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  1. Chili Ron

    Ruger SR9C 9mm

    btt fer a pard.
  2. Chili Ron

    Farout OT - AR-15 Chainsaw Bayonet

    Howdy, Do they have one for a glock? Best CR
  3. Chili Ron


    Howdy, Well they uncancelled in three days last year. Maybe six days this year?? Best CR
  4. Chili Ron

    WTB: 9mm cylinder Ruger Stainless

    Howdy, Just fyi if you have a stainless gun and get a blue 9mm cylinder, its real easy to tell which one is in the gun. Ask me how I know..... Best CR and yes the blue one dropped in perfect fit.
  5. Chili Ron

    Sold and delivered

    Howdy wider, have you got a web site or anything? Imight have one fer your magick touch myownself. Best CR and how far are you from fort Knox?
  6. Chili Ron

    WTB Henry youth model 22

    Howdy, That was posted Monday and this is Saturday, I think..... So if that pard don't want yer Henry my nephew could sure use it and 200 looks reasonable to me. So if Im not outta line, mark it sold pard and I will pm youmy info. And early next week we can git things rolling. Or is it sold?? Id love to have it and promise to feed it often. Best CR
  7. Chili Ron


    Howdy, I found timeless on hulu one night when thunderstorm kept wakin me up. It seems its been on NBC for a year or two. I got to see it from season one episode one, not sure if watching a later episode first would make much sense. I knew nothing of this show in about two years. If you don't like a 92 in the civil war, glocks in the civil war this show might have some tearing their hair out.....hahaha Best CR
  8. Howdy, so git one dats easy to swap em…. I bet one of those hunnert dollar fones from target would work. Best CR
  9. Chili Ron

    My alleged smartphone..

    Howdy, Did ya write to thank them? best CR
  10. Howdy, So what happens if you take out the battery? How does it run with no power? Best CR
  11. Chili Ron

    N.J. magazine ban

    Howdy, There are states passing all sorts of laws. Then the law gets to arrest someone and they need to be found guilty and protest to a higher court. Laws can be thrown out. Law in Illinois for years, got thrown out after this process. Someone needs to stand and fight. Good luck with that. Or move. Best CR
  12. Chili Ron

    Cooking 101 - For us guys.

    Howdy, If you want to see cookn just watch MasterChef Junior show on tv. Eight year old kids will show you how its done. Best CR
  13. Chili Ron

    Cooking 101 - For us guys.

    Howdy, Top this. I once met a college girl who burned instant pudding. Of course she was drop dead gorgeous. Vanna White class. Best CR
  14. Chili Ron


    HOwdy Just in case you are like me and never saw Timeless,' I just want you to be aware its a tv show about time travel and sometimes they go to the wild west. I recommend seeing it from episode one so it makes some sense. Best CR
  15. Chili Ron

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    Howdy, Maybe someone needs to design a real GUN safe? Sounds like the market just have safes that guns fit into. Best CR

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