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  1. WTB Benchrest Spotting Scope Stand

    Howdy, Did you look at the Sinclair bench stand over on brownells? Not cheap but should do the job. I think that's one I helped on about a zillion years ago. Best CR
  2. Sorry - Inbox was full.

    Howdy, Mine keeps gittn hit by them darn kids with baseball bats. Best CR
  3. A Big Iron on his Hip

    Howdy, Me likum little thunderstick And that is the one Arnold used, Im Purdy sure. If anyone round N Illinois has one Id sure liketa give ita try. Toooooo much fun. Best CR
  4. A Big Iron on his Hip

    Howdy, What was that big revolver Arnold had in that movie about five years back? I suppose being double action would leave out a bunch of fun shootin irons too. Best CR
  5. 1892 in .44 Mag/spl

    Howdy, I bet the orig 1892 was developed with 44 WCF in mind. Remember them straight wall cases came along later. Best CR
  6. Total Newb Needing Help!

    Howdy, And one other thing, I find cowboy gear sometimes ends up getting used everyday. I LIKE suspenders. Best CR
  7. Total Newb Needing Help!

    Howdy, An welcome to ya tenderfoot. Chili aint the name my Ma gave me either If you go to a match or two, you can git an idea of what ezzact guns you like enuf to spend yer hard earned gold dust. Remember that this is for fun, we don't give fancy prizes and don't charge big admission fees either. Its no secret to the folks on thishere wire that I am BIG on getting used gear and using it some more. Just remember its good to have a specialist go over used stuff. I bought one carbine that went to TWO smiths before I had it workin right. That's what happens on a $350 carbine that's over 100 year old, right? I also wander thru the used stores, Goodwill and such. Many clubs have a go to gunsmith, check into that. Give it a try, a lot of folks have fun, some decide to wander off. Such is life. Wow, four replies since I started writing. Best CR and don't fergit yer canteen....
  8. German chocolate cake Brownies......

    Howdy, So the three pounds I gained aint real? Boy dats good news....thanks. Best CR Scared to buy another panfull. or not....its shoppin day again. Maybe they will be all out.
  9. 94 Winchester in 38-55

    Howdy, I don't want to rain on any parades but a good friend of mine tried 38-55 and got reeeeeeeellly frustrated at reloading for it. He went back to 45-70 and I helped him sell off the gear. Im sure others have had better luck. Im told the 3030 can be loaded near 38-55 performance much less fuss. I do feel I need my nomex pants for some reason...... Just a heads up, ymmv. Best CR
  10. Can someone help me wirh Bullitt?

    Howdy, Plot, Steve don't need no stinkin PLOT. BEst CR
  11. Tang Sights

    Howdy, So pass me thet thar bottle and its all good. Best CR
  12. Can someone help me wirh Bullitt?

    Howdy, That was the first movie I ever bought for home viewing. Of course that was vhs and even used. Bottom line is you just keep watching it and all will be clear. If you need it, I can ship you that very same vhs tape, pard. So you want to know the PLOT? Why? Best CR ps And Bullitt is not Bulleit. However I might have an extra bag..... Maybe a bag and vhs movie deal? OH my....
  13. New Shorty Hot Rods

    Howdy, So nice Ruger should be makin em. IF you have a problem with popping cases out, turn the cylinder just a bit so the ej rod runs down the side of the chamber. Catch the TOP of the empty and not the bottom. Also smooth the chambers up with a little polish compound or some really cheap white toothpaste, the 88 cents a tube kind. This makes em near fall out on their own. Best CR
  14. "Commonly available"

    Howdy, If something is commonly available why would I want it? Best CR
  15. DPMS verses Armalite

    Howdy, A friend who knows guns inside and out has dpms. Best CR