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  1. Noz

    RV downsizing...

    I also have downsized from a really nice 32 foot down to a spartan 17 foot. Also went from a F250 super duty to a F150 ecoboost. Sleeps one comfortably and two on occasion.
  2. Noz

    Comin at Cha

    Be great to see you. Been too long!
  3. Noz


    I'll bet that one takes more than 6 quarts of oil.
  4. I got a couple meownself. They do work with scotch, good Irish and good bourbon.
  5. Noz

    Comin at Cha

    Several years ago I shot CaC clean with a P. The P came from the dodging chickens.
  6. Noz

    Comin at Cha

    Chickens. I knew someone would mention chickens. Are we going to have to deal with them again this year?
  7. Noz

    Boots for Age-based Categories

    Half a Hand Henri shoots barefooted and I ain't gonna tell her she can't.
  8. Noz

    Comin at Cha

    Your trip will be complete because Ol Noz is gonna be there. Gonna be interesting. I have finished one shoot since April. 6 weeks of cancer treatments take a lot out of you. If you see me laying some where, just prop me up and bring me a shot of Crown or whatever is available and I'll be OK.
  9. Noz

    A ghost of my youth.

    My first field work experience was shocking oats.
  10. Noz

    Changing Rugged Gear 2 gun to 3 or 4 gun

    Rugged Gear sells a conversion that has different rubber grippers for the top and a flat board that lies in the bottom of the cart with pockets for the butts. I bought one and liked it enough I put my thoughts of buying the bigger cart on permanent hold.
  11. Noz

    When I First Saw This...

    My stomach was screaming "ROAST BEEF-ROAST BEEF" as I read the recipe.
  12. Noz


    Welcome back. Coffee's on.
  13. Noz

    The Paint Horse Gun Cart

    I stand in awe!
  14. Noz

    Outlaw question

    I disagree. Frontiersman is to be shot duelist style which is one gun unsupported. Gunfighter may be shot with both Frontiersman type guns out and cocked but Frontiersman may not be shot gunfighter style. Outlaw is a whole different world and as best I can tell is shot however you want to, just no sights used with pistol and shotgun.
  15. Noz

    Ever dream of a certain gun for years

    OK I'll confess. I have always had the hots for a double barrel rifle in 7 X 57. I saw an old movie of a hunt for hogs in European where the hunter carried a 9x54(I think) double. It was the sexiest gun I've ever seen. Best I've been able to come up with is a single barrel in 7-08. 8" howitzer? I never owned one but I owned a security room filled with special projectiles Battalion S-2 and our bullets made funny shaped clouds.

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