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  1. Noz

    A Stocking for a Pet?

    They don't really but they know a good thing when they see it and will continue to play along with you.
  2. Noz

    A Stocking for a Pet?

    Dogs believe in Santa, cats don't.
  3. Noz

    They Also Flew In Viet Nam

    When I got to VN they had just disarmed the Mohawks. The Air Force had thrown a fit because of the effectiveness of the Mohawks in a ground support role. They went to the pentagon and had the Army disarm the Mohawks. In retaliation the Army had them disarm all of the Air Force rotary wing aircraft. Loss-Loss on both sides. I saw the after action report on the last armed Mohawk action. There was a smoking hole in the ground where a Cambod border station once stood. They mad a mistake in firing on the Mohawk. All of my meager flying in VN was in the L19/01A Birddog. Tough little airplane.
  4. Noz

    How To Calm Someone's Fear of Flying

    I thought it interesting that when I saw this thread, it was followed immediately by UB's thread on Scotch.
  5. Noz

    Interesting Article on the DC-3

    She will fly forever in my memory as "Puff the Magic Dragon".
  6. Noz


    Thanks. Found them both on ebay.
  7. Noz


    There has been a book written about the war experiences of a couple of our shooters. It was discussed at Black Gold. I don't want to use their names or alias. If any one knows the name of the book let me know please.
  8. Noz

    SAA grips

    Fingers Magee has some guns done in American Holly that are objects of envy.
  9. No thank you. I have my own wife.
  10. That could be a problem!
  11. I'm hoping for a nice willing leg.
  12. Noz

    Where are you headed in 2019?

    Arkansas Hell on the Border Oklahoma LandRun Mississippi Rabbit Ridge Tennessee Black Gold Texas Comin at Cha plus a handful of local shoots with 4 different clubs.
  13. Noz

    Reloading Horror Stories

    A former employee, as a child, was hunting rabbits with a single shot shotgun. He was missing more than he hit so he decided that the power level of the ammunition was at fault. Needed more powder. He opened a shot shell, dumped the shot and wad. He retained the powder and the only source of additional powder was a box of .22 LR. Since it was a 20 gauge, he opened and dumped 20 .22 LR powder charges on top of the shotgun powder already in the shell. He replaced the wad and shot and folded the mouth of the shell as best as he could by hand. Off to the hunt. He spotted a cottontail hiding in a clump of grass on the far side of the creek at a distance of about 15 yards. He took careful aim and fired. When the smoke cleared he was holding the butt stock and part of the receiver of the shotgun. The barrel and fore stock were gone. He was unhurt and much wiser. They never found any remnant of the shotgun and the rabbit either vaporized or ran while the smoke was clearing.
  14. Noz

    Creamy or Chunky

    Mis Lorrie likes smooth, I like chunky.

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