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  1. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    I contacted Hodgdon and they indicated the low volume of sales of 5# units didn't justify keeping specialized containers for a powder that didn't sell. Also stated the size of the bottles affected shipping efficiency. I thought the same size bottle was used for other more dense powders in 8# quantities. The low volume of 5# bottles may be because most brick & mortar local retail stores only stocked 9oz. bottles of Trail Boss. Except for the very first container of Trail Boss, I've always bought 5# bottles from various suppliers such as Graf & Sons and Powder Valley or purchased from vendors at various matches. The cost per pound varies greatly by volume. Checking an internet site, 9oz = $27.29/ lb., 2# = $26.33/lb. & 5# = $22.70/lb. I know TB is a special powder designed with CAS in mind and the sales volume may not match other powders but the answer of the container being special & causing problems with shipping sounds bogus.
  2. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Thank you for fixing the SASS Forum

    Muchas Gracias Amigo!!!
  3. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    New JEDI GF: from Australia

    Howdy, Congratulations & welcome to the Jedi Gunfighter Posse! May the force be with ya. Keystone
  4. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    Probably the same man who gives his wife a loaded firearm.
  5. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    A well trained horse would stay with the fallen rider.
  6. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    Well, I'm glad that's all settled.
  7. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    Penalty for unfired round left in revolver after shooting a stage is a miss. Penalty for having two loaded revolvers in hand, except for Gunfighter style is a Procedure, shooting out of category. I have witnessed this call being made. The verbiage "cocked" or "uncocked" is not part of the current SHB with regard to these penalties being issued. I imagine the issue is whether or not having two loaded guns in hand can be remedied without a penalty. 1) Holster 2nd pistol and fire 5th round from 1st pistol and holster. Shoot 2nd pistol & holster. 2) Stage 2nd pistol on stage prop, shoot 5th round in 1st pistol & holster 1st pistol. Then shoot 2nd pistol & holster. 3) Pistols are last firearms shot on the stage, Stage 2nd pistol on stage prop, shoot 5th round in 1st pistol & stage 1st pistol on stage prop. Then shoot 2nd pistol and holster both pistols.
  8. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    Yep, ya gotta at least be able to count to five, unless you're shooting Gunfighter style.
  9. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Anne Bancroft or Katherine Ross

    Well Noz, in retrospect, I suppose Katherine Ross. Ms. Bancroft was a might closer to my mothers age than mine.
  10. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    My first ever CAS match!

    Welcome & congratulations! Happy Trails! Keystone
  11. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    Safe & Handling Conventions - Revolvers, Shooters Handbook page 14 & Safe Conditions During a Course of Fire - Revolvers, Shooters Handbook page 15; are generally safety regulations. To me, the only statement relevant to shooting style is, " Revolvers are drawn and used in accordance with the shooter's category." I have seen a "Procedural" called on several occasions when a non-gunfighter, by deed or misdeed, had two loaded revolvers in hand. Adding the statement regarding a cocked revolver is a new undocumented condition in the SHB. I try to diligently follow WTC posts to keep up with interpretations of the rules but sometimes it is a vexing task.
  12. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Anne Bancroft or Katherine Ross

    Well, Guess I'm thinking, Ann Margret vs Raquel Welch.
  13. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    Open Age Categories & Age Based Categories, "Revolvers maybe shot in any SASS shooting style - Except Gunfighter." Duelist / Double Duelist, "At no time shall a competitor have two loaded revolvers in hand at once." Gunfighter Style, "Gunfighter style competitors are allowed two loaded revolvers "in hand" at the same time. Shooters Handbook, pages 6 & 7. If a traditional, duelist or double duelist style shooter has two loaded revolvers in hand a the same time, they have violated the rules unless the revolvers are required by stage instructions to be staged out of holsters & shooter is staging revolvers.. Only gunfighter or a B-Western category competitor shooting gunfighter may have two load guns in hand at the same time.
  14. Keystone, SASS # 47578


    The 8th round from the rifle was fired & did not hit a rifle target = M. The right target was not hit twice as required in the target sequence with the 9th & 10th shots & the miss was not the 9th or 10th shot = P. (1) M & (1) P = 15 second penalty If the 8th shot would have hit any target it would not have been a miss. If it was determined the target arrangement did not allow a clean miss and the 8th round had hit the right or left target, then a "P" caused by the hit of the 8th shot could have been negated. Target arrangements I saw early in my experience with CAS/SASS were sometimes set up with very little spacing between them, especially when five targets were set up in a "V" formation. Not so common in today's competitions.
  15. Keystone, SASS # 47578

    Shotgun Primer Hardness

    Winchester 209's ever since I've been loading shotshells, no misfires with either of my Baikals.

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