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  1. New to C&B. Questions?

    HA!! If I were starting from scratch, it would be Capt. Schaeffer replica 1851/36 Navies. THE very best looking Colt ever made !!!!! Oh yea. PLUS ONE to everything from Prairie Dawg
  2. Why, the special interest in C & B Revolvers ?

    'Cause Cap Guns-er-FUN!! Suppository shooters be .... BORING!!! Never been able to get my photo's to post Dagey Nabbit. Sorry Lefty Expecial when them Cap Guns be SNUBBIES!! You betcha!!
  3. Hawaii employee re-assigned

    Nah. Don't want to fire the poor sod. Just don't let im push da buttons
  4. C&B Revolver Questions

    PLUS ONE to Prairie Dawg. I also place a bright orange screw cover on my empty chamber nipple. Keeps me out of trouble. I DO NOT Dry Fire Cap Guns ........ EVER. I "practice" religiously several times a month. Most call my practice sessions "Matches." Did I mention I don't Dry Fire Cap Guns??? EVER??? I like and use a Tower of Power. Not cheap but built to last. I like the opportunity to wipe down the cylinder face and barrel breach between stages. With depth stops on my Tower of Power ram, ball seats to the same depth EVERY time.
  5. .45 CS on a Dillon 650...?'s

    Never Mind.
  6. Pietta vs Uberti C&B guns, cost difference?

    PLUS ONE to Prairie Dawg and Abilene Slim. I have a personal aversion to Uberti because of the bad Barrel to Arbor fit which really complicates setting them up. Correctly set up, either will run indefinitely. Whether or not one or the other has a Forged frame is immaterial. All of my Main Match Snubbies have been built on Pietta base guns. They ALL run just fine.
  7. I need your opinions.

    I like MY opinion
  8. Frontiersman - Long arms?

    While most any Double Shotgun is quite acceptable, the COOL FACTOR goes to the Exposed Hammer Double and then the UBER KOOL FACTOR goes to the Hammer Double with All Brass Hulls. You Betcha!!
  9. New Shooter's Handbook Question-Rifles

    What Sedalia Dave said. "PLUS" ..... some smokeless loads are so light you can barely tell em from just a primer. Timer may not pick em up even if it's right next to the Rifle. This is not a problem with Real Powder
  10. Decapping cases at the range - Frankford Arsenal vs homemade tool.

    PLUS ONE to Driftwood. Most all extra "case prep" stuff I've seen (mostly long range folks) has turn'd out to be all smoke and mirrors. At the range, regardless of the number of days/stages, I just toss my brass (Shot Shells, Rifle & Pistol) in my range bag (repurpose Pistachio bag) and haul it home. At home I dump it all inna sink, cover it with warm water, dump in a goodly amount of white Vinegar and set a 30 minute timer. Rinse it thoroughly and sort out the Shot Shell. Toss on an oven tray and bake em dry for and hour @ 200 degrees. DONE. Have done it that way for about 40 years. Nary a problem. Load on a Dillon 650 now. Everything gets de-capped as they go thru the press.
  11. .45 CS on a Dillon 650...?'s

    I changed out the standard length cartridge feeder guide for the Dillon 45 ACP cartridge feeder guide. Wet Grain thru a Goose Yepper!!
  12. Pietta 1860 Army shooting cartridge ammo?

    Well "Deadeye," Pietta built guns are not "cheap guns." Or, perhaps you could elaborate your idea of "expensive guns??" Once properly set up (ALL CAS GUNS) A pair of Pietta 1860s will run as long as anything else. They (Pietta Cap Guns) will also run conversion cylinders with no problems. Remember, the guns (ANY CAS GUNS) Need proper set up. With R&D cylinders, you can run 45 Colt, 45 Schofield or C45S just like any other 45. You can even use Black Powder or even Subs in the conversion cylinders. Swapping back and fourth between Percussion and Cartridge cylinders is super simple.
  13. Once again, Google has let me down

    Kayro be syrup fer pancakes.
  14. Congrats to Six Gun Seamus

    WOW!!! I am just simply GASTERFABBED!! Way to go Seamus!!
  15. My Christmas present

    Just think of how much non re-cycleable packing material you don't have to dispose of. Also included with your order was a swell reusable desiccant pack. Not everyone gets one of those. All the labels are still stuck tight to the handle. All in all, a good job (snicker)