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  1. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    Yeah right! Like the 3 musketeers stage? Hated that one. could not get that sequence in my head. To make it worse, T-Bone liked it and I had to shoot it again at Back at Cha.
  2. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    Yeah! Put it on this thread cause I want to order some as well.
  3. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    There you go!! That would do it.
  4. Hell on the Border 2018

    Good match. Somewhat challenging with 2 moving targets and a couple of real mind bender sweeps. I shot a very, very ugly clean match.
  5. Just once...goats

    Not to be picky but several of those "goats" are sheep.
  6. Shotgun Round Count

    We will shoot a 10 shotgun, no rifle and no pistol for one stage of our annual. It's shot 2 rounds only per location from 5 different locations at 10 targets requiring about 30 feet of movement between locations. Woolaroc is known for a 12 shotgun stage. The more the merrier.
  7. Double barrel chamber brush

    I have plenty of broken cleaning rods laying around. I found one with the handle intact with the first section attached, about 12" long. Bought a 10 ga mop, a squirt of Balistol and in business.
  8. Another one bites the dust....

    When they pull all of the ultra violent video games and movies then I will believe that they mean business.
  9. Sweden has rednecks too!

    I can here it now: Olaf. Hold my aquavit and watch this!
  10. Top o' the mornin' to ye, happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Altho I look Scandinavian, 25% of my blood belongs to the Herlihys and the Sullivans.
  11. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    Cool Hand Luke ( not a registered alias) caught about a 3 pound channel cat lat year.
  12. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    Copperhead Juice is stuff that tastes like lemonaide but sneaks around and bites you when you aren't looking. Makes reasonable people sing karaoke.
  13. Prayers Up For Chuckaroo

    Get well. That's not a suggestion but a demand. We need folks like you.
  14. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    You fellars ain't gonna piddle in the lake and ruin my grandson's fishing are you?
  15. Calling Chefs - Bierocks Recipe

    Boorocks as I knew them are baked, not fried. I used refrigerator crescent rolls for my dough.