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  1. Looking for paint suggestions

    Howdy, Fer some reason I always like a real pale yellow for kitchens. But no gloss... Best CR
  2. New Stock Cover

    Howdy, How about a stock cover with cows and umberellas,,...covered stock.. Best CR
  3. Lawns mowed cheeeeep......

    Howdy, We in N Illinois have lots of great soil. We grow more by accident than some places grow on purpose. And weeds just grow themselves and plenty of em. There was a dry spell, after a great summer, expect plenty of food as fields are heavy with crops. The weeds are popping up and make the lawns look like mowing is needed. But just a few minutes with a weed whacker can take the taller grass and weeds down real easy. This summer I have saved near $100 US, because my lawn guy is pretty busy and at a glance my lawn looks fine. He mows as needed not every Thursday. Not once a week. The weed whacker and a leaf blower and two batteries and charger all cost right at 90 dollars from Black and decker on sail at my local Farm and fleet. The leaf blower will clear a drive in a couple minutes. And in winter....I blow the snow from around the windshield wipers and avoid having it melt and freeze the wipers to the car. This works with dry snow best. Best CR
  4. 2017 EOT Badge -- Repurposed

    Howdy, I bet a SASS badge could make a great belt buckle. Ive had mine drop off and recovered twice. Can the badge be removed from the buckle easy? Best CR
  5. Repaired SASS Pro on its way

    Howdy, I was once told that rebuilt items CAN be way above standard because they have had a LOT of personal attention from a trained tec. Details are very welcome, at least for me. I wish you the very best of luck. Best CR
  6. New Winchester Miroku 1873 or Marlin 1894cb

    Howdy, I believe the Win 92 is offered in 458 or whatever Casul. Plenty strong but ultimate Im not sure which would fail first...... No bet. Best CR
  7. Ran into a scammer on the Wire Classifieds

    Howdy, I was looking to buy a set of movies. Target price about 75. Ebay had set for 22. I read thru the reviews on that offering on ebay. One of the reviewers on ebay gave ONE star and said the movies display an error message and don't play at all. ON the ebay offering. The sellers own ad contains a bigtime warning....duhhhh. NO SAIL. Best CR
  8. New Winchester Miroku 1873 or Marlin 1894cb

    Howdy, Just go ahead and buy both, shoot em alternatin stages. After a couple years of weekly matches you should have it figured. Sell the one ya don't like.....if ya treat em right you will probably git at least 90 perscent of your money back. Who knows how high that there Marlin will go? The Win 92, the Win 73 and the marlin 94 are all very good choices. A good while back I happened to be offered a Win 1892 in 44 W. C. F. It took two trips to two different gunsmiths and then shot so smooth you would swear the innards were made of butter. Due to med problems I haven't shot near what I would like. BUT I did loan it to a good pard when his rifle choked at a match. He loaded up and rang em all. Center shots on ever target. He offered to take it home and clean it and would have it back next year..... Best CR
  9. Ran into a scammer on the Wire Classifieds

    Howdy, Just politely tell em only paid members in good standing and very well armed are allowed to sell on the site. Perhaps they will move along. Their name means nothing, they can make up another and another after that. Right? Best CR
  10. Spotting Scopes

    Howdy, I have a couple scopes gathering dust. At one time I was going out west shootin varmints at very long ranges. One help is not using targets with black bullseye. A black hole in a black area is very hard to see or score. Another help is having exact as possible distance to target. I designed my own targets and had a local printshop make a batch for a minimum cost. Leave a corner for info so you can keep a folder of targets and notes help as life will interfere with your project. Folks talk about hundreds of yards like its nothing. Well, if you shoot at 100 for years, 400 is like amazing when adjusting for that distance. A new range was supposed to be 1000 yards, but its 'only' 600. Well if you have been shooting 50 or 100, shooting 600 is like shooting to Mars. If you want to shoot well at 200 yards, try shooting 400 or 600. Then 200 seems easy. When I was in, we shot 500 yard targets with iron sights on M-14s. We all did. Its doable. Good luck. Best CR
  11. moderator question

    Howdy again, Is this ok? Best CR
  12. moderator question

    Howdy, OK. It isn't a business. The info is free on the web BUT if someone wants they can buy a disk copy of the info. Then they can take info anyplace with no web for whatever reason. He isn't a gunsmith and refuses work. He is plenty busy with a full time job. Im surprised he has time to document at the level of detail he does. Thanks... Best CR
  13. Hunting Loads

    Howdy, This was lightly tuned and factory convertible, not added on. Best CR
  14. Heat Pump Water Heaters

    Howdy, A friend of mine just went thru all this. Readin and research fuss fuss fuss. After all that, he went out and bought the ezzact same unit that failed. Just newer. The connectors all hooked right up and he didn't need the Eight Hundred Dollar 'pro' installer. Got directions off the web and called city about standards etc. The old one was O L D. Best CR
  15. Hunting Loads

    Howdy, Ask the Ruger folks. I know a friend who used the original vaquero. See ktgunsmith dot com. Do you have any idea how fast medical folks can use up the price of an Original Vaquero? It might be about the price of ink to sign in.... If you are in need of an orig Vaquero in .45, I have a convertible that I could part with. Best CR and yes a guest can buy from a member. Gotta have an ffl on the buyer end. I would get Ruger opinion. Customer support OR maybe ask the ceo, on their main home page. I don't want to see anyone hurt. New Vaq might work just fine too?? See, Im the guy who buys the BEST brakes for my car.