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  1. Chili Ron

    73/66 sleeve tube

    Howdy, Very nice. Ever consider making any? Best CR
  2. Chili Ron

    73/66 sleeve tube

    Howdy, Is the brass mag tube for 73 available somewhere or just custom? Sure looks great to me. Best CR
  3. Chili Ron

    Sass Hq question faq?

    Howdy, Seems every few months to a year or so, someone asks about screwdrivers for SASS related guns. The answers don't seem to change much. Perhaps someone at SASS Hq could select and pin comments about screwdrivers in the faq section? Just a thought up to you pards. Best CR
  4. Chili Ron

    Who is making a 16" .357 Magnum?

    Howdy, And remember the idea of loading 10 is somewhat tricky. 10 times 1.5 is 15 inches which leaves little for a compressed spring and follower. The slightly long ones about 18 or 18.5 would be fine for SASS. OR just load that last one on the clock, practice a little cause it isn't so hard. Or just buy another rifle if needed. The shorter one could always stand ready as a backup. Lever actions fail sometimes and a backup well can get used. Happened to me. Best CR
  5. Chili Ron

    Would you recommend the surgery?

    Howdy, One of my favorite uncles had a stroke during surgery. He lived or rather hung on for a few very expensive months. Not worth it no way. I wouldn't call that living. Very sad. Best CR
  6. Howdy, One early morning I was having breakfast and noticed a long hair fella who was neat and clean, just long hair sitting two chairs down the counter. I looked at him for a moment then leaned over and asked, 'Is your name Lou?' He turned, smiled and said, 'Ya Its me man.' Lou Marrini sitting right there. Blue Lou from the Blues Brothers. We had a friendly chat and I bought his breakfast. Nice fella, and he told me about the upcoming sequel. Best CR ps BB was one of the very first movies I bought when vcrs were first available.
  7. Chili Ron

    Pranking Google

    Howdy, A hit during a storm took my answering machine back to factory settings. I had always enjoyed leaving messages in addition to Hello. Phone calls during election time go way up. But with the factory setting hardly any messages get left. My friends and whoever Im doing business leave a message and I call back pretty quick. Easy and free way to avoid junk calls. Best CR
  8. Chili Ron

    RV downsizing...

    Howdy, My folks had a pop up and carried a net 'room' that they would pitch over a couple picnic tables. This was where meals were enjoyed and sitting out in the eve. This took a lot of wear off the camper itself. Looks fun to me. Best CR
  9. Chili Ron

    Who is making a 16" .357 Magnum?

    Howdy, There are some Rossi 92s around, maybe on gunbroker? Should make a nice lightweight hunting gun. That long of a barrel should squeeze lots of performance from .357. Check local laws about how many can be loaded. That Nate Kiowa Steve Joens feller might have some good ideas..... Most of these aren't made for mounting scopes. Iron sights can be real good. Little red dot sights might work maybe?? You might search for trapper and I think there are some that take down. Best CR
  10. Chili Ron

    Ahoy there Matey! Tomorrow be Talk like a Pirate Day

    Howdy, My Arrrrbys closed. Rats. :(
  11. Chili Ron

    Ruger GP100 10mm

    Howdy, 357 was my first choice and that fella Patton was it? Hope I got his name right. Ive always wondered about the 357 Maximum but never fired one. Best CR
  12. Howdy, Worst gun ever would be a small collection, NO? And that sure looks like a winner or looser however the title is bestowed. How much does that store want for that ahhhhhh thing? Best CR
  13. Chili Ron

    Like herding cats

    Howdy, No I don't. Best CR
  14. Chili Ron

    Got KONA?

    Howdy, The second year is months away. Its hard to find a small car with power lumbar adjustment for my back. It seems they are using some parts fromother models. That could help. Some cars get ruined in a few years too. I will take all the first year Z/28 you got. Best CR
  15. Howdy, There are so few gunshops that I never burn a bridge with any of them. I find I seldom have to apologize for things I DONT say. If you like the gunsmith but not the range rules, use the gunsmith skip the range. When I was a kid I could walk down the main street and drool on rifles at maybe six different places. Today that's a big fat ZERO, not one, nadda. Wards gone Sears gone Army Surplus gone Tommys bike shop, renames sells only bike stuff. Western Auto gone Chiltons no guns still in business. Sells a lot of sport team stuff. Farm Fleete moved outta town, only sells ammo and bbguns. A trip to a decent shop is a half day trip. If I buy a gun its trip one: see the gun Trip two: buy the gun, start paperwork Trip three: go sign a load of paper and actually take it home. That's 180 miles of driving AFTER getting a state gun card. And the talking heads on TV----they act like there isn't any gun law at all.... Best CR careful who you insult, pard.

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