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  1. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    Congratulations to Texas Jack Daniels

    Great guy and always happy, happy, happy (I will pay for that remark)
  2. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    Choosing a Club to Support.. In your Opinion

    the people
  3. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    Ford Tri-Motor

    The Ford Trimotor was a development of previous designs by William Bushnell Stout, using structural principles copied from the work of Professor Hugo Junkers, the noted German all-metal aircraft design pioneer
  4. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L


    from SHB p22 MATCH DISQUALIFICATION PENALTIES (MDQ) A Match Disqualification (MDQ or “Match DQ”) penalty is of the most serious in nature, and means the shooter puts his/her firearms away and is done shooting for the duration of the match. - Two accumulated Spirit of the Game assessments. - Two accumulated SDQ penalties (even on the same stage)
  5. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    New forum member - couple of questions

    welcome to the SASS posse noticed you didn't say where you hail from. Let us know and we'll steer you to local clubs Our club, TRR, will loan you everything you need to try CAS (ammo included). It's too much fun not to let everyone get a shot (pun there) at it. As to other uses I use my rifle to hunt jackalopes and pistols are my main snipe guns. I use the shotgun to blast holes in rain clouds so Mrs. laundry doesn't get wet on the clothesline
  6. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    John Deere Lawn Mower problem

    http://rentagoat.com/ this service does exist
  7. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    Window 10 update warning

    I got the upgrade, too. luckily I took the Mrs. out for a long lunch and it was done when we got back--something like 5 hours. haven't run into any problems yet so I consider myself one of the lucky ones.
  8. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    Wild Wild West show (tv)

    General "Bloodbath" McGrath from the movie Wild Wild West? course that movie was nowhere near as good as TV show.
  9. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    leather ????

    Here's Johnny Morris' website: http://www.jm-leather.com/
  10. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    The most popular powder in reloading 45LC in SASS?

    200 in pistol, 250 in Marlin (or I get blow back) Red Dot for both
  11. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    Can Art

    I should have stopped taking 'gender studies' classes and taken up this. Probably pays better
  12. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L


    Houston is probably better known for our hurricanes . . . like Harvey, Carla and such
  13. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L


    It's a hard road but made a bit easier by all your SASS brothers and sisters. prayers up
  14. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    Loaded cylinder = loaded gun?

    as far as AFT is concerned it certainly is for SASS I only see it as a frame--would need the cylinder inserted to be a firearm but, hey, I'm just sharing my thoughts; no one elected me king or boss
  15. Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

    WTC spent cap in nipple

    I believe there is something wrong with the one on the left. The top doesn't seem to be uniformly 'level'

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