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  1. Chili Ron

    Tinted Car Windows

    Howdy, On headlights, close left eye as the offender gets real close. And there are glare cutting eyeglasses. And fold down shields that I have never tried. Best CR
  2. Chili Ron

    Shooting with fused vertebrae?

    Howdy, Everyone is different. Different problems, different docs, different therapist. Im still learning how to deal with surgery from 2001. I would sure take it a little at a time on long gun shooting. Start with a .22 and work up to that 12 gauge. I let a guy talk me into shooting a 4570 and still regret that every day. 'guy' is an extremely kind term. Best CR
  3. Chili Ron

    Tinted Car Windows

    Howdy, One day I walked up to a car with very dark tint windows. Suddenly the window rolled down.... Walter Payton. I must have looked shocked, he started laughing. Our paths crossed a few times back in the day. The world needs a few billion more like him. Best CR and yes the car was a Ferrari....
  4. Chili Ron

    really good conceal carry piece,please pards

    Howdy, Not that OLD of a colt. maybe around 1990. Nice little piece looks like a 1911 that shrunk in the dryer.....stainless. I guess the answer is in my toybox... She is good with cleaning the springfield. Very good with jigsaw puzzles. Sorta similar, seems to me. Perhaps the COP isn't the best execution of an idea. 9mm lcr perhaps? moon clips make quick reloads? Best CR
  5. Chili Ron

    really good conceal carry piece,please pards

    Howdy, I have an old Colt 380. haven't shot it in years. Maybe I should fix that..... Thanks.. Best CR
  6. Chili Ron

    Christmas is almost upon us!!

    Howdy, Gittin old aint fer sissies. Best CR
  7. Chili Ron

    Ruger Single Six questions

    Howdy, I have a single six bought in 1986. When it wears out I will post here. I have a used one made much earlier. Still works, I don't shoot it enuf. Best CR
  8. Chili Ron

    really good conceal carry piece,please pards

    Howdy, One night after the varmint hunters shooting match, a lady said she reloads because she wants to know for sure whats inside every round. Clean a gun for a year and a round with little powder can mess it all up. So maybe weigh the ammo very accurately? Sort of a last gasp of quality control? If a primer doesn't pop usually one can kick it out or whatever. Maybe ammo is the answer..... Best CR and my sister joined a gun club, I might get her a case of 380 for her birthday....???
  9. Howdy, My sister got conceal carry papers this summer. Why isnot important. She settled on the springfield 380 a choice I certainly approved. But what if it jams? Slide guns certainly can jam, wouldn't a revolver be much better...…? Well yes, maybe but revolvers can jam as well. A round with little powder can kick a bullet into the forcing cone and jam needing a trip to the shop to clear. And a non fired round can have the bullet come loose under recoil. That also jams the revolver. So that leaves the derringer. Seems much more reliable. But only two shots, seems like thin ice. Which brings me to the COP four barrel pistol. Ive never seen one or touched one let alone shot one. $900 on gunbroker. Seems a lot to TRY a design. Any thoughts? What do you bet your life on? And when I say conceal, I mean it. I want no hint I have a gun until I am absolutely forced to use it. Thanks aheadotime pards. Best CR
  10. Chili Ron

    MD PD kill man who refuses to give up his guns

    Howdy, What is to discuss??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? leave it here, I rarely read Team, I don't know why...not lately. Murder is murder. Best CR
  11. Chili Ron

    Rifle accuracy

    Howdy, Vegetarian is actually a Cherokee word.... it means lousy shot. Best CR
  12. Chili Ron

    Got a new man in my life.

    Howdy, I just have luck. It takes a few months or even years to tell if its really good luck or bad luck. Best CR
  13. Chili Ron


    Howdy, use BOTH??? Now that IS an idea. Best CR
  14. Chili Ron

    92 Rossi from California help!

    Howdy, After all that.....a reel purdy rifle. Thanks pard. Best CR
  15. Chili Ron

    New guy getting new guns needing new leather

    Howdy, Trying other pards shootin irons is half the fun. Generous pards are wonderful. Turn em down if you like. The worst thing I ever had happen was a fella wanted to buy one of mine. He INSISTED on a price so I said $3000 and he went away. Best CR

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