Rossi. Probably the most Winchester like of them Steve Young can help you out or get one of his videos. IF 45 is your thing, that should be good for much fun. IF you really want 38 or 44........not so much. Best CR check out stevesguns on theweb.
  7. Somebody stole my snow.

    Howdy, Except for tiny spots ALL the snow is gone. Front yard, back lawn, street and drives, all clear. Three foot high piles are just little bumps of dirty sludge. Rivers are WAY up. That's not a puddle in the road, that's a RIVER. Best CR
  8. Shiny!

    Howdy, A few years back I had the idea to collect all the Kennedy halfs and sell it during the 50th anniversary of his death. Well that was a whole lot harder than it sounds. I already had many of the first ones but there were years where hardly any were made. I got rolls of em at the bank, some banks don't have ANY. I often leave em as tips. YES, some love em, some hate em, some couldn't care less. A lot of folks think they are dollars, and some wont take em. Last week I just happened to ask if they had any IKE dollars. I took all eight of em. Remains to be seen what happens. Best CR
  9. Unique Serial Number

    Howdy, As a thank you for helping Ruger decide to make 22/45 with removable grips they sold me one of the very first production ones. I asked for a number with lots of 2s and 8s and got one. I also got five mags so I can load up a whole box of 22s indoors for winter shooting. But I did have to pay for the gun, mags included. And I have a knife with serial number 1. Its just a 1 and many folks miss it. Best CR
  10. DVD players

    Howdy, a quick search turned up a bunch of sites that claim to have ways to unlock dvd regions. Looks like itcould void a warranty? never did it don't know but looks very possible. Best CR I never had a region problem....maybe just lucky.??
  11. Any o' ya'll drive a Honda Fit?

    Howdy, I climbed into a Fit and .....I Fit. And it was half the price of some cars. I wonder if they have a stick shift? I'm missing shifting. Best CR
  12. Coffee

    Howdy, I like the stainless steel press coffee maker from Starbucks. Works right fine with Dunkin coffee too. Very simple, just right for 0 dark thirty.... Best CR
  13. Precision Drill Team

    Howdy, Can we git some of these guys for Don's Parade next July? Best CR

    Howdy, She can do my winders in between snow storms. Do car windows count? I cleaned up some medical bills...would that bring luck? I know it brings a roomy wallet.... Best CR
  15. WAY ot 380 part II.....

    Howdy, Yet another possible. I could go broke on .380s... Best CR