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  1. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    UPDATE: Applied Weapons Technology no longer stocks this item. It is available on ebay. Well, that's a smart way to maintain parallel alignment of the slide. The website shows out of stock, drat. I'll have to contact them about expected availability. Thanks, Keystone
  2. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    MD PD kill man who refuses to give up his guns

    How sad, that a person was presumed guilty without due process and is dead. Sad, that the state of Maryland allows such a law to exist. Sad, that this type of law will probably creep into other states.
  3. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    Howdy, I've never heard of this item. The one problem I have with the 550 is keeping the primer slide moving consistently.
  4. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Shooting the Rifle last on a stage.

    "Rifle shot last", is seldom used at the four clubs I regularly shoot. Why, because of light loads and the total due diligence required of each and every Timer Operator at a match. I've witnessed some very fast times recorded due to errors by the T/O with timer placement for the last shot of a rifle. Especially with stages having windows & doorways. Why risk errant timing for the sake of shooting rifle last?
  5. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Rossi Overland Coach Gun 12 Ga LNIB

    Price ??
  6. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    What's the name of this sweep?

    Well don't know what it's called but if you break down a little it's not so difficult. 1-2-3 (sweep) 2-2 (dbl. tap) 1-1 (dbl. tap) 1-2-3 (sweep)
  7. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    New Jedi Gunfighters

    Congratulations Rebecca West & Yul Lose and welcome to the Jedi Gunfighter Posse. May the FORCE be with y'all.
  8. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Highlite of TN State: Shaddai

    Yes Sir, I must agree, it was uplifting to visit with Shaddi Vaquero. Best wishes as he continues his recovery. May God Bless ! Hasta Luego, Keystone
  9. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    A big Tennessee State Championship thank you!

    YEEHAA !!! Thanks to all y'all for the hard work & dedication to CAS & SASS. Your facility is exceptional, the scenarios shooter friendly and the members of the Wartrace Regulators very hospitable. Thank you very much. Hasta Luego, Keystone
  10. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Three newest Jedi Gunfighters are...

    Congratulations to y'all and welcome to the Jedi Gunfighter Posse. May the FORCE be with y'all. Hasta Luego, Keystone
  11. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Drinks and ceegars all around!

    Congratulations on the birth of Cora Jean. May God Bless. Vaya con Dios, Keystone
  12. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    NEW JEDI's: Angie Oakley and Praire Dawg

    Congratulations Angie Oakley & Prairie Dog ! Welcome to the Jedi Gunfighter Posse. May the Force be with y'all, Keystone
  13. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Mason Dixon Stampede

    Howdy & Thanks for the reply, No doubt there isn't much you can do about weather. Glad y'all are back on track and making significant improvements. That sure is one spiffy Clean Match Token. Sure would be great to earn one. Is there still a country style restaurant in Thurmont? Many, many years ago I used to run the roads between York, PA and Hood College in Frederick, MD. Maybe next year I'll make the trek to the Mason Dixon Stampede. Hasta Luego, Keystone
  14. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Mason Dixon Stampede

    Congratulations to Walker Colt, Top Gun and shooting Gunfighter. I've always wanted to meet you. I have thought about shooting this match for a while but never seem to get there. Since this is the Eastern Divisional Championship, I was surprised by the low attendance and the slightly higher than usual times for the top shooters as compared to several other larger matches. I'm not trying to in an way find fault with the match or cast any negativity, just inquiring. Still hope to be there, some day. Hasta Luego, Keystone
  15. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    A small prayer/thought request...

    May the Holy Spirit guide you through your medical challenges, providing comfort & assurance to you and your wife. Vaya con Dios, Keystone

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