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  1. At this price I am amazed that people didn’t fight over this! Maybe everyone is sleeping through the winter!!
  2. No, I’m out of town for a week or so right now.
  3. Rattler

    Winter Range...RAIN! Ahhhhh!

    Not quite! The Saturday forecast is clear sky's all day! It does say 10% chance of rain which means 90% chance of no rain!!
  4. Rattler

    Winter Range...RAIN! Ahhhhh!

  5. It is a Incredibly low price for an unmodified 3 screw in this condition.
  6. Rattler

    Clay's Powder 1 lb containers - SOLD

    Sure. I’ll see you between 10 and 10:30. Thanks
  7. Rattler

    Clay's Powder 1 lb containers - SOLD

    I will. These are full one pound containers not 14 ounces.
  8. SOLD Seven 1 lb containers of Clays Powder, not 14 ounces! Can only be delivered to Winter Range on Wednesday, I'm not shooting the match so Wednesday is the only day that I will be there! $ 14 each Please email me at rattlerjohn@yahoo.com Thanks
  9. BTT for one last price reduction.
  10. Rattler

    For Sale: Uberti 1866 (Short Stroked) 45 LC (SPF)

    It has Single Six on the side of the frame. Just trying to help.
  11. Rattler

    CLAYS 8 lb - Sold

    Jonny T you’ve got it, I’ll take it to him.
  12. Rattler

    CLAYS 8 lb - Sold

    SOLD I have one un-opened 8 lb jug of CLAYS powder for sale at Winter Range on Wednesday the 20th. $110
  13. Rattler


    BTT one last time then it’s send them back to Starline.
  14. Price reduced and let’s try one more time before my daughter gets it as a gift. $450 Arizona delivery only.
  15. Its all original. I should have stated that!

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