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  1. Dusty Webster # 15372

    4/28 Tex is going home from the hospital today!!

    Prayers on their way Tex and Cat......
  2. Dusty Webster # 15372

    Hy-Tek Bullet Coatings = Filthy Pistol

    I have been using bullets coated with molybium (sp?) for several years, and have not had any problems with cleaning my guns. I recently received some info from my mfg/supplier : 1. Flare case mouths enough so the lubricant is not scraped off during the seating station. 2. When high velocity (high pressure) is desired it is best to use medium to slower burning powders, much like jacketed bullets use. Be aware that you're dealing with less friction than regular lead bullets and significantly less than jacketed bullets. Previously I used waxed or unwaxed bullets and also hard cast lead bullets. My experience was that seating waxed bullets created a wax buildup in the seating die....probably caused by not flaring the cases enough....and cleaning guns was pretty easy. Seating hard cast lead bullets was clean and easy, but cleaning guns was a pain. Just my thoughts...
  3. Come join us for Peaceful's End of Track, at the historical Petticoat Mine, in the mother lode of Calaveras County, Railroad Flat, Kalifornia. Railroad Flat never had a railroad. To find out why the mine and town are named as they are, read our story in the May 2016 issue of the Cowboy Chronicle, pages 28-33. For a registration form and schedule go to www.californiagunslinger, click on Annual Shoots and click on EOT. Dusty Webster, EOT Committee Member TG, Mother Lode Shootist Society
  4. Dusty Webster # 15372

    Are there ways to help a counter(s)to see a miss(s)

    Just my thoughts... Steel.....damaged steel, with moon craters or cracks, and cupped plates need to be replaced; our plates have a mounting bracket on the back, with plow bolts; I remount the bracket on the other plate face to reverse the cupping; if a steel plate does not have a "ring" then there is something wrong with it. Angle of Steel.....our brackets are mounted at the top edge of the steel, so that the plate bottom edge is further downrange compared to the top edge; forcing lead splatter downwards and in front of the plate; in front of the pistol targets we set up a 1"x12" lumber barrier to stop lead splatter coming back to the firing line; all of this creates a visual for seeing "hits". Edgers and almost Edgers.....there may be no clang and there may be minimal plate movement, but if you see a bullet impact on the ground at an angle from the target edge(and downrange from the target), then that was an edger...i.e. a hit. Target Paint.....spray paint goes on easy and also blows off easy; as a maintenance step, with clean or new plates I brush on flat black paint; it seems to last longer. Firing Line Structures..... storefronts etc create a great ambiance, but interfere with line of sight for the counters....cut in windows for the counters. Selecting Counters.....(the Tough issue)....most posse members are or can be good counters, when they are not distracted from counting; when possible, change counters; many good counters will initiate changing on their own; as a T/O you have be looking out for the posse member who is tired or has some physical issue precluding him/her from being a counter; ask this person to take a break from counting; diplomacy first.
  5. Dusty Webster # 15372

    May 2018 High Sierra Shootout, Railroad Flat, Ca

    Come shoot with us at the Petticoat Gold Mine, in Calaveras County, Kalifornia. For those interested in the history of the mine and shooting there, see the May 2016 issue of the Cowboy Chronicle, pages 28-33. Day 1 is side matchs, days 2 and 3 is 6 main match stages each day, day 3 evening is the pot luck dinner and awards, day 4 is a shoot-off. Registration and schedule can be found at ...californiagunslingers.com..... open up Annual Matches 2018....scroll down to May....HSSO. See ya there, Dusty Webster, Committee Member TG, Mother Lode Shootist Society

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