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  1. Matthew Duncan

    Repair, replace or? Handguns.

    Thought about it....
  2. Matthew Duncan

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    I'll ask the wife if she or if her girlfriends use one.
  3. Matthew Duncan

    Repair, replace or? Handguns.

    18 year old Uberti Model Ps are getting tired. Guess each of them has seen 20,000 rounds. If I knew a qualified Smith I'd be tempted to have them rebuilt this winter. On the other hand should I just buy two new ones? Third option is to buy Rugers. Figure I've got at least another 10 years before kids get me committed and I'll have to give up my guns. Doesn't quite make sense to spend what...$1200 to $1500 for new just for ten years. I'd rather spend the money on the grandkids. What's a cowpoke to do?
  4. Matthew Duncan

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    Sprinkler head is a idea. What provides the water pressure? House fire, wring shorts, breakers trip, Fire Dept pulls electric meter to keep firefighters from getting fried. But is y'all is on city water, a sprinkler head should help.
  5. Matthew Duncan

    stage design

    I don't see any problems and movement is good!
  6. Matthew Duncan

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    I figured it this way. Fire rating is good but what happens when the safe falls to the basement and is buried in the hot coals that was my house? The contents are toast? So I picked a safe base more on the security aspect then the fire rating. Electronic inventory of the firearms including the receipts for any future insurance claims.
  7. Matthew Duncan

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    On my bucket list. Maybe next year.
  8. Matthew Duncan

    Why won't my computer power up?

    Thunder storm caused power outages. Trouble calls started coming in, "My phone is dead!" Folks. You do realized your cordless phone requires AC power for it to work?
  9. Matthew Duncan

    renewing membership

    I renewed late February or early March. Charge showed on my credit card statement. To date I've gotten no confirmation. Thought about calling the I get busy and forget again.
  10. Matthew Duncan

    The most popular powder in reloading 45LC in SASS?

    Titegroup one grain below manufactures max recommendation topped with a 250 grain bullet. I'm a strong believer that 45s were meant to have recoil.
  11. Matthew Duncan

    Gun Chest or Trunk

    Closet? Build a gun rack on one side. False front attached with magnets. Walk in closet? Cut the drywall between two studs. Recess a gun rack and hinge a full length mirror over the opening.
  12. Matthew Duncan

    Loaded cylinder = loaded gun?

    A drop cartridge the brass shreds sending shrapnel. Bullet is not propelled. I personally witness this in 1975 Indiana Law Inforcemt Academy. Officer beside me got a nice bloody nick on his cheek. IMHO A AD of a Cartridge loaded in a cylinder would maintain the integrity of the brass and allow the lead bullet to exit at a unsafe speed. i don't believe the wood of a loading block could maintain the integrity of the cartridge. Don't loading blocks have "soft" leather covering the primers?
  13. Matthew Duncan

    Loaded cylinder = loaded gun?

  14. Matthew Duncan

    Wanting to get into the Sport.

    New Paris, Indiana
  15. Matthew Duncan

    Wanting to get into the Sport.

    If you travel to Northern Indiana I have a Stevens 311 SxS you can have. It's the shotgun the son and I used when we started SASS. Fully functional. Since I don't know you I'll just need to see you PA carry permit.

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