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  1. looking for tite group loads / .38 cal

    It's not sensitive to lower temps and it is somewhat louder and that's why I like it!! I don't know about sharper recoil though.
  2. looking for tite group loads / .38 cal

    sent ya a pm
  3. A Rye Declaration

    I never thought anyone would ever see this agin!!
  4. A Rye Declaration

    It was because of them stupid Smokewagons !! They don't listen to me!! I knew that was a bad deal from the start!!
  5. A Rye Declaration

    The P's and MS was all because of the rain!
  6. A Rye Declaration

    See , there ya go again!!! Good one........... but I miss 'em fast!! I was clean Saturday, (except for the 2 P's and a minor safety...arrrggghhhh)
  7. A Rye Declaration

    Awww, c'mon you know I'd miss ya!!
  8. Ted Nugent

    Amen Uncle Ted!!!!
  9. A Rye Declaration

    You are pretty talented in that area, I hate to admit! I also noticed that you always have to get in the last word. Go ahead M'am................................
  10. A Rye Declaration

    Seamus, this is getting way off topic but I really appreciate you trying to get me off the "rain hook" I don't care what Thunder says about you, you're OK!!
  11. A Rye Declaration

    I don't take it hard at all, but when that's all someone ever says it does get to me!
  12. A Rye Declaration

    And of course Mr. Black Powder Dawg chimes in when he's guilty of shooting .38 poof poof loads himself! He does that when he's too darn lazy to clean his filthy black powder guns! People in glass houses..................
  13. A Rye Declaration

    Man you're really hung up on the height thing aren't you? Is that all you can ever say? It's getting pretty old there Grumpy!
  14. Firelands Saturday

    What the turkey or the shoot??
  15. A Rye Declaration

    Thanks Seamus!!!! ( I think?)