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  1. Matthew Duncan


    9 pages now....and men say women yak about nothing....
  2. And wears a "man" bun! What is this "indoor" range term y'all are talking about?
  3. Matthew Duncan

    Ever dream of a certain gun for years

    Colt Python in .357 <sigh>
  4. Matthew Duncan

    Cowboy Action Simplified Scoring is now FREE

    A bump up
  5. Matthew Duncan

    How can you shoot this?

    A men say women yak a lot about nothing.....
  6. Matthew Duncan

    Need help

    I am left handed and right eye dominate. Rifle, shotgun and right pistol are shot right handed. Left pistol is shot left handed with the right eye. I've had to compensate by living in a right-hander's do everything backwards majority world so long I can shoot equally bad with ether hand.
  7. Matthew Duncan

    He Hung Up On Me

    "Hello Sheriff's Department, fraud division. How can I help you.?"
  8. Matthew Duncan

    He Hung Up On Me

    $30 invoice arrived in the mail. I never heard of the company that sent it and neither did the wife. I threw it in the trash. A few months later I got a call. Caller wanted CC info for the $30 otherwise they will turn it over for collection. They couldn't or wouldn't tell me what the $30 was for so I told them I'd pay it if they would show me something with my signature authorizing the purchase. This went on for a couple years. A call every other month wanting the $30. Last Caller told me what the $30 was for. Visiting a porn site from my computer the caller claimed. I asked how they got my name and mailing address. From the caller ID when my computer dialed into the porn site. Well "we" have a problem. 1. We don't do porn. 2. I don't have dialup because I work for the Telephone Compsny and testing their new DSL. 3. The State Attorney General told me to collect as must information as I could so I need your name, the address you are calling from, your employer and their address too. Caller hung up on me and I never got another call from them.
  9. Matthew Duncan

    Changing Rugged Gear 2 gun to 3 or 4 gun

    Kid. You have a Cabela's part number handy? Part number 523873?
  10. Matthew Duncan

    45 colt pet loads

    250 grain bullet Titegroup 1 grain below manufactuer's maximum. Cci or Reminton primers.
  11. Matthew Duncan

    David Hogg Threatens to ‘Destroy’ Smith & Wesson

    Who is "David Hogg" and why should I care what his option is on anything?
  12. So you're saying a 8-track player is no longer available too?
  13. 4x4 Rainproof cover for the bed. 20 + MPG Light exterior color.
  14. Matthew Duncan

    Are '66s reliable?

    '66 has less internal parts to "break" or go n"wrong" then a '73. I have been shooting the same '66 with original factory parts for 18 years, never has let me down. I even clean it every two or three years. 1 to 2 thousands round a year.
  15. Matthew Duncan

    Rifle falling off table


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