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  1. Matthew Duncan

    20 year membership pin

    Renewed my membership and SASS sent me a 20 year membership pin. Impressive. Very nice of them!
  2. Matthew Duncan

    Colt Python 357 for sale

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Always wanted one but cost too much (70s) and there was four of us to feed, clothed and roof. November replaced microwave, washer & dryer and yesterday the refrigerator. I'm still tempted. $2,500 is a reasonable price, I just can't justify it. Right barrel length....wonder if I return the refrigerator the wife would notice?
  3. Matthew Duncan

    Where are you headed in 2019?

    Georgia State. 1/2 hour from the Son & his family. Renewed his SASS membership so he could join me. Match is Thursday to Saturday which seemed a bit odd to me but allows him to participate. Illinois State is penciled in on my calendar. Hoping Michigan State is a possibility. Been several years since I've been there.
  4. Matthew Duncan


    Known facts. 1. squib 2. Squib bullet stayed in the barrel 3. Shooter ignored the TO's "Stop" command. MDQ unless Shooter is known to be hard of hearing.
  5. Matthew Duncan

    Sir.. What do you want engraved on your metal plate?

    Made in America
  6. Matthew Duncan


    I'm tempted.
  7. Matthew Duncan

    Man, I miss SASS

    Will, To answer your question: https://www.sassnet.com/AliasLookup.php
  8. Matthew Duncan

    SASS/CAS discussion from another site

    20 years ago the son and I watched our first SASS match. It was winter and by the time the match was over another 2" of snow had fallen. I don't recall a single cowpoke spoke to us or acknowledge our presence other then the Match Director (Midnight Desperado) and his wife Thorny Rose. Midnight offered his pistols to try after the match which we did. A year later we had a set of firearms and we went back and Midnight showed us the ropes. Took a few matches for the other cowpokes to warm up. When I see Stranger at a match I make it a point to welcome them, ask if they have any questions and offer my guns to shoot a stage after the match if they wish. 2 years ago I watched my first 3-gun match. Not a soul talked to me. I waited until the scorekeeper wasn't busy to ask a few questions. Scorekeeper acted like I was bothering him. Attended their newbie class. Instructor was friendly and knowledgeable. Shot my first match with them, took a while for me to get the squad leader loosen up a bit. Squad didn't "how do you do" to me at all. Traveling and you stop at a church for Sunday worship and when you walk in the congregation all turn and look at you like, "What are strangers doing here?"? That's the look I got from the squad. I haven't returned.
  9. Matthew Duncan

    Sometimes I wonder about photographers.

    Three ladies and they ALL are left handed. What are there odds?
  10. Matthew Duncan

    Sometimes I wonder about photographers.

    Bras and underware is no longer (by the now generation) thought as underware to be kept covered.
  11. Matthew Duncan

    Anyone know how to contact the ATF?

    Anyone know how to contact the ATF? By H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619, Yesterday at 08:54 AM in SASS Wire Straw purchase a firearm?
  12. Matthew Duncan

    Need To Vent A Little and Could Use Some Advice

    Some "service" people are in over their heads and with low unemployment Management needed a body. Service person gets the call, tries to remember their training and either on purpose or accidentally disconnects the call. Same Service person will find something else to do quickly so when the customer calls back the call will be picked up by a different service person. Washer and dryer are over 20 years old. Dryer I've fixed twice and the washer decided not to spin. I decided to replace both so I don't have to deal with them again before the kids put us in a nursing home. Box store has what the wife wants for less with free delivery and free disposal of the old then the mom & pop store. I bought from the Mom & Pop store. M&P delivered as promise. Refrigerator (20 years old plus) is now jealous and the ice maker (I've replaced once already) is being noncooperative. Off with it's head! Yesterday I ordered a new one from the same M&P. Holidays and they are back logged. New unit will be delivered 12/13 first thing in the morning. I asked what their definition of, "first thing in the morning" was. 8-8:30 AM. Large companies have many layers of bureaucracy which makes it harder to hold an employee accountable and has more cracks for things to fall though (accidentally or on purpose) M&P stores don't have the layers. Chances are the one that took your order is the Owner and the one that deliveries is the son or husband. Big Box wanted my money when I placed the order. M&P store wants their money on delivery. Guess which one I have the most leverage over if they are a now show?
  13. Matthew Duncan

    When It Is Time To Say Good-bye To A Pet

    When you have to ask the Vet, "How much."
  14. Matthew Duncan

    Pleasant Surprise at Cabela's

    I drove pass there, TWICE!, last week on the way to see the Grandkids and on they way back home...
  15. Matthew Duncan


    Monday. Ring, you said you was going to be here....Tomorrow. Tuesday. Ring, you said you was going to be here...Tomorrow...No you're fired.

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