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  1. Colorado Coffinmaker

    Shipping guns

    You and yours really do NOT want to run afoul of BATFE. The feds have NO sense of humor. Had it surgically removed at birth. State agencies are just as "understanding." When it coms to shipping firearms, the only real "safe" way to do it IS FFL to FFL. BATFE carries and enormous HAMMER.
  2. Colorado Coffinmaker

    High Noon at Tusco 2018

    Mary's new chaps be "Show Stoppers." I vote for Mary's new chaps you betcha
  3. Colorado Coffinmaker

    Home ownership

    Owning your own home is wonderful. Think of it as a Black Hole in the Neighborhood into which you throw MONEY
  4. Colorado Coffinmaker

    What do professionals carry for CCW

    One must bear in mind .... An "Ex" is just a has been. A "Spert" is just a drip under pressure. Personally, for CCW, I want a Shrouded Hammer and a Non-Fluted cylinder and a grip I can hang on to.
  5. Colorado Coffinmaker

    High Noon at Tusco 2018

    With Seamus inna Speedo, Chaps and Hat, nobody'd care about da boots
  6. Colorado Coffinmaker

    High Noon at Tusco 2018

    How about we find Rye a nice swell Grass Skirt and Coconuts onna strap?? Help beat the heat
  7. Colorado Coffinmaker

    Wondering if I should switch shotguns

    Nah. Ignore all that. Go out and getcha a swell Hammer Double, Shoot All Brass Hulls and just RELAX!!! Lots more fun!! Lots less expensive
  8. Colorado Coffinmaker

    Target Distance Question

    Unfortunately we are beset with people who "Know what they Know." It doesn't matter how wrong that knowledge is. Those folks are Righteous in their Ignorance and refuse to learn. They are unwilling to accept simple physics. In most cases, they are certain beyond doubt "Their Way" is best for ALL. Really unfortunate, some of those folks run CAS matches. CAS isn't a "Sport." It's a GAME. Played for entertainment. CAS is selling entertainment. If the players don't get a nice satisfying KLANG for most of their BANG, they are not having FUN. If they don't have FUN, they don't come back. It's really that simple.
  9. Colorado Coffinmaker

    Carrying cocked and locked

    ABSLOLUTELY!! (Stolen famous movie line). Now, I don't carry a pip squeak so my answer applies to my 1911. Always Cocked and Locked.
  10. Colorado Coffinmaker

    45 cal lead

    Hey there TJB. Actually .... NO. I don't know of anyone casting 150Gr .45 RNFP. Closest I can steer ya is "Badman Bullets" in Oregon Territory and "Scarlett". Both list a 160Gr cast RNFP. It is, by the way, an excellent bullet. There is one other possible. I believe "Springfield Slim" at "Mywythe Leather Works" offers a nice 150Gr "Big Lube" Semi-Wadcutter. Understand though, Toggle Link rifles DO NOT play well with Semi-Wadcutters. NOT well AT ALL. The Big Lube will run very nicely in hand guns, especially with BP which is what they were designed for. Hope this Helps.
  11. Colorado Coffinmaker

    What would you rather see?

    Sign me up for the Merwin Hulbert. Whether it loads like a #3 is immaterial. It is just too freeking KOOL!! Add in available changeable barrels lengths and with the "Skull Crusher" grip!! Oh yesssssssssssss. Sorry Driftwood. Practicality just doesn't enter this picture
  12. Colorado Coffinmaker

    WTC,,, decocking while reloading on the line?

    Pop Corn, Peanuts, Cracker Jacks .... get yer Cold Beer Here!! Lets take a simple to understand scenarios, get an answer to it, then start throwing in(up) every conceivable unrelated variation headlined with "but what if" I bet we can get this sucker to three pages even though the answer us already on file. Batter Up!!
  13. Colorado Coffinmaker

    High Noon at Tusco 2018

    Dress?? What do you mean "Dress??" We gonna put Bubba inna TuTu. Findin some nice bright read hightop Ballerina shoes too
  14. Colorado Coffinmaker

    73 Uberti Rifle issue.

    Your now headed in the right direction. DO NOT do any work on the rifle yourself, no allow anyone else to work on it. Give Taylors the opportunity to make it right FIRST. Taylors like to have happy customers.
  15. Colorado Coffinmaker

    What guns to buy? Uberti vs Miroku 73's

    As you see, you've gotten good answers both ways. When released, the Miroku was in shot supply and limited variations (just 1) and parts were like Gold. Both circumstances have changed. From Miroku you have good selection and parts are easy from Winchester. The issue of Short Stroke is ..... questionable. As far as I know to date, the only source of speed parts for Miroku has dried up. Many don't think it Neds speed parts. It can be improved my a good action job. If you think your going to ascend to the top 5% of shooters, the choice is Uberti. A Plethora of speed parts abound as do speed tuners. I was, before retirement, one of those speed tuners. A Uberti can be made to run super fast. That speed does cost a lot of money. My best suggestion is don't spend any money. Not one dime. Nada. ZERO. Attend some matches, talk to other shooters, mooch a chance to shoot their Rifles. Compare the Miroku offering to the Uberti real world. Making the wrong choice gets REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE. PS: Forgot to add. Once you make your purchase, the biggest bang for your Buck is a good QUALITY action job. The springs will ALL need tuning and reducing the springs will prolong the life of the moving parts. Since your going to shoot .45s, your going to fight gun gas "Blow By" Insure whom ever does your work understands "Positive Slam Down" and includes it with the action work. PSS: Dealing with gun gas "Blow By" is a whole 'nother thread

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