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  1. Cimarron pistolero hammer

    He did my ROAs. Quite happy with them.
  2. 2018 Southwest Regional Championship

    Mary, start the bidding at my bid of $200.
  3. Flyover freeze

    Your driveway is 18 feet long. Come do mine, it's 400 feet after you make the turn to come up the hill. My car has been sitting at the bottom of the hill since Friday.
  4. DFL

    Arthur came to visit in my right thumb taking me out of duelist and back to two handed. OH GOD, I just realized I'm a squaw shooter, sob.
  5. Aussie Vietnam War movie

    It takes a lot more beer before I can understand what they are saying. If you're drunk it all makes perfect sense.
  6. Artillery has arrived...

    Love to shoot the 480. Got no interest in the 454.
  7. Shiny!

    Every 2nd Lt. after commissioning owes the first NCO to give him a salute a dollar, preferable of the silver coin type.
  8. Safety Meeting

    That is still the best shoot I have ever been to. Possum Trot will live forever. That's the one where Miss Lorrie got Spirit of the Game. Buck d Law was the only smokeless shooter on the posse.
  9. Starfighter

    One of the problems the Germans had initially with the airplane was a mistranslation given to the ground crews. The aircraft crewed by the mistranslation given to the ground crews would take off, level out and fly into a mountain in Norway. Seems like the automatic oxygen feed to the pilot was hooked to a refrigerant line so as the expected oxygen was fed to the pilot he was actually being poisoned. Took several crashes before they figured it out.
  10. Safety Meeting

    I was watching a little bit of a zombie movie today. One scene had the zombies appearing over the edge of a grassy hill. As they came staggering up the hill my only thought was "It looks like Swede just called for the safety meeting at the Ozark Posse". Yeah there are several of us old and busted up.
  11. OL Jake

    I've become a fan of Boomstick Jay.<http://www.boomstickarms.com/>
  12. What's a fair price

    If you have shoulder issues, try shooting from the hip like the Outlaws do. Not an official SASS category but we are seeing more of them in the last year or so.
  13. Howdy!

    Two shooter I know are Fort Hays Preacher and Holy Smoke.
  14. Hawaii alert vs. TN/KY alerts

    Just go looking for Copper Head Joe. He seems to know where it can be found.