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  1. Ol Number4

    1873 out of battery discharge

    Pete, After you check the above then: Double check you links. OOB's tend not to be specific about what they bend, divot, crack or smash. Ol' #4
  2. Ol Number4

    Straight triggers

    I have had the "73 Trigger"occur way toooo many times. That is why we made it, I got tired of bleeding all over my rifles. Plus some folks tell me they can actually shoot faster with it. But it takes a few hundred rounds to get used to it. If you get used to it, don't shoot a curved one again, the pain isn't worth it. It might look like part of the "arms race" with the Marlin folks getting a straight trigger, but really it was designed to reduce bleeding. O' #4
  3. Ol Number4

    32 Pocket Pistol wanted

    Cooncan, I have a couple Ivers and maybe an H&R If you are still looking, let me know. Ol' @4
  4. Ol Number4

    Broke Browning

    Ringer, Give me a call I have both tops, selective and non. 503 890 7440 in AZ Ol' #4
  5. Ol Number4

    Broke Browning

    Ringer, Give me a call I have both tops, selective and non. Ol' #4
  6. Ol Number4

    Congratulations to Hells Comin for Eldorado Overall Winner

    Pete, I'm not sure H. C. had another extra shell. I think he shot all the other 5 million rounds practicing the week before! I do want to add he did do a whoomping good run. And, the kind and energetic "gang" of El Dorado set up a great set of stages for even the most humble of us to enjoy. Thanks Charming, Creeker and Gang, we loved it and even shot clean. Ol' #4 and Blackfire Opal
  7. Ol Number4

    Praise for BP shooter

    Billy. etal, That squeegee is a life saver, put on rod, push thru bore. That is after a drip/spray soak of Windex. and let sit for 10 minutes Ol' #4
  8. A barely used Vintage Unertl Super Varmint/Target scope is 12X , with a 1" tube and 2" objective Lens. I only have the bases that are on my rifles, but Lyman target bases will fit it. Top dollar ranges between $950 and $1100, I am asking $795 ( or best reasonable offer) plus S&H. If you know the market and prices for these, I will respect an offer. Ol' #4
  9. Ol Number4

    DELETED 12X Unertl Varmint/Target $795 OBO

    One last run through. Thanks for looking, Ol' #4
  10. Ol Number4

    What would you rather see?

    Evil, Speaking of Marlins, it is the edge of the lever cam area that precipitates the "Marlin Jam" damage to the carrier. How about a replacement finger lever with a roller bearing at the cams point? Or a mod "Kit" for easy installation. Ol' #4
  11. Ol Number4

    DELETED 12X Unertl Varmint/Target $795 OBO

    Price reduction for anyone very familiar with the market for these. Make a reasonable offer, I'd like to see it put back in use at a good home. Ol' #4
  12. Ol Number4

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    First of all Goody, yes 25/20 my bad editing... Or lack thereof. Levi, you got it right , grinder to shorten the die body... I broke most because of the over-length dies. but be very careful about the de-priming stage, a primer not completely out, then into the primer stage snaps the shell plate! I now have two sizing/de-priming stages. stage one and two. Stage one de-prime & size the neck and "start: the shoulder, stage two size more neck and move shoulder back more so ammo fits 10 different guns PLUS secondary de=primer (read longer punch setting) . I removed the primer swage tool. Other than that/those it just keeps on loading, except when I miss a 38 brass and it stops the case feed arm. Good Luck, I love the 32 - 20 and have been shooting with them since 1959, can't give up an old habit. Ol' #4
  13. Ol Number4

    DELETED 12X Unertl Varmint/Target $795 OBO

    Jack, Not exactly positive, but it looks and seemed like it was a 1/2" fine wire. Added later crosshair style 1/2 MOA Ol' #4
  14. Ol Number4

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    It should be available for a rifle caliber in 218 Bee, oe 25-35. And, they should have a few left. I went through about 5 getting the stupid press set or those little pills. Levi, Glad you got the parts, now to set it up. A word of caution, if you use RCBS, Lyman, or Hornady dies in the tool head (duh) you will probably need to remove about .090" from the bottom of the sizing and seating die to get the crimp right and the shoulder moved back to chamber in cowboy guns. The shell plate from Dillon is too thick for the die to bottom at proper depth. Good luck, If you need some idea about easily trimming your dies, send a PM [email protected] Ol' #4
  15. Ol Number4

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    Levi, All I can be sure of is that the shellplate I have been using or the past 6+ years has an " O " stamped on it I just looked at it again to be sure of what it was. Ol' #4
  16. Ol Number4

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    Levi, I use a 1050 for 32 WCF and have been for over 11 years. We worked through their other shell plates and found dimensions for one that does work. Can't remember what caliber had the close rim thickness and diameter but it has worked and been replaced twice. This last one has been in for over 8 yrs. Ol' #4
  17. Ol Number4

    73 back strap needed

    Rafe, I think I have a couple . I'll get back to you tomorrow, Send me at ext and I send Pics. Ol' #4
  18. Ol Number4

    Favorite Western and Lines

    From "Unforgiven" "Who owns this shithole?"
  19. Ol Number4

    Ol' #4 has moved!

    For all you folks keeping track of the comin's and goin's of others Ol' #4 is now living in Buckeye, Arizona. For you folks looking for some of his repair and tuning, it will be a couple months before he is set up for work. For the rest of you, keep the faith and your powder dry. Ol' #4
  20. Culpepper,

    1. Ol Number4

      Ol Number4

      C. C., Send a PM at [email protected] first look inside the fore-end on the wood just in front of the metal frame, if there is a "4" or "4 B " it is one of ours. talk later, #4

  21. Oh yes BP forever.

    Some one said you might be coming to Las Vegas, are you?


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