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  1. Great Western California Pistols : Price reduced

    EMF carries them, made by Pietta
  2. Social Media After A Shooting Atrocity

    As was a Henry rifle!!! I imagine that was unbelievable at the time! No one complained, everyone wanted one!
  3. WAY ot 380 part II.....

    I have a new Colt Mustang Pocketlite in .380, bought it NIB for $475.00 OTD!!!! I love this little pocket rocket!!
  4. Cap & Ball Survey…

    Shoot in your age based group and you'll probably be the only Cap and Baller, you'll get style points!
  5. Where do dreams come from?

    Dreams are nothing but "mental nonsense"!!!
  6. No more grenades???

  7. Return to Lonesome Dove

    That's your opinion and no matter what you think, it's still one of the best westerns ever written in my humble opinion! I see nothing "modern" about it!
  8. Wyoming Knife

  9. Kids today

    I'm with ya Allie!! You're not callous, you're sensible!
  10. Interesting Fox News Article

  11. Thoughts on TV series. Opinion?

    Those are the TV series from today that I watch, but oh yea, I still watch old reruns of westerns on Grit TV and the INSP channel. like Bonanza, Laramie, Gunsmoke, Walker Texas Ranger and some of the old comedy shows.
  12. Wish me luck, I'm gearing up!

    We're waiting for you at Firelands! 3rd Saturday, 1st Wednesday and if there's a 5th Sunday we shoot then too! No more excuses!!
  13. What did you get for Valentines Day?

    It's a backup to my backups!
  14. 17 dead in another school shooting

    No fantasy for me, I just like the weapon! I have a S&W M&P AR 15 with iron sights and I shoot it occasionally. Do you have to have a fantasy for each gun you own? I don't get what you're saying.
  15. 17 dead in another school shooting