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  1. Picture from Land Run

    Dave, where's the Movies from Land Run ???
  2. Snapping brass in my uberti 1873

    PLUS ONE to Cypress Sam I have seen quite a few instances when the extractor gripped the case on it's way to the chamber. Excess head space but the case was held to the face of the Breach Block and fired while not fully chambered.
  3. Loading BP on Dillon 550

    I have loaded about a bazillion rounds of 44Spl, 45 Schofield and Cowboy 45 Special on my Dillon 650 (I know you asked about a550). The "old" formula of APP (light Grey colour) was a royal PITA. Mega Dust. Yuck. The new formula of APP (dark grey/black in colour) has almost no dust at all. 2f APP will occasionally bridge in the Dillon powder measure. APP 3f runs through a Dillon powder measure like grain thru a goose. Loading 38s takes a little more patience and care. As noted above, I pull the powder Barr after each loading session and clean as well as the Expander/Powder drop. I squirt each with Boshield T-9 and let dry. I personally know of no known instances of a powder measure cooking off due to Static Cling. If your nervous about static, prior to your loading session, wipe the inside of the hopper with a Bounce Dryer Sheet. I am not an Authority. Just been re-loading for about 40 years. It is of course, your decision. Just don't make your decision based on a bunch Parrots whom don't know any more than you do.
  4. uberti 1873 stock finish

    Just as an additional tid bit. Winchester used a "Red or Reddish" finish way back inna way back, and also used Varnish to seal their wood. From the information I have been able to gather, an Oil Finish was an optional. Stain and Varnish was standard. Understanding, the stain used by Winchester was nowhere near as garish as Uberti's. For an alternative, I've found three to four coats of "Spar Varnish" to be a really attractive finish and quite tough.
  5. uberti 1873 stock finish

    Uberti uses a proprietary custom combination filler/stain and then covers it with Varnish.
  6. Is this a problem? (Uberti 1866)

    It is NOT normal. The side of the receiver at that point has been cut WAY too thin. SEND IT BACK!!
  7. PM-63 Rak

    Didn't see where he managed to hit anything with it.
  8. Need a Recommendation on hedge trimmer

    I got a guy next door what does a swell job. Give him a referral?? Milage might be ?????
  9. Which lead do you like for 45LC ?

    Aw Cu'mmon Pat, Hower we suppose to get this here thread to three or four pages if you provide a spot on answer that will see a knewbie out of trouble. You just might have taken alla fun out of it. After all, there ain't nuttin like starting a knewbie out with a full case of 3f and a 360Gr bullet
  10. 200 RNFP vs 230 FN LBT in 45 Colt.

    Maybe. But I wouldn't want to rely on it. The bullet doesn't have a definite crimp groove so the crimper is just going to try and force the case mouth into the lead. This will create a bulge right at that point. The "crimp" you get, may or may not prevent Turtles. I would be betting on not. The bullet shape looks quite good for feeding in a Toggle Link Rifle. There is the possibility however, you may find the meplatt (sp) to be wide enough to hang up on the breach face of the barrel. Depends on the angle the cartridge lays in the Carrier Block. Could go either way. My suggestion would be to skip a bullet designed and intended for stack magazine 1911 type gun and go to a bullet intended for a straight wall pistol case with a distinct and very definite crimp groove. You can also pick a bullet that will require a lot LESS lead and really stretch your lead supply. For your rifle, I'd look for something in the 200Gr weight range. RNFP.
  11. Which lead do you like for 45LC ?

    I don't often shoot 45 Colt cases, for 45 Schofield cases in my Henry rifles I like 200Gr RNFP from anybody. APP doesn't care about lube. In C45S cases I shoot 160Gr RNFP, from either Scarlett or Badman. Shooting the one true powder I like Big Lubes from Springfield Slim.
  12. Winchester 1897 Chamber Question

    Yes. You should cut the chamber until it's a full 2 3/4 on the gauge. You want to insure you allow for the full unfolding of the crimp. You want the forcing cone as long as you can get it. The short chamber combined with a short forcing cone will give high chamber pressure and a lot of felt recoil.
  13. 1866 Uberti, Possible bolt/ Firing Pin problem ?

    There are two things to look at first. The basic problem is the alignment of Firing Pin Extension Rod in relation to it's recess in the back of the Breach Block (Bolt). First thing to check, is with a DUMMY cartridge chamber'd, push on the back of the Extension Rod and see if it moves freely. If it moves freely, you don't have a big problem, just a little one. If the bolt "sticks" or drags, normally the problem is the bore in the back of the bolt. There are burs from the cross drilling. The other area to to look at is the front of the Extension Rod where the cuts are. Chuck the rod up in a drill motor, wrap the end in 220 grit wet/dry and spin it up. Then change to 1000 Grit and spin it up again to polish it. The KEY consideration is that the Extension Rod move freely with the Breach block in battery with a cartridge chambered. DO NOT remove material from the bore thru the frame. PS: I absolutely hate auto correct
  14. Stoopid question about a Henry 357

    Ah, sorry Sixgun. The OP is talking about a "Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy" in 357. The Big Boy and the Henry 1860 are entirely different animals.
  15. Revolver sights

    PLUS ONE to GOODY > > > > AGAIN!!!!!

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