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  1. Uberti Front Sight Repair

    Or super clean the slot and go with JB WELD. I have several guns with JB Weld repaired sights and the sights have been on the guns for ages.
  2. Not to be Snarky (yes I am) but is anyone going to actually answer the OP's question?? The actual mechanical differences of Colt pattern Single Action??
  3. Alchemista III change of grip

    Major surgery involved. Alchemista III has a wide trigger that won't work with a "standard" trigger guard.
  4. USFA Parts

    As long as you Order/Use a Uberti cylinder with the removable Base Pin Bushing, it (the cylinder) will only require some minor fitting. Even the "Made in USA" USFA guns were built to the original Uberti dimensions.
  5. Cimarron - Pietta

    PLUS ONE to Nate Kiowa Jones Oh if I could just do away with the word "Clone"
  6. steampunk b westetn

    I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to find Side Shields for those specks. Allie's are just too KOOL
  7. Shot Shells

    Michigan Slim, For your Sweetie's 20Ga, I'd like to suggest you shop around for "Fiocchi Trainer" in 20Ga. Very lady friendly. If they are not on the shelf, have some ordered for you.
  8. lightning rifles

    PLUS ONE to Pettifogger. Pedersoli makes the most predictable and reliable of all the Lightning reproductions. Anything .45 will give you Blow-By. If you are considering a Lightning in 45, I strongly suggest you either anneal your cases or start with 44-40 brass and fire form it to 45.
  9. Beveling Chamber Mouths?

    Noz, Can, Could, Would you be able to post a photo of the Cylinder Face of your 1862 Manufactured 1851 Colt?? Would be most interested!! Thank You in Advance!!
  10. Ruger Blackhawk 45LC Cylinder Throat Reaming

    Well Geeez Lumpy, It doesn't really matter if a reamer will resolve the issue. The OP asked a question and the consensus seem'd to be "hey look under the carpet" rather than answering his question. And yes Noz, .0015 can make a difference. And No, I don't think the reamer will resolve the issue. There is the distinct possibility his powder of choice is leaving "ring around the chamber" just before the throat. However without being able to actually look at the sample example, it's all WAGs.
  11. Ruger Blackhawk 45LC Cylinder Throat Reaming

    OK .... Anybody gonna answer the man's question?? For Petes Sake. Manson Reamers. Google em up. Best gunsmithing reamers on the planet. They supply Brownells.
  12. Parts far 1878 Coach Gun 12 ga

    Um .... Ah .... Cimarron perhaps??
  13. 1851 Bolt/Trigger Spring

    John Henry, BEFORE you install the wire Trigger/Bolt Spring, be sure to FIT the BOLT to the cylinder slots. Pietta Bolts are almost always too wide.
  14. Am I Crazy?

    A - Yes B - Very Neither has anything to do with it. Go for it.
  15. Smokeless shotgun load

    Ah So ..... Makes perfectly good sense. Most unfortunate you must give up yer Cap Guns