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  1. My Life Membership Expired??

    Are you sure you are who you think you are. Senility and all? I once thought I was the head of our household....
  2. Rank Points

    Rank points are preferred by Cowpokes that would placed higher if rank points had been used. Time is preferred by Cowpokes that would placed higher if time had been used. Me? I'm a 6 year kid playing cowboy with real guns. Scoring only interest me when I'm competing against my boy.
  3. How often do you clean your guns?

    Clean my guns? Not as often as my annual bath. '66 get a blast of WD40 about twice a year when the elvator starts to stick (full power 45 Colt loads).
  4. '66 or '73 ? And why?

    '66 Less parts to break.
  5. Are there ways to help a counter(s)to see a miss(s)

    1. No mouse loads. Watching the first target. Target didn't move, no clang, no bang from the Shooter's revolver. I'm thinking Shooter must be having a gun problem so I look at the Shooter. He's cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. How can a Spotter spot? 2. Shooter hits the center of the target? 3. Design the stages so the Spotters can spread out.
  6. way OT

    Indiana has restrictions on where items can be attached to your windshield. So I went with dash cam that mounts over my review mirror. Twin cameras. One out the back and one out the front. If needed the one our front cam be turned to cover out the driver's window. Specs say 1080, it is 740. Jumbl Car Rear View Mirror & Dual Camera HD 1080p Dash Cam, Clips on Easily & Firmly to Existing Mirror, Dashcam for Vehicle Interior & Exterior DVR A
  7. There Is This One Guy Who Got a Stage DQ....

    If doesn't matter in five years, don't waste five minutes on it today. Take the higher road.
  8. Would you require it?

  9. Replacement Magazine for Ruger Mark 1?

    I took one of the newer Mark magazines and filed off the "last shot keep chamber open" catch. Worked and gave me a 10 round mags.
  10. Fireplace Logs From Sawdust

    Youtube has several how to:

    Medical insurance is now 100% higher for my wife and I, then what was for our family of four. County temporary wheel tax made permanent and increased. School property taxes increases, it's for the children! Deducible for the wife's surgery. 18 month old grandson needing a rifle soon. Yah it "just" another $100 for SASS membership and "just" another $65 for individual SASS membership.
  12. why not?

    Too many wives have become liberated and husbands wussyfied? You are NOT putting THAT in MY house. Demand went down so manufacturers stop making them.
  13. HUMOR: After 50 years of marriage...

    For our 25th wedding anniversary wife and I went to Hawaii. Got any plans for you 50th anniversary my neighbor asked. Maybe Hawaii again. This time I might her back with me. Today is our twenty wedding anniversary. Husband has been quiet all evening. Now his is sitting in his favorite chair in front of the TV but the TV isn't turned on. Honey is there anything wrong I ask him. Remember twenty years ago when your was seventeen, your dad found us in the backseat of my car and told me I would either marry you or spend the next 20 years in jail? Yes I do I replyed. I would have been out today...
  14. How do you "outrun the gun?"

    I've out run my factory '66 several times. Pistols, rifle and shotgun sequence. I shoot left pistol holster, right pistol holster, I run past the rifle forgetting all about it until I picked up the SxS and hear the posse a yelling. Restage SxS and run back to the rifle. Happens more than I'd want to admit.
  15. Progressive press people, Question.....

    Never for 15 years. Then I started wet tumbling with SS. I thought why not so I Deprime before tumbling.