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  1. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Never had it with zucchini and spinach mixed in! Interesting!! Looks great!
  2. Rosanne Barr's "anthem" has met its match!

    I listened to exactly 5 seconds of this garbage! He's not even that good of a guitar player!
  3. Got hit yesterday

    Yea Pat I'm okay and apparently I'll be okay as long as I watch my back when Calico's around!!
  4. Confused talking heads

    They're in such a all fire hurry to get out the stories before anyone else they forget about the most important thing....THE FACTS!!!
  5. High Noon at Tusco 2017 - Who is Ready??

    How about this then?? https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.gstatic.com/tv/thumb/movieposters/38821/p38821_p_v8_aa.jpg&imgrefurl=http://google.com/search%3Ftbm%3Disch%26q%3DHannie%20Caulder&h=1440&w=960&tbnid=bEUSzBZM752GWM:&tbnh=186&tbnw=124&usg=__REbwIdJLjMIeI0QaCHk3xZqaTKo=&vet=10ahUKEwihyI6AnrbWAhXJOSYKHfScCjcQ_B0IjwEwDQ..i&docid=x1PbsMICnQtC6M&itg=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwihyI6AnrbWAhXJOSYKHfScCjcQ_B0IjwEwDQ&ei=earDWeGnO8nzmAH0uaq4Aw
  6. High Noon at Tusco 2017 - Who is Ready??

    How about this???http://www.moviemarket.com/sharon-stone-284888/
  7. Pistoleros

    Welcome aboard, hope ya have a great shoot!
  8. What Single Action should I buy in 357 Magnum . . .

    If you want a "COLT" type feel go with Uberti's (Taylor's, Cimarron) or Pietta's. They have several "standard models"
  9. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    I thought you'd say that! I agree The Chef had some bad tasting canned spaghetti!!! No offense, just kiddin' ya, but taste aside there is a resemblance!!
  10. Got hit yesterday

    That's not what I was told by several people not only in the insurance business but also in the car business including my friend who is a salesman and had the same thing happen to him and also has the same company I have.
  11. Got hit yesterday

    I called my insurance company at the advice of friends and you pards here. They're going to take care of it!! Gave them the police report number and they'll have a claims adjuster call me tomorrow. A really nice lady that saw the accident waited until the police got there and she also is in the report. Still some nice people around!
  12. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Chef Boyardee!!!
  13. Pistoleros

    Just got a check today from Riccochet James (FCD), pins are on the way!!!!
  14. High Noon at Tusco 2017 - Who is Ready??

    I'm ready with my fast movin' .38's!!! They're like close to the speed of light! Hard to spot for!
  15. Got hit yesterday

    I'll find out, she has ALLSTATE and I will demand it!